Army Corps of Hell for PS Vita: A Taste of Multiplayer

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Army Corps of Hell for PS Vita: A Taste of Multiplayer

It’s not too often you see a game from Square Enix employ the use of death metal guitar, screamo vocals, and copious amounts of blood.

Army Corps of Hell brings a new level of action to PS Vita. After being defeated in battle, the King of Hell is burned down to a meager corpse, stripped of his powers, and banished from his throne. He uses the last of his strength to take command of a legion of weak-minded yet bloodthirsty goblins to reclaim his throne.

To annihilate the demons of Hell, you’ll control an army of up to 100 goblin soldiers with unique classes and abilities. In true Square Enix fashion, a new synthesis system lets you combine materials dropped by fallen foes to create new equipment for your troops. Customized equipment can change your goblin soldiers’ looks and upgrade the abilities. We’re making use of the various features of the PlayStation Vita and we’ve implemented ad-hoc multiplayer.

Army Corps of Hell for PS Vita: A Taste of Multiplayer

Check out the latest trailer above, which shows brutal ad-hoc (local multiplayer action with up to four players.)

The rear touchpad can be used to command your Goblins to play instruments—activating special properties. You can use this to revive your hero, rejuvenate your soldiers, and inspire your army to increase their strength! Skillful play is rewarded with substantial benefits and a greater edge against the demon horde.

Using these strategies and some help from friends, you can tackle even greater challenges and pillage the rarest loot in the game.

I’ve really enjoyed the theme of the game, and I’m really getting into the soundtrack. Watching the trailer has me aching for some Refused or Woundeep! I love that Square Enix is expanding our pool of titles with games like Army Corps of Hell. For more information and imagery for Army Corps of Hell, ‘Like’ us on Facebook.

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  • looks interesting! alot like pikmin on gamecube.

  • This actually looks pretty interesting. I like that it has Ad-Hoc play too. ( Since a few of my friends are also getting a Vita )

  • I’m really glad you guys aren’t going backwards and using old trends like online play. Your team and the team making Modnation Racers: Roadtrip are true innovators. WE SAY NAY, TO ONLINE PLAY! WE SAY NAY, TO ONLINE PLAY!

  • And no online because?

  • Dear Sony and third parties,

    I know what your metrics told you from your PSP games, but they are wrong when applied to the Vita. The Vita is being scooped up by early adopters… the hardcore… and we expect certain things in our games. Like, for instance, ONLINE MULTIPLAYER! I mean you’re telling me that I was playing Warcraft over Kali in 1994 but in 2012 this game doesn’t have online play? Modnation doesn’t have online play? Uncharted doesn’t have online play?


    You seem keenly unaware of who your audience is for the vita so i hope this post helps you out :)



  • add-hoc mode?? i wish you said add-hoc mode before i watched the trailer. i thought you guys where talking about online when you said multiplayer

  • wait wait wait modnation racer and uncharted will not have online play?? well what will we use the 3g for? im getting a refund on my vita

  • I got one question that is off topic will the psvita have game sharing with a psp. EX. im playing twisted metal head on on the psp and can we play with a vita using one game umd or play co-op mode with metal gear solid peace walker between a psp and a vita. plase answer this question.

  • so this game its gonna be co-op?! AWESOME! now im sold! buying it. BUUUT…. whats up with no online instead of just ad-hoc??? ad-hoc its kool but online its too… so make it happen! I totally agree with comment #5.

    PS vita its the ultimate handheld for real gaming exp. on the go. and not everyone will have the vita where u are going and even less the chances that ppl will have the vita AND A. C. O. H…. my point… Vita its a console for the hardcore gamer which we want to play online on the go… MAKE IT HAPPEN!

  • @7 – They already said that 3G will not be used for playing games online

    Let’s all remember that they are working hard to make these games available at launch. Maybe they will patch in online play or at least upcoming games will have online play. Would you rather have these games delayed and have nothing to play on your Vita until this Summer? I’m just excited to get the Vita in my hands and start playing with it.

  • RE: Online multiplayer, that’s certainly a fair question:
    While the concept of Online Multiplayer for Army Corps of Hell was considered, the developers felt that the speed of the gameplay and the need to frequently communicate strategies with others in cooperative multiplayer, especially against the more challenging demons would make for a frustrating situation if you couldn’t talk directly with others around you.

    To be frank, in competitive multiplayer, it would be pretty disappointing if you couldn’t see the pissed-off expressions of your friends as you steal their goblins for your own. ;)

    Give the game a try come launch day and let us know if you think the multiplayer works well among you and your own friends.

  • @Robert Peeler

    Please don’t try to patronize us. Nobody is asking to leave out the Ad-Hoc play. If they really need to see the “pissed-off expressions of your friends” then they can CHOOSE to do that. You are limiting people’s options by not implementing online multiplayer, and that is inexcusable for where we are at this point in time.

    Some people do not give a crap about seeing people’s faces and want to have the OPTION to play their games online. Not everyone can get a house filled with friends all with the Vita, and all with the same game. Some people don’t have too many gamer friends in real life, but maintain real friendships online through their gaming.

    This trend has to stop. It’s just plain lazy, and I’m sick of hearing the developers brushing it off like it was a choice they made to improve the game.

    Stop lying to us and come clean. Is there something about the Vita that makes it difficult to implement? Has PSN access been gimped somehow? Please tell us some truths, because I’m starting to get worried that we are about to buy into a trainwreck.

