Twisted Metal Goes Gold, Comes with Starhawk Sweet Tooth Skin

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Twisted Metal Goes Gold, Comes with Starhawk Sweet Tooth Skin

Hey everyone, I’m back with some great news—Twisted Metal‘s gone gold in North America! We—the crew over at Eat Sleep Play and Sony Santa Monica—have been working so hard for the past few years and it’s tough to express just how happy we are to be one enormous step closer to putting Twisted Metal in your hands this coming Valentine’s Day. We put a lot of love into this game and can’t wait for you all to play it and let us know what you think.

But the good news doesn’t stop there. Our friends over at LightBox Interactive have been cooking up something really amazing, and I’m excited to show it to you all today—the Sweet Tooth Outcast Multiplayer skin for Starhawk, coming May 8th! Every copy of Twisted Metal will include a voucher for this awesome skin. On top of that, if you pre-order Twisted Metal you’ll get early access to Axel and a free upgrade to the Limited Edition that comes with a code to download Twisted Metal: Black.

Twisted Metal: Starhawk Sweet Tooth

We’ll be sharing even more news up through Twisted Metal’s February 14th launch, so be on the lookout! Until then, let us know—what about Twisted Metal are you most excited for?

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  • sweet..

  • Cant wait for that game!!! One of my most anticipated game this year!

  • nice bonus :)

  • Great. Any idea what bonuses will be given to EU?

  • This is awesome, I’m probably gonna pick up TM. However, the Starhawk beta is very disappointing compared to Warhawk so I’ll probably be skipping Starhawk even though I LOVED Warhawk. It really pales in comparison and many people agree.

  • I seriously yelled “Oh My God” When I saw the skin!!! It looks so freaking awesome!

    So, we are not only getting Twisted Metal if we buy it day one, but we get Axel, (If we preorder) Mutliplayer skin for Starhawk! And Twister Metal Black! You guys rule!! More reasons to get this game, dang this is going to be a great year PS3!

    Thanks for the news Chad! Now the hard part, waiting for Feb 14th to roll on by :(

  • That is easily one of the coolest characters I have ever seen. Amazing how well they blend together honestly.

  • Someone is generous.

  • I’m most excited about the story, it looks great, and of couse the multiplayer!

  • Siiiiiiiiick!

  • Dylan and Harvard should already know that I’m getting Starhawk. Now, I think I need to keep my order with Newegg for Twisted Metal! Great work, guys!

  • Oh You know I’m not a fan of what I’ve seen of Starhawk but damn that skin is sick as hell. Kind of makes me want to pick up the game.

    What I really want though is some Twisted Metal Avatars and Dashboard skins.

  • AWESOME!! so that can only mean there might other characters
    from other games on starhawk in the future. maybe?

  • oh and will that blade be a swap weapon?

  • Since I have zero interest in multi-player, I now have two things to sell!

    The Online Pass (blech!) + this costum… I mean “skin”!

    Now I’m more than happy Mr. Jaffe convinced me to pick this up because now I’ll be getting a fun game at a bit of a discount if I’m luck.y enough to get rid of those codes. :D

  • By the way can Axel be used offline or is he another online MP-only thing?… Regardless, I need to get back in the TM groove so I’ll be replaying TM2, Black, HO: ETE these next couple of weeks and try to beat them for the first time in my life without cheats! Wish me luck :o

  • I really hope this sells decent…enough to make some money. But personally, I have never played a Twisted Metal game; but is excited to try the demo.

  • That skin is awesome.

  • When will Sweet Tooth be available in Uncharted 3 skins?

  • *Suddenly is reminded of Jason X*
    Guys, it’s okay, he just wanted his machete back!

  • This is beyond awesome….I love Sweet Tooth….I’m playing starhawk Beta everyday and….woow that game is too amazing exceeded all my expectations can’t wait for the campaign…also can barely wait for Twisted Metal…hope that I can get one limited edition…want TM Black to have some

  • Will the PS Vita be able to play TM: B? Or the actual Twisted Metal? Either through Remote Play or the real game? I have the PS Vita Pre-ordered and am looking forward to play some TM on it if that’s possible. :) Thanks.

  • Is there going to be a Twisted Metal dome or 60 minute game trial at all

  • Great news. But what about gamers in europe?
    Do we get this?
    If so, how?

    You see, I’m (and I’m certain that a lot of people are too) a bit tired of having to see all these cool pre-orders bonuses for the american gamers WHO DON’T buy your games and we here in europe are left with… that’s right, the leftovers. By leftovers, I mean nothing. No pre-order bonuses whatsoever.
    At most we get special editions with those pre-orders which cost 10 euros more than the regular edition.

    Not fair right?
    But unfortunately, these actions aren’t restricted to sony. Every other company does that.

  • Looks like I’m buying my kids Twisted Metal so I can rob that Skin Code :-p I remember the first TM… it was slick…. perhaps I’ll enjoy this one too :)

  • It’s the gift that keeps on giving. Easily a day one purchase for me, regardless of all this free stuff.

    I love everything about Twisted Metal. I’ve been waiting so long for a fresh new take on the TM universe ever since I played Black nearly a decade ago.

    There’s never been a contender for a better car combat experience: There’s the surreal and darkly humorous world, yet twisted characters with tangible motives. And it’s a game where you can just sit on the couch or take it online with some buddies for friendly competition. TM has always had a fair playing field where every car has its awesome special power and strengths/weaknesses, but all the pickups are accessible to everybody who’s willing to seek them out; as with any multiplayer, this is vital for its longevity.

