Twisted Metal University: Weapons Training

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Twisted Metal University: Weapons Training

Starting today, we’re introducing a video series we call “Twisted Metal University.” The goal: Get you up to speed in time for Twisted Metal’s February 14th release. That’s less than a week away, so we’ll have to move fast! In today’s chaotic episode, you’ll be (re)introduced you to some of Twisted Metal‘s fiendish firepower, starting with the EMP Blast, Absorption Shield, Mines, and more. This video also gives you a primer on choosing the right sidearm, whether it’s the flesh-shredding shotgun, the devastating magnum revolver, the heat-seeking Swarmer rocket launcher, or the all-powerful Mega Gun.

Twisted Metal University: Weapons Training

With a little luck, and a lot of pluck, you’ll catapult yourself to the top of the multiplayer leaderboards this February 14th. Check back soon to learn more killer tricks and tactics for this long-awaited revival.

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  • sorry, As much as I love Twisted metal, and have even Pre-ordered it, I won’t be doing ANYTHING like Gaming Online in ANY GAME, until Sony fixes their Wireless Headset they fk’d up with the 4.10 update. nothing like a migrane to make you want to game mre

    boycottiing all Sony games until 4.10 is patched, or a new update fixing this crap is out.

  • Just sold everything 360 related I had a few days ago when I heard the demo was out (not to mention how much I missed my old fat PS3), bought a brand new slim model, sped home to get the demo, and loved it just as I did with all other TM games. Preordered 2 days ago and can NOT wait until I get my hands on it!

    It feels so good to be back in the PlayStation family :D

  • Great idea for a video series, since the game can be a little intimidating for newcomers to Twisted Metal. I, on the other hand, am anything but a newcomer and cannot wait to have this game in my hands and play the hell out of it.
    I hope the game does well and that we can get some classic map/soundtrack/vehicle DLC sometime down the road. A remake of the Paris map in TM2 would be amazing.

  • I didnt play the demo much because im waiting for the full game, but I found that the special attacks were all more of the same or I dont know theres something that is too similar between cars.

    Anyway, cant wait for the campaign!

  • I’ve got the game pre-ordered & can’t wait. Still kind of bummed I didn’t get to play the demo. Loaded it last night but it had expired :( Who knew?

  • @dagimp13, what problems are you having with the headset? mine has had no issues since 4.10.

  • I am in complete agreement with the author of first post, and while I too love (and can’t wait for) Twisted Metal I am glad he was able to grab the first post slot to voice his concern. Maybe now it will be heard. I usually can’t stand the people complaining about stupid things on this board, but Sony NEEDS to fix this issue quickly. Update 4.10 has rendered the Wireless Stereo Headset practically useless for any voice-chat enabled games. The mic now picks up any and all sound (breathing, any background noises, etc.) and you CANNOT turn it off by hitting the mute button. Not only this, but it is loud enough to leave ears ringing and I have already heard over-dramatic murmurs online of lawsuits over ear damage. A Sony Rep. told me they are aware of this issue and are working to fix it. I just hope it will be soon, because many customers have come into the video game store I work at demanding a refund already. It’s only been a day.


  • love this video plz give me more

  • LUGEIZ, you are the first person I have heard of that ISN’T having this issue. Have you played a voice-chat enabled game within the last 24 hours or so? If yes, and it’s worked without amplifying all noises and sending them back through the speakers, then I am relieved to hear not all are experiencing this problem.

  • By the way Chad Cox, this has nothing to do with Twisted Metal, and I apologize for the thread hijacking distraction. Just needed a place to voice my concern, as I am obviously not the only person going through this and the Sony Reps. on the helpline all say the same thing every time you call. I have the game pre-ordered, and absolutely cannot wait to start playing! Just would totally suck to not be able to use my headset whilst partaking in said vehicular slaughter. I love the demo, and have convinced more than a fair share of people to reserve the game in the past few months at the store I work. Keep up the great work!

  • Damn i cant wait for this game its so fun and unique ill play it all year long as long as the community remains playing this game, and are the energy drinks skins out yet or do they come out on release, just got the Jak and Daxter HD collection really great games and Twisted Metal is my most anticipated game this year. im a newcomer by the way.

  • @7 LUGIEZ

    my issue is the audio feedback of anything within a 500 ft range, including cars driving by my place, the hum of my PS3, my nagging gf (I got sound cancelling for a reason lol), my own breathing, and anything else that could be considered “white noise” (I hear dead people…jk) along with the fact I now hear my own voice, which wouldn’t be the worst OPTION (had it BEEN an option, not a mandatory change) but there is an AWFULLY WRETCHED delay to hearing it, almost a full second. when you’re in any game with voice chat, the feedback and echo effect is too much for the ear drum to process, and causes headaches/migranes VERY quickly. I’m choosing to boycott any online games, whether they have voice chat or not, as a sign of formal protest against this glitch/bug/whatever you wish to call this BS update. If more people do this as well, they’ll notice the server load being affected, and will know why.

