Ubisoft PS Vita Week: Relive Pop History in Michael Jackson The Experience

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Ubisoft PS Vita Week: Relive Pop History in Michael Jackson The Experience

Ubisoft PS Vita Week: Relive Pop History in Michael Jackson The Experience

I started at Ubisoft around the time that we launched the first iterations of Michael Jackson The Experience. Being a longtime fan of the King of Pop, I always hoped that I could experience the game on the road. With Michael Jackson The Experience coming to PS Vita on February 14th, my wish has been granted!

Michael Jackson The Experience for PS VitaMichael Jackson The Experience for PS Vita

In Michael Jackson The Experience, you’ll experience the King of Pop’s chart-topping tracks as you draw shapes and tap on both of PS Vita’s multi touch pads to the beat and choreography of the Michael Jackson avatar. You’ll play through 15 HD scenes inspired by Michael Jackson’s iconic music videos and short films, including “Smooth Criminal”, “Thriller”, “Remember the Time” and many more, all with high-definition quality graphics. Master each of those performances and unlock collectibles and rewards, including alternative outfits and special effects. Michael Jackson The Experience will also have song-based leaderboards and an online Dance Battle mode, giving you a reason to to keep playing these classics over and over again.

Gamers and Michael Jackson fans can pick up Michael Jackson The Experience on February 14 in preparation for PS Vita’s launch — and just in time for the release of the First Edition Bundle. Thanks for checking out our series of PS Vita launch title posts this week on PlayStation.Blog. As you can see, we’re eager to see the platform launch!

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  • I might pick this up. I’ve seen some nice looking gameplay videos of the game. Sinc we only got one song which is Another Part of Me, I’m wondering if there will be anymore DLC for the PS3 version?

  • I have the iPad version of this game. It’s pretty fun. But what I really want is an updated version of the Moonwalker video game (arcade version). That would be an instant purchase for me.

  • I see the video but how will it be played…You have to use your fingers to make the moves…with the PSV having so many different controls for different games i think we need some game videos of people playing them.

  • Michael Jackson was a great artist but this game is GARBAGE.

  • #3 – Check YouTube, there’s a good video of this guy playing through “Bad”.

    @Alex – I’m actually on the fence with this. I’m sure I would like the game however, I fear the amount of songs would get a bit repetitive after awhile. Thus, getting traded in fairly quickly. Although, if there was the possibility of additional song DLC, that would change everything. There are a TON of his songs that aren’t in this game that would be fun to have. I envision a DLC of the entire “Thriller” album (those not already in, that is). Epic.

    1- Is this planned or, even possible to do?
    2- Any idea how much space a single DLC song would take?

  • Bring on Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker The Sequel!!! I wanna dance, and kill baddies, and transform again!

  • OMG why are they still making games based offed this CHI-MO? he r a p e little boys an when he dies people makes video games based off him, thats lame, he is in h e l l now so please destory all these stupid games

  • @juggalorider

    I can’t tell if you’re trolling, didn’t do your research, or just being an a**hole.

    Whichever it is, you’re wrong, the allegations made against him were from a jealous father who just wanted to take all of MJ’s money.

    Just thought I’d clear that up. C:

  • looks great! i sure wish someone would make michael jacksons ; MOONWALKER arcade game IN hd and remade, would be grrreat!

  • @XFrod

    I watched the video on youtube and looks horrible….not the Video quality but just the gameplay. I guess im just not a fan of doing finger movements….it would be nice on the ps3. I think its more like a music cd you can listen to and keep your fingers buissy.

    @Jugga and everyone else who thinks the same

    If you dont like his music well……thats fine.

    But accusations,truths,lies…whatever……………….I LOVE his music.

  • @thebgj

    I can understand your opinion after seeing the video. Although, I’m sure I would enjoy it, due to the fact that I love his music, too… The game mechanics look as though it would get a bit repetitive after a few songs. I sort of look at these games like I do Rock Band now. It’s a fun way to listen and interact with your music.

    With that said…..


    Will there be some way to just listen to the tracks themselves? If not a straight up “jukebox” mode, how about a mode that cycles through all the songs automatically, while in a “no-fail” setting.

  • Really? No thank you. It ends in drugs and death and lets face it. He’s not the right role model for kids and never should of had a game made after him. What’s next? our kids are corrupt enough without this garbage. Just Saying….

  • I think Ubisoft should understand the legitimate kick back for this game being released on the Vita. Obviously this is not a hard core game, or at least no gamers that I know will be interested in this title for when it’s released on the PSVita, and there’s a really good reason for that – with new console releases it’s the hard core gamers that make the console popular. These players are going to be buying things like Uncharted or Ninja Gaiden, or Gravity Daze, unfortunately this type of game especially the fact that it’s a Micheal Jackson game (that has been released on every other single console in history) will be left behind by hardcore gamers. Ubisoft, why not make a port of the Assassin’s creed games to come to the Vita instead? That would interest way more people and give you a better return on investment. I’m afraid this port will lose you money in the long run.

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