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  • Nice bundle! I got the vanilla 3G pack though, but this looks like a great deal.

  • Can you please tell Amazon to just go ahead and ship these out to US residents? Please? :-)

  • LOL I’m so excited yayy.

  • Very Nice!

  • Can’t wait to get mine!!!

    Es usted muy bonita Abby Reyes.

  • Can’t wait to see this available for $250 in 2 weeks…. Can’t believe you guys didn’t up the memory to 8GB to match the launch bundle.

  • how is the 3g gonna work can you use a playstation network card or does it come straight out of you credit card or can i go to the at&t store can some one tell me

  • February 22nd needs to come tomorrow, have my 3G vita pre ordered

  • i’m soo glad ya’ll did this now i can’t wait for the 15th to come. Mr. Gutierrez will be having heavy competition in Lumines >:3.

    Also this is my first time seeing Abby Reyes, can she do more unboxings like this and special editions bundles on like games stuff in the future :D

  • Sup Abby, i so cant wait to receive my Vita, ive been waiting for this video. ope you well!

  • what about the rest of us, who don’t feel the need to fork money over to AT&T?? what will we get in the Wifi only model??

  • Ok this is something that irks me. Sony is saying that you get the psn game when you activate the data pass. While AT&T says you get a code from them for the free game 30 days after you use the data pass. (and escape plan was confirmed as the free game in the UK, so it’ll prob be the same in the US)

    But what is it? Do we get the game day 1 or do we wait to day 30?

    Just like AT&T saying you can play games via 3G (ultimate marvel vs capcom 3 being one of the games they told me was playable via 3G) where as Sony says only turn based games.

    No one is on the same page. We are 6 days away and almost everything is speculation, with very little facts known.

    Help. Please.

  • Unboxing videos are lame. I want to see a original ‘Packing’ video wherein ps vitas come off the assembly line and are stuffed into boxes before being shipped to retail…

  • I cant wait

  • Let me ask you this. The First Edition Bundle used to be a value proposition. It had a 20 dollar card, 20 dollar case, and 30 dollar game for an extra 50 dollars. Now that the 3G edition from the 22nd has increased value, we’re actually paying EXTRA value-wise for this FEB, since it doesn’t have the 8gb card. Can you explain to me why that is?

  • winscar i read somewere tat wen you activate te data card is wen youll receive te code, and remember people wo spend more always gets more so take at wit a grain of salt… cant wait for my 3G Vita!

  • The only question I have is about the free psn game. What. are the limitations on it? Nobody seems to want to answer this.

  • @van winkle, the 3G get the 8gb card but the wifi gets the limited edition case, send me your case ill send you the 8gb card then… i have a 23gb card on deck! people complain too much, just change your order… to have the 3G model does not mean you are obligated to subscribe to the service.

  • @ #17 – Ya, I was kind of wondering the same thing. You only get the free PSN game if you activate the 3G? That kind of sucks…

  • @16 yea I got the FEB (can use my existing sim card from AT&T which is great) I just don’t want to be confused the whole first day of having my vita.

    But as I said half the news sites are saying one thing while the other half are saying something else. Regardless I’m getting my vita Feb 15th I just like to know info before I need to use it, not after.

  • Should call this the “Second Edition” instead, well at least in Canada, since is already shipping the WIFI version this week. Oh well, I will wait patiently for the “First” edition to ship…

  • Like many of the other commenters here, I’d like to know more details about the free AT&T DataConnect Pass. From what I understand, here’s how it works:

    1) You must purchase a month of 3G service.
    2) Then, you’ll receive a free month of 250MB 3G.*
    3) After the free month is over, you’ll get a redeemable PSN code in an email.

    Is that how it will work, or am I misunderstanding something? Additionally, can people still pre-order the 3G/WiFi and First Edition Bundles right now and still get these incentives? If so, when is the deadline for these offers?

    *Will this be applied automatically, or will we have to cancel auto-renewal and follow a different procedure?

    Apologies for the barrage of questions, but I just want to be absolutely clear on the content offered in these deals. Thanks in advance!

  • @15, time = $ agreed? You’ve broken down the physical value correctly. Yet I can’t believe you fail to see that this bundle arrives early. What is it like $50 to play it before it officially launches? That’s less than $10 a day… so the perks/values are different, which is better is up to you. Some Vita games are up on the PSN store now & like many, I can hardly wait for mine to arrive.

    Great unboxing IMO, funny & informative. Although the point of the At&t/PSN title still needs to be addressed.

  • @ 24, Blade- Nice breakdown. You could well be correct; I’ll like to add that if you just wanted to try 3G, don’t forget to Opt-Out our else At&t will continue charging you.

  • Got my First Edition preordered! Thanks for making the wait even harder! Uncharted here I come…

  • I’m getting the superior Canadian First Edition Bundle.

    $299, No 3G and Uncharted Golden Abyss included!!!!!

  • Whats the name of the music throught the video?

