MotorStorm RC: Video Run-through of Competitive Online Play

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MotorStorm RC: Video Run-through of Competitive Online Play

MotorStorm RC is a few short weeks away and already the competitive online cross-play at its heart is igniting intense rivalries. Here at Evolution Studios there’s been a lot of competition for the best performances on every track and we’re thrilled that gamers and journalists are experiencing this at special preview events all around the world.

Ahead of getting the opportunity to jump into the competition for yourself, I’m here to give you the low down on just how online competition works with other players – running you through a short video of me competing with Zoe (Evolution Studios QA Manager, who sits on the desk across from me) as I take on her performance in a Hot Lap race.

MotorStorm RC: Video Run-through of Competitive Online Play

It’s so easy to see what your friends and rivals have been up to and, with super-fast load times on both PS3 and PS Vita, jump into a race instantly to beat their fastest times and wipe the smirk off their face.

Competing like this, on your own schedule, is a perfect fit for both MotorStorm RC and the PlayStation Vita, letting you pick up the game and compete against friends when it’s convenient for you. Whether you’re playing on your PS Vita or PS3, for a few minutes or a few hours, out and about or in the comfort of your own home; you can always see what’s been going on and get right into the heat of competition. MotorStorm RC is coming soon, so keep an eye out for more information.

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  • The game looks great!

  • Will there demo? it looks great but this is different twist to the motostorm series.

  • hey Paul are you guys planning to add Head to Head online multiplayer races to Motorstorm RC ? Arctic Edge had them on the psp and the psp didnt have full psn integration ( trying to play with your friends online was a pain in the a.. , i remember i had to call my nephew and younger brother and let them know when to look for an online race , if we got lucky they ended up on my race ) yeap it was that bad , now that the vita have full psn integration you guys are not adding Head to Head racing ? ironic , isnt it ?

    anyways this doesnt look like Motorstorm at all to me , i want a brutal as ever motorstorm game , a proper motorstorm game on the vita , anyways i will support you because i know you guys didnt have the success you wanted with Apocalypse but please think about Motorstorm Worldwide Festival .

  • Uh, I really hope people aren’t stuck with that camera, I *loathe* the skycam in certain arcade racers. PixelJunk Racers didn’t see my money for that very reason.

  • Anyone else notice that he claims to “Beat Zoe’s time” at the end of the video even though he was clearly behind her for EVERY lap?
    I hope that isn’t indicative of their asynchronous play being dysfunctional, and was just him saying that for the sake of showing you features and how notifications work.

  • Wow, this is neat.

  • Would love to support this but it’s just not my type of gameplay.

  • This is why 3G is a good thing to have. One can beat or accomplish something and post it up wherever they are. Plus, keeping up with your friends is always cool. :D

    I think I might pick this game over Wipeout 2048- don’t get me wrong, I like that game too.

  • Looks interesting and buying the PS3 and PS Vita version with one purchase is a perk that all PS Vita/PS3 games should have, but I am not a fan of top down racers… will there be a demo soon?

  • This game looks kinda cool, but I have never played MotorStorm game. I just like to idea of RC cars a lot.

  • I need view options, I race in first person view!!

    Also with sixaxis control. Every Motorstorm has sixaxis control, why the change from greatness??

  • Looks good, but if this doesn’t have online multiplayer it can only be because Sony are trying to push asynchronous multiplayer on the Vita as that is all the 3G connection can cope with. Not a good move in my mind, hopefully this has a decent multiplayer race section *as well as* this time trial mode.

    I think the game looks interesting but I can’t imagine buying it unless a real race mode is present (or its priced accordingly)

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