Shank 2 Hits PSN Today, Learn Survival Mode Strategies

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Shank 2 Hits PSN Today, Learn Survival Mode Strategies

In case you didn’t know, our newest title, Shank 2, launches today on PSN for $9.99! This game is a huge improvement over the original Shank — the controls are far tighter, we’ve added new moves and nuances to give you greater control and options to combat, and in general the experience is the best we’ve done so far. I really hope you’ll give the demo a shot and support a friendly developer!

Shank 2 for PS3 (PSN)

Today, I’m going to talk a bit about strategy in Shank 2’s new Survival Mode. In Survival Mode, you team up with a friend (local or online), earn cash, buy upgrades, defend your base, and survive for as long as you can.

Trust me, you really have to pay attention and choose your strategy in this mode — let’s just say that to this day, I have to be on my game in order to complete the entire 30 waves. But before you begin, you select one of three different maps, each with their own play styles. Then, select your costume:

Shank lead image PS

There are 16 different costumes you can unlock in Shank 2, and each one gives you stat modifiers. The costumes are either for Shank or Corina, and both Shank and Corina have different attacks, speed, advantages and disadvantages. Pick wisely — above, I’ve chosen the Hobo (with a shotgun), and Chops the healer. This allows one player to heal the other who does damage with the pickups (but is too broke to buy stuff). Communicate with your partner to choose a strategy!

Once you’re in the game, my suggestion is to pay attention to the bombers, and try to get them before they set us up the bomb. Also, try to increase your combo count as that contributes directly to your cash. Note that high powered weapons such as the shotgun isn’t as good for combos, but are far better at delaying and killing the bombers.

Now flush with cash, you can buy reinforcements such as tequila to heal yourself, a minigun to cause major spread damage, or turrets to play tower defense with. A friendly reminder: don’t be too frugal with your spending! Many a time I’ve gotten too confident and suddenly died with thousands in the bank. Finally, use the environment to your advantage — each map has a feature you can use to aid you, and they’re crucial to your success.

Shank 2 for PS3 (PSN)

Alright folks! That should get you started. We’ve poured a ton of love into this game and we hope the little surprises we threw in really delight you. We’re big believers that a developer shouldn’t make a sequel unless it meaningfully improves the experience, and I can proudly say that Shank 2 is our best game yet.

If you’ve got any questions or want further tips, come say hello on Twitter or Facebook! I’m always lurking around and happy to help.

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  • seriously this game seems cool

  • Can’t wait. Replayed the original last night in anticipation.

  • Shank is a great game. It’s like Double dragon meets your worst nightmare. Sweet game. Hope you do some online multiplayer this time. Shanks 2 = game of the year.

  • Kingdoms of Amalur launched today and no blog posts?

    I am enjoying the game but not much news on it.

  • How deep is the online multiplayer aspect?

    Might buy this just for the multiplayer. :)

  • Plus discount?

    Will purchase either way, but it’d be nice. You guys seem to have really listened to the community when developing this one (especially like the lower price point) and will reward such dedication with a day one purchase. I look forward to what you come up with next.

  • 360 screenshot in the middle, you might want to fix that.

  • I own the first game and really enjoyed it. I also loved the art style on my HD screen. Might pick this up when it hits a sale or Plus (which is the best thing to happen to the SEN). My only complaint is the dirt in my eyes by seeing you use a 360 screen shot to show us a PlayStation game on the PlayStation blog. Bad form, bad form.


  • What the hell is with the xbox buttons in the middle picture? Man Iam really excited about the game but if I see xbox buttons while playing on my PS3 I will freak!

    • Oops! This was a development screenshot — note even the development text on the top right! I supplied a proper one last night and I guess it didn’t quite make it through.

  • I don’t have Y, A, or B buttons. :(

  • Oh good lawd, hobo with a shotgun. I’mma dead right now.

  • 360 screenshots on the front page of the PS blog.


  • Looks amazing, yo!

  • It’s weird that this will be coming to PSN today because when the store updates, PSN will no longer exist.

    The Playstation Network is changing to the Sony Entertainment Network, so hopefully this is coming to SEN today…

  • Thats this month tustin, next month they’ll have another acronym for it. Not that it’ll change anything in real substantial terms. Anyone remember SNEA? probably no one outside sony since its just another corporate shell game.

  • Hello Jamie

    First off I want to congradulate you and the Klie team for making a sequel that will kick major a**.

    As soon as i next boot up my ps3 I’m gonna head to the store and see if shank 2 is there for me to buy and if so, BOUGHT!!!

    If anyone wants to do some online co op with me please send me a pm. that includes you jamie. what better way to learn how to kick ass in the mp than to team up with one of the devs! amirite

  • Thanks Sid, my eyes have been flushed from that dirt that was on my favorite blog.


  • @16 Yeah, it seems like a really stupid move as ‘PSN’ is so widely recognized. I’m not sure how they think that changing the name will somehow improve brand recognition…

    Remember back when SEN was called Qriocity (or however it was spelled)? LMAO, maybe the best way to improve brand recognition is to stop changing the names of things every few months…

  • The first game was great but i heard that the shooting and other controls were re-booted in this game. Yay! Shooting your guns towards the corners of the screen was a pain in the butt.. @#4, I agree, Double Dragon meets Streets of rage plus tons of gunplay and blood. Ill still have to try the demo to see if its truly worthy of $10.

  • The first one was great, I look forward to this one.

  • I’ve been looking forward to this one since it was announced. Loved Shank, and part 2 looks and sounds even better.

  • Nice, online survival. How come others can’t figure out, this would be a good addition instead of just single player survival? Nice job. Will there be a demo?

  • @ Sid – So it’s still PSN but my account will be SEN? Yeah, that’s less confusing…

  • I dont a PSN/SEN card!!!!! WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!?!?!?!!!!

  • Still no new content on PSN… Any ETA on this (for EST)?

  • I look orward to playing this. I enjoyed the first game so this one was a no brainer for me.

  • Hobo with a shotgun? WIN

  • what do they do spend the last 1 or 2 in the day to give us a store update….y always so late????????????

  • Any word when it will be available? PSN still doesn’t have it

  • 1 or 2 hours i ment to say

  • guess we have to wait till 11:59 to buy it.

  • Please update the store -_-


  • A good update means it’s probably going to update at 12 midnight again (EST)

    This looks very nice, I’m loving the art style since it reminds me of The Venture Brothers.

    You know while I was playing the first game, I thought about the lovely animation that I was going to see during cut scenes but when they came on it looked pixelated and had a lower resolution. Hopefully the cut scenes are full HD and clear in this one.

    I still didn’t beat the first game, the final boss is wicked hard. But I might go back to it to try at it.

  • What demo?
    Shank 2 is there, but no demo.

  • everyone thats trying to buy this game it IS in the store right now just do a search for it and u will find it in the list, but hope we dont have to wait till wednesday for a tuesday update

  • Shank 2 link is showing on the store front page… still no demo, though (even search doesn’t bring up a demo version).

  • got the demo, lets see how it fares, I like what i’ve seen so far

  • Still no demo.

  • HAHAHAHAHA X360 screenshot

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