Get A Sneak Peek of The Tester 3 in a New Teaser Trailer

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Get A Sneak Peek of The Tester 3 in a New Teaser Trailer

We have a ton of entertainment in store for The Tester 3, and with the season premiere only three weeks away on Tuesday, February 7, we thought it’s a great time to give you a sneak peek at some of the action you’ll be seeing all season long in this short trailer. Take a look!

Get A Sneak Peek of The Tester 3 in a New Teaser Trailer

We’ve also prepared a longer, more in-depth 3:00 minute version that just debuted on an updated official site, which you can view here. As always, you can acquaint yourself with the entire cast, panelists, and special guests on our main site.

We’re also interested in hearing from you: who’s your favorite cast member of Season 3 so far? Let us know in the comments below, and as always, check back every Tuesday for more information on the upcoming new season of The Tester.

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  • Hey Kevin, I know you don’t listen to me, but simply dismiss my question/commentBut I sincerely hope you will consider about adding subtitle or closed (or open)-captioning to this show. I find them quite interesting except for one thing: I wish I could understand what they are talking about. That is all. :(

  • Glad to see running obstacle courses still qualifies you to work in the game industry!

    • Yes, it’s symbolic of how we all have to overcome obstacles to succeed in this business. Pretty cool, eh?

  • Everyone who is crying is going to be eliminated at some point, lol.

    Can’t wait for this season! It’s a lot of fun to watch. PSN – the only network with its own reality show.

  • There wasn’t enough EgoRaptor in that trailer…

  • Can’t wait!

  • Best part has to be David Jaffe saying “I think you all fail”

  • I will watch this every week.

  • @4 That’s what I thought! I hope he doesn’t get knocked out early. I’m pulling for him!

  • so big fazeek is gonna be a woman this season…. oh drama …. lol

  • EgoRaptor! I hope he compares their performance to Megaman X!

  • @Kevin Furuichi, running in mud != ability manage and lead a team. I’m only hatin’ cause the prize was changed from being a tester to being a producer, when I know there are plenty of people out there who are qualified for that position (not saying being a tester takes no skill, but less than a producer).

  • EGORAPTOR!!! ….I mean venasaur XD

  • RealityPalez, really hope he wins this!!!!

  • Nice how can i get on this

  • By the look of this trailer, Egoraptor is gunna be eliminated fast :S

  • Sweet! As one who did really enjoy the past 2 seasons, I’m really looking forward to The Tester 3!

    Quick question: Will there still be a give-away element for those watching at home the same way episodes did? I don’t recall hearing about that. Either way: I’ll be watching from start to finish!

  • the challenges this time look really exciting, except for the bug one >.< (dont like bugs). i will be watching this one for sure.

  • I’ve enjoyed the last season and look forward to this one.

    I actually signed up for season 1, and even had a few interviews with the casting agency, and received a contract from them, but I had to decline due to scheduling conflicts with my schooling.

    I still have the contract saved. I can’t wait to watch this season and regret never being able to participate in the first!

  • Nothing about reckoning, even thought it’s supposed to be out TODAY!?

  • With today’s update on the store, the trailer is only available in HD. Please tell me that those of us without HDTV’s are not going to be screwed out of watching The Tester 3.

  • David Jaffe, Greg Miller, Seth Killian, Dylan Jobe etc. FREAKING AWESOME. I’d watch it just to see them. lol

  • Hot damn this will be good!

  • Obstacles? Seems more like Dinner for Schmucks. Making them put bugs on their faces and other sorts of humility….I’d rather someone win over something more real.

  • Yes, I love watching the Tester.

    I’m only commenting to support @1. He/she posts a lot on this topic and really, why shouldn’t he/she? Sony is a very big company. It’s not some little 2 bit outfit that can’t afford to conform to the Americans with Disabilities Act. Sony should embrace the whole panoply of its loyal customers and disabled (sorry if that term is not politically correct. Hard to keep up with that ever changing list) really should be top of the list. It’s fair and the right thing to do.

    Add some freakin’ subtitles, please!

  • Man, I love this show! It’s the only reality show, other than America’s Most Wanted, that my wife and I watch together.

    Once someone wins, and I see their name in the credits of a game, I feel as if I know that person due to the show.

    Keep on truckin’.

  • I hope The Tester 3 is viewable on the PS Vita.

  • Sweet Greg Miller is going to be a judge! Beyond!!! I am so excited about this season.

  • I just wanna know if Playstation plus subscribers gonna be able to watch the episodes early? I got the season 2 premier early in a auto download! Will this happen again?

  • This excuse for a tv show is stupid at the best of times. Do something useful instead. I certainly won’t be buying Santa Monica games with any of these Steve Wilkos rejects making them.

  • CaptionJames that is the lamest thing I have ever heard. If you don’t like the show that’s fine but not buying Santa Monica games and calling the cast Steve Wilkos rejects is just going a little to far!! Go ahead say what you want about Santa Monica you are gonna miss alot of great games. I am friends with a few of the cast on PSN and these are hard working people just trying to get in the industry. I wouldn’t talk about people until you know them!

  • The tester is great show that gamers can relate to.

  • Man what an awesome show. I wish i could work for sony as a beta tester, but i can’t work for an awesome company like sony because i have no experience as a a tester. Can anyone help me out.

  • Tester3 is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @uisdrag-out: You’ve got no business coming in here mouthing off. You are the epitome of the pre-pubescent drama queens I was referring to. The only reality here is this show only caters to the foolish and gullible of which you are in spades. And no its not going to far at all, its called fact, get used to it or go home. These stupid game shows, popularity contests don’t qualify anybody to work in this industry at all. No amount of crybaby brown nosing will change that. FYI if your going to waste everyones time coming on here just to insult me with no facts then you could at least put in the effort to spell my username right. It’s not that hard but even that went over your head.

  • Jack I don’t care if I got your name wrong could care less!! I have every right to post on this blog just like you do and If you were paying any attention then you would have noticed that I posted a question it was your ridiculous little comment that followed !!

  • The show is on its third season so obviously Jack Not all us ps3 owners feel the same way as you!

  • @uisdrag-out: kid its time for you to shut your trap. Look at the atrocious ratings this gets every time a new blog entry is posted. Look at the commentary, its not a case that everyone enjoys kissing backside as much as you. TBH your a dime store tool. You cant come up with a logical argument, remember a name, or even utter a sentence without screaming like a little kid trying to act tough. For that is what you are a child who screams obsceneties in the schoolyard trying to get attention looking tough. What you don’t know is I see you a sad little whiner that you are. Grow up or if you can’t manage that shutup and get out of the way. Let the real gamers get back to their games cause your 15 seconds of infamy are over.

  • @uisdrag-out, tell me this: why are you not sending me harassing private messages over psn instead of answering publicly? Don’t you know those get you reported? People do get banned for that.

    its a purely rehtorical question though its become clear you are a troll and have nothing to back up your nuisance ramblings.

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