Ubisoft PS Vita Week: Rayman Origins

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Ubisoft PS Vita Week: Rayman Origins

Rayman Origins for PS Vita

Last year, Rayman Origins was released on PS3 to critical acclaim. On February 14, Rayman and his friends return to PS Vita! Even better, the beauty and frantic gameplay of the PS3 will make the transition to PS Vita fully intact.

You’ll play as Rayman, Globox or the Teensies as they speed through stages on a mission to free the Glade of Dreams from the Darktoons. Rayman Origins offers a playful hand-drawn art style and accessible platforming gameplay, and completionists will find a challenge in gathering all the Electoons and skull teeth. In short, Rayman Origins will deliver entertainment to the new comers and veterans of the platforming genre.

Rayman Origins for PS VitaRayman Origins for PS Vita

We also have some great PS Vita-specific features available for Rayman Origins. First, for those looking to really appreciate all the hand-drawn art of Rayman Origins, players can pinch the front touchscreen to zoom in, so you can better appreciate the detailed character and level design that our studio in Montpellier worked so hard to deliver. Playing with a zoomed-in camera view also delivers a new experience and is critical in discovering the game’s many hidden secrets.

Along with touchscreen capabilities, we also have included a Ghost mode that allows players to challenge their friends in fast-paced Rayman Origins speed runs. According to IGN, we’re all supposed to beat Brian Altano.

Whether you’re looking for a quick pick-up and play game or a full-length platformer, Rayman Origins is going to make you a happy camper when it launches on February 14th. We’re looking forward to seeing all of you on the leaderboards!

Rayman Origins for PS Vita

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  • Hope this sells better on the Vita than it did the PS3. shame more people havent played this

  • This seems like it would just POP on the Vita…but why would I pay almost twice as much as the PS3 version?

  • does it have MULTIPLAYER?

    • No multiplayer in the Vita version. However, the Ghost Mode will definitely let you connect with your friends for some Rayman Origins wackiness.

  • My sincere hope is that this will retail for $30 on launch, the same price as the PS3 version. It’s a fantastic game, and Ubi has a chance to make money back, but only if it’s kept cheap and marketed well.

  • Also, I so NO indication of multiplayer… that’s a bad sign.

  • I would like to know if this version supports multiplayer as well, or any cross platform functionality like Cloud Saves.

    That said, I already own the PS3 version and didn’t think twice to preorder this version as well. I need something truly amazing to sap away my time on the Vita, and while Uncharted certainly fits the bill, Michel Ancel’s talented team certainly delivers.

    I’m glad to see some unique implementation of the Vita, as opposed to a straight port. That aside, Rayman Origins is the greatest platformer of the decade, easily above and beyond any contenders in terms of challenge, level & character design, and certainly worlds apart in the atmosphere and animation. Truly, I’ve never experienced so much life out of a platformer.

  • I’ve been waiting for the Vita version… I’d rather play this on a handheld. looking forward to picking this up when I buy my Vita…

  • How about some words on this maintenance downtime?

  • I’m stoked for this; I hadn’t planned to buy the PS3 version, since I was eagerly anticipating this one, but was convinced by Alex and Stone to pick it up. Still put my pre-order down for the Vita edition, though!

    I’m still convinced that Sony would be smart to bundle games that are cross-compatible between PS3/Vita, like MLB The Show, Dragon’s Lair, et. al., to make current PS3 owners see the value in picking up a Vita as well. Perhaps Rayman is just such a title to do that as well.

  • Will this game also be available for download?

  • @Alex I have two questions…

    1) Will I be able to take my save game back and forth between my PS3 and Vita? Also, will cross-play be available for those looking to play 2-4 player with PS3 and Vita? I have to say, this would be fantastic!

    2) The retail price of Rayman Origins on PS3 has seen a drop to $29.99 at a lot of outlets, will the Vita version be the same price or $39.99?

    Given that I’ve already purchased the game on PS3 and leaderboards/touchscreen seem to be the only major Vita additions, I can’t see myself picking up this version without some sort of cross-functionality and affordable entry price. Hope to hear back! :)

  • @10 All PS Vita games will be available on the PSN store.

