New on Video Unlimited and Music Unlimited

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New on Video Unlimited and Music Unlimited
New on Video Unlimited and Music Unlimited

This week, the Video Unlimited library adds Drive in the U.S. (available two weeks before its DVD release!) and The Ides of March (U.S. and Canada). For music fans, find out how to sync your Music Unlimited library and playlists to Sony Walkman devices and check out new releases from Anthony Green, Kathleen Edwards, and Leona Lewis.

Head over to the new Sony Entertainment Network Blog today for the latest updates on new movies, music and more!

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  • When you will offer these services in Mexico?

  • hello and thank you

  • Is canada getting music unlimited anytime soon? or a decent video library for quebec?

  • nice stuff

  • What a joke. aside from the first and fifth comments with valid questions its all the same shill with false praise. The selection is limp, prices are horrendous, and DRM that would make the most hardcore communist proud. Anyone thinking of buying (or even renting) video here should walk away. If you do and your hdd crashes consider yourself ripped off, same goes if the download ins disrupted in any way cause theres no option to backup or download again what you legally paid for. If a store sells (or rents) you a blu-ray or dvd and the case is empty they’ll exchange it, if this company does the online equivalent they’ll pretty much tell you “screw you, buy it again”

  • I like the format of Video Unlimited better than the other video services available on the PS3. Will we ever see this format carry over to the PlayStation Store? It would be nice to view both games and movies in this way, with games tagged and sorted to allow for a smoother process.

  • I haven’t been on the PS store for a while. Did Video unlimited replace the PS video store? If not, I don’t get why they would have two video stores. If it did replace it, I hope we can still use PSN cards to buy videos.

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