PSN Top Sellers: Sonic CD Races to the Top in December 2011

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PSN Top Sellers: Sonic CD Races to the Top in December 2011

We’re a bit late this month due to the post-holiday rush, but we’re ready to go over December 2011’s top-selling PSN content!

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The release of the fan favorite Sonic CD was big enough to dethrone inFAMOUS: Festival of Blood from the top spot this month. Hats off to our favorite blue hedgehog! In PS one Classics, the battle for the top spot saw a changing of the guard with new release Final Fantasy VI, while Crash Bandicoot snuck in to the top 5 to shake things up a bit. Lastly, horror adventure Corpse Party continues to dominate the PSP charts, while sports content for FIFA Soccer ‘12 and NHL ‘12 formed the majority of the top 5 Add-Ons.

What PSN content warmed your holidays the most? Got any predictions for next month’s top sellers? Let us know in the comments below and we’ll see you in February with January’s top PSN hits.

Top 20 PSN and PS3 Full Games

PSN Top Sellers: Sonic CD Races to the Top in December 2011
1) Sonic CD – This cult-classic gets the attention it deserves with a PSN release. Experience new twists on the classic Sonic the Hedgehog gameplay!
2) inFAMOUS 2 Festival of Blood
3) NBA JAM: On Fire Edition
4) PAYDAY: The Heist
5) Trine 2 – This December new release delivers ingenious co-op gameplay, devilish puzzles, and some of the loveliest visuals on PSN.
6) Castle Crashers
7) Saints Row 2
8) Resident Evil 4
9) Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection
10) Voltron: Defender of the Universe
11) Penny Arcade Adventures: OTRSPOD, Episodes 1 and 2
12) Scene It? Movie Night
13) Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath HD – No ordinary HD remake, the developers overhauled character models and more to bring a fresh new experience. It’s on sale in Playstation Plus as well until 1/31/12.
14) Dungeon Defenders
15) Battlefield 1943
16) Midnight Club Los Angeles Complete Edition
17) Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition
18) Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare – A true generational landmark for First Person Shooters, COD4 recently made its debut in the PS3 Full Game category and came in strong in December.



Top 5 PS3 Add-Ons

BF3_BacktoKarkand_addon_thumb_EN1) FIFA Soccer 12 – PREMIUM GOLD JUMBO
3) Batman: Arkham City – Arkham City Skins Pack
4) Battlefield 3 – Back to Karkand – PSN players got to go Back to Karkand first in this bombastic Add-On for Battlefield 3.
5) NHL 12 – Jumbo Mega Deal Pack



Top 5 PSone Classics

FFVI_PSoneClassic_thumb_EN1) FINAL FANTASY VI – Part of Square-Enix’s ‘Winter of RPGs’, Final Fantasy VI jumped to the top of the charts in its December release.
5) Crash Bandicoot



Top 5 PSP Games

GTAVice_title_thumb_USFR1) Corpse Party
2) NBA 2K12 PSP
3) Mega Man Maverick Hunter X
4) Need For Speed Most Wanted
5) Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories – Perhaps the hype building around the upcoming GTA V spurred PSP players to get Vice City Stories into the Top 5.

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7 Author Replies

  • Congrats to Corpse Party for being the #1 PSP game in December. Hope it continues to do well.

  • Way to go Mega Man Maverick Hunter X at #3!

  • NBA 2K12, Mega Man, and Need 4 Speed.

    Sounds Good!

  • Can’t wait to see The Simpsons Arcade Game at the top of that list :p

  • inFAMOUS 2 Festival of Blood and Penny Arcade Adventures: OTRSPOD, Episodes 1 and 2 are the only games from this list that i thought were worth buying.

    • To each their own! I really dug Sonic CD and enjoyed the weird but welcome gameplay quirks it brought to the old Sonic formula. It’s like an alternate reality of games that would have been if 32-Bit systems hadn’t come in strong.

  • If that many people bought Castle Crashers, then I am definitely going to need to hop on there again. I’ve been craving it for some time now.

  • Can we get some actual numbers along with this list? Sonic CD being first is great, selling 7,000 downloads? Not so much.

    Every single time I see PSN sales lists without numbers just make me think the PSN can’t sell games and Sony doesn’t want people to see the horrendous numbers. So they don’t show them.

  • SEGA doing great, as usual. Sony, you just need a Ryu Ga Gotoku for the Vita and the Vita will sell like hot cakes.

  • dear sony #sopa that is all.

  • Nice to see Sony CD at #1.

