Welcome to PlayStation Vita

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Welcome to PlayStation Vita
Welcome to PlayStation Vita

PlayStation is just days away from embarking on another historic console journey with the launch of PS Vita — the most ambitious entertainment device you’ve ever held in your hands. PS Vita was first unveiled to the world as NGP, the “Next Generation Portable,” in January 2011 and formally christened as PS Vita during E3. In the time leading up to the big global launch day on February 22nd, we chronicled the designers as they created the world’s most advanced handheld gaming system and heard from some of the most-respected game developers in the business.

We also recently revealed what’s in the box for the PS Vita First Edition Bundle launching to early adopters on February 15th. Today, we wanted to welcome you to our world with this new video. Guy Longworth, Senior VP of PlayStation Brand Marketing, and John Koller, Senior Director of PlayStation Handhelds, show you everything you need to know to enjoy the out-of-box experience moments after you wake your PS Vita for the first time.

The day we’ve been waiting for is nearly here! Remember, kids: Never. Stop. Playing.

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  • First Im getting the 3G one!!!

  • I want mine NOW!

  • Hey Rey:

    1) Do we get to chose the game that comes with the AT&T activation? What are our choices if any?

    2) What’s up with the PSOne classics not working on the Vita at launch? Are they still working on the emulator?

    3) Any plans to pring PSP games that don’t already have a digital version to the PSN?

    I’ve got a thousand questions, but these are the main three that I’d like to know about. Can’t wait to get my FEB on the 15th!!

  • 5 more days!!! This is literally killin me!

    Go Sony Go!!!

  • I have the first edition bundle pre-ordered on Amazon, along with Uncharted, I can’t wait! 8)

  • I’ve never bought a portable console because of the behind the times technology, but man this Vita has got me impressed. I’ve already preordered that 3G bundle and I can’t wait for it to hit my doorstep. Uncharted is a must buy and I’m going to finally get to play Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max. I love Sony. Diehard Playstation fan since the OG PSX. Now let’s all dream of what GTA will be like on this thing!

  • Never. Stop. Playing. Is that the Vita slogin?

    Does this mean we will see ads for it soon? It seems there is no hype of the Vita outside of the hardcore PlayStation fans. Luckily, I am one of those fans, so I’m just counting down the days.

    • Yes. Expect to see Never Stop Playing, everywhere and anywhere you go, very very soon. We’re very proud of the massive media blitz we’re about to unleash.

  • Dam Jeff, Rey beat you in getting Skyrim Plat. 1st? At least Jeff is winning in trophies earned in all games though! :) LOL. I love this site, and thanks to Jeff, Rey, and Sid for all of the content! I am going to get the WiFi version, and still don’t know what I should do with my PSP 3000. I am upset that the UMD program did not make it here to the states, but that is not anybody’s fault that runs the blog! Hopefully I get to try the Vita a little more this weekend until I get the system when it launches here in the good ol’ U S of A

    • If you have siblings or younger cousins, its a perfect opportunity to hand down your PSP to them. What better way to get the newest generation of gamers on board?

  • Pretty nice and long vid. Since you ask what your customers think, here is mine two cents. I really hope to see PSOne Classics on the VITA soon, launch soon. Same thing with PS2 classics. I know this is possible, and you would directly go after the nostalgia consumers. Remote play should be implemented for all games, “PS3 in you pocket”! Lastly, I know this is more wishful thinking, but I would love to see Android officially on the VITA. This would absolutely blow the device wide open.


    PS More info on Warrior’s Lair (frmly. Ruin) please.

  • Really fantastic video! Send my regards to the producers!

    Like others, I’m also curious about the free downloadable game that comes with 3G activation. I understand that in order to redeem a free month of 3G service, we must first purchase a month ourselves. But will we receive the downloadable game upon activation of the free month, or after the month is over? Additionally, will the free month be automatically applied after the paid month runs out, or will we have to apply the discount manually? Many of us are curious about this process, so please provide more details when possible.

    Keep up the great work guys!

  • i sold my phone, my psp 3000, and i saved for months just so i can afford the wifi model and an 8gb memory card. no games. but atleast ill have one :)

  • Hi, i have a question that no one talk about. For the Quebec in Canada, which company will take care about the 3g ?? We dont have AT&T here. I think Rogers are the branch from AT&T. Or maybe we can choose the company we want. So cant wait to get mine and i hope a answer thank you.

