Oscar’s Lobster Mania Comes to PlayStation Home + Weekly Update

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Oscar’s Lobster Mania Comes to PlayStation Home + Weekly Update

Ladies and gentlemen, step right up and marvel at the wondrous, bizarre game of crustacean-based skill known as Oscar’s Lobster Mania! This exclusive PlayStation Home personal space/game releases this Wednesday, February 1st and will be available in both the VEEMEE and Estates stores in the PlayStation Home Mall. Judge the distance, set the power, take aim and fire away! The more lobsters you can get into Oscar’s mouth, the higher your score and the further you’ll progress through the levels. Added bonus: Owner’s of Lobster’s Oscar Mania unlock rewards at every level (12 levels total), so be sure to pick yours up when it releases this Wednesday.

Oscar’s Lobster Mania Comes to PlayStation Home + Weekly Update

To celebrate the recent launch of Novus Prime: Vindication in PlayStation Home, our friends at Hellfire Games are offering zero-gravity Spacewalking for free inside the Novus Prime space station. Simply warp to Novus Prime from the Action District starting today, activate Spacewalk at the center of the station, and float around weightlessly indoors (and outside in space) for free until February 5th. While you are there, be sure to check out all the fresh content and free rewards in the newly released Novus Prime: Vindication expansion!

PlayStation Home: Novus Prime Jetpack

Beginning this week, every Wednesday is Anime Day in PlayStation Home, with new videos appearing in the US thanks to Animax, the world’s largest anime channel, and Crackle (service for Canadian players is coming soon). Now in PlayStation Home, you’ll be ever to view some of the most beloved Anime franchises, sought-after series and titles – many never before available in North America, including:

  • Kurozuka
  • Initial D
  • Fate/Zero
  • Ikki Tousen
  • Aquarion
  • Murder Princess
  • Kaena: The Prophecy
  • Vexille
  • Blood: The Last Vampire
  • Ah My Goodness

Watch these videos (and more) for free in the LOOT EOD Theater (available in Theater # 3). Of course, you can also view these videos on the EOD (Entertainment On Demand) systems in the LOOT Space Apartment, LOOT Sunset Yacht and the Hollywood Hills House (available in the LOOT store in the PlayStation Home Mall).

Oscar’s Lobster Mania Comes to PlayStation Home + Weekly Update

RC Rally is getting updated this Wednesday, February 1st with new body styles for your racer, new objectives, quests, and companion rewards! Build and customize your own remote controlled car and race against friends over multiple courses, performing stunts and tricks and unlocking numerous upgrades along the way in this fast-paced PlayStation Home original game!

PlayStation Home: RC Rally

The PlayStation Home Mall is getting updated this week with new Marvel t-shirts (Spiderman, Wolverine, Punisher, and more), new companions (kangaroo, panda, and penguin), new hairstyles, clothes and accessories for the ladies, and new additions to Lockwood’s Figment line of female clothing items.

Oscar’s Lobster Mania Comes to PlayStation Home + Weekly Update

The PlayStation Home Community Theater will be updated on Wednesday with a new episode of Urgent Fury (which looks at the upcoming Starhawk and comes complete with new UF rewards) and the latest from HomeCast Rewind, which looks at the latest Novus Prime: Vindication update, the latest Disgaea 4 space, Bronies, and the Home Community Volunteer program. Head to the PlayStation Home Community Theater this week to watch the latest videos by the PlayStation Community, for the PlayStation Community!

PlayStation Home: Community Theater - Urgent Fury

Lockwood is getting into the romantic mood this February, with a Valentine’s Update coming next Wednesday, February 8th. The Lockwood Showcase will get a spring facelift with 6 new hidden rewards and 5 new Valentines themed gifts appearing in the Gift Machine (along with some old community favorites). Stay tuned for more details…

PlayStation Home: Lockwood Valentines Update

See you in Home!

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  • I hope the lobster game actually works…did anyone test it out 1st?

    • Yes, of course. OLM, as all content in Home, has been through a full QA cycle. Of course, as with all games, some bugs go undetected until the game is in the hands of millions of players but I assure you that the developers will continue to address any bugs that may arise post-launch.

  • Oscar’s Lobster Mania?! Another free game that you could have played in PS HomeEU that you now have to pay for here. Come on guys.

    I’ll save my money again this week.

  • Very nice to see Lobster Mania being release here, but I’m not going to buy it until Go Fish is fixed :/

    Also glad to see RC Rally being updated, it’s been quite a while and that game is very fun.

    Other then those 2 things, sad to say this is a really horrible update…

    • Hi there,

      We have a fix for Go Fish! that is currently in QA. We will have this patch out soon.

      Thanks for your patience.

