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  • looks cool

  • I think this is pretty cool, but I wish the Miami events were not only in Miami Beach but in Doral, FL.

  • I would love to see one of these in Mobile, Al. You would have to have real good security though. I just heard the other day that 3 3ds’s got stole from the display at gamestop so they are not going to get a vita to try out.

  • too bad i live in a freaking state that nothing good ever happens

  • Please set up a Vita Social Club in Houston! :)

  • Toronto

  • Great! I’ve already gone to a few of these Vita events in my city but I didn’t know there would be tournaments.

    Where/when can we RSVP for the IGN event this weekend?

  • I’ll be getting my Vita on the 15th. Any free games available for those that show up with their own Vita in San Francisco?

  • Can we get some love here in Dallas!?!?! Please??

  • What about Washington..

  • I wish there would be a Vita Social Club in Quebec… Though, I’ve had some time with PS Vita and all I can say is that it is awesome! Can’t wait to get mine, only one week to go!

  • htown anyone?

  • Ahh! Too bad I wont be able to make it to the MK event since I’m in Tampa. I WILL however be there this Friday-Saturday, and there’s events across all 3 days while I’m there. Friday has AT&T event with Jo Garcia later at night; Saturday has Ultimate Marvel; and Sunday has Reality Fighters.

    The link is not working for me, I’m using Google Chrome.

    Can we expect a Mortal Kombat demo to hit PSN sometime after the 24th? Like in March time or something? I really want to try that. And is the MK event just a demo sample of the game or more? You mentioned the challenge tower and all that but I doubt that would be in a demo. If its the full version or something, maybe I might plan an even 3rd trip to the club, even though its AFTER the Vita is out already lol.

  • “Friday-Sunday”

  • Still not close enough to where i live

    and also Ryan M. got a question:

    why no coverage at all of the Destination Playstation event thats happening right now in Arizona?

    makes no sense

    I mean there’s already been a big game announcement (the LBP Kart racer) and the rumored unveiling of God of War 4!

    i need an explanation for this!!!!


    Their are rumors on the internet that the 3g Bundle gift where you get a free 250mb/30 day plan and a free game. Is not actually free. That you have to instead order a AT&T plan for $15 or $30 first before you get a free one.

    It’s because of a very unusual way amazon worded it they are quoting.

    Please confirm if you have to pay for a plan first or if you get it free first.

    I know at least a dozen people who are not preordering 3g version because of this rumor.

  • Here is the quote “Your promotional 250 MB session automatically starts upon expiration of your 1st session plan, if you have activated the redemption code.” from Amazon.

  • I’m going to be the happiest dude once I go back to Los Angeles. I was born there for crying out loud.

  • no ohio dates grrrr that sux

  • I’m quickly losing my interest in Vita. After all the poor decisions (no UMD transfers, no 3G multiplayer, high memory card prices), finding out that the one game that I really wanted for it, Uncharted, is the same price on PSN as it is in store, I’m seriously considering just cancelling my (paid in full) pre-order.
    If that price isn’t some sort of mistake, that pricing is seriously ridiculous and sets a very bad precedent of digital downloads for Vita costing the same as their retail counterparts, which should certainly not be the case if you hope to encourage people to download their games instead of purchasing them from brick and mortar stores.

    Even if it’s just for Uncharted, and every other game ever released costs less on PSN, you’ve hit my ‘reconsider’ button quite hard.

  • I’m getting a Page Not Found error on that link….

  • Please get a social club in the Philly area! you don’t have two MAJOR Metropolitan areas, DC and Philly, in your sights? big mistake…..

  • Too bad none of these places are near me. Although they never do these types of things in Hawaii, so i shouldnt have expected them to actually hold something here. Anyway i hope people have fun at these events. Just one more week till i get a hold of my Vita so im happy.

  • When and if ever are they going to come to vancouver Canada ?? , dont worry I’m not holding my breath .

