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Finally – games are coming out again! This Tuesday brings us some high-profile new releases, including Final Fantasy XIII-2 (find a couple of reviews below). You’ll be able to find the week’s entire release list (retail and digital) right here later on today.

Don’t forget: if you’re in the Bay Area, please join us on Thursday for David Jaffe’s Twisted Metal tournament at Mezzanine.

The PS.Blog weekly reading list (Week of January 23, 2012)

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  • I can’t wait to get the PS Vita, I’m getting the following:
    -Vita wifi version
    -32 GB memory card
    -Pull N Go Folio carrying case
    -1 game either Modnation Racers or Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus, which one do u think i should go with?

    • I haven’t played NGS+ on Vita yet, so I can’t make an accurate pick for you. And they’re so different…

  • After the Vita launches, will we still see PSone Classics added to the PSN?
    Also I heard that PSone Classics WON’T launch with the US Vita similar to the Japanese launch, i heard it was confirmed via a tweet from one of Sony’s higher employees (I can’t remember his name), do u KNOW when it will be available for VIta, the PSone Classics?

  • Will we still see PS1 classics added to the PSN after the Vita launches?

  • I heard via one of Sony’s higher up’s tweets that PS1 classics will NOT launch with the US Vita, when will they be added?

  • I clicked that Joystiq link thinking “Man, this is going to be some game other than Suikoden II and they’re going to be so wrong.”

    But then it turned out to be Suikoden II.

    You guys really need to work out a deal with whoever has a bug up their butt at Konami and get that game out on PSN.

  • Hey Jeff, who do you got in the Super Bowl?

    • I really don’t like either of them. Brady and Gronk did well for me in fantasy football this year, so maybe I dislike them slightly less?

  • Jeff can you talk to San Diego Studio and let them know that the community want Head to Head online multiplayer races? same goes to Evo and Motorstorm RC , heck they should add cross platform play too .

    how about promotions like get ModNation Racers Road Trip and have access to Little Big Planet online multiplayer demo ? get Unit 13 and have access to Resistance Burning Skies online multiplayer beta/ demo ? i mean it would probably mean more people connected to psn and more sales to the games and perhaps a better online experience on RBS too .

    how about pre ordering vita games from psn ? i mean it would have been kool to have access to pre orders on psn vita games already so that way i dont have shell out $500 on launch day lol

    • There are well over a hundred comments on the recent MNR Road Trip post, and the team was reading and replying to them about that.

      Betas/demos tied in with release games are a lot more complicated than you think. The team making the full game has to stop and polish the beta/demo, and tying it in with a full release game adds an extra level of complexity. It looks easy from the outside, but I can assure you that it isn’t. Doesn’t mean these things can’t happen, but that’s why you don’t see it too often.

  • i knew i was gonna get an answer from you thats why i asked in the first place , yea i gave Erich very good reasons why they were doing a mistake in not adding H2H online races on ModNation.

    i understand on the betas/ online demos and all that but some of the best multiplayer games on the ps3 have had betas , i seriously think in order to have a better online experience there should be betas , not for all games but for some that seriously need them to become a success .

    just look at Warhawk and Starhawk , Warhawk still remains my best online experience on the ps3 and Starhawk is looking superb too , other games launch with lots of online gltches , bad servers and the like because there were not tested , i understand your answer i just think sony should think about betas for Resistance , Killzone and talk to activision for Call of Duty , i mean you would probably get more people connected to psn and more sales to those games too .

  • they were not tested by the public i mean , because i know they all get private testing of course

  • Hey, Jeff, do you know anything about Absolute Supercars coming to the US for PSN? I’m only asking B/C Eutechnyx announced it back in November, and I’m wondering if it’s still on track to be released in North America.