  • wanted to say the Yeti game is cool and thanks for bringing back the old style central plaza hope it stays.

  • So if RC Rally is getting updated this Wednesday, people will have a day or two to finish up that winter quest, right?

    • Good news: We are extending the quest by one week (new end date will be 02.08) so that everyone gets a chance to finish it.

  • @ Tarazuma. Seems like a normal Home update to me. New spaces, new clothes, new videos, an update. What is so ‘horrible about’ it

  • The clothes are horrible lol. T shirts? No thanks. The pets are also bad, and no new interesting furniture. Only good thing is Lobster Mania (assuming it works) and RC Rally.

  • An example of great updates would be Dec 21-Jan 10. They were on a roll for a while, but the content quality is now declining. Granzella was delayed last week and still seems to be delayed this week. No excuse for it at all, its already translated in English on Asia Home, they could easily port over the updated South Island Retreat along with the clothing and furniture.

  • OOO that UF Swag looks SEXY!!!! Can’t wait to get my new UF Shirt!

  • Marvel t-shirts huh? Sounds cool to me. I hope Venom or Carnage shirts show up at some point.

    • They are pretty rad, indeed! We’ll let Marvel know that you guys are requesting Carnage and Venom shirts as well…

  • Also, is the Lobster Mania space going to be the same cost as the Go Fish! space at $6.99?

  • Seriously? This was the worst update ever, i mean whose gonna pay to play some lobster game? Definitely not me, but i gotta admit i’m liking those shirts

  • @Tarazuma You’re so right RC Rally is the only good part with this update.

  • OMG the lobster game is the worst game ever put into Home. I thought when they removed that garbage from EU. They were putting it to sleep forever.

    Now you know why your go fish game isn’t working. Their using the same space for this horrible oscar game.

    Nice to see Marvel finally come to Home. I hope in the future it’s more than T-shirts.

  • Are we getting swindled again with our North American accounts? I am not really surprised by this. North American Home user usually getting the shaft on free or cheaper EU items or games. . Pawning us off with cheap shirts instead of Marvel costumes, I don’t find it funny. More useless, ugly t-shirts on boring theater programming? Fantastic. I don’t need to buy a PSN card this week.

  • Forgoted about that comment to put!
    happy birthday GlassWalls!

  • And last: before you gonna hate hate heres how Urgent Fury gonna say on Twitter

    @AL2009man You don’t like our shirts, we chose that reward.
    Jan 30, 5:03 PM via web

    In reply to…

    AL2009man is a Spy!
    @UrgentFury to bad that they got a bad Tee for a reward
    Jan 30, 5:02 PM via web

  • this really is a slow week for home i guess. a free games that will cost 6.99 and the personal space looks the same as the fish one also the rewards are not worth it. and i knew people would get all excited for marvel coming thinking it would be costumes with custom animations, i knew it would just be a lame shirt or something. the only good thing is the rc update and possibly the yeti vs hunters update.

  • I enjoy home, I like the spaces and most of the updates each week, I spend on every update but these past 2 updates have been disappointing to me, raising the prices on person spaces and owner only rewards , I want to be able to buy a space with a game that I can invite friends over to so they can enjoy the game and get the rewards, it is how it used to be, but now its like greed has taken over in my opinion, I will not be spending again this week.

  • Is this why me and friends are getting the “You don’t have permission to enter this space” message for RC Rally? 2 Days before the update? :(

  • Marvel COSTUMES….not more t-shirts! Also, using the same exact personal space for a different game is…well, in a word, lame. Definitely looking forward to R/C Rally update though!

  • Its nice to see some new content on Crackle, do you know if there will be any new movie releases with the Amine?
    And I’m sure I read somewhere there would be some more rewards from Crackle, is there any plans for this?

  • There is a typo in the anime list.

    “Ah! my Goddess!” isprobably what you mean. It’s a very well known anime. It follows the “I Dream of Jeannie” formula. But with a college boy, and a young Norse Goddess.

    If possible, could you be specific which “Ah! My Goddess!” will be showing? There are several tv seasons, and several made for video releases, and more.

  • How much is the lobster suit?

  • F1REFLY_SEREN1TY is right. That must be a typo.

    Also, it’s great to see more love for anime on the US side of home! I’d really like to see more anime and manga related items too. It’d also be awesome if the items were from more recent shows than shows from years ago.

  • I like the Marvel shirts. Hopefully we’ll be seeing more in the near future.

  • Cool story bro.

  • Home Mods can u tell us WHEN will the CAPCOM ABEL GI TOP be fixed? As u know it’s been Broken since Home 1.40 The Item CODE is Broken so it Won’t Work? SFIV SIN Space Store Item!