  • So this does confirm I don’t need a memory card to play this game seeing it isn’t telling me it requires a memory card?
    3 questions though.

    1. I’m guessing like most games it will have save files on cartridge right?
    2. If the game needs or gets a patch down the line will it save to the cartridge or a memory card would be required?
    3. I’ve heard about the trophy locking to one account thing and it’s understandable, I have no complaint’s on it. But I just want to ask how does it work in rayman? As in does it do it depending on which file you load (as in if I made a file on file one for me and was playing through the game, and my brother wants to play also but get trophies, can he just start new game on a different file and get his trophies but if he tries to play mine it blocks him from getting?)
    Please reply, even if you don’t know the answers or not allowed to answer those specific questions.
    Thank You

  • Sounds great. I bet the game looks amazing on the OLED screen of the Vita.

    I do wanna get this game but I have feeling it’s gonna drop in price Ike the console version.

    Still can’t wait to get the Vita though.

  • I’ve already ordered this along with Lumines. Will the PS3/PSVITA trophy list combine for this game or stay separate?

    Having already completed the PS3 version 100% it’s nice to see some differences like the ability to pop bubblized enemies with a jab to the touchscreen. It’ll be handy when you’re close to your 350 Lum target and a bubble floats frustratingly just out of jump-vertical attack reach. Is it only bubblized enemies you can pop or all big bubbles like King Lums too?

    Realtime WiFi play would have been nice for all console versions but the ghost time attack is an especially useful feature for competitive play anywhere on the 3G Vita, leaderboards serve a similar purpose but even a FRIENDS leaderboard lacks the feeling of direct rivalry. I’m keen to see firsthand how this integrates with NEAR.

  • Do we need a memory card to play this? Is there multiplayer?

  • Rayman is cool. and a very good game. But this gives me worry that PSvita remote Play will not work with hardly any PS3 game. Sad really.:( Vita will get there own games.

  • Unless this game features some from of local multiplayer (adhoc) I’ll have to pass because multiplayer really makes Rayman Origins a special game. Quote: “the beauty and frantic gameplay of the PS3 will make the transition to PS Vita fully intact.” After the Ubishaft Vita pricing debacle; I’m not going to give you guys the benefit of the doubt until all of the details with respect to multiplayer on Vita are revealed. Without–at minimum–local adhoc multiplayer I cannot give the Vita version a recommend. That said, Rayman Origins on PS3 is a great game notwithstanding the omission of online multiplayer.

  • Day 1 purchase

  • Another game that should have multiplayer on Vita but doesn’t. What’s up with that? are you trying to sabotage Vita?

  • i want to know if “Rayman Origins” is coming to the american psn someday? I heard that it is already on the european

  • Easily in my top 3 most anticipated for the Vita. I played the PS3 version a few times and it was absolutely phenomenal, can’t even imagine how it’ll play on the Vita. I’m sure the OLED screen does it well to say the least. The Platformer is BACK!

  • @Alex Monney thanks for the answer! but I wanna know about the PS3 version :/ I heard it is available on the european PSN

  • Jeff/ Rey / Sid , how about a playstation vita countdown here on the blog ? 26 days for the 22nd release date

  • Really enjoyed the PS3 demo of Rayman, but passed up on it since it was $59(though was on sale for $30) and I like my platformers on the go. How big of a download would it be if I bought it over PSN? Is it going for $39 at retail stores?

    • Rayman Origins will be a little over 900 MB as a download. The game will retail at $39.99. No information on digital price just yet, but we’ll let you know once we hear it.

  • Wow a ubi soft guy here.. Thanks for coming by.. I have question..

    How many hours of gameplay does ray-man have.. Also I’d to say come by more often than not ubisoft guys we dont bite here on the blog”.. also the game\ looks beautiful. Very amazing.. This really raised my bar of what games should look like on ps vita.. Im very impressed.

    vp-psn legioniaree group

    • Glad to hear you’re impressed! The game definitely looks absolutely gorgeous on the Vita hardware. The Vita version will have the same content as the PS3 version so the play lengths will be identical (depending on skill). Those last levels get pretty challenging :)

  • – Hey SONY!!!

