The Tester 3: Premiere Episode Sneak Peek

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The Tester 3: Premiere Episode Sneak Peek

With only one week until the season 3 premiere of The Tester on February 7, it’s time to give you a sneak peek at what you’ll be seeing in the first episode of the season, and a taste of what’s to come in future episodes. We have a lot in store this season, and we don’t want to ruin any surprises, but today’s preview should give you a good idea of what challenges this season’s group of contestants will be tackling as they vie for a chance to work as a Production Associate at Santa Monica Studio.

The Tester 3: Premiere Episode Sneak Peek

With hissing cockroaches, brutal obstacle courses, and much more standing in their way of the grand prize, our contestants this season will have their work cut out for them.

As always, you can get acquainted with this season’s cast, panelists, and special guests on our site here. Keep an eye out next Monday, February 6 for the full premiere announcement, and be sure to tune on Tuesday, February 7 for the season 3 premiere of The Tester on PlayStation Network!

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  • Things to add to resume:

    Ability to dress like a clown: Check
    Ability to drive a truck through mud: Check
    Not freak out while having roaches crawl on my head: Check
    Ability to play with swords: Check

    My resume is looking good now! Don’t mind the things that actually qualify me for the job.

    • Remember, the challenges are not ‘literal’ job skill tests. They symbolize the skills in a visual way and entertaining way. That’s kind of the fun of the show. I hope you’ll watch the season premiere on 2/7 to see what I mean.

  • @1

    you forgot being able to work with a team
    make quick decisions(swords)
    and be able to take stress(bugs)

    and what company doesnt want you to dress like a clown….oh…all of them? ok……well you can still drive a truck :D

  • This is gonna be good, can’t wait to watch the show :)

  • not the most exciting of previews, but I look foward to next week!

    I want to see who doesn’t have that filter ;)

  • @G__ROW, seriously stop complaining. If you don’t like the show I don’t get why you bother logging in and commenting all upset

    TYPICAL DAY IN G__ROW’s life:

    Keep on refreshing page, oh look! Tester Update! Hmm, lets see the video. Ok bugs, clowns, let me log in and get upset.

    Then of course next comes you going to your friends and telling them what you did.

    “Hey guys, hehehe, I made a comment putting down the reality show The Tester”

  • @5 now now.. we have to keep the conversation goin in a relevant, constructive way.. Lets keep it fun for everyone. :D 3 seasons! WOW! Keep up the work! Is there a Tester space out in PlayStation Home? If not.. It would be a good idea to get a homespace up for something like this!

    • No space, but you’ll be able to watch the season 3 in Theatre 2. Free virtual ‘Game Over” T-shirts also this season when you watch in PlayStation Home.

  • Why does one of them sound just like Mo Chocolate? lol

  • Looking forward to yet another amazing season with previews from the “Sneak Peak” showing what looks to be more laughs and entertainment but also more intense Q&A with the judges. Getting a lot tougher and can’t wait for the last and final challenge to see who can handle every element of what the video game world has in-store.

    Thanks again Sony for the awesome show but wondering if a branch of the show to Canada could be possible in the future?

  • Been waiting for this since the end of Season 2. It had been so long, I feared it wouldn’t be back. This is the only reality competition I actually enjoy watching (hm, I wonder why…).
    But, my only question is, how often do new episodes come out? Is it gonna be every week, or once a month? I am pretty sure Season 2 was weekly, but can’t remember, and this being a PSN-exclusive, I wasn’t sure what the schedule would be.

  • It’s pretty funny but sad at the same time that these naive individuals are competing for a lackluster job of quality assurance aka game tester. And if you think it’s a good way to get your foot in the door without a CS degree, then you’re fooling yourself.

    Read about the realities of being a game tester:

  • I’ll see you in season 4 ;)

  • I hope they provide CC (Closed Captioning) or English Subtitles for the Deaf/hearing impaired..

  • @JLP_M, as someone who works in the industry, I think giving away a production level role is a complete joke when there are a lot of qualified people who are in need of a job. I’m all for giving people a shot at breaking into this industry, but not when they may not be qualified for the role.

    @Kevin Furuichi, I’ll be watching, just don’t like the prize :)

  • @G__ROW, understand your point but realize this is not a “job” in the sense that the winner will become an employee at Santa Monica. The winner is under a contract for a specific time frame to participate in the role/job given to them, but after that’s up they would then have to go through the normal hiring processing any person would have to for a production job and actually qualify as you were alluding to. As someone who tried out for this season it was cleary stated in the rules that this isn’t a guaranteed job for Santa Monica, and it’s been explained by Gaymer (season 2 winnner) how the tester position with Sony was for a specific contracted time.
    It’s an awesome opprotunity and great experience nonetheless I’m sure.

    Can’t wait for Feb 7th, let the games begin!!!

    Oh @DarqueDragon I’m pretty sure it’s going to be weekly and there will be about 8 or 9 episodes.

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