  • can you please add max payne 1, 2 on playstation 2 classics? would be awesome if you did :)

  • I just picked up Payday the Heist today i felt the demo was good so it was well worth a purchase. And the sale for plus members is even better.

    • I’m interested to see if the current 12 for ’12 sale will get a few of those titles in next month’s top sellers. Lots of good stuff on sale there.

  • Good List. Im still waiting for a sale to pick up Limbo. I would love to see a demo for Corps Party, I want to try that out also. @#7, Castle Crashers is AWESOME. pick it up. So im sitting here thinking of how great it will be when I get my Vita and transfer my copy of Marvel vs Capcom 2 , to play on the go….OMG.

  • Tridakirous brings up a valid point. I remember seeing a few blog postings last year showing graphs and pie charts with absolutely no data to back them up. I guess nobody inside the company ever attended university or college of any kind. Nor held any other jobs elsewhere. In nearly every case if someone makes these sort of claims it must be backed up with the numbers. not doing so will result in others calling BS and rightly so. Simply putting it out there doesn’t make it so.

  • I’m sure Sony, as well as the publishers, don’t want to release exact numbers. What benefit is it to them to release numbers, all it does is make their company more transparent, which isn’t exactly a great thing in the business world. I’m surprised they even post what the top selling games are.

    If you don’t want to believe the list and call it BS, that is fine.

  • Great to see Corpse Party hanging on strong. I know XSeed took a chance bringing that over, so I hope they’re happy with the sales thus far.

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  • Glad to see Castle crashers and Dungeon Defenders selling strong! both of those games are worth $15 and if you haven’t already… pick up Dungeon Defenders! It’s half off!

    @J-tight uh… What? There was… no … trailer in this .. post? So you’re kind of… eh I don’t want to get into it. Egoraptor is the only reason I’m watching the Tester anyways.

  • Here’s a helpful suggestion and NO, I don’t want to go to the forum to submit it. But details such as a YES OR NO for FORCE FEEDBACK SUPPORT for all PSN sold games would be appreciated on the info screen.

    I bought both off PSN and CODMW4 and Tom Clancys GRAW2 both DO NOT have rumble, and just so you know playing a shooter on console without it sucks.

  • I think this list has to be wrong. Calling All Cars sold a million downloads this week. How was that not number 1?

    Seriously, Calling All Cars isn’t even on the list. PSN games must be the hottest games ever. If a million selling game doesn’t even make it into the top 20 is amazing.

    Congrats to Sonic CD though, damn number 1 out of these games. I’m astounded.

    (and yes I will continue doing this until we all get answers)

    • You might be a bit confused here. This isn’t an all time best sellers list. This is a list of the content that sold the most in the month of December. Rest assured, Calling All Cars did not sell 1MM units in Dec 2011; although it’d be amazing if it did!

  • ^What on Earth are you talking about?

  • Calling All Cars selling 1 million this week? Highly doubt it… it doesn’t even have an online server anymore.

  • Betting the only reason that Penny Arcade Adventures: OTRSPOD, Episodes 1 and 2 even made the list was the huge sale they had (which even I took advantage of).

    @J-tight – *waves*

    @ReptileHand – Egoraptor reminds of of Jimmy Fallon, only with less talent…if thats possible.

    @Tridrakious – Calling All Cars did not make a million sales this week, nor had it hit a million sales since its launch. Even David Jaffe said the game was a mistake. The games multiplayer servers were even shut down…sounds like a real winner to me.

  • Good list of games there, still haven’t gotten a chance to pick up Corpse Party though. I’m also glad to see Stranger’s Wrath HD land so high (especially considering it was only available the last week of December).

  • Sonic at the top of the list just goes to show that if you price games reasonably, people will buy them.

  • @Psikorps Eh I wouldn’t say Egoraptor has less talent that Jimmy Fallon. If you’ve heard his (egoraptors) voice acting, you’d know.

    Ah I didn’t even see Penny Arcade on the list! Yes I did buy that as part of the sale, $3 was a steal, and also Penny Arcade / Hothead is making a third episode =D

  • Wow….okay forget what I said. People here have not heard of sarcasm apparently. Was attempting to make a point of how a sales chart with no numbers to back up the position isn’t a sales chart.

    I never claimed my smartass comment was lifetime sales either. I was stating that anyone can just claim sales positions and what sold how much without have any source to support the placement on a list like this.

    Went over a couple people’s heads here. Anyway, returning you now to your regularly scheduled PR list.

