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Good Sunday to you! With the PlayStation Vita releasing to the first North American consumers this Wednesday, we’d like to answer any lingering questions you may have about the device. So tomorrow at 3pm Pacific, I’ll be hosting a live PS Vita Q&A/demo session right here on the Blog. So if there’s anything you’d like to see demonstrated, or have any hardware or PSN-related questions, please Tweet them at us using the #PSVitaChat hashtag.

Even if you don’t have any questions to ask, we’ll be revealing some new details about Resistance Burning Skies, and maybe a few other things as well. See you tomorrow afternoon!

The PS.Blog weekly reading list (Week of February 6, 2012

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  • Will you be revealing the free game that 3G owners will receive on Monday as well? I’ve been holding off on a couple titles until this is announced in fear of purchasing the free download.

  • It will probably just be a 10 dollar title so anything thats value is over that, go buy it..what i want to know is when ps vita is gonna start advertising?..dont let taco bell do it for ya..this beautiful system has got to get out in more ways other than word by mouth..either way, im super excited and cant wait to pick up my vita the 22nd..i wanted the first edition but i found that 8GB memory card much more appealing

    • We’re going to talk about the advertising. I’ve seen a rough cut of one of the ads (there’s more than one, yes), and it’s looking really good.

  • too bad a link to the forums for the subject “4.10 Update: Broke Playstation Headphone Functionality” isn’t noted…

    FIX OUR 7.1 HEADSETS NOW SONY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • My team has gathered the feedback here and passed it up the chain. While I don’t have any info about a fix, know that you are being heard.

  • Quick question bout the Taco Bell Vita promotion. I got a box, and texted the code, but never got anything in response. Then I put it in online and it said the code was already used. Who should I call for this and what’s the number? Thanks!

  • I second the advertising, it should be better. I can’t wait for this to be in my hands. I just hope app support improves (not crazy like the Ipod) but I would like G4, IGN, Blastr, just to name some of the gaming and entertainment apps. Plus what about a PSN blogg app?

    @ MrPatrick, sure the 8GB card sounds nice, but I think the limited case that comes with the first edition bundle is very nice. The fact it holds game cards is a plus. all the other cases out there are are soft or hard with open ends.

    3G will be cool, I will pay for the first month and get a game and second moth for free. If 250MB is enough for the month then i will probably keep it. As Long as I use it. I saw Jap has a map app, and many others I hope we get.

    Mine is getting mailed to me, so i wont have it day one but I will still have it before the 22.

  • when will playstation suite come out for the vita? i really want to know more about the game selection for it!!! please tell if you know anything!!!

  • I look forward the Q and A tomorrow. I just hope it answers some of our more difficult questions and not ones who answer could be found now.

    I’m curious about why PS1 classics aren’t playable yet. I’m in the middle of FF1 and would like to continue on my Vita. I am grateful that PSP games work though because next up is FF4.

  • Do you, good sir, think there could be a youtube app later for the vita? Or maybe an update that could let users watch videos online, as the vita only has mp4 support, no flash player support. Anything like that in the future ?

  • Thanks for the response Jeff. Can’t wait ’till Wednesday!

  • will the ps vita 3G work all over the whole US or only some parts.

    PS. im tired of not getting a response for my questions.

  • i have a question about the passport program, since we are not getting it, here in the us, eu, or any where else, except for japan. can we at least expect a price drop on the psp games on psn? some games like persona, gods eaters, valkyria chronicles are 40 dollars each. i know that sony may not have a say on this, but it can persuade publisher to drop the prices on these games. i’m devastated by the fact that i went with the physical copies and not digital, i just can’t afford the buy them all. please help me 8,(

  • i also forgot to ask about the fact the fact that ps vita can’t play psone classics, how it’s that going along? will it be implemented later on? and what about the ps2 games?

    i have so many questions, but other than that i’m excited to get my hands on my ps vita i order a while back.
    !!!!!!!-i have gravity rush in my mind, everytime i see apples.

  • im getting the playstation vita first edition bundle just waiting for me to pick it up at midnight on the 14th but i still want to know how the getting a free game for signing up for the 3g thing works there very faint on what they said

  • Do Vita trophies appear on this ps3 trophy list? Please tell me they do. If they don’t the Vita is going on the back burner for a few months at least.

  • Is the bluetooth 2.1 on the playstation vita designed to provide in game sound and chat simotaneously via bluetooth stereo headsets?

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