Meet PlayStation’s President: Andy House

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Meet PlayStation’s President: Andy House

At last week’s International CES, I had the opportunity to meet head of Sony Computer Entertainment, President and CEO Andrew House. House ascended to the role after working for Sony in Japan, Europe, and here at SCEA over the past two decades.

In this show floor discussion, I ask House about PlayStation Suite, his outlook on the Western launch of PS Vita, and his goals as CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment.

Meet PlayStation’s President: Andy House

If you’d like to hear how Andrew House got started in the industry and rose through the ranks, listen to his “origin story” on the Official PlayStation Blogcast Episode 007.

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  • Thanks for that video Jeff!

    Looking forward to seeing more of PlayStation Suite as Sony reveals more information. PlayStation Vita is so close!

  • Wonderful interview Jeff!

    I was lucky enough to try out the Vita last night at the NYC Social Club, and I can honestly say that all my expectations were exceeded. The Vita really does offer everything I want in a dedicated gaming handheld. I think there are a lot of people on the fence about buying one at launch, but once people start showing it off to their friends, sales are going to explode.

    Simply put, all the good stuff you’ve heard about the Vita is true, but you can really only appreciate it when you get your hands on one yourself.

  • Great interview

    I am still a bit on the fence about getting a vita when it launches feb 22nd. I do have one comment about where andrew said people want a deeper gaming experience on a handheld device. While I do believe that this is true for some people, I do not believe that this is true for everybody. If I am playing on a handheld device, I may not have enough time to get super deep into a game such as uncharted golden abyss. Thats why the minis were such a perfect fit for the PSP, and thats why the iphone is quickly becoming a popular alternative to the portable gaming device for some.

    I hope that playstation will still make these smaller less time consuming games for the vita as well, while still delivering the rich immersive experiences of PS3 disc quality games.

    If not, I am still on the fence.

  • Great interview, it’s nice to hear a “suit” tell the truth about vita most of the corporate speak has focused on the tech Mr. House actually focused on the software and new features being developed for our region…. It’s going to be a game changer (pardon the pun) and I love the fact that Mr. House is an honest, genuine guy. I can’t wait for my vita.

    Thank you Mr. Rubenstein.

  • Great interview! But the one thing I really wish they would address is a possible starting line-up of PlayStation Plus content set for the PS Vita, it feels like the one thing I have not heard anything about thus far.

  • Good luck Andy nice post Jeff thx 4 keeping us in the loop

  • Good interview, Jeff !

  • Sup Andy!

    Jeff and the Blog Team getting the good interviews in early in 2012…

    That’s how SONY gets it done!

    My whole entertainment set-up is SONY, keep it the forward thinking… GOTTA LOVE IT!

  • I really hope Sony gives me a reason to not downgrade my VIta 3G pre-order to a wi-fi only model. I’m growing more and more concerned that the extra $50 will just be wasted by an out-of-date technology (3G wireless, that is).
    What benefit will I really see with the 3G model, Sony?

  • I genuinely believe that Mr.House is without a doubt is the best man to fill Hirai San shoes….he did a great job while leading SCEE i wish him all the best.

  • Really love Rey’s camera work its so stylish

  • Can you guys make your videos so that I can watch them on my PS3, please?

  • i can’t wait to get the vita.. but i have to because i’m poor. “/

  • Vita looks great & they keep making me want it more. True handheld gaming finally arrives. Though I have no good reason to buy any other system or device since I have a ps3. It really does it all for me.

  • With Andy in the top job its a good oppurtunity for the company to make a few course corrections. That is to say improve the way it does things, poor customer relations and some very irrational business deciscions in the recent past among them. Personally I doubt we’ll see much positive change which is a shame cause now would be a perfect time for it.

  • I’m seeing nothing but a black box where the video isn’t loading. I’m trying to watch it from this site off my PS3 but nothing shows up.

  • nice job andy!! but what made think of the psvita?

  • Good man, Jeff. That’s why this blog is so great, I can actually ask for and receive answers to important questions.
    Either way (wi-fi or 3G), I’m getting myself a Vita :)

  • I hope Andy House checks out this blog post since it’s about him, and if he does, I just want to say I watched the Tokyo Game Show coverage (I think it was on Home?) and I was shocked at how well Andy speaks Japanese. But after I heard his origin story on the podcast, I understand he’s been working on perfecting it for many years.

    Congratulations on your continuing rise through the Sony ranks, Andy!

    Oh, and Jeff & Rey, that one second shot of the Sony Tablet P, I rate you a 1 dudes on that. Yeah, yeah, this is the Playstation Vita blog, but I am impatiently also waiting to buy what I call “the Clamshell”. I think it will be this year’s iPADD for me. It is simply, elegantly beautiful. Like the Vita.

  • ooops, I’m awaiting moderation. I forgot the proper, nonslur name for the land of the rising sun has a moderation flag on it.

    I was just trying to congratulate Andy House on his excellent language skills when speaking something besides English.

    That’s cool, guys, better that than allowing actual slurs to slip by.

  • Was that video produced by Mr. Gutierrez? It was flashy. He seems flashy. Good stuff.

  • Excellent Interview Jeff. Very pleased you get access to such a large cast of those who mold PlayStation into the what it is today. Keep the interviews coming.

  • Side Note: Any word on PlayStation Vita’s PSN Game connectivity? It would really pleasing to hear the substantial library of PSN titles I have can be further utilized when away from my PlayStation Console.

  • Sony have done almost everything wrong this generation and I wonder if management really know what they are doing. From $599 to janky, long loading Home to the YLOD, losing almost every 3rd party exclusive (including Demon’s Souls, a Sony IP!) and the also ran that is PSN, they just seem clueless half the time and trying to catch up to the competition. Take Move vs. Kinect for example. It really seems they bet on the wrong horse as MS have cornered the casual market. Kinect even has a Star Wars game. Why is there no light sabre game for Move? Just simple ideas like that make me shake my head in disbelief.

  • @mattasta001,
    I haven’t seen you commenting in the blog before. I must say your correct though, this company has had more than its fair share of blunders. I’m holding a faint hope the new man at the top might do something constructive, maybe (fingers crossed). Since your here though I should let you know what to expect. Anything less than booty kissing will get you moderated or outright censored. You can also expect a great deal of immature personal attacks from the more fanatical members of the Cult of Sony. Don’t let it bother you much though or bother trying to understand it, its just so much verbal constipation.

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