Starhawk Launching on May 8th, Public Beta Rolls Out Today

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Starhawk Launching on May 8th, Public Beta Rolls Out Today


It’s always sad to end a three-day weekend, but we hope this news is good to hear – Starhawk will be hitting store shelves May 8th!

As excited as we are to get you the full game, we still will be hard at work to make the game “kick ass”. So I’m also happy to announce that our Public Beta begins today!

Soooo…it’s time to get online, join the fun and get busy playing!!! If you were in the Private Beta you know what to expect, plus some key things listed below. For those of you new to Starhawk and the Public Beta, “Welcome!” You’ll get to try out a truly unique (and damn fun) multiplayer experience. Here’s quick primer video to get your feet wet…

Starhawk Launching on May 8th, Public Beta Rolls Out Today

Here are some helpful pieces of info for you:

Who gets in and when?
As we move forward we’ll invite more and more players into the mix. Check out our official Beta Info page at for our current schedule..


What is a Beta?
For all you newcomers, a Beta is a real world “in the wild” test of the core game systems and gameplay. It is NOT a demo. Most of the final game features are not included. You can, however, expect to have loads of fun.

What’s in the Public Beta?
Everything mentioned in the video with a ton of fixes, updates, etc. At the start we’re adding the following content on top of Private Beta content…

  • Classic Arcade Flight-Mode: Private Beta players asked for it and we’re happy to include the classic arcade flight from Warhawk.
  • Host Migration: When the host leaves the game, the hosting duties transfer to another player and gameplay will continue, provided the option is checked.
  • Language Support: European and Japanese languages are included. Korea, China, Latin America and Brazil will be in English…but these will include the appropriate languages for the full game.
  • Skills: Players will be able to collect unique Skills to use in gameplay based on their performance. Playstation Network Friend Integration: Friends status, messages, and friend requests.
  • Bug Fixes: Lots and lots of bugs have been addressed.

You can expect continued updates throughout the Public Beta so stay tuned for more information. (“Yes,” Private Beta players, we know you want more, more, more. Remember, this is a test and we need to continue to take prudent, methodical steps. We appreciate your understanding.)

Where do you report bugs?
Go to and use your PSN ID to log in. All Beta players will get private access to the Beta forums. If you find a bug, post it here, but remember, we need specific steps on how to reproduce your issue. You can also visit and have discussions on our official forums. But please use the Beta forums to post any bugs.

What about other Beta details?
Check out our blog post from last week for additional info.

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  • ya my babies home!!!

  • Awwwww yeeaahhhh. Thank you guys for giving me something to play in the summer. There’s usually a game drought.

  • I cannot wait for this game! I loved Warhawk, and am highly anticipating Starhawk! BRING IT ON!

  • HEEECCCKKKKK YEAH, watch for the UrgentFury Server to be up

  • OMG yea……… Sweet……. Thank U Tahnk U Whoop 2x

  • What time is it going down ??????

  • 3 day weekend? You Americans and your holidays, LOL.

    Although I feel a bit of the Hawk flu coming on.

    Might have to call in sick for the rest of the week?

    That would really be a shame.

    And my biggest hope for this chunk of the beta is the possible return of the ultimate control method, Sixaxis control!

    Classic arcade flight from Warhawk is here, so it should be easy to also bring the Sixaxis control from Warhawk.

    Should it not? Please?

  • I hope it’s a lot better than the private beta. :(

  • Cannot wait to try out the new/old(?) flight mode, and see what the “Skills” system is like!

    Also, I cannot wait to finally have a great summer game. Not too many good games release during summer time, so I’m pretty glad this one is.

  • Yeah Buddy! I can’t wait for this game to come out!

  • Host migration!! The single most important update IMO.

    Now we can get some decent matches going without someone getting butt hurt and ending the match for everyone.

    It would be nice to see a stat for games left, or games left while you are the server.

    Be good to pick out the stat padders who leave every game they dont have a 3 KDR in.


  • Finally a release date !!!