  • I’m really hoping you get the PSOne classics sorted out by launch Sony. I’d really like to finish off Chrono Cross on a brand new PSV. You’d have another sale of a unit AND a 32g card if you make this happen. Plus, please turn that “doubt it” comment into a “sure will” for PS2 classics on the Vita. That would be fantastic as well.

  • I’m waiting untill my PSP dies or you guys make a 2000 series VITA. Price drop is the key if I get one

  • There was a Vita in this video??? Guess I was distracted

  • Any news on when we will be able to play ps1 games on our vita’s. I bought a 32gb so I would like to be able to load everything on my vita and not still be required to carry around my psp. Any news is better than nothing.

  • I have been sitting on 5 $50 target cards for over a year waiting for this thing. Sucks you can only pre-order online, cuz they only let you use 4 cards :( hopefully my local target will actually have them in on the morning of the 22nd. I am really looking forward to getting my wifi only model (fark at&t, I will tether through my smart phone if I NEED to use my vita outside of a wifi connection). Really looking forward to see how much better remote play is on the vita. Hopefully I can remote play ps home so I can watch tivo and bowl at the same time!

  • Can’t wait!

  • Since you already let gamestop sale first party release games back on Tuesday could you call them up and tell them it is alright to sell our first edition bundles to us early as well? After all those three games are driving me nuts waiting till the 15th.

  • The Canadian First edition doesn’t include uncharted, it’s still little deviants. Though I like that we only pay 299 for it instead, but really kinda unfair, we should get a free psn game as well!
    Canada always get’s screwed.
    By the way, when will PSOne be ready approx, time atleast? I’m holding out on playing through FFIX again till I can on my Vita.
    Also, sony you know it’s possible and people are expecting it. Allow PS2 Classics to be downloaded and played on Vita eventually please.
    And get me a way to play Dark Cloud 2 on my Vita :)

  • Can you clarify how the AT&T DataConnect Session Pass will work? What you described above sounds like a buy-one-get-one-free coupon. What was previously described sounded like a free month to try the 3G service. I am not really interested in paying $15 to try a service, but I am willing to try a free month of it.

    I have pre-ordered the 3G bundle which is advertised as having $55 worth of bonus content ($30 memory card, $10 PSN game and $15 3G datapass). If I am correctly interpreting what you are saying above, I will have to pay an additional $15 (on top of my $300) in order to get $25 of the bonus/free content. I will likely downgrade to the Wi-Fi version if that is how it works.

  • Like some others, I’m still waiting to hear about Vita’s support of digital PS1 games. Digital PS2 games would be nice as well, but PS1 seems like it should be easy to support for the beast that is Vita.

  • @37 yes I don’t understand why Sony treats Canada like second class citizens.

    Love the vita, cannot wait but sony is really messing up on the memory cards, every vita should come with some internal memory or at least a 4 gb card.

    When is Sony going to advertise? No one even knows what a vita is let alone why its better then PSP? You do not wait until launch week to build hype its too late then.

    Sony marketing = awfull. You build hype over time, build awareness so people can save or be aware it’s coming, right now awareness is nill outside hardcore gamers.

  • Tell Rey nice job, the blue is a lot better than the white :)

  • Yeah I just got the standard 3G launch bundle…comes with an 8GB card instead of the 4GB. But I really like that case…wonder if it will be available for purchase seperately. If not I might upgrade…hmmmmm.

  • @43 Yep that case is only for the First Edition Bundle, its the main reason why I got that one :)

  • I was also wondering if the GPS worked on the 3G model if the 3G isn’t activated?

  • @Teflon02 @mastorofpuppetz Bestbuy had a preorder promotion where Gamer Zone Rewards Zone members could preorder a First Edition Vita bundle and get Uncharted Golden Abyss for free.

    You guys missed out. Why are you upset about not getting a free $10 game when we get Uncharted Golden Abyss for free? Besides, For the amount of money Rogers charges for Wireless data, why would you even want a 3G Vita?

  • I “was” very to pre-order the First Edition, extra cost = extra goodies & a week early.
    Like many, I disappointed that Sony added a 8GB card for the 3G version but didn’t include the 8GB card for us First Edition customers.

    not much else to say, I’m excited about it and don’t mind paying the extra $…just less hyped about it and I quit bragging/advertising the Vita like I was doing before.

    Houston, TX

  • I mean “I was very excited to pre-order…

  • 22nd feels so far away

  • Also, I’m very disappointed that the MSRP of a bunch of games went up. It kind of feels like there was someone at Sony saying “iOS exists, we need to stop pretending it doesn’t. We’re going to need to be very aggressive with our software pricing for the Vita to have any chance of success” . While at the same time there was another guy saying “we’re advertising this thing as ‘near PS3 quality’, Near PS3 quality has to be $40-$50 because who would buy PS3 games for $60 if they could get ‘near PS3 quality’ for $30?” and the second guy won the argument at the last second.

    Terrible Decision Sony. $50 games are going to be the death of the platform.

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  • Bring it on. 8gig bundle for me at BestBuy.

  • $50 a game is a terrrible price. For the same price I can get a PS3 game. Like another poster said $40 is a better price for a portable game.


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