    • I’m not patronizing you, lying to you, or holding things back. I’m not your representative for things Sony, but I also don’t have any information from anyone else regarding Online Vita implementation. If you’re looking for some hidden truth behind development, there aren’t any secrets hidden here.

      Fair is fair. I can’t help if you don’t like a developer decision–and I’m happy to relay yours and others opinions up the chain.

  • make sure u put add-hoc multiplayer on the box of the game so people do not think they can play online with friends and not even waste there money on the game..

    add-hoc mode is pointless to most people so good luck on your sale stats

  • I’m buying it cuz it looks like overlord, patapon, geometry, and Satan all got together to have an ugly, yet beautiful baby. Looks fun to boot.

    I would suggest all the geniuses who know everything it takes to make a game (not) and want to gritch at every dev who comes to da blog without online mp just learn some respect and keep a lid on it. You sound like toddlers who don’t get their way so now it’s fit time. If you don’t like something don’t buy it. If some snot nosed punk called me a liar I’d have none of it. Daz generic, this means you. Go enjoy a warm glass of shut the hell up. This attitude will get you nothing and all of us a bad reputation.

  • Everyone is over thinking this! Come on it’s a gaming device not a super computer! No one is making you buy it! I think if you calm down and wait until you have it your hands your going to like it! But if you don’t, then you have the right to say something!

    • In practice I think people will be happy with the multiplayer for Army Corps of Hell. It’s a fun experience that I hope a lot of you try out.

  • Once again a game i’m really interested in doesn’t get online multiplayer. If it was an indy developer i’d say “okay”, but this is Square Enix and all I have to say is “c’mon guys!”. Game still looks good though (even after the gameinformer review)

  • I don’t think people dislike the fact that there is Ad-Hoc multi-player but more the fact that there isn’t online. To be honest It’s something that should be standard. Believe it or not people have more friends through online relationships then they do in real-life.

    Also the demographic this and other games will be picked up by, are by older people. Most older pepole either don’t have the time to meet up up with friends (various reasons) or they go to college. Just like with Modnation Racers it’s a bummer because it would have been first day purchases for many. Now, not so much.

    Also with the strategy thing. If I’m not mistaken doesn’t the Vita support cross game chat? You could have easily had people use the chat feature to speak commands for a strategy.

    • Good points all, I agree the advantages to Online Multiplayer for all titles exist.

      I guess the difficulty is I can’t immediately speak to the time investment required to implement the feature versus the benefits weighed by development.

  • wow thanks a lot for Replying guys! it means a lot to the community that u reply to us since thats the way we ensure u guys are listening! :) My heart its with u… now start working on the patch for online! :)

    Side note: Now that u told ur going to share this with the devs… can u go a little bit farther up the chain in Square Enix to tell them I haven’t give up Hopes on the FF7 Remake? :)

    • RE: FFVII remake, its one of our most heard comments from NA!

      This is my first PSBlog opportunity, but I’m always available and listening via @SQEX_Members_NA or just the Square Enix Facebook page. Feel free to always give feedback there.

  • Ooooh and robert peeler..

    U said it wouldnt be as fun if one cant see the face of ur friend mad when u steal their goblins… How about then when u patch the game for online, implement the use of the camera of the vita so u can see in a square in a corner of the screen ur opponent face? Awesome! :)

    • Creative ;)

      Not sure how easy that is to implement but “I find your ideas intriguing and would like to subscribe to your newsletter.”

  • there is no excuse for not having online multiplayer

    all of the “missing” things in online multiplayer are easily remedied with things like the camera and game chat, which are built into the freaking system itself. or did you forget that…

    so dont get apprehensive we people think you are patronizing and lying to them, because it definitely seems like you are. and that only hurts sales more when you get pissed off about it, “the dog that cries the loudest got bit the hardest”

    • I can see what you’re saying, but I hope you understand that I sincerely believe the development staff when they felt their decision was the right one to make. People as passionate as they are in making good/fun games aren’t in the business of cutting “necessary” features in the hopes to avoid work.

      Neither am I in the business of avoiding discussion, even when I’m accused of being a liar ;) its not my nature to shy away from the opinions of our players/fans–even if they’re disparaging.

  • im just one opinion, but i dont know anyone else buying a vita, so ad-hoc does doodley squat for me, but maybe ill try the game, only because it looks like brutal pikmin

    • There is a robust single-player, so if ad-hoc truly doesn’t apply to you, I think you’ll still enjoy the game.

      Regardless, I will reiterate yours and others feedback about online multiplayer.

  • This game looks interesting. I can see where the conflict comes in when it comes to infraction, but guys they did give us ad-hoc party so you could play all your multiplayer games online. If you have a PS3 that is.

  • Understandable, but disappointing for those of us who don’t have friends getting a Vita to play this with. But the game looks great other than that.

  • @ robert peeler
    i see that you are someone who doesnt run from confrontation, i respect that.
    perhaps i will give this game a try, seeing as you stick to product you must know what you are doing.

  • what a load of BS. putting online multiplayer on games will keep the game alive long after you get bored from playing the single or campaign mode, for example, i still play star wars battlefront renegade squadron online with other people and the release date was October 9, 2007. five later and people still play it

  • @magicx11

    Well maybe thats the reason they didnt implement online play lol, they dont want you to play 5 years the same game , they want you to play it at release then clear it in a month or two (less if you play hardcore), then wait for its overpriced sequel in 2 years ~_^

    As for the game itself it seems nice, i hope it’ll have something similar in a few year on Sony’s next gen console, cause i aint getting a Vita, had too many disappointment in the VITA FAQ. But it does seems like a fun game. I’m watching you SE ;)

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