    We Need that CODE fixed ASAP it’s been over 14 Month’s and yet has not been Fixed. How hard is it to fix a Broken CODE so that the item will WORK again?

    PLEASE 14 Month’s has been long enough… We like our ABEL GI TOPS back please….

  • Initial D as part of Anime Day. Very Nice!

  • How soon Crackle at PShome comes to Canada??? I’ll be looking forward to checkout some animes from Animax ( I also hope Animax channel comes to Canada as well. ).

  • i think home devs are trying to make us buy more REAL video games…:\

    oh and Veemee, this was the final nail in the coffin for me, you’ll never see another USD from me, greedy limeys!!

  • why the h*** is the fishing game in Water Terrence personal space still not fixed?!

    note to self, NEVER BUY A PERSONAL SPACE CONTAINING A GAME!! glad i didn’t buy the Go Fish space.

    oy vey! since i’m an anime nut, that’s the only thing i’ll be excited about. the panda bear companion is cute though!

    oh well, will be hooking up with my Xbox 360 then.

  • The Lobster game looks fun, but I can’t get behind these game Personal Spaces anymore. They’re too cash-grabby and non-inclusive. Nevermind that the more personal spaces you put out there, the less special they all become. You guys should even really think about retiring them from stores more regularly, really. It’s a design issue I don’t see well addressed in PlayStation Home, which is an inherently non-scarcity medium.

    This sort of thing is content that should be public, with people milling about chatting and watching while others play. Sell tickets. Midway’s carnival thing had it right. (Well, except that the difficulty on some of those games really ramps up sharply, hahaha!)

  • (PS: I’m never going into that Crackle theatre ever again because I don’t like the liberties PS Home allows it to take with how I have equipped my avatar. I’m not down with that advertising-laden hoodie and the popcorn one little bit. I can dress myself just fine.)

  • ick I was expecting Marvel Costumes.. the shirts are ok but we want costumes MARVEL!!!


  • Awesome cant wait until wednesday for the update to come out,Thanks for the update info.

  • PlayStation home is trash its one of the biggest waste of money in gaming history.

  • T shirts and more T shirts , why ? for the love of Sony, cant anyone make something other than T shirts as rewards .
    I guess i wont be buying anything this week.
    i have 1 question , why is it that everytime i download every single space i visit , including my personal spaces and i turn my ps3 off, come back 10 minutes later , and it ask me to download everything again , every single time ?

  • Bring it!

  • Happy Birthday GW , hope you eat lots of cake… : )
    Please tell Marvel that we love their Tshirts , but it would be great if we get the full body costumes, that is what most of us were expecting.
    I have talked to a lot of people and they LOVE the Jeti vs Hunter public place, it reminds us of our beloved Central Plaza.
    Cant wait for Valentines items, i will be sending lots of Love to my special ones …Muuuah

  • i don’t get why everyone has to harp on these guys … they do what they can to fix glitches as they pop up … when you releasing something to this many people you are bound to run into a few glitches … it happens … i know alot of people play they Beloved “Call of Duty” think of how many glitches are on games like that … just give them some time before you jump on them … i personally think everyone on the Playstation Home staff is doing a great job … keep up the good work guys :)

  • I totally forgot, Locust do you know if LOOT will come out with Furniture for the LOOT Space Apartment ?
    i havent put any furniture hoping they will .
    would be great and they had a latin music station among the ones we have now .
    thanx a Bunch

  • I just love how they only reply to the first couple of comments like the rest of ours don’t matter!

  • @agnugget ~ What do you want them to do? Stay on here all day replying to your comments or work on the game? Geeze, get a grip man. Your comment isn’t even useful. Good update guys. Glad to see Marvel coming to home. A Marvel public and/or personal space would be EPIC!!

  • How dare you try to justify placeing a free EU game ina persanol space . This game was offered to the public in EU same ol spit and shine you put it in a persnaol space and call it awsome. Shame on al of you. Yeah its interactive its new but, thats not the point. it should be broght to home in the same fair manner it was offered in EU. not some shameful excuse for getting money for something that should be free. ( what Na is a cash cow now )

  • Home keeps falling and falling…smh

    When does PR can see movies on the LOOT EOD?

    Agree whit other users, free games from EU are being bring here has pay to play… FAIL! Never Buying

    And still in protest against Loot and Sony I’m not buying anything made by both. So keep up the bad stuff.

  • Ok… no one asked…
    “Are we getting the granzella clothing and ‘extra’s’ that were hinted would be in this weeks update?

  • nice Marvel shirts now u need to hit DC up so we can spend some money on some superman bat man or Bizarro shirts or outfit i would pay 9.99 if it came with move ments or saying ya know. DCU DCU DCU heck ill pay for the fortress of solitude hook it up haha that would be sice hahaha

  • sick*

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