Special Launch Day PS Vita 3G/Wi-Fi Bundle Announced

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Special Launch Day PS Vita 3G/Wi-Fi Bundle Announced

With only 27 days until the launch of PlayStation Vita, we are excited to announce two PS Vita 3G/WiFi bundles. If you were one of the lucky consumers to pre order the PS Vita First Edition Bundle, in addition to the PS Vita 3G/Wi-Fi hardware, a limited edition case, a 4GB PS Vita Memory Card and Little Deviants game, we will now be including an AT&T DataConnect Pass good for one free 250MB data session (a $14.99 value) upon purchase of one 250 MB data session, and a PlayStation Network game – both provided upon 3G activation on the AT&T mobile broadband network. And the best part, you still get it a week before the official launch date.

Vita First Edition Bundle

We are happy to announce today that we will be creating an extremely limited edition PlayStation Vita 3G/Wi-Fi bundle designed to reward those who brave the cold to stand in line on February 22nd (or even those who come in the few days that follow). In addition to the PS Vita hardware, we will be including an 8GB PS Vita Memory Card, an AT&T DataConnect Pass and a PlayStation Network game all for the usual MSRP of $299. This SKU is part of a promotional offer and will sell out immediately so we strongly recommend that you purchase your PS Vita early to make sure you get the extra value!

While the system is a fantastic option, the addition of 3G-network access is perfect for the gamer that wants convenience, community and connection – basically the ability to immediately socialize with your gaming community. Using the AT&T mobile broadband network also allows you to engage in multi-player gaming, utilize GPS location-based digital gifting, stay up to date with continuous LiveArea scores and game ranking news feeds, compete for in-game achievements, engage in PS Vita to PS3 cross-platform game play, cross-game message with Party, and have access to software updates, all while on the go. You’ll also be able to login to the PS Store and download new content and add-ons for some of your favorite titles.

There are lots of exciting updates still to come as we get closer to launch, and we will be sure to keep you posted. Our goal here at PlayStation is to transform every aspect of life into an entertainment experience. We know when you get your hands on Vita you may really never stop playing!

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  • That’s great and all but what does it mean for those of us who have already paid for the early edition bundle who now feel hosed?

  • That is awesome! Already have the first edition bundle reserved.

  • Ugh, Sony! why no love for the WiFi only version!

  • Is anything like this coming to Canada?

  • Sorry, the 3G pricing plans are too much of a ripoff. The WIFI model is the way to go this launch. Give me data without the monthly plans, and then we’ll be talking.

  • So those of us that get it on the 15th are basically paying 50 bucks more for a case and a smaller memory card? Wow. Not good Sony. Not good at all.

    • The First Edition bundle still has the most value, as consumers will receive Little Deviants, a case, a 4GB memory card, AT&T DataConnect Pass and PSN game (latter two upon activation) – plus they’ll receive the PS Vita a week earlier than everyone else!

  • @ famousmort

    I think the first or second line says in ADDITION to your pre order you will get those things.

    I will wait for this to be sold for 180 or less….not a big Protable gamer. I usually just use it when im in the bathroom. I dont travel and i have a toddler so i dont have much time to play a PSV…ill stick to my PS3.

  • So I don’t want to pay AT&T an exorbitant amount of money for yet ANOTHER connected device so Sony feels like I shouldn’t get to acquire my Vita 1-week early (even though I’d LOVE to), that I shouldn’t get access to the nice hard case (again, I’d like to), and that I should have to pay for a required memory card. Awesome…thanks for catering to the few people willing to buy your more expensive model while screwing the majority of your customers (since, from what I can tell, most people are more interested in the Wi-Fi version)…

  • Ya hosed. Regular 3G gets a free 8gb card, psn game an a data card at the same price. First edition bundle preorders only get a psn game and a data card tossed in? Not fair at all. They get 3 bonus items now and first edition only gets 2 bonus items? Might as well cancel my 1st edition preorder, it was all paid off too…

  • Sounds fantastic. John, can you please clarify on the availability of the 8GB 3G Vita bundle, specifically regarding retailer availability (Best Buy, Toys R Us, Gamestop, etc.) and the likelihood of securing one by pre-ordering? Thanks for the heads-up.

