Gotham City Imposters Hits PSN Today, Read the Origin Story Here

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Gotham City Imposters Hits PSN Today, Read the Origin Story Here

Gotham City Imposters for PS3 (PSN)

We pitched the concept for Gotham City Impostors several times before it was greenlit. Each time, people laughed. The first time, they laughed appreciatively because they assumed we were joking. “A downloadable multiplayer shooter set in the Batman universe featuring guns, killing, and a distinct lack of Batman? Good one!”

As they began to suspect we were serious, the laughter became strained. “You know there’s no way this will ever get approved, right!? Do you realize how many people would have to sign off on this crazy idea!? It’s impossible!”

Once we were able to communicate the vision for the game with imagery and audio, everyone was back to laughing sincerely again because they finally got it. No, it wasn’t going to be a traditional Batman game, but it was absolutely going to be an unabashed love letter to Batman.

Gotham City Imposters for PS3 (PSN)Gotham City Imposters for PS3 (PSN)

But selling an idea to executives is different from selling it to other Batman fans. Let’s just say there was some skepticism when the game was first announced. Let’s also concede that there’s probably still some out there. I even had the opportunity to talk to some skeptics directly at PAX Prime and found there were three questions that kept coming up.

“Why a multiplayer-only downloadable game?”

The answer to this is simple. By the end of F.E.A.R., there was only a small group of us left on the project, fixing bugs and polishing the game. Once we got it out the door, we transitioned to what started as a modest multiplayer support plan but gradually and organically metamorphosed into F.E.A.R. Combat, a freely available release of the entire multiplayer portion of F.E.A.R. with additional modes and maps.

F.E.A.R. Combat was easily the most fun I’d ever had working on a game. The team was small and enthusiastic. Our development process was extremely flexible and highly efficient. And the game played well from day one and only got better as we refined it.

Gotham City Imposters for PS3 (PSN)

So when we found ourselves between projects with a team too small to create a full-fledged title, I immediately latched onto the idea of another multiplayer game. We had a solid, multiplatform tech base to work with, meaning we could be up and running right away. And we had access to one of the coolest franchises around. And I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it.

“Why impostors instead of the real Batman and Joker?”

One obvious problem is that in a match with 16 12 players, only one person gets to be Batman. While nobody gets to be THE Batman in our game, everybody gets to be A Batman Impostor. And that’s exactly what I personally love about Batman: he’s just like the rest of us… except with way more money and a much nobler moral code. In other words, there’s nothing stopping any of us from stepping up and becoming an “Almost Batman” except having the will to do so.

Gotham City Imposters for PS3 (PSN)Gotham City Imposters for PS3 (PSN)

Another reason we were attracted to the idea of impostors is that the real world is already brimming with people who love to dress up like Batman knowing he’s a fictitious character. Imagine if he were real. You wouldn’t have to go to a comic book convention to see copycats. They’d be everywhere. Obviously, Batman wouldn’t tolerate imitators who went around killing bad guys, but as badass as he may be, he can only be in one place at a time, which leaves plenty of room in the city for impostors to rampage until he shows up to chase them away.

“Why use the Batman license at all if you aren’t making a Batman game?”

The simple fact is that it was specifically because of the Batman license that we were even interested in making the game. Not only does the impostor concept stand out in a marketplace teeming with military and sci-fi shooters, but we believed that the combination of Batman-inspired gadgetry with the ability to completely customize your loadouts however you see fit would result in a furiously paced, gravity defying, tactically diverse game experience unlike anything else out there. That’s not to say there aren’t plenty of similarities to other games, but it’s all about how the elements come together as a whole. To use an arbitrary food metaphor: Just because lettuce shows up in a lot of salads doesn’t mean you can’t make a standout salad with lettuce.

In the end, we hope that Gotham City Impostors makes you laugh heartily as you skewer opponents with an arrow to the face or watch them get zapped out the sky by an Airspace Denier gnome. We also hope that even though we don’t let you become the Dark Knight himself, that you still feel a little closer to him simply by dressing up in a tacky, homemade approximation of his totally sweet costume and engaging in a crass, morally suspect approximation of his vigilante cause.

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  • I played in Private beta and public beta and this is hands down one of the most fun times I have ever had in a video game.I just hope connection issues are solved. This game is mine!!!..I LOVE IT!

  • I’ve seen what the DLC for this game looks like. You’ve itemized it like a Free To Play game, but you’re still charging for it. Get with the times already.

  • I liked the beta but wasn’t impressed with the point dispersal and unlocking outfit pieces…

    What is the price again, $10 or $15?

  • I down loded this and when i whent to play it sid that the online sever was permenetly down so i erased it off my system
    and no its free!

  • I’d buy it if there was a discount for PS Plus members. The game was awesome loved the Beta and all, but its abit too expensive IMO.

  • Cant wait until teh sore updates. Buying it right away. Anyone know if there will be day 1 add ons?

