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We’re at the halfway point of what is (for most of us) a long holiday weekend. Early tomorrow, I’ll be on a jet to Chicago for one of five PlayStation Vita meet-ups to take place this week. We’ve never done social events in Atlanta, Chicago, or Miami, so I’m quite looking forward to meeting new PlayStation fans – even if it means I’m going to have to buy some gloves.

If you can make it to one of the events, be sure to RSVP here so we know much food to bring!

The PS.Blog weekly reading list (Week of January 9, 2012)

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  • Lol’d at the Real Life Skyrim vid.

  • How about listing that Modnation Racers:Road Trip won’t have online multiplayer…

  • Jeff is there a reason why dungeon hunter alliance is $39.99 on vita but $12.99 on ps3. why would you guys have us pay $28 more just cause its on the vita. also i think its stupid you guys are charging $10 more to get Uncharted on vita. you guys want your sales for vita to be good yet your charging almost ps3 game prices.

  • Ok, I only clicked on the first one, Skyrim but had to stop and say thank you. That was hilarious. And completely accurate. I can vouch for that, having now played Skyrim for about 360 plus hours. I’ve been in that shop in Whiterun so many times & I’ve been wanting to punch Belethor in the face for about 355 of those hours.

    Have fun @ your meetups. I probably won’t attend any here in Los Angeles since I’ll be getting my pre-ordered Vita in about a month anyway.

    • Yeah, Belethor’s lines were getting thrown about during my family’s christmas present exchange. “Some may call this junk…”

  • Nice to finally know the real name of Ruin, now Warrior’s Lair. Hope to hear more about the game soon.

  • I loved the 21 things you didn’t know about VITA.

  • The 21 Things about the Vita article was pretty informative. Can’t wait to get my hands on one of those on Wednesday, and I’m looking forward to meeting Sid too!

  • What bout the events in Austin and LA, or did u guys cut them from the list ?

  • More about Twisted Metal & Syndicate. Less about Skyrim.

  • Can’t wait for the PS Vita release!

  • Jeff any plans to do something herein Puerto Rico? :) I think ur fans over here will appreciate it.

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