Worms Ultimate Mayhem Obliterates PSN February 14th

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Worms Ultimate Mayhem Obliterates PSN February 14th

We are delighted to be able to announce the U.S. release date of Worms Ultimate Mayhem is Tuesday February 14, 2012. We’d also like to introduce the game to you all and answer any questions you may have.

Worms Ultimate Mayhem

Can you introduce the game to us please?

Sure, Worms Ultimate Mayhem is a “best of” compilation of content from both Worms 3D and Worms 4: Mayhem, so it’s got 38 weapons, plenty of customization options (including a selection of new ones) making for 115 individual customization elements in total. There are also 60 single-player missions taken from both sources, making it a massive game. We’ve taken the opportunity to improve on what was there already too. We have made some really nice improvements to the camera and made the game even more approachable; to this end we added a new utility (the Binoculars) to help you aim, and an automatic shot assist mechanic that helps your shots find their targets in easy mode. We have also added some really cool loyalty content too.

Worms Ultimate MayhemWorms Ultimate Mayhem

In terms of visual improvements, we’ve brought the game up to date with a raft of enhancements. New water effects, up-scaled textures and fonts, higher polygon counts, specular materials, real-time lighting and dynamic shadows all get the game looking a little more modern while still retaining its attractive cartoon style visuals. Oh, and I shouldn’t forget the audio improvements too… we’ve a whole bunch of new music in the game, and some of the cut-scenes have been re-edited, voice-acted and lip-synched, which makes a massive difference!

What are the main gameplay features and mechanics in ‘Worms Ultimate Mayhem’?

Despite being 3D, the game is pretty much built around the same principles as all the “Worms” games. There’s the unique 3D deformable landscape and the satisfaction of destroying EVERYTHING. It’s pretty satisfying blowing things up, and that mindless destruction has always been a staple of the brand.

Worms Ultimate Mayhem

There’s the humour and genuinely laugh-out-loud moments, the crazy weapons (such as the Concrete Donkey, an Inflatable Scouser and a Bovine Blitz cow-themed airstrike!), the worms mugging to camera or the silly story sequences. Humour has always been an important ingredient, and it actually translates very well into 3D.

There’s customizing things: from what their worms wear and what they say to tailoring individual game settings. There’s also the ability to create your very own secret weapon, deciding how it’s launched, what effect it has and what it looks like. I think that aspect has always extended the life of the game as it allows players to make it their own.

And lastly, there’s the insane amount of content. We always try and over-deliver with the games we make, and Worms Ultimate Mayhem is no different: 60 single player missions, 8 challenges, 10 deathmatch challenges, 6 FMVs, 5 online and offline multiplayer modes, 1,000,000+ game style choices via Wormpot, 23 speech-banks, 115 customization items, 38 weapons and 5 Easter eggs. With plenty of PSN Trophies, including a Platinum, that’s a lot of game to enjoy!

Worms Ultimate Mayhem will be priced at $14.99, with an additional launch discount for PlayStation Plus subscribers; we look forward to answering any questions you may have in the comments.

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17 Author Replies

  • I have never played any of these games but it looks fun.
    maybe i will look for a demo

    • Hi, thanks, there isn’t a demo or trial for this game, but there are demos available for Worms and Worms 2: Armageddon, which are 2D Worms games.

  • For Vita also?

  • I hope you have improved your servers =/
    It was very frustrating playing Worms 2: Armageddon online.

  • sounds cool
    I’d never played a worms game before trying crazy golf last year and liking it , then when worms 2 went on sale on psn I ended up buying it and all it’s dlc because it’s such a fun game ( never could get any online matches though so hope that’s fixed with the new game )

    exactly what are the loyalty bonuses and are they linked to having other games in the worms series ? would you need the first too or are they different based on which others you downloaded from psn ?
    hopefully you have exclusive psn avatars for worms 2 and/or crazy golf owners that buy the new game too like pixeljunk shooter 2 did when you already have the first – maybe even a dynamic theme he asked with crossed fingers ?
    in game extras are nice but avatars show your loyalty to everyone on psn not just other with the same game right , plus friends ask how to get that cool avatar you have and maybe that means more sales of your games

    btw – I’m available for hire as a publicity spokesman lol

    • Thanks, glad you enjoyed Golf and Worms 2: Armageddon.

