Street Fighter x Tekken Hits PlayStation Home

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Street Fighter x Tekken Hits PlayStation Home

We’ve got a huge week ahead of us here at PlayStation Home – from exclusive community events for the soon-to-be-released PlayStation Vita and, of course, the impending Valentine’s Day celebration, to brand new items and special offers where you can unlock bonus content in the hotly-anticipated Street Fighter x Tekken. So without further ado, here are the top 10 things to check out in PlayStation Home this week.

1. Street Fighter x Tekken

Hadouken! Week one of the Street Fighter x Tekken Total Game Integration event kicks off this Wednesday, February 15th. Head to the Hub to pre-order Street Fighter x Tekken from PlayStation Home and receive the Boost Gem Trial Pack 1 bundle when it ships. This gem pack increases your Vitality, Defense and Cross Gauge meter build-up speed. Learn more about these boosters HERE.


More Street Fighter x Tekken content will be coming your way next week. For the first time in Home history, you’ll be able to brawl using your avatars! Complete all 10 SFxTK challenges in Home to unlock Ryu and Kazuya costumes, which will allow you to throw fireballs and perform custom jump kick attacks!

2. Valentine’s Day Love Fest

Pier Park is filled with warm and fuzzy feelings this week, as PlayStation Home fanatics hit the boardwalk in preparation for Tuesday night’s Valentine’s Day Love Fest. Start at the Activity Board to take the Valentine’s Day Prep quest and then head down to Pier Park to snap pics with your sweetie and take part in Tuesday night’s special event, where you can unlock a limited edition reward.

Street Fighter x Tekken Hits PlayStation Home

3. The Tester 3 – Episode 2

The next episode of the Tester 3 will be airing in the PlayStation Home Theater this Wednesday. Take the new Tester 3 quest and join my main man Ninjanomyx, Home alumnus Asuukaa, the one-and-only Akilleezmight, and the rest of cast as they compete for a Production Associate gig at our own Santa Monica Studios. You’ll even unlock a special Tester 3 reward for completing the quest!

Street Fighter x Tekken Hits PlayStation Home

4. The War Room

nDreams launches their first clubhouse this week in PlayStation Home – and it’s packed with special features. Check out this trailer and then pick up your own War Room from the Estates store in the PlayStation Home Mall when it releases this Wednesday.

Street Fighter x Tekken Hits PlayStation Home

5. Tembo

Lockwood Publishing’s zoologists bring you Tembo – a baby elephant companion that has a few tricks up his trunk. Make room in your home (and your heart) for this adorable little guy – available from the Lockwood Publishing store this Wednesday.

Street Fighter x Tekken Hits PlayStation Home

6. New Costumes, Companions, and Collectibles

Some of the most stylish wears we’ve ever published are hitting the shelves of the PlayStation Home Mall this Wednesday. The “Secret Agent” line of costumes comes with custom animations befitting the smoothest of spies whereas the tattoo and corset bundles are perfect V-Day attire. Magnus shows you the goods in this week’s Virtual Item Showcase – check it out!

Street Fighter x Tekken Hits PlayStation Home

7. Replay with Doc Interviews David Jaffe (2/2)

Doc returns with his part 2 of the David Jaffe interview in the latest episode of Replay with Doc, airing this Wednesday in the PlayStation Home Community Theater. Also playing this week in the Community Theater: PSX Extreme looks at the PlayStation Vita (and rewards their audience with a special virtual item reward) and HomeCast Rewind covers the latest and greatest in Home!

8. PlayStation Vita Webcast

Today at 3:00pm PT (6:00pm ET) we’ll be airing a live PlayStation Vita webcast via UStream. Check out this exciting product demo by going to the LOOT Screen in the PlayStation Home Theater or watching the LOOT EOD screens in the Hollywood Hills House, the LOOT Space Station, or the LOOT Yacht!

9. Axe Anarchy

Head to the Axe Newsstand in the Hub and read the most recent chapter of AXE’s first Graphic Novel. Follow the Anarchy Girls’ story as they unlock attraction between guys and girls.

10. New Personal Space Previews

This isn’t actually in Home…yet. But check out these screenshots of the following personal spaces – The French Chateau, Mount Olympus, and the Hidden Oak Retreat, releasing late February/early March. Then let us know what you think in the Comments section and on the Home forums.

Mount OlympusHidden Oak Retreat

French Chateau

See you in Home!

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2 Author Replies

  • This is what I’m talking about I am going to drop some serious money come Wednesday I will definitely see you in home

  • This Update looks Fantastic….keep up the great work L S & G W!!!! Can’t wait to fight with my Avatar!!!!

  • will the french chateu and oak retreat have a reward? also is
    there going to be some kind of easter event on the winter holiday event island in april? also i miss central plaza!

  • nice Update, im looking forward to the Mount Olympus Personal space .
    Lockwood showcase place needs to be fix, the LAG in there is Horrible .
    I hope the Hudson public place gets an update.

  • on the limited edition reward when there is events like that it’s getting lucky to get to the rite server or will they make it one server????????