  • ps vita on mortal kombat all night 2 bad i can’t get it on the feb 15 got 2 wait on the 22nd like some of us

  • @ boxmyth. Blah Blah Blah. If you really wanted the VITA you wouldn’t be nitpicking every detail and looking for excuses not to buy it. People who want something don’t harp on about every little con about something. People claim that they complain the most because they care about it the most. That is a lie. You complain the most because you are the most loud mouthed and unsure that you want whatever it is. Don’t buy it. No one here really cares that much.

  • The Blog Stalker (Me) will definitely be at the NYC spot for this. Will not Can not miss it.

    Ray AKA WrekGar
    The PS Blog Stalker

  • Man, you guys should really come to Canada, its not even that cold this winter hahaha. I would be there all day playing MK and UMVC3.

  • well i wont be going to game stop any more !!!they called me twice telling me to come and pick up uncharted for my vita. but they don’t have it in stock!!! why would they call me then?

  • Good job on improving the internet browser …. please fix crackle.. since the update the shows half the screen …

  • Is it true I won’t even be able to use my digital download PSP games on Vita?! Games like Peace Walker and Valkyria Chronicles 2 are not compatible supposedly? If I can’t even play these games that I will need to repurchase digitally in the first place, I’m strongly considering not giving you my business at all – especially for the time being until a larger Vita library is built up. This needs clarification immediately please.

  • I’m representing Houston! And I want an event down here =D.

  • @boxmyth please name one single game that has been cheaper on release day in the ps store than retail. It has never happened. The only games that ever have a discount are older games. Please don’t comment anymore if you’re going to be ignorant.

    @cosmis chaos well said sir. I’ve tried to blame my buyers remorse on other people in the past but it just doesn’t work. It’s a maturity thing me thinks.

  • Sony, u said this was coming to a city near me and it is NOT. You lied to me darn u!!! I’m never buying anything Sony again!!! You just lost all my pre orders (paid in full) forever and ever!!! Well except for next week and the 9 months that follow but that’s IT!!*

    *the preceding was a parody of stupid consumers

  • Just wanted to say guys that u should leave the PS vita hall places open after the vita its release as a place where Vita Owners can go and play their games together! in there u can sell coffee, beer and some food! u can organize tournaments, and events in there (obviously everyone needs to bring their own vita) and have wi-fi. It will keep Vita Owners together and At the same time u can create a monetary benefit for u with the tournaments, selling food and PS vita games there and accessories and create jobs :)

    Hope u get at least my point! :)
    Note: if u do remember im seeking a new job i hate working at gamestop :(

  • Just to update my previous comment, Uncharted: Golden Abyss is now showing up at $44.99 on the PlayStation Store, so I retract my statement. I will get my Vita on the 22nd as originally planned, and be happy filling up my 32gb memory card with all manner of content.
    Thanks for being cool, Sony.

  • Feeling Lonely up here in Toronto…

  • Yeah the Vita is a pile of junk… Sony apparently decided not to offer the service to pay a small fee to transfer your games over (Which it shouldnt even have that since we already paid for the blasted things) and instead decided we have to buy our games all over again. Send Sony a message buy NOT buying this thing. There’s no excuse for this and it shouldnt be tolerated let alone supported

  • lol Xbox 360 + Kinect cant come to toronto but sony cant bring the vita lol

  • lol Xbox 360 + Kinect can come to toronto but sony cant bring the vita lol

  • I wish I could go to all the PSVita Hill Events!! Woot!! :P …but sadly, I can’t. -_- Anyway… I can’t wait to caress my sexy 1st Edition! Woot! :D

  • So, when exactly is the modnation tournament, there’s two dates listed?

    I think it’s the 19th. But it shows the 12th and the 19th as the dates.

  • ALSO:

    I won the virtua tennis tournament (2nd place for a $25 psn card) but I never got my prize. What’s up? this tournament was weeks ago and I’ve since won another tournament and got my prize.

    Who do I talk to about this??

  • After the release of the Vita will there be any bonuses to people who go to the social clubs with their newly purchased Vitas? I am just curious because I don’t want to miss anything.

  • won my 3rd tournament today!! Thanks… now, if i could just get the psn card for my virtual tennis win…

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