      The loyalty content is special content for anyone who owns either Worms, Worms 2: Armageddon or any of the Alien Breed games on PSN (not Golf though sadly). If a user has bought any of these games, this unlocks some nice themed in-game content (customisation options for your worms such as hats, speech banks, glasses, hands and also maps) based on those games. No Avatars sorry, but that is a good idea certainly!

  • I’m very happy with this release! I’ve played a lot of Worms 4 on PS2 and PC, and it’s AWESOME!

    Thank you, Team 17! Worms is awesome. Please: GOOD servers for online playing!!!
    also, Team Weapon needs to be delayed on ranked matchs! think about this!

    See ya! Going to buy on release date! ;)

    • Thanks for the positive comments, hope you enjoy it! I have been informed that the Team Weapon does now feature a delay too!

  • awesome been waiting for a game like this from u guys for a while day one purchase

  • This will be a day 1 purchase for me as long as I can manage to add funds in time. I was hoping this would happen for a long time and you guys really delivered. Thank you! I’m a bit saddened to see no mention of Move support, though, since this game would have been perfectly suited for it in every way you could imagine! Are there any plans?

    • Hi, glad to hear you are looking forward to it, hope you enjoy it.

      There is no Move support for this title though I am afraid.

  • Love it! Almost feels like there’s enough content here that it could’ve been a retail release! Team 17 has always been good about providing a ton of content for your $$$. Thanx for the platinum!!!

    • Hi, there is indeed plenty of content in the game to keep you busy exploding worms for quite a long time – thanks for your kind feedback, hope you enjoy it, and good luck with the Platinum hunting! :-)

  • Hmm, I own both Worms and Worms 2: Armageddon on my PS3, and well, I have never played a Worms game on 3D, so I was wondering if we will get a demo to test out the gameplay before buying the game?


  • I long for the days of totting my Playstation and two 12 packs of cheap brew to my friend’s place and playing worms until 6 in the morning. Those were the days.

  • =-\
    So, WTH is “loyalty content”?

    • As I mentioned above, the loyalty content is special content for anyone who owns either Worms, Worms 2: Armageddon or any of the Alien Breed games on PSN (not Golf though). If a user has bought any of these games, this unlocks some nice themed in-game content (customisation options for your worms such as hats, speech banks, glasses, hands and also maps) based on those games.

  • “…Obliterates PSN…” seems apt, considering the terrible multiplayer server performance/support in the past two games on PSN.

    A *multiplayer* demo would go a long way to convincing me that any of that has changed.

  • Really looking forward to this!! but..

    what’s up with the really bad aliasing artifacts in the screenshots? is the final game going to use an SPU for AA like most other games?

    the screenshots are a weird low resolution — what’s the native rendering resolution of the shipping game?

    the new lighting and water effects are stunning — a little polish goes a long way with these last-gen titles!

    was the audio re-encoded with modern codecs (AAC, Ogg, FLAC) at decent sample samples (16-bit/44khz)? any surround support for those awesomely huge explosions?

    • Thanks, glad to hear you are looking forward to the game, will check with the team on a couple of these technical questions and get back in a bit if that is ok?

      Glad to hear that you think the new lighting and water looks great, the visuals updates/polish have indeed made a difference to it.

    • Just as an update on your questions:

      1) No the game doesn’t use an SPU for AA.

      2) The native resolution for the game is 720p/1080i – in 16:9 or 4:3.

      3) The majority of the audio and sound effects were redone for this release so it does indeed sound great. Dialogue and a narrator were newly recorded for the FMV story sequences which work really well now, especially as the worms now lip synch to what is being said, and some of the music was updated too, especially for the front end.

      Hope this helps? – hope you enjoy the game!

  • There a lot of good questions here in the comments! Mark Baldwin, please, come and reply us!

  • Come on Mark! Please!

  • “…we look forward to answering any questions you may have in the comments.” Team17, I’m disappoint

  • Come on, Mark!

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