Ubisoft PS Vita Week – Asphalt: Injection Fuels the Fire

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Ubisoft PS Vita Week – Asphalt: Injection Fuels the Fire

Asphalt: Injection for PS Vita

Personally, I think racing games shine on handheld devices. Think of it this way: you’re commuting home from work and sitting on a bus or a train. Though your progress may be pokey, your mind is completely focused on the blistering competition between your Bugatti Super Sport and everyone else on the track. For that short time, you completely forget about your commute. So, if your mind works like mine, you should definitely be excited for the arcade racing action of Asphalt: Injection.

Asphalt: Injection boasts ten game modes spanning the tried-and-true Race mode to more signature game modes including Cop Chase and Beat ‘Em All (focused on take downs). This, along with 20 different leagues to conquer and multiplayer via local and Wifi, will keep handheld racing fans entertained for a long time.

Asphalt: Injection for PS VitaAsphalt: Injection for PS Vita

Gameloft has also leveraged the unique features of PS Vita to create an easily accessible and social game. Asphalt: Injection has six different control schemes that take advantage of the dual analog sticks, the rear touch screen, or the accelerometer. This makes it simple for anyone to pick up and race against their friends (or computer-controlled opponents). The game also harnesses PS Vita’s social features, enabling players to enter the Live Area screen where they can view what vehicles their friends have purchased, what tracks they have unlocked, their leaderboard rankings, and more.

Racing fans can hit the track in Asphalt: Injection on February 14th. Looking forward to seeing you all on the course!

Asphalt: Injection for PS Vita

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  • Is this another iOS port being flogged at some stupid price? Asphalt 5 is £4.99 on the iPhone Store with Asphalt 6 Adrenaline only 69p. But at least it has WiFi multiplayer (cough ModNation Racers Road Trip, cough)

  • Asphalt, huh. The last few iterations were pretty shabby, what’s new? What the price? Because ubi games are rarely worth full price anymore. Like your port of the iOS dungeon hunters going for $40. Gamefly ftw. How about you guys make universal games between ps3 and vita. We know you can, but you think it’s cool to charge 8x as much for the same things, so…. then it would be worth 40. Otherwise, I’ll not be picking this up.

  • Seriosuly Ubisoft all you give us is ports. 4 games at launch and all are ports…

    Rayman Orgins is the only one that I can say is worth it.

  • Pump the brakes. Does that mean the PS Vita is coming out earlier than Feb. 15?

    • Sorry for the confusion. Our titles are launching the 14th giving folks the opportunity to build up their collection of Vita titles prior to the launch of the hardware.

  • @1 +1

    It doesn’t say much for SONY either when a third party title just needs to show up at the party to beat out a first party offering.

    Even if this turned out to be complete crap, it’s got something fundamental going for it that MNR:RT doesn’t.

  • Game Stop has this listed for 39.99. That is sad. I wanted to see iOS like games for Vita, but at iOS kind of prices. Come on SONY! Get it together. It’s frustrating how they have absolutely no understanding of the market they are involved in. Uncharted is listed for 49.99???? this is sad. I still want a Vita, but am starting to second guess it.

  • well it looks like asphalt 6 in HD and after selling me asphalt 5 in 3D for the 3ds with crappy graphics i can honestly tell you guys i wont buy anything from ubi/gameloft

  • i’m getting a psv but don’t know what game to get ! It seems like every game that i look at every one has something bad to say about it!! So i’m going to ask what game should i get?

  • 8# Wipeout 2048 and Uncharted:Golden Abyss are games you can’t go wrong with. Then there is also Gravity Rush,Escape Plan,ModNation Racers: Road Trip(no online mp but should still be a great game),Virtua tennis 4,BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend and Rayman:Orgins.

    All of these are some great launch titles.

  • Smart move not listing the price this time, Ubi. Don’t worry, we’re all on to you: expect nobody to buy this game when you release it at $40.

  • well i herd that road trip will patch h2h in latter ! so that is at the top i think!! thanks kivi95 !!

  • Is this yet another overpriced UBISOFT rip off quickie-mart parrot ported pile of refuse? Yes it is. I would still pass on this even if it were a $10 psn game and wait for it to become the ps+ freebie fodder for which it is destined.

  • Hey Alex, why don’t you take that golden phallus off your head and while you’re at it: send some HONEST consumer feedback to your liege commanders at UBISHAFT and inform them that Gamers aren’t as stupid as it seems you gusy think we are and start pricing your rehash re-releases accordingly. CASE IN POINT: this game would sell as a digital download priced at or under $10 but good luck finding suckers who are willing to shell out $40!!

