PlayStation Home Updates With New Games, Quests, Rewards & Music

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PlayStation Home Updates With New Games, Quests, Rewards & Music

PlayStation Home has been updated today with new quests, rewards, music, videos, collectible items, and more. To start, we’ll be releasing a new personal space: the Gothic Manor. Set in a cool night environment, this exquisite gothic estate rewards all visitors with a special collectible item (space includes an extra bonus “secret room” for players that own at least three sections of the Mansion). Check out this video tour my buddy Magnus and his butler put together for you; you can even take your own tour in the Gothic Manor personal space before picking up this spooky pad from the Estates store in the PlayStation Home Mall.

PlayStation Home Updates With New Games, Quests, Rewards & Music

When you approach the Activity Board today, you’ll notice two new quests that will reward players with limited-edition collectibles not available anywhere else. Take the Home Memories Tour to unlock the 2012 Home Active Calendar and then celebrate the impending Chinese New Year and receive this awesome dragon companion – the largest companion ever made available in PlayStation Home.


Hip hop fans will be overjoyed this week when we release two brand new boom boxes packed with some of the most slamming tracks you’ve ever heard. Visit the Exclusives store in the PlayStation Home Mall today to pick up new jams from El-P and NYC-based rap label Duck Down Records, home to established rap groups Black Moon, Smif-N-Wessun, Sean Price, and more!

PlayStation Home: BoomboxPlayStation Home: Boombox

Admit it – everyone loves ponies. This is why you’re sure to be stoked by the latest herd of Lockwood’s Stitchkins, available today in PlayStation Home. Starshine and Aurora are big-eyed unicorns who stamp their little hooves to get your attention. If you wouldn’t be caught dead hanging out with a pink pony, then Nimbus and Storm are more your style. Longer-limbed Pegasus, these winged miniature horses never give up trying to fly, even if their stubby wings aren’t quite big enough to lift them. Whichever you choose, their equine antics are sure to brighten up your day.

PlayStation Home Updates With New Games, Quests, Rewards & Music

Silent Hill fans have two new costumes to add to their collection. Head to the PlayStation Home Mall to pick up the James Sunderland and Heather Mason costumes, available today in the Konami store. Check ‘em out!

PlayStation Home: Silent Hill - Heather & James

That’s not all – we have new companions, hairstyles, and value bundles packed with furniture items for classic PlayStation Home personal spaces hitting the shelves of the PlayStation Home Mall today. So, without further ado, allow me to pass the mic to Magnus for this week’s Virtual Item Showcase.

PlayStation Home Updates With New Games, Quests, Rewards & Music

The PlayStation Home Community Theater is updated today with the latest Home news from HomeCast Rewind, an interview with Home Community Volunteer Jersquall courtesy of Gamer Indepth’s ShoutOuts, and a special Platinum’d marathon that comes complete with a limited-edition reward!

In other news, the much-anticipated Disgaea 4 game space is making its way across the Pacific and will hit your PS3s today. Visit this epic new space to play Disgaea 4-inspired games and rack up rewards (and Prinnies, of course!)

Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten

Finally, I wanted to use this opportunity to give you all a sneak peek at an upcoming PlayStation Home exclusive. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a thousand pictures, and Locust_Star taking a hint and shutting his trap is worth at least a thousand dollars, so with this I bid you all a fond farewell…for now.

PlayStation Home Updates With New Games, Quests, Rewards & Music

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  • That dragon if awesome! Thank you very much, I think it’s the best companion by far that we have received. 8)

  • Good Morning from Sunny Miami, FL , I gotta say, i love the 2012 Active Calendar, now onto the Dragon.
    I went to the V.I.P Suite and i was dissapointed that the bed didnt vibrate , oh well …..LOL
    Would be great if Loot corp would partner with PS Store so we can just buy movies and play them on our LOOT TV …………not complaining , just putting an idea out .
    Well, have a great day Locust and Glasswalls, im on to get my new Stitchkins , great update .

  • Nice work, Sony.

    : )

  • Cool update. I have 2 questions I have to ask:

    1.) Will the Hunters vs yetis be up next week?
    2) Any news on release of midway 3?

  • Wow Duck Down Records is some pretty hard Hip Hop, not complaining though. I have most their tracks.

    I had just realized “I didn’t see Home’s updating post yesterday” for today.

    Doing a great job, keep it up.

  • stop the sopa

  • sopa is going lill th freedom of the internet

  • I wonder if with the ps vita you can play in the playstation home.

  • The Japanese Capcom theater spaces need to come over to the NA Home. So does the 3D Dot Heros space.

  • i read this cause i saw something about silent hill. i thought maybe they were making a silent hill world or putting a silent hill game… that would make it worth my while to jump into home. ;)

  • sopa going kill the internet\

  • so, when can i earn trophys in homegames. yetis vs hunters are just asking to get them in!

  • Hey, what’s the word on the War Room clubhouse? What, you don’t want to take some money from me? I’ve got an organization of 300 members that would be interested in multiple clubhouses… Let those developing it know… ;)

  • Yetis vs Hunters… wow, the video was very cool.

  • Looks like a good update, Only problem is there is only one quest I see which is The Home Memories Tour…. I really wanted to get the Chinese new year dragon. Hopefully the quest for the dragon will appear later today.