    Aside from all of that, once you’ve gamed with the Sony 7.1 Wireless Headset, there’s no other way to game, and my other option for sound is 5.1’s….thats sad, that I cant enjoy 5.1’s the same way I do the headset.

  • @ KeefRiffards

    same situation, got it pre-ordered, waiting patiently, and then BAM 4.10 happens and this happens to the headset….totally get how you feel buddy. join the protest.

  • This is wonderful! The demo was amazing, this video was amazing. I can’t wait for my pre order to get here on Tuesday!

    Twisted is going to redefine multiplayer. Thank you for some new info!

    Get the advertising ball rolling, Sony! This is going to be the most entertaining and deepest game this year!

  • @ Chad Cox, sorry for highjacking your thread, but clearly while Sony knows of this, nothing is being done and we need it fixed asap. I apologize profusely for being “that guy”, didn’t mean to wreck the show for others. Too many of us are affected by this headset issue, hopefully you’re not one of those affected by it.

  • im glad i check ps3 blog often for stuff like this already pre ordered it now its just time to get more familiar with the game so i can be killing peeps online cant wait too see other videos

  • Awesome!


  • sorry, shouldn’t say “nothing” being done…it’s been “escalated” to the firmware guys, who so far, APPEAR to be doing nothing.

  • Nice Tips.
    And when you kill some one get the driver for heath and gunner for random weapons.
    Got my Pre Order in ;-)

  • This is fantastic! I’ll definitely watch the entire series – I could use it, lol.

  • DaGimp, I would suggest calling the help line as well….I figure the more people nagging about this, the faster they will respond? I know these things happens, any computer soft/hardware is always going to have bugs here and there…I am patient and understanding to an extent, but we are talking about a hundred dollar headset that is useless for the time being, all due to an update that was supposed to enhance my gaming experience. Hahah. Oh well. BTW, I hear you on the noise cancelling the nagging girlfriend thing….funny, I originally thought mine had broken my headset by trying to record with Audacity on my PC with it. Luckily I looked online before getting too mad. Oy vey.

    (By the way, I already posted this but it’s awaiting moderation because I bleeped out a bad word. Whoops. Sorry blog, I wont do it again! =) Hahah)

  • @dagimp13 & @ keefrichards

    Well actually I was playing Battlefield 3 yesterday for a few games, but switched to Arkham City. Perhaps I didn’t realize the problem in Battlefield 3, I’ll check again today. Sounds like a real issue though, hope it’s resolved. I had an issue with the original bluetooth earpiece on a previous update, but actually that was the game software update that made the earpiece volume level seem a lot higher, it was annoying, and almost deafly loud for a while until I changed my own settings.

  • Man I am glad I pre order I was kicking ass in the demo I can not wait to do more in the full game beward of me!

  • @ LUGIEZ

    BF3 may not be the best game to try it with to hear what we’re talking about though you might be able to hear it, just thinking with the tanks & jets, little harder to hear. try any COD game, DC Universe Online, maybe something with voice chat off your hdd, and you’ll hear exactly what we mean. honestly, I’m AFRAID to use the headset for voice chat games like MW3…could you imagine the “audio EMP” (game glitch that blocks all sound except a nail on chaulkboard/concussion bang in your ears sound) that goes off from time to time, last for 2-3 minutes, and sounds like your speakers/brain will burst any time? then add to that this issue, and you’re looking at possible deafness for sure. I pity anyone that’s happened to, if it has yet.


    it’s amazing how they sound proper when on a PC or watching a video or listening to music off my media server, amazing sound still…and then you try to use a voice chat game, and it goes to, er, crap.

  • Yup! I am using it for FFXII-2 right now, and it’s fine because the game doesn’t have chat. Not the case for MW3 earlier, it was deafening. Haven’t played BF3 for a few days, but you may be right about it being harder to notice on that. WIth that said, I couldn’t imagine not noticing this, after playing COD earlier….and that was during the single-player! I was just trying to use the headset because it was early in the am and I didn’t want to wake anyone up.

  • lol not wake anyone up…I hear ya there, and I guarantee we fail each time lmao you get talking and we dont realize how loud we are being due to having volume up for our own ears, definitely one drawback of sound cancelling headsets….thats why I wouldnt mind hearing my own voice as an OPTION, but with the delay it has, ARGH. stupid Mandatory BS…either fix this, or roll it back Sony lol

  • btw, I did one better then call the help line, I got Jeff Rubenstein on it! he uses the headset too, so only imagine he’s as frustrated as we are, except he can do something about it, more then a phone rep can too ;)

  • @ Chad Cox, sorry dude, we keep stealing your thread on you lol so freaking sorry, you have no idea. we love Twisted Metal, but we know Sony is the $$$ behind it, so if they want our money and continued support of this game by the pre-orderers like myslef & KeefRiffards, then something needs to be done about the headset issue…otherwise, its like listening to tin cans, and no game is enjoyable that way.

  • I want Twisted Metal avatars for PSN!

  • @30 ShadowOfEden

    YES! great idea! Sweet Tooth avatars, Dollface, etc. that’d be awesome

  • Well spoken DaGimp! Shoot me a friend request, I know I’ve seen you about on here before…must be a regular, as am I. How’d you get Jeff’ to look into it? That is awesome!

