Yetis vs. Hunters Invades PlayStation Home This Wednesday

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Yetis vs. Hunters Invades PlayStation Home This Wednesday

Dr. Abraham Zucco — eccentric billionaire, brilliant anthropologist, and global adventurer — has traveled the world far and wide in search of the Yeti or “Abominable Snowman.” Recent sightings and mysterious footprints have convinced the famed explorer that an entire colony of creatures is somewhere in PlayStation Home. The wealthy hunter has offered great rewards to anyone who can capture the violent and territorial beast. This Wednesday, January 25th, scores of hunters will descend on PlayStation Home to take down these vicious monsters. They’ll quickly learn that these creatures don’t go down without a fight, and that they’ve enlisted the help of some sympathetic souls that prefer hunting people to gunning down large humanoids. Which side will you be on?

This Wednesday also sees the launch of VEEMEE’s Go Fish Tropical Island personal space. Invite your friends over to play Go Fish! from the pier. Owners receive an aquarium they can place in any personal space to show off their fish collection, as well as a variety of exclusive unlockable clothing and furniture rewards. Cast off and wrestle with a variety of exotic fish, ranging from the Psychedelic Leery to the Toxic Moofty and the Tribal Tatsnarf. If you can manage to catch them all – including the three Legendary Fish – and receive the highly-coveted Underwater Apartment absolutely free! What could be better at the end of a hard days fishing than relaxing in your own crib under the sea, watching the fish go by?

Lockwood’s Cucumber line isn’t just about eye-popping colors (although there are still some of those in their latest collection) they also have a strong desire to create useable sets that will help you set the scene in your personal space. Whether the look you’re aiming to achieve is one of contemporary chic or peaceful comfort that expresses your personality, Cucumber has the furniture for you. Large double beds in a variety of colors with matching drawers and lamps are coming to the Lockwood Publishing store this Wednesday. Check ‘em out!

The PlayStation Home Community Theater will be updated on Wednesday with Replay with Doc’s interview with Twisted Metal’s legendary game director David Jaffe (God of War, Calling All Cars) and the latest from HomeCast Rewind. Those of you that come by will even receive a limited-edition Replay with Doc reward!

The PlayStation Home Mall is getting updated this week with new farm animal companions (baby chicken, pig, sheep, and donkey – available as a bundle), new animated gold and silver accessories, and new additions to Konami’s line of Urban Camo items.

That’s not all – we have a new Quest releasing this Wednesday to help you celebrate Groundhog’s Day. Go to the Activity Board to take the Rodent’s Prediction Quest and earn this exclusive groundhog companion!

Groundhogs Day in PlayStation Home

See you in Home!

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  • Sup Locust Star & Glass Walls, I was wondering if we can get a black panther for a companion? BTW the dragon is awesome,….TY again!

    • Black panther? That sounds awesome. Personally, I’d want one too (I have black kitty at home who acts like a panther). Thanks for the Dragon love—we spent a bit of extra time to ensure it was quite awesome for you.

      To officially recommend or suggest stuff, be sure to drop your suggestion in the Home Suggestions forum. Every month, there is a monthly suggestion thread where you can add your ideas.

  • Sweet update guys…. was taking a tour of the other regions and had fun with the fishing glad your bringing it over.

    Ray “WrekGar”
    AKA PS Blog Stalker

  • Looking forward to all this new stuff! Will the Granzella Chapel and Fossil game be added to Granzella’s Southern Island Hideaway space this week as well?

  • I guess as we’re getting the Granzella wedding clothing the southern island will be updated with wedding and maybe fossil game?

  • I’d like to know if the Wedding Chapel and Fossil game recently updated in Hong Kong will also be in Wednesday’s update. :)

  • Sorry to add to me other comment…lol…but was curious and since no one else commented on it! I saw the ad for Marvel coming soon to Home!!!! Is the way to get a taste of whats coming? Some details? A hint? LOL,…I’m really looking forward to that update!!! Thanks again guys, keep up the great work!!!!

  • Sorry to add to my other comment…lol…but was curious and since no one else commented on it! I saw the ad for Marvel coming soon to Home!!!! Is there a way to get a taste of whats coming? Some details? A hint? LOL,…I’m really looking forward to that update!!! Thanks again guys, keep up the great work!!!!