  • LOL I think it is also awesome that comments 2-11 are all Plus members! Show how much we love the PlayStation Brand!

  • Is Sony trying to make Vita fail? Where is the consumer awareness? Advertising? Marketing? This is a major hardware launch and no one even knows what this is….. Outside hardcore Playstation gamers no one is even aware that a vita is, what it does or how it is different then the PSP.

    No Awareness = low sales.

    it is too late to advertise once its launched you build hype, awareness months before. Sony’s marketing it atrociously bad. They could learn from MS with regards to how to market, sell their products sony is clueless.

  • @13 that’s the problem, outside the hardcore playstation fanbase no one is even aware of the vita.

  • Welcome to PS Vita yeah! …. we still dont know what PS3 games work with the Vita with remote play …. >.< please :) we want to know :) and if its not ready yet just say so

  • @ #3
    2) What’s up with the PSOne classics not working on the Vita at launch? Are they still working on the emulator?

    They work with remote play …. :)

  • This was a very informative video, thanks for posting it. I’m itching for mine to arrive.

    • Happy to hear it, the best part is, this is ONLY scratching the surface. There’s so much more you’ll discover when you flip PS Vita on.

  • Ugh… so close to getting my Vita next wednesday. I wish we could just cut through all the marketing so I could have it right now!

  • @mastorofpuppetz

    I actually think that might be part of the strategy. The Vita is a handheld directed specifically towards “hardcore” gamers. Why would Sony spend a ton of money on advertising when a large portion of their target audience is already aware of the device? I mean, I understand that there does need to be some television advertisements and such, but I’m willing to bet that the majority of the people Sony is trying to reach are already aware of the Vita.

    Why advertise to the mass market when the device itself is aimed at a very niche audience?

  • I’m right here with you, @The MissingLink. I’m a 32 year-old adult, not a kid.

  • Horrible advertising for this new console. Looks great, but how do you expect millions of kids to buy this thing if there’s no awareness of the product?

  • Can’t wait for the 22nd!!

  • I hate how many videos are coming out for Vita, but not one addresses the free game with the AT&T application. What are the limitations on this? Besides that one cloudy question, I’m psyched!

  • This looks so freakin beautiful! Shame there are no adverts for it, half my mates have never even heard of it. Whenever I mention it I get the responce: “The PS what?” Please market this piece of perfection NOW!

  • When do We get Vita stuff on the the store? Feb. 14, 15, 21, or 22.

  • I have to say that I don’t care for the “Never Stop Playing” tagline. I would love to play videogames 24/7, but we all know that isn’t possible. I don’t think it is an attractive tagline to someone who isn’t a gamer. Will I tell my wife that is the Vita tagline? No. Do you think a parent will want to buy a Vita for their child when they read that tagline? I doubt it (unless they don’t like their child and want to keep them out of their hair).

    Full disclosure – I have already pre-ordered the Vita.

  • Can we please get a list of PS3 games that work with remote play? Thanks!

  • Wednesday can’t come soon enough.

  • Music Unlimted in Canada?????????

  • @21, huh? Sony wants as many sales as possible, they even said themself there is a lot riding on Vita, a Niche device wont sell much, sony is losing money hand over fist i doubt that their strategy is to sell to a small niche group LOL.

    Sony obviously want more then just the hardcore, they want as much sales and as mucha s the market as possible.

    They are not advertising this at all.

  • No Vita for me :( Too much cost for something I wont have much time for.

    To the ones that got/getting one: Have fun peeps.

  • Pumped, I am to assume when it says 3G/wifi the 3G part is optional correct?
    Still getting one couple more weeks

  • Hmm, never heard of it, maybe you guys should make a commercial.

  • Add me to the list of people wanting to see PSOne Classics working with Vita ASAP (remote play doesn’t count, as I’m usually out of my home when playing portable devices and lag over internet remote play makes most games unplayable).

  • My wife thanks you for not releasing this on Valentine’s Day.

  • As much as I would like to see PS One Classics on the Vita day 1, I’m going to be too busy with Little Deviants, Escape Plan and Uncharted: Golden Abyss when I pick mine up next Wednesday.

    I truly want PS One Classics to work on the Vita though. That is all that I’m keeping my PSP Go around for. :)

  • To: Rey Gutierrez

    I’ve been wondering does the PS Vita come with LocationFree software pre-installed like the PSP, if not, will the PS Vita be able to support the LocationFree software in the near future.