  • Wow. People, are not just simple ports. Does your phone/pad have the dual sticks, shoulder buttons for gas/braking, does your iOS version have the Live Area social functions? Let me answer for you.. No, no, and… ummm, No.

    Seriously, a lot of you really think they just plug the game into a new system and, it’s ready to go? Real people, with real families, work on these games. If you don’t appreciate it, then stick with your iOS version that only cost a couple bucks.. You get what you pay for.

    @Alex – Don’t listen to the rumblings of trolls. Some of us understand the difference between titles with the same name on different devices. You put out a quality game, I’ll throw down the $40. Shoot, you’ve had my loyalty since the original Rayman.

    Off topic: Any chance of the My Coach series making it to PS Vita. Would be nice to not only have some educational software out there but, I traded in my old DS to help pay for the Vita. My Coach Japanese was awesome for practice writing hiragana/katakana. ありがとございます!!!!!!

  • #1: I think the “Golden Phallus” on Alex’s pic is supposed to be the nightvision goggles like Sam Fisher (Splinter Cell) wears. I could be wrong, but thats what I’ll go with.

    #2: This IS for all intents ANOTHER port. Simply not worth a $40 retail price. Period.

    #3: Between the $40 price on Dungeon Hunter Alliance and $40 on this, the expected $40 price on upcoming Ubisoft releases, I’m greatly upset at their public display of how they think so little of gamers, expecting us to pay full retail prices for rehashed versions of software available elsewhere at FAR lower prices.

    It really is insulting. (Though I’ll admit that seeing Lumines Electronic Symphony with a $40 price tag got a laugh out of me)

    Modding software to take advantage of the hardwares functions does not a new game make, nor does slapping a full retail price on a port.

    On a side note, this title, along with the others Ubisoft is planing on bringing to the Vita all look great, its just a shame they took the price gouging route, as many many people, myself included, have to walk away

  • Major Hoare, you are totally correct. Just like Dungeon Hunter, this is an Ubisoft attempt to repackage a $10 downloadable title from a B quality developer (Gameloft) as a full price retail title. First assuming all PC gamers are pirates with their draconian DRM schemes, and now assuming all console/mobile gamers are ignorant and will to pay top dollar for rehashed downloadable titles from a developer best known as the “fake Rolex copycat” of the game industry.. Ubisoft, have you no shame?

  • Ubisoft PS Vita week is gonna be both infuriating and hilarious at the same time. A bunch of ports with a few tweaks for 4x the price. You may want to make this a short week guys…Or you can take this shovel back and continue to bury yourself in the hole you already dug.

  • Agreed — not worth the price. Hooking up a couple of event handlers for input and getting rid of a control overlay is a diff that could fit on one screen. Now, if they start talking about how they leveraged the three cores, speed of RAM, GPU, HD audio, etc — then I’d be interested since that is platform-specific value-add.

    Frankly, I just don’t trust Gameloft as a developer after their series of abandonware titles on PSN that had major issues that were never resolved. Ubisoft publishing helps allay those fears, as they always do a great job supporting their titles post-ship (Fit in Six, RockSmith, etc), but not entirely.

    I’m really hoping to hear Ubisoft announce a decent version of Myst (RealMYST would be even better) for PS3/VIta. I’d settle for Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon HD, though. It would also be cool to hear an announcement for Penny Arcade Adventures or DeathSpank — touch controls would be an awesomely natural fit for both.

  • @18 I wouldn’t say that they do a great job supporting their titles post ship and then mention Rocksmith in the same breath. There is a game breaking bug that kicks you right out of the game to the XMB while trying to play events and even during single song play at times.

    The PS3 Rocksmith community is STILL waiting for a patch to remedy this so that an amazing game can actually be played.

  • 14# And that is worth 40$ extra? Hell no. Ubisoft are just lazy and just give us old games. But good news that there are still alot great games at launch without these OVERPRICED ports.

  • So how does this version differ from the non-removable bloatware that came pre-installed on my Samsung Epic 4G?

  • can we download our psp games that we have in our download list or do we need to re-buy them?

  • Loyalty? You’ll blindly buy games based solely on the publisher? I’ll sell you this barn in Zimbabwe…

  • @14 XFRod

    Real people with real families also buy these games. You really believe these two Ubi games are worth $40?