  • So wait… I have to buy the VEEMEE’s Go Fish Tropical Island space in order to play the Fishing game that is free in Europe’s Home? What’s up with that?

  • Can guests actually win the underwater apartment if they catch all the fish from a friends space? Or do you have to own the Go Fish personal space to be able to get the underwater apt?

  • Sine its monday, it suppose to be on Tuesday for Blog Post!

  • *Can we get Go Fish on Pier Park? You know that Go Fish minigame is part of Welcome Back Program in EU.
    Also it allow people to play it in EU’s Shopping Mall, and it still here.
    *I hope theys not going to need 2 friend this time for a new quest.

  • Is the Groundhog Day event going to last for a while, or is it a one-day event?

    • Groundhog’s Day quest will be up until just after February 2nd, but it is a limited time, so be sure to take advantage while you can! I want to see legions of cute little rodents running around Home, starting Wednesday! My only next thought is wondering if the Hammies will celebrate this new rodent invasion?

  • Hello Locust and Glasswalls , im guessing the Go Fish tropical island is gonna cost $ 9.99 ?
    would we be able to LAY DOWN in the Cucumber beds ?
    I wish some development team would come out with Football team jerseys .
    my Hats off to the SF49ers, i was bittng my nails all thru the game and well, im from NY so Goooo Giants !

    • Nope! The Go Fish personal space is going to cost just $6.99. The Cucumber beds do not have the option to lay down. As for football jerseys, there are some, but any branded ones from national teams would require a 3rd party developer to put that deal together with the franchised teams.

  • I’m suprised Konami hasn’t made a Cardboard Box for the Urban Camo yet. I mean, its KONAMI after all.

  • Another awesome update can’t wait.

  • 6.99 for the Go Fish apartment…smh. This was FREE on EU. Why you guys don’t put it up in the pier park or whatever u guys may like. I’m not buying, another disappointment from Home….

    Lockwood bed look amazing I will buy 1 bundle of those, and check out this Yeti thing, not to mention ANOTHER COMPANION REWARD! omg Really… we need a storage for companions PRONTO, you guys should be more creative….

    Buying Granzella Weeding dresses :P oh yeah! too bad no date on update from they Beach :\

    Let me bet that those gold crap is in the exclusive store…smh again, that GOLD is not REAL!!!!! yes im yelling! This is ridiculous, stealing peoples money.

  • Glad to see the Cucumber furniture coming out this week as well as the Granzella items.

    I will definitely be buying the baby chicken, but why the random farm animals instead of something highly requested like a wolf of husky pet?

    Also glad to see the Go Fish game finally being release here, I will def. be purchasing it.

    • I really love the Cucumber collection from Lockwood too. They keep bringing truly fresh, high quality content to Home. Granzella does as well with all that they do. They both never cease to amaze me.

      To answer your question of the companion choices released, it’s up to the community to really raise their voice of interest in the Home Suggestions forum. These cute little guys (the new farm animal collection) began being created quite a while ago and just landed, plus sets tend to please the community more than one-off’s. Perhaps suggest a whole “lone wolf” set of some sort, including both predator and prey?

      We thought everyone would like the Go Fish, so we chatted with VEEMEE about importing it, and that meant re-engineering it in the form of a personal space for private enjoyment for you and your friends.

  • Hey GlassWalls, do you know if guests can win the underwater personal place from the Go Fish game?

    • I do not, but I have already sent off the question to the developer and am waiting a reply. Since they’re in London, I expect the answer will not arrive until tomorrow (it’s rather late there right now).

  • I have an update:

    The Granzella Wedding Items are not going this week as mentioned in the Virtual Item Showcase video. We are hoping to release them as soon with some more exciting stuff.

    The next thing I’d like to share is that the Yetis vs Hunters game will come as new, fresh freemium game play experience. This first week it releases will list some purchasable upgraded weaponry in the menu system, but these will not be available for purchase for the first week. That said, you will be able to fully enjoy the game in all its TPS glory. Yes, I said it—third-person shooter.

    The question remains, will you be the you the hunter or the hunted?

  • I love fishing, I’ll try this.

