The House of the Dead III Spooks Valentines Day, PS Plus Demo Today

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The House of the Dead III Spooks Valentines Day, PS Plus Demo Today

House of the Dead III

It’s time to make a move! Today, we are releasing The House of the Dead III demo on PlayStation Network. This demo will be available on PlayStation Network for two weeks (until February 21st) exclusively to PS Plus members.

Not a PS Plus member? That’s okay… This beloved arcade classic will be released exclusively on PS3 on Valentine’s Day (February 14, 2012) at an easy to pick up price of $6.99. For two weeks only (until February 28th), we will also be offering a PSN avatar as a free gift with purchase.

The House of the Dead III Spooks Valentines Day, PS Plus Demo Today

For PS Plus members, we will be offering additional 30% off on the game for two weeks (until February 28th) to make your Valentine’s Day and the month of February even sweeter! We will also be giving away PS Plus exclusive free dynamic theme and avatars.

Your Mission: Run fast. Shoot faster. As Lisa Rogan or Agent G, rescue Ex-AMS Agent Thomas Rogan before the unthinkable happens. Unload shotgun rounds on relentless armies of evil creatures and of course, save the world!

House of the Dead IIIHouse of the Dead III

Key features:

  • PlayStation Move compatible
  • Multi-player mode
  • Multiple paths
  • Multiple rescue events
  • Ranking and grading system to track your shot accuracy
  • Trophies
  • Bonus unlockable PlayStation Home item
  • Original creator interview

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  • Hmm, I never have played any of the House of the Dead games – I’ll definately check out the demo!

  • YES!!!

    I can’t wait to re play House of the Dead again :D

  • Played the originals on my Sega Dreamcast about ten years ago… Pretty fun with one of those light guns! Even more fun with two people! Might have to pick up a Playstation Move controller for this…

    Hopefully they got rid of the “flashing white light” for each gun shot though. :P Used to give me headaches.

  • will there be a platinum trophy?

  • $5?!

    That isn’t too shabby…

  • When time is the new games gonna be posted today?

  • I still play the House Of The Dead OverKill (Extended Cut) and i’m looking forward to this one now,i take it we can use our Dualshock Sixaxis with this game like i can with the one i mentioned above?

  • Looking forward to this.

  • Yay a demo :) I’m game. Been looking for something for my move anyways.

  • Wow that price guarantees a purchase on my part.I eagerly await the demo and release of the full version,thanks Sega and Sony.

  • you mean ill actually get to use my PSmove controller that collects serious dust WHOOT i love house of the dead games.


  • Sweet. Downloading it as soon as its available and get home :D

  • It says multiplayer mode, but is that local or online??????

  • I love HOTD on arcade machines. In College my breaks always consisted of getting upward then playing house of the dead.

    I hope they keep it so you only need a trigger and no other buttons.
    I have a hand gun for the Move that only lets you press the trigger comfortably, and the hand gun is how to play this game for me. I do the quick draw all the time in a role play type way.

  • what time exactly PSN store update?

  • Can’t wait!
    Always been a fan of hotd.

  • 30% off $7, that is like almost free right?

    It makes sense as i have spent probably two hundred dollars playing on the arcade machines this game, LOL.

    Was a dollar per life before, so this is the best deal ever!

  • Nice price and plus d/c. If I like the demo, no brainer purchase for me.

  • Looks great. And for 7 bucks, not bad at all. But is the multiplayer online or offline only?

  • is it sharpshooter compatible?

  • Actually very excited about this, but… where is The Simpsons? Is it just going to be released after the 500th episode?

  • I need the demo now! I’ve been a fan of HOTD ever since it scared the crap out of me as a kid. Can’t wait to get HOTD 3 and 4!

  • I’ve really loved what Sega is doing for us PS3 owners lately. Many discounts for PS+, PSN exclusivity, and the localization of very Japanese games. I can’t wait to try this game out with my Move. Now Sega, I hope you can get Yakuza 1 and 2 in HD on PS3 very soon! Unlike other game developers, Sega has actually acknowledged that this is something the fans want, which I have infinite respect for.

  • not its a HD remaster??

  • Can you let us know what the playstation home item will be?

  • I remember playing this on the Xbox back in 2003, a Gamestop employee said it was a rare game. Still for $6 I’ll be picking up plus along with my plus discount makes it even much better. Love HOTD and would love to see both HOTD 1 &2 come to PSN with trophy support and Move support if possible. Just another question, is this the Xbox port or the Arcade version?

  • Is there Widescreen support or is it 4:3 only?

  • Looks pretty cool!
    I can’t wait to dl the full game!!

  • Hey Mai,if your PlayStation Home item is not a tee shirt …I will buy this game. If it is a tee shirt,I will pass.

  • the simpsons arcade arrives today

    1st poeple who get it free get a free dounts
    2nd people get magre’s hair
    3rd people gets bart’s homework
    & 4th people gets lisa’s guide to study for good grades

    can i get a woo woo ?

  • when will the FREAKING STORE will be updated im tired of waiting im waiting since 4 PM EST now im pissed off with the time sony takes to update the store even nintendo updates all of their online store faster than sony

  • The game has platinum trophy? D:

  • Looks kind of cheap. House of the Dead was was always a solid & fun Arcade Shooter though so @ $7 & a reason to use my Move/Gun I’m likely sold. I applaud you guys for releasing this at a friendly price.

  • well i cant wait to play this game it brings back memories at the arcade when i was a kid :)

  • Cool, I played it on the original Xbox! The screens indicate 4:3 aspect ratio; is there 16:9 support?

  • Oh, I don’t have PS Plus. Will the demo come out for everyone later. Also any news of the House of the Dead 4 release, will HOTD 4 have a demo coming soon. I play HOTD 4 at an arcade when I was on beach vacation and I was blown away by the gameplay, and I knew this game could work only on PS3 with Move.

  • never felt so good to be a hotd fan and PS+ member.

  • I have a question. Is there online co-op?

  • works good with the sharp shooter :)

  • Wow this game is surprisingly cool. I would highly recommend everyone to atleast give this demo a try. After playing the demo this is now a release day purchase for me.

  • its alright that there a demo but why is PS plus members always getting the cool stuff and never the regular users i mean seriously is spending $50.00 for only three months really that worth it ?, i don’t think so.

  • @42
    The 50 bucks is for a whole year. Also for me personally it has been worth the cash.

  • I have another question. Is there a solid date for HOTD4 and I was wondering if you guyes were thinking of bring HOTD1&2 over. Nice to have the whole series on 1 system.

  • Please bring us HOTD2 too. And more Dreamcast classics.

  • I would love to know if I can use my Namco guncon with it?
    Anyone know?

  • And the answer is NO, it does not work with the PS3 Gun from Namco. Hope you guys get it fixed soon, would love to play it. :(
    Patch soon please!!

  • Mai Kawaguchi please bring the other two the house of the dead games plus all the virtual cop games to psn?

    Thank you!

  • QUICK QUESTION!!…. I didn’t buy move YET, is it worth to play with SIXAXIS. Can i move the controller to aim!?!?!

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