    I hoping we get to use **cough** the “tank” before the release because….. erm…… balancing requires us to do so :P

    Hoping (at some stage) the APC makes it as well, I loved that vehicle.

    I think the game as a long way to go into making it balanced (definiately needs pre-built structures) but I trust LBI to get things right as they *DO* seem to listen to the fans.

    Hope this is the success I hoped it would be !!!!

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  • May? well, I guess more time for Twisted Metal :D

  • Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….. :)

  • I’m psyched! Is this dropping with the store update tonight or separately?

  • Man i’m excited to play this beta! but i don’t think ill play until tomorrow because today i’ll be playing some of that sweet VITA games at the Miami event. Harvard how about a starhawk vita?

  • I love you guys!

    Can we see clan support roll out in this beta phase? Please??

  • warhawk still remains my favorite multiplayer online game on the ps3 but after being part of the private beat i think Starhawk will dethrone warhawk from that top spot

  • Starhawk on Vita i say wait until Vita two.

    Currently the Vita has single triggers, cant believe they still cant get it right, LOL.
    Just make a portable with a PS3 controller attached, better yet let us attach our DS3 controllers to the vita for a more comfortable experience, especially when playing on a tv.

    Work…… taking……. tooo….. long……. cant…. wait………systems….. shutting…….. doooowwwnnnn..

    P.S. how about that motion control?!?!?!

  • f’iing AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA was wondering about the release date, so glad to see it now :) thanks for all the hard work you guys put into it :)

  • Been waiting for this for a loooong time! Can’t wait to try it out!!!

  • Hey Harvard,

    I really enjoyed the private beta, man was that fun. Thank you for the return of arcade flight so everyone can enjoy flight if they wish to do so.

    Are we going to get a new dynamic theme and avatars for Starhawk? Is your data server going to be like Battlefield 3’s live server where you can see your data as it comes in? (live data feed)

    Oh yeah, tell Marshal Dylan hi for me. xD

  • I hate having to have a Host to play a game. sometimes there just D-bags looking for certain players so they can rank up faster. But I will be on the Beta tonight so kill me if you can (;

  • Is it true that Dylan Jobe doesn’t wear pants in the office? If so, boxers or briefs? Can’t wait to try out the new warhawk flight modes. Should make for an amazing game if they stayed as true to flight as they say.

  • Keep your eye open for the EliteBattleZone server to be active. Visit and read about the Starhawk: Battles Evolution ITGM Tournament slated to hit soon after release only at the Elite Battle Zone.

  • is it just me or was anyone else confused when he played the private beta. i wish there was a tutorial.

  • I look forward to playing this. I have never played warhawk, but have heard good things. I got an invite when I picked up Uncharted 3.

    Speaking of Uncharted 3, I went to set up a custom game this morning, clicked on the maps, and noticed 4 new maps are on the menu, Sanctuary, cave, fort, and lost city. Please oh please let them be out today as I have already bought the fortune hunters pack!!!! pretty please :)

  • @Phillyblunz
    you can use the back touch pad for L2/R2 , you just got to learn what the machine does before talkin….hhmmm just maybe LOL

  • May 8? Your spoiling me Sony.

    Thank you, I was worried Twisted Metal and Starhawk would be released too close together.
    I love Sony franchises but Sony usually has some of the worst release dates, especially when you throw in betas in between big releases.

    It’s a shame Starhawk isn’t a cross platform between PS3 and PC, I think the community would grow even more, throw in a map editor on pc to share with ps3 with server hosting and you would really spread that Playstation brand.

    A big mistake withe starhawk beta was a lack of tutorial or pop up menus with tips. MAG did a good job directing action although it too lacked a good tutorial. Even us hardcore gamers need a little handholding sony, you will turn off a lot of new possible fans of your franchises without a little handholding.

    Either way, I’m picking up Starhawk day one.

  • @Bigcalv, they just posted about UC3 DLC on the blog go check it out

  • Any word on a collector’s edition?

  • Yet another shooter……. That wont sell well, another PS3 exclusive that will have zero marketing and consumer awareness.