    Yay! Sonic CD beat the competition in December! Wow! *faceslam*

  • I bought megaman back when the umd first came out then on the psn because it was worth the 15 bucks, personally it’s one of my favourite games of all time. Also I’m praying they do maverick hunter X 2 and Maverick hunter X3 and make it for Vita some time soon. After playing maverick hunter X i can’t go back! It’s to amazing and i’m so proud people are buying that great game!

  • @tylerh1701 its best you stop talking now as you have no idea how business really works. These are publicly traded companies. Transparancy and sales figures publicly available are MANDATORY as part of their SEC filings. To refuse to release the info or worse yet lie about it isn’t just misleading its illegal. Thats exactly the sort of thing that exposed the corporate fraud among companies like Nortel & Enron, not just the fraud itself but the completely false filings in attempt to cover it up. Next time I suggest you look it up before pretending to be the expert which you are clearly not.

  • @Morgan Haro – How about you guys start including the figures behind the top sellers, it would be interesting to see how far ahead some positions are from others.

    @Tridrakious – Sarcasm on the internet is like winking on the phone. Your wit though is really astounding…*cough*

    @tylerh1701 – Sales figures are matters of public domain if the stock in the forementioned companies is also publically traded.

    @CaptainJames99 – Correct, ty for pointing it out.

    • We won’t be posting these numbers; primarily because it’s confidential between the ourselves and the respective publishers/individual developers, etc. These aren’t necessarily our numbers to share; know what I mean?

  • Certain financial statements are required to be made public to shareholders in a company. Things like income statements, balance sheets, etc. Sega DOESN’T have to report sales of every single game they publish and release.

  • I can vouch for Sonic CD being on top. I bought it for my Xperia Play and my PS3.

    It would still be nice to have a small merge with the Xperia Play and the PSN =/.

  • I too think it would be nice to see some numbers. just to see how big the community is. as i own Castle crasher for little over a year i believe and during that time i never could play online because noone was on. Now seeing it at number 6 could mean a whole bunch of people are online as we speak, but without the numbers one can never know.

    I’m quite surprise you actually list some psp games. considering the lack of content we have been getting these past few years i would have just assumed you stop supporting it. still i wouldnt consider this supporting the psp just filling categories in.

    I know this isnt the place the to ask let alone get a question answered, but i really hope in the coming weeks we see a lot of psp content as the Vita is coming out soon. i just want to be able to play great games like Crisis Core on my Vita, while also enjoying other psp/vita games.

  • Nice to see Corpse Party got some love, it was really a great game. Also the only horror game I’ve played this gen to have actual horror.

  • Nice to see Sonic CD on top of the chart for December Sonic The Hegehog is getting his fame back again in slow steps

  • What are the odds you start including a Top 20 most played PSN games list? It would be nice to see the most active games over on PSN.

  • Why not add To 5 minis? Or top 5 PS2?

  • castle crashers online support is terrible. nobody is online and the server sucks at connecting people. avoid it.

  • I bought sonic cd way back I am glad that my fav character is doing great and I want ton ask Sony and sega to add sonic avatars I would buy in a flash
    Finally go go sonic go go sonic

    • SEGA owns the keys to submitting for Sonic based avatars so definitely hit them up on their community boards to let them know whatcha want: to show your Sonic pride all over PSN!

  • Anyone who’s a fan of old school JRPG’S should check out Chrono Cross. That game was just beautiful. Great graphics(for it’s time), great soundtrack, epic story, TONS of characters, just all around JRPG goodness. And for $10 that’s a steal.

  • Funny how NFSMW is still at the top of the charts after so long :D well anyway please continue making great PSP games even after its successors release.

  • Sonic CD. Great game at a great price. It definitely deserves the top spot.

  • Its quite absurd this blog post is here to advertise “top sellers” which by itself is fine. But to spin some wild yarn about devs or publishers not wanting sales numbers out is beyond silly. Look way back to GT5’s launch, soon after sales figures came out and were quite high, and reported on this blog, as have a few games since then such as Uncharted 3. but claiming the numbers are suddenly akin to a state secret is like having your cake and eating it too. Prima Facia absurdity. It’s not a difficult concept to grasp, I call it put up or shut up.

  • Legend of Dragoon.

    Stop stalling and give us it already!

  • What happened to the free $6 for signing up for Playstation emails, to use for Videos Unlimited?

  • Morgan Haro why are you soo useless?

  • Back to Karkand was a great add on, great maps and weapons. Awesome it was free since I pre ordered the Limted edition and even sweeter that we got it a week early. Im surprised the Arkham city Skins pack beat the Arkham city Robin and Nightwing add ons.

  • the guy asking for sonic avatar and you replying to go ask SEGA! LOL what a great way to dont give a F u c K

  • Nice : D

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