  • Please stop posting gahbidge comments about headsets on this forum and address them somewhere else. =)

    @Chad Cox, Thanks for the weapons training video. Great job!

  • already sent Keef. posted a few times on here before, but most likely seen each other in COD or BF3. Jeff can be contacted on Twitter @JeffRubenstein, though we really shouldn’t spam him with headset complaints, just as we are we’re stealing Chad’s thread, it’s TECHNICALLY not his division, and it wouldnt be fair to Jeff to spam him as such, poor guy is busy enough! it why we’ve apologized profusely to Chad for highjacking, as it’s not him or his post we’re attacking, it’s the issue the firmware engineers appear to be ignoring this as it doesn’t exist. if they know what they changed, which they better as it was their job to change the XMB, hence the update, then they just need to change that small part back, recompile the data, and upload…voila headset fixed, but instead, nothing.

  • The guy from #1 post is right! My headset did feel different after I updated my PS3! I thought it broke or something! I was playing Assassin’s Creed Rev multiplayer and I felt so uncomfortable wearing my headset ($100 btw) with the new “change” they added. I thought it was my ears at first, but while I was chatting with something, it did pick up my breathing. I seriously love my wireless headset to death… but … I really hope this is fixed because it’s ruining my experience.

  • @ Da Gimp

    So Eat Sleep Play gets nailed for a Sony problem. That logic is completely flawed my friend.

  • @Everyone with the post 4.10 update PS Wireless Stereo Headset issue:

    Please join us and post your concerns to the PS Support forums here:

  • Obviously Virtual_Jeramiah and Marlyt don’t have the wireless stereo headset, otherwise they would understand the situation a little better. It’s alright, now that the good GooRooMan has given us a place to go voice our concern, we won’t discuss it here anymore. Twisted Metal will be glorious, thanks for the video Chad!

  • Never have I been so amazed by a remake of an old game. I have ALWAYS been a fan of the series and when I heard about the making of Twisted Metal for PS3 1-2 years ago, I knew right away it was going to be a huge success.

    I will be playing the hell out of this game. I just cross my fingers and pray this game gets the much needed appreciation, respect, and popularity it deserves.

    I look forward to what this game has in store!

    Thanks again for bringing back one of my most favorite games.

  • TWISTED METAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The Twisted Metal University is an excellent idea. I appreciate the video. I swear driving around the demo I noticed some of the red super mines and did wonder how they got dropped. Think I might have dropped a few by accident.

    Now that the demo is down I also am cringing for my Twisted Metal fix. That countdown at almost makes the wait worse. Day one purchase at midnight at my local Gamestop.

  • @ marlyt

    How am I punishing ESP? I’ve Pre-ordered their game, and still intend to pick it up upon release. It’s not like I’ve said “david Jaffe, fix my Headset”, that would be rediculous. I’ve even stated a few times I love Twisted Metal. If I were “nailing” ESP, wouldn’t I have at least said “I hate your demo”? did i, aside from the rhetorical question previous? no. did I say”i’m cancelling my pre-order until my headset is fixed”? no. I’m stating that I won’t be playing any Sony games that are online, chat or no chat, until the issue is fixed as it is a matter of principle and formal protest over the update.

    what tthat DOES mean, is that when Twisted Metal does arrive, unfortunately I will not play it online like they’re wanting us to do, simply because Online will not be enjoyable for me due to their update. simple enough for you? try to follow Wheaton’s Law, marlyt.

  • Alright I just got my code from my NOS energy drink! I won’t be getting the game day 1 though. I will buy it somewhere down the line between this year and next! I just wanted to score this exclusive DLC for use in the future seeing as it’s limited edition. Yuck, I never tried energy drinks nor ever will. Just wanted the goods =) Hopefully those vehicle skins won’t be available to everyone later on. Yes, I said won’t because it would ruin their exclusiveness.

  • DaGimp13, try and be logical and take your concerns to a more appropriate venue.

  • @DarkEde

    already have, was repsonding to marlyt, just as I’m responding to you. something illogial about that?

  • sorry for the typos, wireless keyboard is never good when cellphone is near for some reason.

  • Pre-ordered this a couple days ago, good luck to Mr. Jaffe.

  • Ok, so if you called sony and they that they were aware, and trying to fix the issue, what is the point of making more posts about it?

    Pre ordered. Cant wait till next week!

  • @ da gimp
    Look here dummy. These are your words not mine “boycottiing all Sony games until 4.10 is patched, or a new update fixing this crap is out.”. Is that simple enough for you? Do you even know what boycotting means or is that just a word you use whenever you throw a tantrum, you sarcastic jerk.

  • DaGimp, no you are being illogical by pushing issues that have nothing to do with this topic, spamming the comments with nothing of worth to contribute and, overall, just being a troll.

    Wrote to a PSN bud, “I can already tell that the new Twisted Metal is going to be an obsession for me just like Warhawk was…” I was so hooked on WH before, playing every day for too long. Pretty sure the new TM is going to rule my PS3 as well.

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