    • There are no rewards for the VITA live stream event except for the awesome stream itself (which is pretty awesome, shout outs to the Social Media team). It’s viewable by anyone who strolls into Theater 6 RIGHT NOW!

  • Fantastic update!!!! The SF x Tekken is amazing! I’ve always wanted a fighting game in Home where we can play as ourselves!

    Will there be more SF x Tekken outfits in the future, like NIna Williams?

    French Chateau is an instant buy for me, don’t even need a tour lol.

    • There have always been some Street Fighter outfits available in Home, but there are a lot of really cool rewards coming with this SFxT Total Game Integration. Check it out Wednesday!

  • WOW I love TGI events & now Street Fighter X Tekken (pro Tekken lol) so definitely lookin forward to that & the French Chateau look REALLY nice, gonna be busy with this update

  • Looks like a great week. Thanks.

  • Great update guys! I’m defiantly going to purchase the Chateau, or Mount Olympus i love Greek mythology. And for the valentines limited edition reward what time should i come to Pier Park?

    • The Mount Olympus space is amazing. It is truly epic. The Home Community Volunteers are currently offering tours, if you’re interested in seeing a preview. Here’s a link for more info:

      The Valentine’s Day event consists of 2 quests—one is a “preparation” quest that must be completed prior to the party, and the other one is the event itself. I recommend checking the Activity Board today to complete the simple Preparation quest, then showing up tomorrow afternoon/evening for the Love Fest. Bring a valentine or a friend, and get ready for some fun!

    • Come out any time tomorrow. But be sure to START at the Activity Board and complete the V-Day quests if you want to get the reward…

  • I like the idea of SFxT TGI. Seriously. As for Tester… Go Egoraptor!

    • I’m trying to figure out who I am backing to win The Tester. Last year, I was Team Cheska, but then Gaymer got mad at me when he found out. LOL!

      I’d have to say I am backing Home veteran Asuukaa since I’ve known her for year. She is a former Home Community Volunteer, and she’s one helluva’ legitimate gamer. She has more Platinum trophies than the next 10 average gamers put together. But of course, I’m biased…

      I got to meet Egoraptor at The Tester premier party in Santa Monica last week. For the record, he’s even cooler in person, so I have to give credit where it’s due. Will he win? I have no idea. Tune in each week to find out!

  • wow bravo this new stuff looks amazing although i have a question.I the new french mansion going to be like the other mansion you know with the fore parts? I mean it looks really cool.

    • The French Chateau is one space only to start. Depending on how well it is received, we may end up offering expansions, but for now the plan is for this to be a single, standalone space.

    • Though the French Chateau looks epic, it’s not as large as the Home Mansion. It will be released in a single space, though if it’s popular enough, it might be expanded upon.

  • i hope the girl holding the giant sackboy win’s.

  • I wonder if Home will be available via the Vita…

  • Hmm.. looks more like Reality Fighters.

  • Can you please tell me why everytime i download every place i visit , turn my PS3 off for 5 minutes, i login into Home and it asks me to download everything again, this happens every single time, every single day, why is this happening ? do i need to fix a setting, what ?
    we need REAL Emotioncons and not this : ) …………………..Hudson needs to be updated for beginners, its hard to compete against people that have been racing for years , even people that have every single thing you could possibly get , keep competting , not giving a chance for beginners, either that or give us more SERVERS .

    • Every time you log into Home, there’s a load time to collect room data (who’s in there, what clothing are they wearing, and a tad of pre-loading of other stuff like videos, posters and mini-games). It’s relatively minimal nowadays, as we’ve been continually working on improving load times.

      Hudson has awesome dolphy racers, but you can learn from them while you train your dolphin to get it as sleek, fast and agile as anyone else’s. Join the community during the races and hit the “pros” up for tips and techniques. That’s a part of the Home experience. There is a near-infinite number of “servers” (we call them instances), so just step yo’ game up and have fun!

      As for emoticons, have you visited the stores? There are quite a few of them. Lockwood makes some really fun ones that I highly recommend.

  • Ok, its been a long time since yah peeked my interest. I NEED TO KNOW MORE BOUT THIS HOME FIGHTING GAME!!! How complex and accurate is it? Like capcom accurate? You guys have a lot of potential to make this game huge!!!! What are the plans for this?

    • Here are some facts:
      1) You play with your own Home avatar. WOOT!
      2) It’s turn-based intense brawl action with lots of combos available.
      3) Lots rewards! Details coming in next week’s blog for week 2 of SFxTK.

  • Is there a known price for the War Room clubhouse coming this week?

  • when will Aurora 1.5 be released? Im guessing either next week or the week after.

  • AAAh !! Home should bring a lot of new user with this Street Fighter fighting mini game if it is advertised for all ps3 user to see. should be pack full of fun…

  • wow great update cant wait till Wednesday i will be up early buying stuff lol….those spaces look amazing :)!!!!

  • Thanks for bringing a huge game like SF X T to home. More 3rd party support please.

    • You’re most welcome, but be sure to send some love to Bandai Namco and Capcom! These Total Game Integrations are always a collaborative effort with lots of work required from both sides.

