Festival of Hearts Comes to Free Realms Tomorrow

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Festival of Hearts Comes to Free Realms Tomorrow

Free Realms: Festival of Hearts

Nothing says love more than the Stone Abomination right? No? Oh… well… that’s probably because you have yet to hear the tale behind the Festival of Hearts in Free Realms. Sure, everyone knows that Festival of Hearts celebrates love, but not many know the tale of how the festival originated. This is a tale of love that transcends time, and has been retold from generation to generation all around the land.

Long ago, two young pixies – Rylan and Arianna – met while adventuring in the place we now call Merry Vale. Upon first glance, they were smitten with each other and planted a flower together at the spot where they first met. The two young pixies vowed to see each other every day, meeting near their flower in Merry Vale. Every time they met, Rylan would bring a present to his sweetheart; sometimes flowers or chocolates, other times balloons or hand-printed poems. Their romance was the stuff of legend, until…

Free Realms: Festival of HeartsFree Realms: Festival of Hearts

But I’d better not spoil the fun. I’ll let you guys find out for yourselves starting February 7th! Log into Free Realms and find out what happens to these two lovebirds. And of course, don’t forget to check out the new Valentine’s goodies in the PlayStation Store; there are surprises for everyone.

For those of you who are new to Free Realms, you can jump into the game for free. We are a Free-To-Play MMORPG and you can find us in the PlayStation Store under the PS3 Games category, under the letter F. Get the game and you can play and make new friends online in Free Realms, or you can play with your current PSN friends who have also downloaded the game for free!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone and be sure to share your Festival of Hearts adventures with the team on our Facebook page and Twitter handle @FreeRealms!

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