    IF there is absolutely NO PSN digital download discount for VITA games (when I check on the 14th). THEN I will immediately cancel my VITA preorder & save for the NextBox…Sad to say, but it is the ONLY manner in which I will be able to voice an audible opinion on such greedy tactics. Hoping for continued symbiosis…

    – A LOYAL SONY CUSTOMER (Avid PS3 & PSP user and consistent PSN spendah’!!!)

  • Thanks for the info Alex. I had been thinking about the PS3 version for quite some time, but I never have enough people over to play co-op, so I figured I’d be missing out on the main experience and passed. The Vita version seems to be where it’s at, and this confirms it all.

  • I’m definitely interested in this, as it looks to be alot of fun, but i have one question, which is kinda off topic.

    Does anyone know what is going on with the constantly varying game pricing right now. Some games started at $30, then went to $40, then back to $30, and now $40 again (Hot Shots Golf in particular), and it doesnt seem that anyone actually knows what the final price for games are, and it is very frustrating as a potential Vita owner.

    I plan on buying alot fo my games digitally, and i hope that if the retail prices are going to be $40 for lots of things, that the PSN prices are going to be lower.

    I just want to know final pricing on everything.

  • Hey Alex, does the Vita version run at 60 Frames per Second like the console versions? Thanks!

    • Oooh good question. I believe it runs identical to the PS3 version. I played both the PS3 and Vita version and saw no differences between SKUs.

  • Alex: I wonder if you are going to release some DLC for rayman, some few levels like the secret one would be awesome, skull teeths levels were awesome too

  • Nice! I’ve been holding out on getting this because I wanted the PS Vita version, glad to see it’s going to be worth the wait.

  • I think I’ll buy this version. It seems a much better fit for Vita.

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  • I’m still curious why there’s not multiplayer, especially after watching the latest “making of” video where Michel Ancel stated that the thing that was most unique to this game was the addition of local co-op multiplayer. Seems like a major feature to omit if you ask me. The ghost mode is nice, but I really see no use whatsoever for the zooming function.

    So my question is, why no multiplayer? Did you sacrifice it because you ran out of time in order to make the Vita launch? Any chance of getting it patched in down the line? Is the 3DS version going to have multiplayer?

  • The PS3 version was a fantastic game, one of my favorites of last year.

  • This might be my next vita game, but I am also a bit bummed at the lack of multiplayer. Vita could have local, online, and even cross-platform multiplayer awesomeness. If the Vita version sells well, please consider an update to add cross-platform multiplayer.

  • Does anyone know if trophies will transfer between the PS3 and PSV versions of the games. I assume they do but rather be sure.

  • Disappointed that there is no ad-hoc co-op at all. I’ll most likely skip out on this and get the PS3 or 360 version instead.

  • does this game runs at full screen resolution or is it gonna pull another uncharted GA? i feel fooled once again sony! you showed us uncharted GA looking super awesome and then the final product is running at less resolution, no AA solution and frame drops when more than 4 enemies are on screen, shame on you sony! hard to believe capcom got their game running at 60 frames with native screen resolution and you cant even get you flag title to show the strengths of you handheld, i wish i could return this vita but japan wont take it back, nuff said

  • amazing

  • I’m buying this on PSVita too, it’s a great game and deserves support. It was well worth $60 on the PS3.

  • I haven’t had the chance to play Rayman Origins at all, but I always hear great things about it. I was originally going to wait on getting a Vita anywhere near the launch date, but this game and others is making me change my mind quick. Looks like I’ll be picking up a Vita and a copy of this game sooner than I thought!

  • This is the first Vita game I’m getting.

  • I excitedly bought Rayman Origins with the Vita yesterday yet I am left frustrated and disappointed..

    Unfortunately I bought Rayman (and at the moment the console itself) solely so that my partner could enjoy playing the game too. We enjoy playing on the go, at different times and competing with our progress. However, confusingly the game does not allow me to make more than 1 save file!?!

    Is there any guidance on how to resolve this issue? Am I doing something wrong?

    I can not believe that a modern game on a new system would not allow me to create more than one save file when Super Mario 3D land allows multiple saves, as did Mario Land on the early 90s Gameboy.

    Why not Rayman Origins on the PS Vita in 2012?

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