MLB 12 The Show Cover Revealed

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MLB 12 The Show Cover Revealed

Back in November we announced Adrian Gonzalez as our cover athlete for MLB 12 The Show, and today we are excited to reveal that cover image. When sports fans look for MLB 12 The Show on store shelves beginning March 6th, they’ll see the Red Sox All-Star first baseman gracing a cover that has a new, sleek look and one that makes a bold statement – “Highest Rated Sports Game 4 Years in a Row.” Here’s a glimpse…

MLB 12 The Show Box Art (PS3 & Vita)

The Show has been and continues to be the market leading and most realistic baseball title of this console generation and the number-one rated sports video game over the past four years, so we’re psyched to have one the best all-around players in baseball representing MLB 12. The first overall pick by the Florida Marlins in the 2000 MLB Draft, Gonzalez has ascended to the top of his sport, both on the field and at the plate. He is a four-time All-Star (2008-2011), three-time Rawlings Gold Glove winner (2008, 2009, 2011), and 2011 Silver Slugger Award winner.

Adrian Gonzalez

Here’s a look a few news articles highlighting our features, as well as Adrian Gonzalez: Operation Sports (MLB 12 @ CES), (developer interview), MLB Network (Gonzalez interview), IGN (studio visit), (Gonzalez interview), (first screenshots), (studio visit), and (Gonzalez interview). MLB 12 The Show will hit stores on March 6, 2012 for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita, just in time for Spring Training. Be sure to keep an eye on the PlayStation.Blog and for more information in the coming days and weeks on this year’s game.

Welcome to The Show!

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  • I like the cover! The red is a good change from the blue the last couple of years with Mauer on the front.

  • Will there be a demo for the PS Vitao (not a fan of baseball or baseball games, but willing to give it a shot)?

  • Love that this is coming. Will the Vita cover look the same? Can we get a non Red Sox for it? :)

  • it is a shame that Adrian Gonzalez was never on the cover when he was dominating while playing for the San Diego Padres.

    seeing how MLB the Show series is made in San Diego for years only shows you guys are a disgrace for falling into the biased media and not supporting him years ago while he was on a small market team.

  • @5 Agreed. East Coast teams only, huh?

  • Minnesota is on the east coast? :P

  • im not a huge gonzalez fan, but the years he had in S.D were good/solid..

    what he did this year was amazing.
    and for many years boston was not gracing covers of any game. until they started winning championships.
    even then it did not help get a red sox player on the cover.. garnett graced nba 2k and he was passed his prime.

    but in san diego gonzalez did not have a year that was explosive. and even if he did it still comes down to popularity , fan base etc for who paints a cover.
    but this year one could not overlook the fact that he dominated in just about every category worth mentioning.
    average, hits, ribbies,slugging, obp, runs etc.. either claiming the top spot or ranking 2nd or 3rd..regardless of what uniform he wore, it was the fact that he did something special this year. he dominated, when he retires and you flip his playing card im sure 2011 season will be his best season, one which is hard to duplicate.
    regardless of what uniform he wore when he did it, fact remains he is a PADRE in a sox uniform. it was also because of the lineup that did ensure runs, ribbies..his bat was on fire this year

  • im just happy TEEBOW didnt make the cover somehow,lol.. dont be surprised if he is on maddens cover next year.. its not always about stats and championships as we all know.
    i was hoping to see a pitcher on the cover this year, verlander was great, cc had a good year. i could care less about the cover, of any game.. i care about the guts/inside. hats , jersey’s are good for supporting sports/players.
    and online show games are a good way to rep your team.. but this is a good sign gonzalez will have a 99 rating,lol. i just hope they can KEEP the rating system fair.. 99 rating is perfect basically.. they have toned it down, but the same players seem to have near perfect ratings every year
    speaking of san diego. .
    one of the best hitters of all time, a padre..T.GWYNN.
    he seemed to hit the ball at will, where he wanted when he wanted..
    he retired in a way which is almost a rarity now a days, in his beloved team uniform.
    stuck out the good and bad, loyal and one of the best hitters to walk the earth.

  • i also surpised that many detroit fans are not upset that verlander had won the mvp AND cy young which is not an easy feat, but was overlooked for a mvp runner up
    it usually comes down to mvp and what league they choose.
    pedroia mvp, 2008 cover 09
    mauer mvp 2009 cover 10
    hamilton mvp 2011 , cover 11 MAUER AGAIN???

    so explain what happened there?lol..

  • edit, league meaning A.L./N.L.
    and those were all A.L mvp’s which was an example of who was mvp, the cover since 2008 season.
    i would question the nerit of mauer having back 2 back covers.

    spamming the shows box art like im spamming this article ,lol

  • …can’t wait for the ps3 demo to come out! Hope there’s one for the Vita, too!

  • i know a lot of it has to do with being the “cover’ pick means promotional obligations.

    is why Josh Hamilton was not the cover in 2011

  • Will have it feature a “complete team collapse in the last month” feature?

  • switch it up with a pitcher sometime i wanna see Roy Halladay on the cover or better yet why not go with the mvp 03 like cover a pitcher and batter. (Johnson and Tejada)

  • so, we have a guy from a team that didnt even make the playoffs, over many more deserving players from teams that actually did.
    The Show is a great game, but their covers have really been lacking. i mean, now the have adrian gonzalas, and before that they had Maur for 2 straight years.
    They should have choose someone like Chris Carpenter or David Freeze.

  • At least it’s not Mauer again.

  • Will Yu Darvish be on the cover next year???

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