  • will any of the older places ever get updated like red bull did.

  • Are the Silent Hill outfits costumes or avatars? Personally I prefer a costume to an avatar, but I have been known to do either.

    I love the 2012 Active Calendar.

    Yetis aren’t so nice? I thought they were cuddly…

    Keep up the great work. See you in Home.

  • Awesome Dragon companion, can’t wait to have it.

    I am sure Disgaea 4 space will be great.

    Yetis vs Hunters looks promissing. Thanks !

  • Hey Home Team! I’m pretty upset! I don’t have my PlayStation Plus rental items even though I have PS Plus! I even checked the Storage icon to check if they were inside! Every time I try extend the rental items it says an error has occurred. Please help! Is there a fix! It’s unfair other users have them while some are left out with out the exclusive PS Plus items even though we have PS Plus! I hope this issue can be resolved.

    Thank you very much.


  • ok so 2 new quests… is not new and the other isn’t available yet? Where is this dragon from? No reward in theater either for a change.

  • cool i like yetis, i hope we get a costume like the one in scee

  • Thanks to another awesome update buy reading what i’m reading,Ty for the thread Locust.

  • Ponies? Say no more: I’m sold. Those will be the first things I’ll buy when I log in today. This is automatically the best PS Home update ever.
    …and I’m serious. We need more Bron-friendly stuff! :D

  • hello can anyone tell me what to do on the home memories tour because i dont understand what to do to get the 2012 home active calendar.

  • in order to the the Home memories Quest you need to do it with 2 other friends, 3 in total , you have to do the quest as a group . if your friends did the quest already , it doesnt matter , just have them with you , if they are not on , just ask around to befriend 2 people to help you , doesnt take more than 5 mins .

  • Start fixing the messy bugs on home and you’ll see more real usage from real gamers instead of trolls and perverted tools.

  • Yes or no? playstation home for ps vita?

  • Awesome to see El-P’s music coming to Home!

  • Please have an update so you can voice chat with someone without having to play the same game!
    Like you can on xbox!

  • Apparently the Chinese New Year quest is buggy, it’s working for some but not for others. There seems to be an uproar about it on Home.

  • Hopefully, these quests will actually be doable. I have such a hard time figuring out what to do for the current ones. They are so hard to figure out.
    For instance, the one in the Pier said to check out the view from the top of the ferris wheel. I went up there dozens of times, and never got past that part of the quest. No clue what to do and no help from anyone about the problem.

  • Great update guys!

  • Stop making quests that REQUIRE friends to complete them. This is not fair to those who’s friends refuse to use PS Home. If you MUST make a quest for a group of two or more then make the reward something simple like a congradulatory t-shirt. I missed out on all the original quests because I had no one to ride the ferris wheel with, now I get to miss out on this calender, thanks for nothing jerks!

  • Quit the with the stupid “must use others” type quests! They alienate those who don’t have friends who use home, don’t friend people they don’t know, and don’t like to using people just to get something.

  • Eh another week another mediocre update.

  • This was a really great update just like every week. One more item, space, option we have made home a better place. What a process this has been.

  • Wow, 36 comments in two days. Playstation Home must be smoking hot!!

  • I want a trophy room, and the ability to view my Netflix on a television with my fellow Netflix subscribing friends.

  • And please don’t think I am trolling. I haven’t logged in here in months and likely will never view this post again so I am not merely trying to argue. PS Home could have been great, but it was crippled very early on, and as a result is never used by anyone I know. The fact that this update has gotten SO few comments seems to affirm my thoughts that most people are done with it.

  • @39 you can view free full films in ps home in the loot spacestation public space but what you see there is understandably unique to whatever each user has selected to watch if you friend selects the same movie then you would both be watching it or if you wish to watch together you could purchase one of several apartments that have the loot eod in them ranging from $4.99 to $9.99 for the eod and also flickr,twittter enabled lootspace station personal space
    ok its not quite netflix but its free and they have a decent selection of well over 100 movies plus free radio stations and several full tv series.
    So far there still is nt a way to dispay regular game trophies within ps home but you can attain 3d virtual trophies within and related to home to display persoanally if the game trophy display is a little daunting i wish they would least make a token aknowledgement to the idea and simply make an apt that displays our psn profile with the accompanying trophy count etc.
    As far as the low post count of responses i would suspect that this is mainly due to this being a new time slot for the home blog update.
    Home is far from perfect but if you have nt been in for a while you may be pleasantly suprised if you check it out

  • Can someone tell me why is it everytime im in Home , i download EVERYTHING , then i log off, come back later on , even if its for 10 mins, it aks me to DOWNLOAD EVERYTHING once again , every single time , this is just P. me off .

  • and another thing , when im at my personal spaces and they have 2 levels, i can stil see all the items thru the walls and floors, i thought this was not going to happen anymore ? i even removed some stuff by mistake .
    the companions sometimes it works and sometimes it doesnt, when i go to another place, sometimes they appear and sometimes they dont .

  • I still do not understand why KONAMI is not bringing their PlayStation Home items to Asia!?!

    KONAMI pls reply!

  • How do you get the calendar???

  • I love that dragon, the new groundhog. The yeti vs hunters game is a lot of fun.

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