  • @29 but I like real buttons that give feedback.

    So everytime anything touches the back of the Vita my charcter throws grenades at the wall and dies!
    Maybe you should think before posting, LOL.

    Dual triggers, FTW. Vitas not ready.

    Anyone lookin for a laid back server where fun is high priority look for my servers on Starhawk.
    Server titles like “Why so serious”, “funtime”, and even just “Phillyblunz”.

    I will be recruiting for clan members too:
    -Be fun and happy even when getting your butt kicked.
    -Be willing to stick it out in matches we cant win.
    -Dont use single tactics all round long like camping or staying in the air.
    -Work with team-mates to achieve objectives.
    -Use mics to coordinate with the team, or at least listen to those with mics to coordinate.
    -Play a role. we need builders, flag runners, forward base set uppers, support for flag runners, etc.
    -Have fun. This is a great game, we dont need negative vibes, consider death another chance to live!

    Cheers all.

    P.S. if you wanna join “Professional Noobs” send me a PM, friend me on PSN, or otherwise let me know.
    My primary PSN ID is: Phillyblunz
    My second PSN ID is: Phillyblunzz

  • vita (PS-V) does full remote play so yes you can play starhawk and any other ps3 game on it.

  • @35 well sink a couple billion into a company , creating or buying…spend time developing the machine and get back too me in 3yrs.. the touch pad isnt the whole back of the machine..champ

  • Awesome, I can’t wait!

    For those of you new to Starhawk, learn how to play at

  • @ 36 if it doesnt go click when I touch it, I “feel” that is not good enough.

    Why do you hate real buttons? probably own a Ipad and love those virtual analog sticks too hey?

    Touch screens are gimmicky,
    -who wants to cover the screen of a game they playin? Not me.
    -who wants finger prints all over that beautiful OLED screen? Not me.
    -who likes guessing if that button press or area touch as you prefer was recieved by the PS3? Not me.

    The Vitas big deal is the dual analog sticks, due to being real, and having feedback.
    Cant believe they forgot the dual triggers, LOL.

    I have heard some games will not require touch at all, how does that work with your second triggers being touch only?

    Options are great, forcing people to use gimmicky controls is bad. You old enough to remember why LAIR failed?

    Warhawk had great motion control but not everyone could overcome the learning curve of it, but the option to use the sticks was given so we could choose how we want to play, not giving us that choice is a mistake.

    Speaking of which, can we please get motion control back in starhawk LBI? If you copy/pasted Warhawk flight then why would sixaxis not have came with it?


  • May 8th!!!!!!!!!!! Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet


  • I’ll need to become a ps+ member first and I shall !

  • nope, I dont even own a cell phone. waste of my money. if somebody needs me leave a message after the beep…I do believe it can make a noise like the virtual keyboards make that clikckin noise when pressed…like a “button”

  • it’s on like “donkey kong”!

  • @Phillyblunz ^^^ you know how thick the PSV would be with both unless you want them beside the L1/R1 , then you would have the problem of stretching fingers over and possible pressing L1/R1 @ the same time..


  • yes i cant wait to play with my friends.

  • @43 that is a good point, it would probably take a professional engineer to design something like that.

    Wonder who is making the Vita?

    The back could have real buttons couldnt it on the corners?

    And if they make the touch pad click when pressed that would be better but is it enough?

    Once I get hands on with it we’ll see.

    My other concern of it is the expensive and seemingly extremely small memory cards that wont work in any other device! Sont already has several propriotory mem cards, why not make another so we cant use the hundreds of dollars worth of cards we already have that are Sony only! LOL.

    On topic you gonna be on Starhawk this evening?


  • @46 I certainly will be on Starhawk, not sure about this evening but @ some point I shall….Hope to see you in game… I loved WarHawk…

  • Really good news, but i think you made a mistake with the date, on the starhawk blog said starting tomorrow and here you said starting today. But for now nothing work the server still down. Anyway cant wait for the full games till for the 2 maps we try the games are amazzing :)

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