First MW3 Maps Hit PS3 Call of Duty Elite Premium Members on 2/28

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First MW3 Maps Hit PS3 Call of Duty Elite Premium Members on 2/28

It’s going to be a long year – and that’s a good thing. While Modern Warfare 3 has occupied a lot of time in the drives of a lot of PS3 owners since its November release, there is more content to come over the next several months. And if you’re a premium member of Call of Duty Elite, you’re going to get your first two tastes of that content on February 28th.

PS3 Elite Drop Piazza - Amalfitana

While the content season will contain more than 20 items overall – some multiplayer maps, some game modes, and some Spec Ops missions – the first two pieces of content in the season are a Call of Duty player’s bread and butter: multiplayer maps. The seaside village of Piazza is a perfect battleground for fans of close-quarters combat; the sharp corners, tight corridors, and stone staircases all offer compelling examples of why the word “paranoia” is the same in English and Italian.

PS3 Elite Drop Liberation - Tower of Power

Liberation offers more room to run, but it’s no less deadly. Enjoy the beautiful foliage, romantic footbridges, and brutal explosions as you attack the enemy centrally located park in Manhattan. Snipers will find their perches, but sneaky players will enjoy the underground passage and ample ambush cover options.

The first two maps will arrive for Call of Duty Elite premium members first on February 28th, with more content to come over the nine months that follow. If you’re an Elite premium member, you’ll get a message at the MW3 multiplayer menu as soon as the content is available to download; from there, just select Store from the multiplayer menu and the downloads will be yours at no additional charge. It’s part of the whole Elite premium package. If you want in, the details are here.

It won’t be long now before we see each other in Italy and New York. Ciao, buddy.

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  • Just ordered a pizza from pizza hut :)

  • any news on the new call of duty for vita? its the only COD im interested right now…

  • I heard Starhawk is 10x better than this trash.

  • Slightly frustrated with this release date. I know Xbox has the contract and what-not but I think four weeks is a little bit much for PS3 Premium Elite members to have to wait. Which probably means that Xbox non-Elite players will probably have access the first or second week of March if Activision wants to keep the rollout on track.

    Which just goes to show that they care more about players paying subscription fees to Xbox Live then they do about players paying for their own premium Elite service. Kind of a slap in the face.

    Anyway, I would give anything for a PS3 exclusive contemporary military shooter, so I can say good-bye to COD for good.

    Tango down…and out :(

  • wow guys… need to calm down… its not Amrich’s fault that Activition Fu.c.ked ps3 COD fans.

    Anyways, as Dan has told u b4 we have plenty and even more exclusive quality content on the ps3 than the 360 and its even forever exclusive this is just a month exclusive… so why the hate? Remember Mortal kombat, Street fighter X tekken, Assassins Creed, Dead Space… and so many others…

    pls ppl be nice if u gonna rant dont make Dan feel bad :)

  • May just be the one post that Dan will make with the least amount of “haters”? Except that to be a hater you shouldn’t be buying the game in the first place, but I digress. Will there be any way to try the map packs before you buy them? I thought that the Assassin’s Creed trial of their new DLC was interesting since I got a couple days to try it out before I made my mind on whether or not I should buy.

  • @RydogV (#4)

    BATTLEFIELD 3 is an awesome Teamwork-based shooter, I bought (or more precisely, my brother) Modern Warfare 3 back in December, and we played it for 1 month until we both got bored of it. Nothing new is being added, it has the same layout and gaming style and play as the previous Modern Warfare, which makes it’s longetitivity drop down the hill.

    As for BATTLEFIELD 3, I bought it a few eeks ago thinking I might not like it, but in fact, it turned out to be simply INDESCRIBABLY AWESOME! Man, this game is so diverse, you have so many things to do, awesome Campaign, vehicles ranging from helicopters (yep, you actually drive AND upgrade them) to buggies. The more you get kills with each and every type of vehicle, the better it will be as you unlock things like extra zoom, Thermal Vision, etc. The game is so awesome, has alot of great stuff.

    Oh, and in addition to that, EA and Dice has an exclusive deal with Sony. For PlayStation 3 owners, we get any piece of Downloadable Content for BATTLEFIELD 3 one week ahead of all other consoles! So, here you go: A great game, a fun community, and a caring developer. :)

    BATTLEFIELD 3 for the win.

  • Just to let everyone know, i already have the 2 maps on the Xbox (PS3 is still better) and if you dont have elite premium do not buy liberation, because there are at least 4-5 hard-scopers every game in ANY game mode, the only map somewhat work it is piazza, i think you can buy each map seperatly like the Xbox.

  • i hate all the cods

  • While it’s not Dan’s fault directly, Call of duty is pretty crappy.

  • Its called Crap On Disc for a reason….

  • According to the Elite Content Calendar the 360 will get a 3rd map before the PS3 gets its first two and by then the 360 will be getting 3 more right after that.

  • Buy the latest CoD game.
    Buy map packs.
    Next year, rinse and repeat.
    Nope, I’m done with that.

  • So are these maps directly ported from the last game, or are they texture re-skins from a current map? It’s sad how little effort Activision and the remnants of their development teams put into their games, creativity-wise. You can fool so many people year after year, but I got it in 2008, and Bobby Kotick hasn’t seen a penny from me since then.

  • I regret buying Elite. I will not be buying next year. And I will no longer buy an DLC for call of duty.

  • False advertisement FTW! (sarcasm)

  • awesome but is it on ELITE only ???