    You supporting this is why we have lazy games at ridiculous prices. Thanks for saying “it’s ok, I will buy mediocrity at any price.” …and with a smile no less.

    YOU are part of the problem!

  • So far the Ubisoft Vita week has been nothing but duds. However I’m still looking forward to some new Rayman Origins Vita info, specifically why it has no co-op and what the pinch to zoom functionality is supposed to be used for.

  • He didn’t even name the price after the backlash on Dungeons. This is gonna be overpriced y’all. Move on.

  • @24 hear hear ! I completely agree !! unless the ported games are for dirt cheap like $5. I would crappy games like that, even with a smile. I’m a $5 game whore, used and abused !!

  • Thanks for reading what I didn’t write and claim it as my words. Nobody said blindly buy. I said, you put out a quality game, I’ll put out the $40. I, as apposed to everyone else here who must already have this in their hands and, are qualified to critique it, have seen a single review on the PS Vita version. I rarely buy blindly.

    You feel entitled or, even cheated by a company because they charge what’s well in the range of PS Vita titles. I’m sure, if you did have the ability to download an app version of the game onto your Vita, you would then be upset when it didn’t come with support for the functions that make the Vita a powerful handheld GAMING device and not an after thought for your phone.

    Did you ever really think we would be getting phone app prices for games on the Vita? Do you realize how many devices are out there that can play the iOS version as apposed to the PS Vita’s numbers? Of course they can sell it for a couple bucks to those systems, it’s a numbers game.

    Full disclosure… This isn’t a day one purchase for me. Way too many titles to get everything. I will however, keep an eye out for reviews, gameplay videos, etc. If I like what I see, I’ll make an informed decision then.

  • does it have newer pony cars?
    like Mustang, Challenger, and Camaro?
    If so i might buy it.

  • @ 23 i will buy that barn off of u for 49.99 then 9.99 for deposit lol.

  • Sorry Ubisoft, but I can’t support your absurd prices for your software. You can’t just remap buttons, re-render already made graphics, and claim it is worth several times the previous version ever was.

    I really hope you don’t sell many copies. Not because I want to see the Vita fail (I really want it to succeed) but because I want your executives to realize their marketing VPs need to be canned.

    It’s a shame though, moves like this *will* hurt the Vita =/

  • cool stuff

  • Nice Valentine gift “hint”.

  • Gameloft makes great games on tablet.
    Sure hope they bring Eternal Legacy to the Vita.
    It was a 500Mb download, do I wonder if Sony will grant developpers access to create games on the Vita as download only, like Hustle Kings and Super Stardust.

    I hope Sony does allow games to be made purely digital, Gameloft is a developper, not a publisher, they make the game and people downloads it, it cost alot less than risky publishing.

    Just Eternal Legacy was 1$ on tablet, 1$! It’s not alot, granted, the RPG only lasted 10 hours, sidequest included and even if it said HD, it looked more like a ps2 game, but still, 1$ is awesome, the character, the story (while it lasted) and the music were awesome. It still needed some fine tuning, graphic aside, it haad a few music interruption glitches and I couldn’t access level 3 skills with the touchscreen. Graphics are ok for tablet, most cutscene weren’t good (it isn’t high budget Final Fantasy) But overall was still a great game.

  • So yeah, overall, make sure there isn’t any glitches before the release of a game (hi Skyrim) but we could potentially get much cheaper games via downloaf only, we already have some games, so let’s just make it that if it’s under 600Mb or 700Mb, the developers can choose to either publish the game on Vita cards or not. Anything under 100Mb should be a download only title.

  • So… this game doesn’t have online multiplayer either?????

    where are the Vita H2H games at????

  • “multiplayer via local and Wifi”

    @36 Did you miss that?

  • can the ps vita support a ps3 controller, like the psp go????

  • – A LOYAL SONY CUSTOMER (Avid PS3 & PSP user and consistent PSN spendah’!!!)

    IF there is absolutely NO PSN digital download discount for VITA games (when I check on the 14th). THEN I will immediately cancel my VITA preorder & save for the NextBox…Sad to say, but it is the ONLY manner in which I will be able to voice an audible opinion on such greedy tactics. Hoping for continued symbiosis…


  • @BURYMEso_i_see and everyone else complaining about price.. Gamestop now has it listed at $29.99.

  • … and I pre-ordered my copy… So I’ll let you all know how it is. You may also check out youtube for some demo’s.

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