  • + HoustonFranco713 :The game will not be free.It will be 15 dollars.

  • Buying the game asap
    a bit ticked that you show screenshots of clothing that (to my knowledge/experience of the beta) arent there -__-
    nonetheless game is great and i hope it does well enought to give birth to a sequel :P
    definitely deserves it [:

  • Will be downloading this as soon I finish class for today and after my part time job.

  • @ IHIostile

    There will be TONS of day 1 DLC. Double your XP, Change your outfit, Change your calling card, basically bills for skills and looks.

    I did enjoy the demo, but I hate the route they are taking the DLC. Sorry to say, most likely gonna pass on this game. Will see what happens when the store updates and how ridiculous the extra content is first.

  • I hate to say it, but I have to many shooters already taking up my time and will probably pass this one up. I did enjoy the change of pace from most other games in the same genre, but again when I want to play a shooter I already have to many choices on my shelf/hard drive. Good luck with your game Monolith.


  • Does the game have trophies & platinum trophy .

  • No third-person option? Something you should consider.

  • So nice to see that you didnt mention that you have over 100 pieces of day 1 DLC up on XBL running from $1 to $5 and all at a massive 100 kb. I was very exited but now I hope everyone sends your company a message by not supporting a game that nickels and dimes players with “unlocks”. Major FAIL guys!

  • Great game multiplayer is awesome. Good Job and as long as the price is nice I will buy it.

  • This game is honestly fantastic. It’s well worth it at that price point as well.

  • Guys, please. Let’s not harm this potentially-awesome game with lies and fear-mongering about the DLC system they’ve opted to go with. The DLC that is available for this game (at least on day one) is COSMETIC ONLY. There is no gameplay-based DLC whatsoever, which you can verify by looking at the game’s entry on the XBLA Marketplace. It will let lazy people with horrible spending habits pay money to make their characters look better than other people’s characters on the first day, but they will receive no gameplay benefit from it — and all of the stuff they just paid to get will be available to the sane people through regular progression.

  • fear mongering? lol… overdramatic much? sorry… the only thing LAZY is charging people for content that is already included with their game… whether people want to spend money or not. Every “cosmetic” purchase lets companies know that this model is acceptable and then before you know it… the gameplay effected DLC will start to roll in. Sorry toi ruin you tea party Monolith Defense Force.

  • and btw… your not paying for DLC. All of the items for sale are all included in your $14.99 download. What you are paying for are unlock keys. Over $100 worth of unlock keys for a game you have already paid for. Sorry… but that is overkill and GREED. Not lieing and not fear mongering. Just wanting people to be informed.

  • @ freakingmayhem

    THAT is the exact reason I don’t like it! All that stuff should be unlockable through XP gained. When I see someone running around the map in a new costume, I like to assume they have more experience and earned that costume, not payed 2 extra dollars for it. That makes the WHOLE progression system less desirable to me.

    Sorry, supporting this type of DLC will only make it worse and I’m not going to contribute.

    The game is $15

    If you buy ALL the day 1 DLC it would be OVER $200!!!!!


  • If DLC begins to appear that allows players to gain experience faster, or have other gameplay benefits over those who refuse to pay, then I would agree with you that it is a problem. As it is though, I feel like the only people who it is going to affect are those who think “man, I’d really like to part with $5 of my real life money so that I can have a hat earlier than the other guys”. If he wants to spend $5 on something that has no effect on me, I’m pretty okay with that. (I also think that guy is a total idiot, but I’m okay with them giving him that idiotic option.). If the game was saying to me “hey, this game is $15… buuut if you pay $25 for it, you can be stronger than everyone else!”, then I would definitely have a problem. I’m just saying I don’t think it’s like a reason to, as you said, send them a message by not supporting their game.

    Apologies for using the term “fear mongering” in a way that admittedly might have been a bit inappropriate. I was just eager to get the point out there in an early comment that these DLC are purely cosmetic, and that everyone else will unlock them for free if they simply play the game, and would have probably said it more eloquently had I not been hurrying.

  • I just realized that the only reason for the disagreement here between us commenters is because we have differing opinions on whether costumes matter. If not for me not caring who gets what costume when, we would most likely see eye to eye on the whole matter.

    I was getting ready to boycott the game… until I realized the DLC was cosmetic only, and my comments were just meant to help share the information with those who feel the same way. I’d absolutely boycott the game if I had to go up against guys on day one killing me with guns they paid real money for, but if they’re just wearing a fancy pimp suit then that is their own bad decision and I still have 100% enjoyment.

    If you personally see it as offensive that others can pay to unlock costumes early, it’s not my place to say you shouldn’t be offended, and that’s not my intention either. Those who wish to boycott the game because they want costume progression to be equal for all should certainly do so. Apologies if I made it sound like I think that’s wrong of you.