  • I would like to know if Go Fish will be region free, can we share with JP or HK?

  • Groundhog = Hammie Cuz’n :P

  • I’m looking forward to getting that underwater apartment and all the other great reward, I already got Neptune suite so why not another underwater home.Sweet update

  • Dragon Companion was made for Asia’s New Year! EU even got it for FREE no Work Required!

    Unlike USA who did it as a Quest that required 3 people to even get it. Most of us don’t have anyone to help us on these type of Quests so we missed out due to having 3 or more people BS! They need to stop doing quests that require 3 or more people it’s UNFAIR to us who can’t get these done due to this BS!

    I had to miss out on the Dragon on many of mine due to this BS! Please STOP and rethink these QUESTS ahead of time and don’t make us require 3 or more people it’s UNFAIR to most of us! And this act needs to stop!

    • Actually, *I* designed the Dragon and Groundhog companions and the Active Calendar for these quests, and out of the spirit of generosity for our fellow regions, we made them available to them and did not dictate how they were to be given out. Our region is experimenting with quests, and the feedback is nearly all satisfied, so expect a lot more. Requiring a PSN Friend or two to tag along on some quests is not hard and will continue into the future, but is intended to encourage our amazing community to connect a little bit more with existing friends and/or to make new ones. *hint hint*

  • Also where is the FREE item we were PROMISED for doing the THREE weeks of the MALL Item QUESTS? We were promised a Reward for doing all three weeks we would get a REWARD after that was COMPLETED… And yet we have not been given a REWARD as PROMISED! and u have not reported anything on this?

    What’s the 411 on this? Let us know?

    • To my knowledge, all rewards for those quests were working properly—you are the first I have heard this about, but I’ll be sure to check it out.

    • Btw, not all quests will have rewards, but in this case may lead you to free items in stores. Did you find them all?

  • Looking forward to the Hunters v Yetis thing. Sounds like fun. Thanks, G.

    • I am too. L_S and I have been secretly cooking up this game for some time, and we think everyone is going to love it. See you there!

  • DCS- It’s not that hard to do the quests that require other people. The other night, I stood in front of the Activity board in the Hub and asked for help with getting the dragon and the calendar. It took all of about 45 seconds to find two people willing to help. All you gotta do is ask, bro.

    • That’s what we hoped for and expected—simple cooperation among existing friends or with new ones. I hope you enjoyed it, as we did spend extra time on making the rewards really cool, original and exciting. These quests are relatively simple right now, but expect them to get a little bit more complex and hopefully even more fun.

  • Any word from veemee?

    also why do NA users have to pay 6.99 for a game that was free and in a public space in EU?

  • In regards to post #1 mentioning the Dragon, I think it’s really unfair that some of the quests to get these awesome rewards require you to do some of them with friends. If you’re like me whose friends never go to Home, we end up missing out on some cool stuff.

    Just something for you guys to think about…

    Also, please stop forcing us to play Texas Hold’em and Bootleggers in quests. That would be great.


  • Hello to whom this may concern,

    I was wondering why the companions have to have the owners id name with it. When the companions first came out they never had that. Why or how come that changed??

  • I like the groundhog! :)

  • First off, good to see the Ground Hog always the overlooked holiday.. Second, a comment on private spaces with games, and if you could comment back with your thoughts I would appreciate it. I think it would be beneficial to all parties if you guys would put in the description of the private spaces before purchase, what prizes an owner can get vs what a visitor will get.. I hear many ppl say they were scammed again, thinking they bought a space where their friends could obtain prizes when in fact only the owner could. Not good to keep stuff like that a secret.

  • @DCS-Tekken, i too despise these “bring a buddy” along quests too since i’m quite anti-social when it comes to Home, but if you need someone to help you out in case the groundhog quest requires us to have a friend tag along, just send me a friend request, i’ll help you out.

  • It looks like its going to be a nice free personal space thats coming out but it concerns me that you guys are going to make all personal spaces in the future like this where you have to buy things so that you can beat the game and get the free personal space. I have already boughten things for the aurora public place to get xp and i dont even want the items but i bought them so i can beat the game and get the free personal space. I would rather just buy the place out of the estates store instead of having to buy items that i dont want or use to beat a game just to get a personal space. Is there any personal spaces to buy in this update? And is this what the future of personal spaces in home is going to be? I’m an older woman and i dont like playing alot of kiddish games to get a free personal space. It is already taking me forever to get to level 100 to get the aurora personal space.