  • Hi, can you please give an update on pricing for Vita games on the PSN store. And mention if they’ll follow a policy, like 10 or 20% retail price for the card. This should be announced already as games w feb15 release date delivery will ship monday or tuesday. I’d like to know my options before I change/make pre-orders and I’m sure many who have the bundle pre-ordered feel the same way.
    Also, I second the ps1 on Vita demand sooner rather than later

  • @32

    I understand where you’re coming from. I just don’t think Sony wants/needs to spend a ton on marketing the device to people who will look at it and say, “Why would I buy this if I can get all the games I want on my iPhone?” My guess is, Sony is going to rely heavily on word-of-mouth. They’ll wait until people get it in their hands and there’s a robust lineup of games already on the market. Then, when people see the advertisements on TV, they’ll go online and read what everybody says about it and will make a decision from there. So in short, launching a huge advertisement campaign might cost more money than it’s worth.

    I disagree with the Vita not being a niche device though. There is absolutely no reason for a consumer to pick up the handheld unless they’re really into games. But that’s what separates the Vita from the rest of the crowd.

  • Really informative, thanks. John did a very good job clearly explaining the reasons for wanting/needing this beautiful piece of new tech, but I’ve been sold since I learned about the 2 analog sticks a year ago.

  • Any idea when we’ll see the video player going to be updated to allow more format choices? Only having MP4 support sucks. What about remote play of PS3 games that was “hyped” months ago? We know it can be done and easily so, are there publisher issues? Perhaps with the desire to try (and fail again like it did with the PSP) and get people to buy two copies of the same game at full price is holding it back? I’ve seen the browser in action and unless it’s being updated very soon well, it kinda sorta sucks, slow loading, display problems, still buggy, ect. It took years to get a “big” update to the PS3’s awful browser, it’s not going to take that long for the PSV is it? I know Adobe has ceased support of Flash in mobile devices but any news on getting the Vita some Flash support? What about expanded HTML5 support? The fact that you can’t open the browser without exiting a game is disappointing also for this day and age.

    When is Gravity Daze/Rush being released outside of Japan? It was supposed to be a launch window game (said to be within a month of the PSV’s launch) but now it’s looking to be much further out if you believe Amazon and Gamestop’s current release date of May 29th.

  • @40 and Im saying that approach is NOt working, even friends I kow who are BIg games dont even know this was coming out. Sony does not know how to market or sell its products.

    You Cannot n 2012 rely on word of mouth LMAO. Sony HAs a lo riding on Vita they have said themself, you wouldn’t know it with how poorly it is marketed.

    The iphone is the whole reason to MARKEt itm get the word out that you CANNOT get games like the vita has on it. You only proved my point.

  • Can’t wait. Great job designing this next generation of portable gaming. Absolutely breath taking…. I never doubted you.

  • I really wanted to be excited for the Vita, but this device is going to fail. My reasons why I’m NOT buying a PS Vita:

    1) Proprietary memory cards: you guys are even stabbing your OWN memory card tech in the back (memorystick) this time. While ideally you’d have included microSD support or SDXC support, you’ve opted for the proprietary “you-can’t-use-this-memory-anywhere-but-on-a-vita-and-you’ll-be-paying-a-premium” marketing strategy. Bravo!

    2) No standardized connector for hooking to a PC/charger: while the rest of the world uses mini/micro USB for charging and for connecting to other devices, Sony decided to go the proprietary route again. Now if you want to buy an extra charger or connect to a PC you have to pay a premium for the privilege. Golly, thanks Sony!

  • 3) No HDMI output: a device capable of HD video decoding and gameplay, and you can’t hook it to a TV. Ideally you’d be able to pair a DualShock3 to your Vita, hook it to a TV and use it like a home system while at home (or in your hotel room, or at a friends), but instead you’re stuck with the screen on the device (and holding it while gaming instead of a more comfortable controller).

    4) No way to get your UMD games at a discount. Way to tell your PSP fanbase that you’d rather they bought everything they already own at full retail guys, that’ll make you really popular for sure! *thumbs up*

    5) And while I’m not sure on this, I’m pretty confident that there’s still no MKV/FLAC support for this device, meaning you can’t use modern audio/video containers on a Vita.

    Please PLEASE fix this device. Something with broad appeal and use will have a much better chance than something unable to do even the most basic portable device tasks.

  • Anyone got a time machine to fast forward to Feb. 15th??? The wait is about to kill me!!!!!

  • Awesome video guys

  • Vvvita vvvvita vvvvita !!!

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