  • @shadow-man_4 Dude its 15 bucks how is that over priced the game could’ve easily been 40+ dollars. People pay 60 Dollars for CoD games and thats just a giant map pack. and as for the whole DLC stuff. thats just skins and what not. its not gonna change the style of the game its not gonna give any advantages and what not. so stop making a big deal about the DLC. just PLAY THE GAME!

  • I’m looking forward to trying it. The beta NEVER worked for me :(

  • my problem simply is that a company is trying to charge you for data you have already paid for. i dont care if it affects gameplay or not. Capcom does the same thing and charges for content already on the disc. Sony removing features on a system I paid for is not right. I enjoyed the game and the gameplay but a company charging people to unlock ANY content that has already been downloaded and paid for is not right. Your points are regarding the actual game and gameplay. My problem is the business model.

  • I thought this game was being released today…but half the day has past and its still not in the PSstore??
    What’s going on???

  • I for one will buy some stuff early. Why? Because I wanna make sure I look good for you while I kick your ***…lol..

    I got me a fever..and the only prescription is Gotham City Impostors!

  • If they want to take the time to create extra costumes post launch then no problem. Charge what you want. That is DLC. Downloading actual content that is new and not part of the original package. I’m all for that. But 100kb unlock keys for items that already exist in the download is bad business.

  • Give me a PS+ Discount and i buy this mf in no time

  • it’s the 7th…. where is it?

  • At what time will it be up

  • Could you give us voice chat in the main menu, when we are inviting our friends???? It seems kinda dumb to not be able to talk to each other once you have partied up. We need to strategize foohs!!!

  • Oh yeah, yah still in Seattle Monolith???? Represent!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Played the Beta and loved it! I will pick this game up somewhere down the line this year because I have too many games to play at the moment. I’d rather save it for small DLC or something instead of getting another game to add to my list. But yes, consider it bought from me since the Beta was so addicting.

  • honestly haven’t been this excited for a downloadable in a long time. beta had me purely hooked. i only hope people can put down their “blockbuster” shooters and give this truly original, truly FUN game a shot.

    and to the people posting about the day-one DLC… make sure you actually READ articles you come across on the internet. if you did, you’d see the DLC is purely optional and intended for people who want to quickly have access to certain customizations without unlocking them by playing.

  • and for all you fanboys… make sure you READ my post stating that paying for “cheat code unlocks” in a product you own whether optional or not is stupid. If you did you would know that you ARE NOT paying for DLC. You are paying for unlocks. kthxbai!

  • fanboy is fanboy

  • Great concept for a game! Also, the beta was a fun experience with some solid gameplay, so I’m sure the full game will be even better.

    @KidCommando, I agree with you. I’m not sure if I like the method of providing DLC as a predominant means of customization. I will say this, it won’t be as bad if progression through the levels still gives plenty of content exclusive to those levels, so the only variety isn’t of those that paid money to change the look of a character they can’t see while playing. I otherwise enjoyed the customization options found in the beta.

  • moron is moron.

  • Gotham city Imposters is Cool, funny, and i like the first-person shooter. it gives you a feel of cod or bf3 with a little comedy and the perks that come with it. I went to Gamestop and just bought, waiting for the code to work and get on. come on Playstation lets get it poppin.

  • had fun in the beta. buying tonite.

  • I personally also hate content that is on the disc (or in the initial download) but is locked until someone pays money for an unlock key. That type of business model can eat it. Content that is only made available by paying after the game’s release should be developed after the game’s release.

    The reason I’m pretty okay with it in this case is simply the that it can all be unlocked through normal play. If people want to suck the fun out of their own clothing unlock system AND spend money to do so, that’s cool by me. I’ll pay $14.99 to play the game, while some guy paid $19.99 to play the game in a pair of shoes I’ll have next week.

    By nature of the fact that the items can all still be unlocked through gameplay, the only people pressured into spending the money are people with money burning a hole in their pocket. I feel it goes from “you already have this but you can only use it if you pay MORE” to “you already have this and you can pay $5 to have it like one day early… if that’s how you roll, weirdo”. This is all just my opinion though, I’m not saying anyone has to agree.

  • jesus lauricat are youa freaking idiot? the DLC is just for people who want a certain costume that might not want to wait till they have a certain amount of costume coins to unlock it. holy jeez, youre acting like this is a huge deal. if some dude wants to pay $1 to have a fancy costume right away THAT I WILL GET FOR FREE EVENTUALLY JUST BY PLAYING then who freaking cares. my god. can you get anymore over dramatic.

  • I played the beta,wanted to like it because of the concept….but all around hated it. If ya wanna decent multiplayer shooter download the heist.

  • I hope you can add bots. offline mode.

  • where is it? why can’t i find it?

  • Awesome! Gonna be stuck between this game and the J&D Collection for the next month.

  • I can’t find the game in the PSN Store. Is it because the game comes out later today? If so, that kind of sucks but it’s better than never coming out in the PSN Store.

  • No bots, No buy.

  • No bots here..Real people to beat you down. You cant handle that?

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