  • Ugh

    i really want a Ratchet And Clank HD Collection

    come on sony find a team already

    oh and if you decide to make one For europe make the box art blue like sly & jak

    the 3 best Platforming game
    but PLEASE PLEASE Ratchet and clank collection

    oh if you can i suggest 3 games in 1

    then playstation store remaster Jak x and ratchet gladiator and put them as a bundle *very good idea*

  • I dont understand Sony how you guys let 3rd party publishers charge $39.99 for games you know and worth that price for the vita. on top of that you guys charge $10 extra on certain vita games like uncharted. seriously i know you guys can talk to 3rd party publishers. you guys want the vita to succeed but yet you guys and 3rd party publishers are charging more for games that don’t even deserve it and you know it. im getting a vita at launch but you guys need to reconsider how you price your games of course you’ll probably come up with some B.S excuse why there priced that way.

  • Will you & Rey get any video coverage from the Twisted Metal event? That be nice, you know, for us in the East coast :)

  • Shame Insomniac didn’t stay PS3 Exclusive :-(
    I hope they still do more(i LOVE them ALL) :D Ratchet & Clank games for the PS3 only, anyway :P

  • Really hyped for the PS Vita after going hands-on… Modnation Racers looked stunning and Little Deviant was actually pretty fun and addicting. My only complain was that rear-touch was a bit intuitive at times since it was hard to tell where you were at times, but I suppose that is something that you need to get used to.

    Surprised that the Wired review went up despite its title!

    P.S When is the marketing blitz starting… people need to know about the PS Vita. All complains go away after you have one on your hands with a memory stick and games.

  • Why is IGN saying that the Resistance franchise is dead, when Resistance: Burning Skies is coming out and Insomniac and Sony only said that Insomniac is just not working on it anymore.

  • Any chance of a resident evil game for the ps vita cause resident evil fans would sure to get it

  • @11 Actually there’s a lot of $40 vita titles coming down to $30, last time I checked at Gamestop. Gravity Rush, Reality Fighters, etc.

  • It would be nice to have an playstation vita version of High Velocity Bowling, is there any chance thats being worked on? I have the wifi ps vita pre-order along with Uncharted: Golden Abyss and Gravity Rush.
    I’ll also get Hot Shots Golf and an 32GB memory stick and maybe catch up on the persona games.

  • @11 I would actually say that if there is a game worth $49 then it would be Uncharted, but the rest of the games are $39 or $29 and I am assuming that games like Soundshapes and Escape Plan will be cheaper since they are PSN only titles. If you don’t think they are worth the money then you can always wait for a sale/discount!

  • I think it should be at Target instead of Best Buy. Best Buy is overrated among other things. I think Target is a better place overall. Better market there for all types of gamers I believe.

  • I am planning to buy ps vita wifi/3G edition, 32GB memory stick and uncharted :golden abyss as soon it comes out. However, I am wondering when will be a UMD Passport program for ps vita and psp system in order to upload UMD disc games before downloading digital ones onto ps vita system?

  • i still cant remember the game that was teased here back in november was an stratergy role playing game similar to a japanese one but made by a western dev which music composer is/was an hispanic or brazilian dude…do you know which game is it, jeff?

  • oh man what a little search can do for you…the game is called rainbowmoon…funny i thought it was a western srpg…anyways, any word on this game, jeff? btw, sry for the double post

  • Shame Insom’s done with Resistance, but I look forward to seeing what Sony does with the franchise.

  • Glad to hear the Voice Chat in BF3 is going to be fixed. It is just kind of sad it has taken over 3 months to do it.

    Wish there was some word on private servers…boggles the mind that a shooter of this calibur would go without them. Especially when all the mainstream FPS’s (COD, Killzone, Resistance) all offer them. How can a highly touted team-based game ignore that aspect of their IP. Shame on you DICE.

  • I am planning to get the First Editon Bundle, as the case on it seems far superior to any others and Little Deviants was on my want list anyhow. Also want to get Uncharted, any word on PSN price for it yet? Trying to decide between retail copy and download.

  • great

  • Hey Jeff! Can I ask you something?Is Vita going to get Playstaion Home????

  • Amazing

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