  • Good thing I got the hardened edition.

  • I love how PS3 users have to pay for ELITE and still have to wait 1 month before getting the maps. This is unfair and you COD players should stop supporting the franchise. DON’T BUY ANY MORE COD AND DON’T BUY ELITE OR THE MAPS FOR ANY GAME.

  • Black Ops 2 will be out by the time we get an actual map pack.. this is ELITE poop

  • wait a minute, people who bought Elite Premium on the PS3 will get their maps AFTER the non-elite members get them on the Xbox? lol wow, why would any PS3 user bother with this?

  • do non elite members get the maps to?

  • Yea this is complete crap 50 bucks for the elite just like the people who use xbox and we have an extra month wait i think sony needs take a stand and tell activision no you need to take care everyone not just some COMEON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dan, I give you a lot of credit for continually showing your face around the playstation blog. Too bad you’re not working for EA/Dice cause you would get a lot less hate, and they would benefit from having you on their staff. Anyway, I don’t normally post here but I really had to voice my opinion about how much of a waste of money Elite was. If I had the option I would have returned it the first week I bought it. With Elite I spent $50 dollars to wait 4 months to get 2 new maps, while with that other, BETTER, Shooter, I got 4 new vehicles, 4 new maps, and 10 new weapons. For FREE. LAST MONTH. And there is no sign of new weapons, skins, gadgets, coming in the Elite lineup. So, I am done with COD, wish it wasn’t MW3 that broke the camel’s back but this franchise has nothing new to offer and has no problem being 2nd (or 3rd) place when it comes to graphics, sound, teamwork, game play variety, innovation, etc.

  • Even with CoD Elite, you still have to wait for the maps. Lawl.

  • COD ELITE is a rip off… I wont be buying another crap of COD. Grand Theft Auto 5 FTW!

  • i got cod elite so do you buy this in psn store or what do we do

  • I won’t likely touch another Call of Duty after Black Ops. Some of the most craptacular, poorly balanced multiplayer out there.

    Kill streaks cater less to tactics and more to a certain breed of goon that thinks he’s a beast if he works a favorite hiding spot until he can call in some automatic killing mechanic to boost his score into pwnage territory.

    Black Ops map packs at $14.99 are a freakin’ insult, too. They’ve never gone on sale, either, but that’s probably for the best, since they’re just selling more broken multiplayer in pretty, albeit poorly designed maps. The game industry would seriously be better off without Call of Duty; it’s lowest common denominator popularity is coercing other games into taking some pages from its book with uniformly disastrous results.

    No idea why MW3 couldn’t keep up with those customization improvements, but it is a more solid game. Just not solid enough for my tastes, not at those prices.

  • Dan I really do feel for you as you are going to take the heat for the mess, but on a serious note, since I did not get Elite through PSN, who do I contact for a refund for it… There were misleading disclosures and I really do not want to mess with the class action lawsuit that is floating around out there, I would just rather get my $50 back and call it done.

  • I’ve been enjoying MW3 but since I payed for Elite, like alot of other PS3 gamers, we should get the maps the same time the 360 does. If you’re not an Elite subscriber I could understand the 30 day period.

  • When MW3 gonna be released on Store ? someone tell me?

  • Activision is so pathetic, still delaying the map packs even when people paid extra. Glad I’m not a CoD player.

  • I wont be buying it and do I really need to put why?

  • well im telling you right now this is where mw3 starts to fail even more, you spent 60 on a game thats really a crappy dlc for mw2 whichalso was crappy, now you have to pay the same price as blackops where you would get 4 maps and a zombie map, but you only get a couple crappy maps which i have heard to be unplayable because of camping snipers in every match type.

    way to go activision your patheticjust stop making video games, every game you have made just crashes and burns and not even a year later we will all be like callof duty? oh ya i forgot about that retarded game XD

  • I have a question I had drop zone for online and now it is infected how do I get it back?

  • Dan, I’m not a Call Of Duty fan really, but on any kind of DLC post the hysterical hate brigade turn out in droves. Just wanted you to say that you’re a top bloke who goes above and beyond with his job. :)

  • wow… The Sales manager at the Game Stop told me when I buy Elite Package with the MW3 I will get the Maps for free, and the Maps will be release at the same time Xbox 360 players…. I knew it was too good to be true, and I was right. Wasted the money, and the lag on the game makes it hard to play most of the time (100mg down load on cable and wire connection)…… enough complaining… just have to wait for it to come out on PS3

  • cant wait 4 the maps

  • pics already look amazing

  • i must agree with my friends here (can i call you friends guys:))
    this is not cool to have to wait this long after the release for new maps and only two for that affect.
    i didn’t get the elite premium as i guessed that i might not like all the content and prefer to receive feedback from other users before buying any DLC.
    I agree the game has not advanced really throughout the releases but neither did i expect it to.
    this game is and always will be a shooter with camping options and will always allow 8 year old crappy players to get high results and i really don’t think that will change. as any way the values in this world have deteriorated so much you don’t have to excel anymore to be successful you just need to be generic. so scores of kids will always buy this game and slowly they will replace us “Old” gamers anyway. there are more “Quality” shooting games out there, but this franchise still has its appeal. you can be hungry and wish for a stake but at the end of the day sometimes its fun to grab a mac. this is the mac of shooters. fun at times but boring and “not healthy” in the long run.

  • i needd clan invite me my k/d itsz 1.75

  • how much are these new maps going to cost to download

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