Tour The Tester 3 Winner’s Future Workplace: Santa Monica Studio

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Tour The Tester 3 Winner’s Future Workplace: Santa Monica Studio

The previous two seasons of PlayStation Network’s original reality show The Tester offered the winner the chance to work among Sony’s brightest minds as a game tester at Sony Computer Entertainment America. As you’ve probably heard, for season 3, the ultimate prize is truly the chance of a lifetime: the winner of The Tester 3 will become a production associate at Sony’s world-famous Santa Monica Studio.

We thought you might like to take a peek behind the scenes of this state-of-the-art studio to meet some of the talented folks involved in the biggest titles on the platform: Shannon Studstill (senior director), Stig Asmussen (director of God of War III), Todd Papy (design director), Whitney Wade (senior producer), and Deborah Mars (executive producer). You might remember Deborah and Stig appeared as guest panelists in season 2 of The Tester. Check out this exclusive inside look at Santa Monica Studio.

Tour The Tester 3 Winner’s Future Workplace: Santa Monica Studio

As you can see, Santa Monica Studio is filled with some of the best talent in the games industry, and the very people who make PlayStation’s top games will be teaching and guiding the winner of The Tester 3 in their new role as a production associate on their next big AAA title.

As an added bonus this week, we have a behind the scenes look inside the PlayStation Loft where the cast will be living this season. It’s filled with tons of great games and gadgets, so we know this season’s contestants will feel right at home. Take a look at the redesigned PlayStation Loft in the “extras” section of our main site.

With only 2 weeks until the season premiere on Tuesday, February 7th, we hope you’re as exited for The Tester 3 as we are. Be sure to check out our main site to meet all the contestants, panelists, and guests you’ll be seeing this season, and check back here next Tuesday for a sneak peek at the first episode of The Tester 3.

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  • I know I haven’t seen any episode yet, but I’m pretty sure none of those contestants deserves, or can do, a job at Sony Santa Monica, unless it’s purely as a go-fer.

    With all due respect.

  • Tour The Tester 3 Winner’s Temporary* Workplace: Santa Monica Studio

    *The winner will only be working at the Santa Monica Studio for the duration of the contract (if that), due to their lack of experience and ability to keep up with the demand.

    Fixed that for you :)

  • at 1:42.. left screen. thats kratos.. but… that place is not in any of the god of war games… is it?
    could it be? a new epic god of war game?!!

  • So cool how can i get a job at a gaming studio

  • Let me know when the Canadian version starts up ;)

  • Whoever the future winner is of The Tester Season 3 is very lucky to get this opportunity. I wish I was apart of the cast so I could get my shot at working at Santa Monica Studio.

    • It really is a fantastic opportunity. We’ve very excited to be working with the team at Santa Monica Studio for this season of The Tester. On top of being so talented, they are some of the nicest folks I’ve met in the industry

  • And the 2:15 pic with blur is a God of War 3 menu, right?

  • Wow all the years I been playing video games and I get to watch every one else get jobs. kinda lame:) tester dosent set to well with me. i’ll watch the last Episode MAYBE??

  • what is the gow team up to for nearly the past 2 years?and why did u blur the monitor at 2:15?

  • did anyone notice the GoW4 logo?

  • that place looks awesome

  • So I read a rumor that Sony Santa Monica might reveal their next game in February. Should I stay tuned with my PS3 for a Sony Santa Monica update this year, or should I wait until Sony next gen console arrives.

    Other than that, Nice studio Sony Santa Monica. Looks like an awesome environment to work and learn in.

  • just update the store plz

  • The PlayStation Loft is always so cool. It’s awesome to see such a decked-out place! Are any previous contestants going to be judges like last time? This is Season 3 now, so it’s got some momentum built up.

    Guess I just have to wait to get to Santa Monica the old fashioned way though since I can’t do this. Really cool everyone!

    Will Hal Sparks be back for a cameo in a preview show? That guy cracks me up :)

    • Unfortunately, Hal wasn’t available this season. But, we’ll have a short video preview hopefully next week. Make sure to check back on Tuesday.

  • Oh wow – I’m loving this tour! I’m super excited to hear more…*drools* :D


  • I wouldn’t mind working there… I’m sure the building is accessable.

    If REALLY have SONY Everything. :)


  • Here’s an idea – put the winner in charge of the store updates. It can’t take much effort to pick a time and stick to it…or can it…

  • Gotham City Impostors Public Beta On PSN Today.

  • The Drop had so little content for this week yet it still takes ages to update the store! What gives??? lol I don’t know why I’m complaining since, as previously stated, the store update is gonna be lame.. guess I’m just bored.

  • Somebody go wake Grace up and tell her it’s time for the update or at least pry the bottle out of her hands…

  • i hate to see how long it would take if you actually had something decent coming this week but then again i don’t think you have to worry about that nothing good ever comes on the store

  • You can search the store for whatever you want, if you know what you are looking for. I am downloading The Darkness II demo and ScaryGirl demo right now.

  • What are you all talking about?

    The store updated well over an hour ago (if you know what to search for).

    Over 4 hours ago if you count taking the 12 for ’12 games off sale (a something-move imo)…

  • @ Kevin Furuichi

    What is the name of the brunette dancing at 0:22? She’s mega CUTE! lol

  • Well why didn’t they update the blog? lol Now we have to search for the elusive content they release? haha dang! I’m trying to search the store now and it’s super laggy/slow. Grace what did u do?? o_O

  • @ 21,
    Tustin1, that was pure gold. And probably the truth, because it happens so often.

  • When will we get a title solely from Santa Monica aka God of War? I want a God of War IV or a new ip from them!

  • Whoever wins better actually be devoted to gaming and well Playstation too. Where’s an update on the last winners by the way?

  • @7,kakadoi – Thats really weird…but I have plenty sure that isn’t God 3 menu.Plenty SURE.

    @10,Heisem – Ok sure didn’t…in what minutes?

  • really nice

  • Is a great job:)

  • Doesn’t get much better than a job at Santa Monica. Does anyone know if Canadians can apply for “The Tester?” I would really like to know cause I’m pretty sure I’d win ;)

  • Loving the Santa Monica footage, and the loft video footage has me nostalgic for more group video-game quality time! Excited for the preview next Tuesday! :) I hope everyone else is too!

  • What ever happened to Hal Sparks? Wasn’t he supposed to be part of the Tester staff? Did he get fired? :O

  • Yeahhhh buddy! This looks HOT! =]

  • is it a paid job or free

  • @32, Welmosca,

    It was ironic.

    OBVIOUSLY this is not the GOW3 menu. Why put blur on it? It’s a GOW4 menu. The footage as well is from GOW4. Clue: Why use old footage from GOW3(2010) in a 2012 studio-showing video? The video was taken around December, you can notice Christmas decorations…

    There’s 0% chances that it’s 2008 Christmas (the game was just announced at VGAs, and not advanced enough), 0% for 2010 Christmas (they just finished GOW3).
    So it’s 2009 Christmas (just before GOW3 release), or 2011 Christmas (after 18 months of work on GOW4).
    Why take a 2009 Christmas overview of the studio?
    And why put blur on the menu if it’s old footage? And why not put blur on the gameplay picture, if they want us not to see that?

    This video is an indirect teasing of GOW4. Only fans with eagle-eyes like me will understand that this is not a tired video editor who made this teaser, but Santa Monica Studios who teases the wolrd discretly.

    Then there are a LOT of rumours around GOW4. It’s Real. Period.

    (Sorry if i did some mistakes, i’m french)

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