  • I dont understand the rewards of SFxT will the Ryu and Kazuya costumes be able to wear in Home??? Or in the game.. And another question is there anymore rewards from the game??? And its a great update ive been wanting to grab my hands on the french and Mt. Olympus personal spaces good Job Locus_Star and GlassWalls you make home a wonderful place to be!! :)

    • Confirmed—yes, there are lots of rewards from the game including full character costumes. Since you play with your avatar, once you unlock these costume outfits, you can play with them in the game if you want to.

  • Wow! The new spaces look amazing. :D Can’t wait!

  • Cool.

  • what ever happened to week 2 of yeti vs hunter??? the only update I nocticed after 3 weeks of this game…is u can buy useless upgrades in the mall. is that it? or what..

    • The expansion of Yeti vs Hunters has not been forgotten, just delayed a little longer. We will share more details in future blog posts.

  • The upcoming update looks great. I just wish that we could get full avatar costumes that were more suitable for people of color. The 1s coming this week look awesome but no offence i won’t buy them b/c well…they don’t reflect me. There are plenty of caucasian full avatar costumes out there but maybe just maybe its time to represent more then just a portion of the Home community.

  • Will Home be on the Vita at any point?

  • Im impress :P

    That French Mansion looks cool o.o

  • TURN BASED!?!? Ah mang! You guys had me goin. Nvm, not what I was expecting. Thought this new home engine could do more, but guess not.

  • I wish I could get some of the $ I invested in Home back through a sell back of merchandise or transfer to another person. I really got turned off by such small improvements over such a long time frame. I would have liked to seen more overall PlayStation integration . My Mansion being 4 or 5 separate spaces rather than the 1 large connected space really turned me off.

    I have not logged into Home for a long time after trying the early access to the “new” hub. Is there anything really groundbreaking since then that bridges the gap of Home to the core PlayStation experience? Also any way in hell we can get home on Vita? or remote play?

    Lastly has the lag improved at all?

  • Very nice update, *sigh* but I have no love this Valentines’s day for me (love stinks lol). :(

  • hey yall is what happen to the granzella wedding outfits will there be a update for that?

  • this would be a lot better if my playstation home actually WORKED!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nice update, but to me home is still not all it can be.. It would appeal to a much broader audience if it had a few of the following things:

    – fluent integration with the ps3 (reduced load times/downloads) would have been nice to boot straight to home instead of XMB (as an option)
    – Personal trophy room that you can customize and share with friends.
    – Trophies unlock game specific items (for free)
    – Ability to create your own personal space (such as a sims type of builder)
    – Groups that have video/chat/voice options and allow for xross game play (I know not possible on PS3 but still)

  • great

  • The updates are EPIC. I’m definitely buying those new personal spaces when they are released!! I’m excited already!!

  • Guests cannot win the underwater apartment from the Go Fish! personal space. Why is that? People in the UK were able to get it without having to buy a space in the first place.

  • You’ll see the Global Defense Organization as an early adopter of the War Room clubhouse. See you there…

  • Aight!!!!!!11!1!!!… a 11 out of 10.. (^_-) THE FAZEONES LOUNGE

  • YES SF and Tekken Costumes have been in HOME since 2009 and we really haven’t seen Anything here in over THREE Long Years!

    It’s GOOD to see them returning. Lets Hope HOME makes them more this time.

    Also it be a GOOD time for the HOME MODS to get the CAPCOM ABEL GI TOP item fixed that has the BROKEN item code so it won’t WORK! I like to use ABEL in this NEW SFXTEKKEN Home game but i need my ABEL GI TOP fixed PLEASE…

    We know the item code for the ABEL GI TOP is BROKEN PLEASE fix this ITEM’s Code so it will WORK Again PLEASE…


    By: DCS

  • where is the street fighter vs tekken at? just love how sony lies again typical like always they dont care about the customers

  • Are ther any rewards for sfxt game or is it just home rewards

  • I can’t find the SFXTekken space. I don’t go on PShome very often, I wish there was a search bar or something to make navigating easier. I was also looking for the REDBULL room with the skateboarding and did not find that space either. I wish PShome was made easier for finding spaces.

  • Hi. I’m so confused. Where can I find the post for people to discuss about custume whatever they wish for Sony to create costume from videogames what people wish for. Thanks! I hardly used blog but I’m trying to understand how and where. Thanks! by the way happy latest v-day to you. ^^

  • Wow, i was really looking forward to the Street Fighter x Tekken Total game integration, like it clearly states in the post that it’ll be available today. And now you’re moving it to next week? Thanks for lying once again.

  • Hey where is the Leather Bikini that is supposed to be in Threads? I am getting frustrated and am about to say forget it and just go to SecondLife,

  • Yes can’t wait to see the tekken game in home lol. gonna kick some avatar butts. Great update this week.

  • we need like more estates i like them three thats coming out in march but we need like a Business estate were there like desk and u can write a paper and like give it to people and like theres three floors but there all together not like the playstation home manison u can use a Elevator for all three floors

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