    • Yes, this will be available for pre-order and pick-up on launch day – Feb. 22nd. Check with your local retailer for availability.

  • Will there be any bundles or pre-order bonuses for those who pre-ordered the Wi-Fi only Vita?

  • Just wish the 1st Edition had an 8GB…

  • This is Sony. This is exactly why, even though I freaking love the PSP and have supported it by purchasing a PSP-1000, a PSP-2000 and even a PSPgo, I now realize just how hard it is to keep on supporting you as a company when you make just weird, insane decisions like this one.

    Who came up with this idea this morning? Some intern? And then OH YEAH, LOVE IT, LETS ROLL WITH IT…

    … except for the fact you’re screwing those devoted customers who have already paid money for a bundle you’ve already announced and are getting screwed due to this “deal.”

    Oh, but they get it a week early. Umm, great?

    I’m sorry Sony. I tried to hard to love you + your products. But after getting crapped on constantly by being a PSP owner who relies on digital distribution with my PSPgo, you are making it a clear answer to me to not support you by purchasing a Vita.

  • Dear Sony,

    Please, please have PSOne classics I have purchased through PSN playable on launch, this way I will actually get it at launch. I’m currently rocking Chrono Cross on my PSP, and would like to transfer the magic onto a new PSV.


  • So am I allowed to preorder this bundle or do I just have to assume I will be able to pick one up at retail night of. I would love to purchase that bundle, but it would require me to not pre-order a bundle which may not guarantee that they will even have enough. This could be made a little clearer…

  • Does it cover pre-existing pre-orders that are already in place?

  • 3G stuff is interesting and all that but more people will want the Wifi only model. I hope Sony notices this and adapts accordingly.

    Looking forward to getting myself a Vita, very excited.

  • Wow, now I’m tempted to cancel my pre-order of the early edition bundle for the 8 gig memory stick instead, I wish Sony hadn’t forced this decision on me, WTF?!

  • Any PSN game??? I’m sold!

  • What games!!!??? what games can we download?? It mentions a game!

  • Nothing for Canada??? Sad…and we can’t even get the 3G version even if we wanted…

  • is the free Playstation Network game any game? …Uncharted GA for example?

  • Lack of reading comprehension FTL! This is IN ADDITION to the other items already included in the pre-order!!!

    “If you were one of the lucky consumers to pre order the PS Vita First Edition Bundle, in addition to the PS Vita 3G/Wi-Fi hardware, a limited edition case, a 4GB PS Vita Memory Card and Little Deviants game, we will now be including an AT&T DataConnect Session Pass good for one free 250MB session, and a PlayStation Network game – both provided upon 3G activation. And the best part, you still get it a week before the official launch date.”

    and the data plan does not have a “typical” contract. It sells data in 250mb or 3gb blocks/30 day timeslots(whichever runs out first).

  • Those of you wondering why it’s for the 3G and not the wifi saying that everyone wants a WIFI… that’s *EXACTLY* why it’s like that. Everyone wants a wifi, no one bought a 3G in japan and they aren’t preordering them here, so they had to try something to get people to buy that sku.

    Which is fine, it makes sense. But it directly takes a dump on those of us who bought the early edition bundle. For $350 we are getting *LESS* than the $300 model. That makes zero sense.

  • At least upgrade the 1st edition to a 8gb. $50 more for a smaller card, game and a case = horrible deal. I’d rather save the money and buy the game and case I want and get a 8gb card free. I’m litterally gonna go get my $380-390 back from my preorder.



  • I don’t want to sound rude or whiny, but this bundle is kind of a slap to the face to those of us that preordered the First Edition Bundle. Takes a lot of the extra value out of it for us.

  • The PSN game they mention is the FREE game you get from activating the 3G. And if you looked at the AT&T press release they said you could pick one from a selection.

  • @Zappcatt The problem is that the $300 bundle has an 8gb card and the $350 has a 4. Little Deviants doesn’t make up for this. That’s being packed in because no one is going to buy it anyway.

  • Awesome :3 So glad I have had the first edition bundle pre ordered. Can’t wait!