  • me and my husband are always on home along with our friends we have been comming on home since 2009 and we have collected alot of rewards and free stuff and we also bought alot of things for home but we do have a question we were wondering if there ever comes a point when we are to full in both areas whats going to happen or is this even possibble to have to much in both areas ???? even furniture ???? im justing asking !!!! but we do enjoy everything that sony has to offer ty for your time i hope u can answer my question ty!!!!!!

  • Oh please don’t make the Quest harder, I would nvr get any rewards! I love home, but I suck in games. I agree about that Bootlegger game,That thing almost made me pull my hair out! Had to collect 10 Barrels while idiots kept shooting at me, cause they didn’t realize I was doing the Quest, and even when I told them, they didn’t give a damn, finally I just gave up. I know your intent is to have people explore some of the games, but I will never step foot in Bootleggers again, just not a game for me. So looks like I will get certain rewards only, up to a point. It’s just too HARD!!!! I lose over 1/2 of rewards, because I just suck at games. Please think about people who love Home, but who are just not gamers. I have spent over $1000 dollars in Home buying lots of virtual stuff, so don’t punish us,or chase us away.

  • Yetis vs. Hunters is Central Plaza with snow and no buildings! LOL! Hub sucks, bring central plaza back as space, not as a core one, but bring it back!

  • good job again guys …. you never cease to amaze me …. given i hear alot of complaints about quests involving others they are not difficult at all … just be nice to people and simply ask them to add you as a friend *even if it’s just a temporary add* … i personally think that everyone involved with home is doing a great job … keep up the good work Glass & Locust ^ . ^ … P.S. as for the Go Fish I WILL FOR SURE BE BUYING IT … Thank you for continuing to make home a better place … Have Fun ^ . ^

    I really enjoy playing poker at the poker room’s,can you please tell me how you can just do absolutely nothing about all those lame people that have glitched millions of chips,no chance of ever getting on the leaderboard with all those cheaters glitching millions and then sharing them round to their friends,in my opinion it seems all sony is interested in is releasing more ad more content to buy rathe than spend time fixing things that have problems,oh yeah even Doggass was caught taking chips from someone this morning smh what is wrong with these people that they are so desperate thay have to cheat.

  • Great :)

  • Ok maybe its Just me ,but I dont see the new wedding stuff in any place Ive looked in Granzella .. So am I missing Something ?? and I have looked everywhere at this point so wheres it at ??

  • ive played the fishing game got all but 2 fish logged off ran to the store got back on to play again but missin the last to rods so i cant try to get the last two fish is there a problem with the game?

  • FAIL @ Granzella’s wedding items not even being in this update despite the advertised video. Also, it would be certainly nice if our avatars weren’t inserted automatically into a public space like we have been lately into the Mall, now the Hub -_-. And the automatic noob help-tutorial system is very annoying too, having have to turn that off every time we sign into Home.

  • Yetis vs Hunters is awesome.

  • Just as i assumed,my comment has been ignored,didn’t really expect a reply,it seems if you don’t post something within a couple of hours of this blog being posted then forget any chance of a response.And i agree with something someone said last week HOME is going rapidly downhill,the amount of comments people post on this blog is pathetic compared to other articles,some people need to get their act together and sort out HOME, it’s becoming a shambles.

  • Same issue as everyone else with Go Fish. Can’t access last two rods. And when I caught the Catfish it wouldn’t register in the game that I caught it and got no rewards for it. Also, my friends didn’t get the aquarium for the fish they caught. Can guests get that? Also, can guests get the Underwater Apartment too?

  • hey guys! ok theres a proble with the Go Fishing game. its a great game and really fun. well anyways when u play the game u unlock the big daddy right? ok the next day its gone all your rods and bait gone except the noob. u paly it for hours to try to unlock it. but u never can unlock the rods agian i cleard my chase and every thing and it still wont work so im thinking it on yall end its happend to my friends that visit or own it. u guys do a great job im a big fan and addicted thank u. your Homie Biz :)

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