    It controls very much like a fighter game only with vehicles (not realistic, but it feels visceral), and without the ridiculously complicated combos and claustrophobic fighting stage. Instead of being boxed in, it takes place in this loony world so players are free to explore it and learn the terrain for tactical superiority.

  • I’m more excited that the game has finally gone gold and is for sure coming on valentines day.

  • This trend for cross-game promotion for PS exclusives is pretty darn smart marketing.

  • Can’t thank Eat Sleep Play enough for reviving this classic franchise on my favorite HD console and being so transparent with the fans without spoiling too much. I appreciate all your hardwork and dedication, Chad.

  • awesome!!!

  • i guess this is DLC but how would we be able to get it off if we get tired of it in starhawk,also will it be in the ps store?

  • Great Job with the sweet tooth i have a feeling im going to be seeing alot of Epic looking characters.

  • “pre-order Twisted Metal you’ll get early access to Axel and a free upgrade to the Limited Edition that comes with a code to download Twisted Metal: Black.”

    This is nice, but seems like Gamestop has no clue regarding the upgrade to Limited Edition, I call and even went to a few local ones and all the same, only thing they know of is the Axel bonus, so I don’t know if this is error on communication error between you guys, but any chance you can get it all straighten out so those who pre-ordered it from Gamestop like myself will not get robbed out of the upgrade. Amazon shows it, so i just need to know if I need to cancel with Gamestop and go with Amazon before its to late.

  • Wait a minute. I’m totally confused now and likely not the only one. I don’t work at Gamestop, or Best Buy and certainly don’t work at Walmart. I get an employee discount where I do work for video games. So, because I’m not Pre-Ordering the game, I’m not getting the Limited Edition? I thought everyone was getting the Limited Edition. I’m confused. I thought Jaffe said all of them would be Limited Edition. If I want to Pre-Order the game, I have to drive 30 minutes to Pre-Order at a Gamestop, that sucks….

  • I’m most excited to play one of my all time favorite franchises and have what’s going to be the best multiplayer of this generation. TM2 got me into gaming and TMB and TM2 are complete masterpieces.

    I’ve been waiting for this game for over 10 years and cannot wait to jump back into this world! WOOOOO!!! When is the demo coming? Next week? Please, for the love of God I can’t wait anymore!

  • For those asking about the vouchers included in limited editions of TM:
    The limited edition isn’t some special collector’s edition. Jaffe has said that it simply means there’s a code included in the box for first print copies. That means they’re going to sell an initial wave of copies through retailers and if it’s a hit then they’ll print more copies, which won’t include any voucher. You could very well walk into a store the first week and still happen upon a copy with the vouchers included in it.

    It’s not exclusively a pre-order bonus, only Axel is a pre-order exclusive for 30 days.

    Hope this has helped you better understand.

  • I’m not sure what (or who) that is in the picture but it’s certainly not Sweet Tooth. However, the new Twisted Metal looks like it will be a huge disappointment much like Starhawk is a huge disappointment. I’d rather play more Warhawk than that so called “spiritual successor”. I don’t see why they didn’t put 2012’s “Mr. Grimm” in Starhawk instead. That character has already been ruined for the new Twisted Metal so he would fit better in a game like this.

  • Cool. Who wants to buy the skin off from me. lol I don’t play or know what Starhawk is and I won’t be playing that. Cool skin though. Pre-ordered my copy TM a couple of weeks ago. I’ve also got Raccoon City and Resident Evil 6 on hold.

  • I have the hunter skin and now im getting this skin! yeah

  • Sweet , both games are going to be rad.

  • I already have Twisted Metal preordered and paid off. TM1 was the first great game for the PS1 and among its best titles. TM2 was an extraordinary sequel, a true classic. TM: Black was the first great game for the PS2, also among its best games. I also agree that both TM2 and TM:B are masterpieces. Tired of the naysayers (trolls) claiming otherwise but it appears that the new Twisted Metal is definitely among the games most worth getting excited about.

    Although I’ve been less then thrilled about the Starhawk beta, I also still plan on picking it up as well. I will give Lightbox the benefit of the doubt because of Warhawk’s quality. Its the best online multiplayer I’ve ever played. This bonus is very cool and will be put to use right away.

    I also am waiting impatiently for Twisted Metal avatars, skins and merchandise.

    Also, DeadSpider, should you come back to this comment section, you do know that the new TM really isn’t aimed at kids, right?

  • Awesome! I pre-ordered TM last week. Twisted Metal is one of my favorite series of all time, and I can’t wait to play this one. I’m probably most excited to just try out the game, since it’s been so long since Black came out.

  • Damn, looks great. Kinda Want.

  • More extra toppings on top of this already gonna be excellent game!!

  • Looks pretty bad ass im gunna use it but it would have been cool to make it a skin for whichever character you use

  • nice, can we have sweet tooth’s skin and starhawk’s skin in u3 please…

  • Cancelled my pre-order. I’m not paying $60 for any game that uses an online pass system. PSN is supposed to be free, not back loaded with hidden fees. The whining about used games sales is immature at best. The industry did just fine for 20+ years with used games sales.

  • Already on pre-order, can’t wait. Any chance we will see Sweet Tooth make an appearance at the Super Bowl?

  • For the Plus members be sure to watch Qore Eps 44, it has a nice video on new TM and stuff you can expect, looks sick as hell, can’t wait

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