Yetis vs. Hunters Invades PlayStation Home This Wednesday

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Yetis vs. Hunters Invades PlayStation Home This Wednesday

Dr. Abraham Zucco — eccentric billionaire, brilliant anthropologist, and global adventurer — has traveled the world far and wide in search of the Yeti or “Abominable Snowman.” Recent sightings and mysterious footprints have convinced the famed explorer that an entire colony of creatures is somewhere in PlayStation Home. The wealthy hunter has offered great rewards to anyone who can capture the violent and territorial beast. This Wednesday, January 25th, scores of hunters will descend on PlayStation Home to take down these vicious monsters. They’ll quickly learn that these creatures don’t go down without a fight, and that they’ve enlisted the help of some sympathetic souls that prefer hunting people to gunning down large humanoids. Which side will you be on?

This Wednesday also sees the launch of VEEMEE’s Go Fish Tropical Island personal space. Invite your friends over to play Go Fish! from the pier. Owners receive an aquarium they can place in any personal space to show off their fish collection, as well as a variety of exclusive unlockable clothing and furniture rewards. Cast off and wrestle with a variety of exotic fish, ranging from the Psychedelic Leery to the Toxic Moofty and the Tribal Tatsnarf. If you can manage to catch them all – including the three Legendary Fish – and receive the highly-coveted Underwater Apartment absolutely free! What could be better at the end of a hard days fishing than relaxing in your own crib under the sea, watching the fish go by?

Lockwood’s Cucumber line isn’t just about eye-popping colors (although there are still some of those in their latest collection) they also have a strong desire to create useable sets that will help you set the scene in your personal space. Whether the look you’re aiming to achieve is one of contemporary chic or peaceful comfort that expresses your personality, Cucumber has the furniture for you. Large double beds in a variety of colors with matching drawers and lamps are coming to the Lockwood Publishing store this Wednesday. Check ‘em out!

The PlayStation Home Community Theater will be updated on Wednesday with Replay with Doc’s interview with Twisted Metal’s legendary game director David Jaffe (God of War, Calling All Cars) and the latest from HomeCast Rewind. Those of you that come by will even receive a limited-edition Replay with Doc reward!

The PlayStation Home Mall is getting updated this week with new farm animal companions (baby chicken, pig, sheep, and donkey – available as a bundle), new animated gold and silver accessories, and new additions to Konami’s line of Urban Camo items.

That’s not all – we have a new Quest releasing this Wednesday to help you celebrate Groundhog’s Day. Go to the Activity Board to take the Rodent’s Prediction Quest and earn this exclusive groundhog companion!

Groundhogs Day in PlayStation Home

See you in Home!

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