  • So we, the ones who already reserved the first edition bundle for $50 bucks more will get less bonuses than the ones waiting for the February 22 edition? I mean boost the first edition bundle memory card to 8GB and I’m sattisfied.

  • We want this in Europe :(

    Posting on SCEE blog.

  • already have my 1st edition bundle on pre-order so this makes it even sweeter

  • This is a good offer for people who want 3G. However this makes the 3G First Edition bundle pointless, especially since this new 3G bundle releases a week early as well. You should have thought of this earlier and removed the 3G from the first edition bundle(Like you did for Canada).

    Doesnt’ bother me though as I got the Canadian First Edition Bundle with a Free Copy of Uncharted Golden Abyss from Bestbuy, so I’ve still got the best bundle!

  • Anything for Canada? Funny, I was just about to cancel my First Edition preorder.

  • Is this promotion US only? So far it looks like the 3G model is not available up here in Canada, but it would be nice to get the PSN game at least. Or that 8GB memory card (though I have the first edition preordered already but might consider cancelling that and waiting a week to get the bigger memory card…)

  • Dont understand; This is different with the first bundle or the first bundle includes all these benefits?

  • Also i’m fairly certain they stealth edited this piece because I don’t remember seeing the stuff about the early edition bundle when it first went up.

  • @Krae_man

    3G bundle does NOT release week early.

  • How about Canada’s First-edition bundle?

  • WTF? I preordered First Edition Bundle, but it seems like now I should cancel it and go for the 3G Version. The First Edition Bundle should include 8gb memory card also!!

  • Yes in addition. But we were already paying for the case, 4gb card and little deviants game with the added cost of the bundle.

    Now Sony is tossing in free at no extra charge an 8gb card, data card, and free DL game if u buy a regular vita.

    If u preordered a 1st edition there only tossing in a free DL code and a data card. LAME deal for 1st edition preorders. Sounds unfair to me. I’m spending more but if I spend less I get a better deal? Wtf? Crazy.

  • Wow, people, do the math.

    The difference between the two bundles:

    First Edition Bundle comes out a week early, includes a 4 GB card ($20) and Little Deviants ($30)

    The new bundle includes an 8 GB card ($30).

    Everything else between the two is the same.

    So how are First Edition bundle users being screwed? We get the Vita a week early and we get an additional $20 in value in our bonuses.

  • I am really considering getting a PSVita on day 1 now with this bundle. But I am confused about the free PSN game. Is it going to be a game that is given to us, or will we be able to choose which one we want? Will it be limited to small games like Super Stardust, or can we pick the big ones like Uncharted GA?

  • @blindsideDork

    Yeah I just noticed that.

    My bad.

  • man i got the first edition bundle and i’m happy to get it a week early this wait is killing me but ya it would be nice if it came with an 8 gig memory card but i was planning on getting a 16 or 32 gig card anyway so i guess i’m good with the game and at&t card! thanks Sony!!!!

  • im confused. i have paid off the first edition bundle, now what they are saying is that there will be another bundle that includes first edition, but with a 8GB card? that doesnt seem fair to us. or is it that the system that launches on the 22nd includes a 8GB? still seems a bit unfair for first edition buyers.

  • Question:

    I have a First Edition Bundle on pre order, except it’s a Wi-fi only model seeing as I’m a Canadian. Will Wi-fi models get any of these additions (i.e free PSN game/ 8GB memory card)?

    Hardware looks great though, and I can’t wait to pick mine up!

  • Are there any plans at all to release a bundle for the wi-fi model in the US?


    I’d say no. Sony is trying hard to push this 3G since it didn’t do well in Japan. So they are adding incentives for you to get 3G. It is still the cheapest to buy a Wifi model + a 8GB.

  • 1 More Time:

    First Edition Bundle:
    Comes out Feb 15th
    3G Vita
    4 GB Card ($20 value)
    Little Deviants ($30 value)
    PSN Game
    250 mb of wireless service

    Launch Bundle
    Comes out Feb. 22nd
    3G Vita
    8 GB Card ($30 value)
    PSN Game
    250 mb of wireless server

    How are you people seeing the First Edition bundle as a worse deal?

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