Qore in February: Street Fighter X Tekken, Binary Domain, Birds of Steel, Warp

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Qore in February: Street Fighter X Tekken, Binary Domain, Birds of Steel, Warp

February’s Qore crosses over, jumps into the future, and flies into the past.

Qore in February: Street Fighter X Tekken, Binary Domain, Birds of Steel, Warp

Jesse Blaze Snider starts off with this month’s lead feature by tagging into Street Fighter X Tekken. Capcom’s Seth Killian sits down with Jesse to discover how this wild mashup was first conceived, how the tag team gameplay works, and what’s going on with those “gems.” He also follows Birds of Steel, a game that rolls back the clock to World War II-era dogfighting.

Then, Tiffany Smith jumps into a future-day Tokyo populated by sophisticated robots that have pretty much tossed out Asimov’s Three Laws of Robotics in Binary Domain. While the premise might not be that original, the new ‘consequence system’ that judges your command of NPC’s is interesting, as Tiffany discovered with Director Toshihiro Nagoshi. And don’t miss Toshihiro’s pick for his favorite weapon in the game! Tiffany also checks out Warp to preview the plethora of puzzles and crazy teleportation techniques of a cute alien bent on busting out.

If you missed January’s Qore Episode 45, you can still download it for FREE from the PlayStation Store, or visit Qore’s new episode pages to view individual feature stories right here. We hope you enjoy the February episode of Qore!

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  • Since when has Qore’s loading screen been a hidden mini game?!?

  • Jesse is a nice guy, but I’m not feeling his uber hipness. Would like Veronica Belmont back or her android replica please.

  • Quore should totally do an interview to tetsuya nomura and ask him about what his doing right now with VS13 and Kingdom hearts 3 for ps3!

  • Is Qore now free to everyone? I get it from Plus so can’t tell.

  • Hell yea, Street Fighter X Tekken! Jesse is a great host!

  • how about a biweekly playstation tv show with world premiere interviews and videos? man you guys have so much power in the entertainment industry, playstation is one of your stronger brands and now that the head of sony will be a gaming centric head , he should think about advertise the brand a lot more than before , i mean 4 platforms on the market about to become 5 , so many first/second party studios , so many exclusive games coming to ps3 / ps vita and now that you guys gonna have an unified network then there you have your show

  • Can we get a new host for this? No one’s going to to Veronica Belmont, but this guy is trying too hard with the ridiculous mowhawk. I can’t stand watching or listening to him.

  • Surprised there’s nothing about the VITA in QORE this month. I guess it’s ok since the next 8 days are already going to be the longest days ever.

  • i miss veronica :(

  • this host don’t make qore fun anymore….kinda dull watching it now

  • Jesse is annoying, fake and a tool. He’s like one of those wannabe’s I would see at the concert so I would mosh them extra hard and make them cry.

    Not “digging” the new hosts.

  • I agree with all the other comments. Lose the mohawk guy. Males gamers don’t want to get their news from another guy with a stupid looking haircut.

  • I don’t want to be mean, but I don’t really like the new guy.

  • seriously what is up w/ that creepy dude and his hair?? Just seeing that one picture of him is going to make me avoid Qore at all costs from now on. Bring back Veronica plz.

  • Host of gaming shows should unilaterally be hot women. Do you guys not understand the Qore demographic. Did you see my pun?

  • You know that AWESOME XMB feature that lets you take screen shots and pictures while the Interactive QORE is playing on the PS3?? I really, really, really WISH that would be a STANDARD feature of the PS3. Why not?? *wishes come true?* :)

  • I’m chiming in for that new female. Tiffany? Don’t like her at all & hope she moves on soon. I see her on some gaming shows on tv sometimes & she’s not appealing at all.

  • Btw, those of you who can create UK PSN accts, check out their version, called Access. It’s weekly, much longer & sorry, much better. Very funny hostess. I think they call it “cheeky”. They showed off Mod Nation Road Trip on the Vita by drawing a track in the shape of a male body part. Hilarious. Bet you’re all going to do it yourselves.

  • Nice can’t wait to watch it today!

  • Get rid of that jesse guy, he’s annoying and that hair cut is lame. Where is my Veronica Belmont?

  • I like Qore, but I never feel like there is enough content for me to consume. I’m probably being selfish because I want more videos in each episode. The new host works for me, so no complaints from me about that, but let me say it again I want more content per episode. I’m only asking for more content because Qore is good.


  • Get veronica back, someone, anyone better. This guys a TNA rookie reject.

  • I miss Veronica Belmont :(

  • I was never a huge fan of Qore and only watched it once I got it free with PS+… but now that Belmont is gone and we’ve got Spiky-hair mc-horrible-replacement, I’ve got no interest what so ever to watch them.

  • Get rid of Jesse Blaze Snider and get Saul Villegas (guy the did those Playstation Tip videos back on the PS1 demos for Playstation Underground) to replace him.

  • Do you watch Qore for the news and content or the host? lol Give him a chance, it’s only his third episode of Qore. Jesse is a good host.

  • woooaa people always hating, let him do his job n if u guys dont like it, dont watch it.. its simple as that!!

  • Meh, watching Jesse bores me, with Veronica she had more enthusiasm it seemed.
    Im all for giving chances, but i watched a few Episodes Featuring Jesse and to be honest it’s nothing special now.

  • Jesse does his thing. I’m more worried about the content then the host, no reason to complain about the host not being Veronica anymore. She was good, but she’s obviously moved on. Also if you think she was a better choice of a host just because she was a female then honestly you’re checking out Qore for all the wrong reasons.

  • I like Jesse’s personality, but I have to agree with the majority here. I prefer Veronica. She brought a certain energy to the show and made it fun, cool and relatable. Since Jesse and his new co-host took over, the “show” really has been quite dull, and for the first time in two years I am not looking forward to the next episode. When it comes to a program like this, it’s the viewers who are important, and if the viewers aren’t satisfied with the hosts, then Sony should acknowledge that. If Veronica and Audrey have chosen to move on, then so be it. But if it is possible to get them back, then by all means, do it. Qore needs it and the fans want it.

  • They should just get rid of Qore and put the videos on the store separately for ps+. That way you do not have to download over a gig of data and 10 minutes of installs to watch one video. Ever since they removed the previous host, Qore has been stripped of nearly everything. There is no free content anymore since ps+ has all the free stuff now. The game videos are not interesting since they do not tell us anything informative. The videos are more like commercials. They also removed the Belmont’s cultural excursions, which was the best part about Qore. I loved Qore, but all these new changes make Qore into a giant advertisement.

  • I like Jesse’s voice overs whenever he’s narrating a game’s details, but his visual presence is always annoying, probably because of the hair. Jesse does the voice overs the best tho, give credit where its due.

  • What the hell? The Jurassic Park Blu Ray has been out for a while now.

  • When is Qore coming out? I’ts not showing up in my download this and I’m not getting the option to renew my subscription, so I know that’s not it.

  • y isn’t there any download available in the download center of this episode still? it’s nearly been a month

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