Under Siege – Enhanced Edition Free Update Now Available

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Under Siege – Enhanced Edition Free Update Now Available


Under Siege, our real time strategy game for PSN, is getting a massive update today. We listened to our friends, fans, and critics and took all their opinions very seriously. So we went back and decided to improve Under Siege in every way possible. Today’s free 1.02 update adds the following features:

  • Upgrade to 4 players online and local
  • Antialiasing in both 720p and 1080p
  • Players can now continue the campaign from any level they have already finished, instead of only the last
  • The first few levels of the game were rebalanced to make the game more accessible to new players and the casual difficulty was completely redone
  • Cooperative maps are unlocked from the start
  • General performance improvements and shorter load times
  • News feed from the team directly on the Main Menu

There’s more; the full update list can be checked on our forums here.


Additionally, the multiplayer network code had a huge revision and along with it we bring you 4 new multiplayer maps:


2×2 Capture Point – Swamp
Compete 2 vs 2 in this capture point map based on the swamp theme. Aim to reach 1.000 points faster than the other team by capturing 4 bases.


2×2 Capture the Flag – Ruins
Compete 2 vs 2 in this capture the flag map based on the ruins theme. Take control of the Golem and be the first team to capture 3 flags.


CO-OP Capture Point – Mountains
Cooperate with another player to capture this heavily defended map. Climb up the mountain and resist the incoming waves of enemies.


2×2 Team Deathmatch – Forest
Compete 2 vs 2 in this team deathmatch map based on the forest theme. Be the first team to reach 5 victories.

How much does this update cost? Nothing, it is for free and available now – just launch the game. Visit us at www.undersiegegame.com or on Facebook for more info.

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  • I bought this in support, but then it fell into my backlog. I’m very happy to see this update, definitely going to fire this up over the weekend.


  • awesome thank you.

  • I bought this game during one of the sales/discounts but I haven’t even tried it out yet! Guess it would be a good time to do so.

    A free update that adds features is always a good thing, thanks.

  • Nice update. I appreciate the continued support for this title.. I purchased this game day one. But the difficulty, even on casual was a huge barrier for me. I’m definitely looking forward to giving it another go.

  • Definitely nice to see this game still running. You guys really have a talent at art and level design. Can you give any word on future projects?

  • Oh thank goodness, altered difficulty. I am terrible at this game, sadly, but I love it.

  • 4# same here, Hopefully I can start the game now and enjoy it :)

  • You guys should be commended for all the extra work you put into this game. The difficulty curve was a huge turn off for me so it’s been on my virtual shelf for a while. I can’t wait to get back around to this game.

  • @4, 6, 7 and 8. I’m so glad to hear that I wasn’t the only one having problems with the difficulty level. It was too hard for me at casual and I thought I just sucked. :(

  • Thank You for this update. I’m gonna get back into this game now!

  • I’ll be sure to pick this up. I wasn’t sure you would ever come out with the difficulty patch, but you did. Glad you care enough about your customers and game to make it better.

  • I too bought this when it was on sale for Plus, and it sits in my backlog as well. Yes, my PSN account (and Steam for that matter) could be on Hoarders. But I will have to fire it up this weekend, and actually give this a shot with my Move controller. Updates like this are truly appreciated!

  • I normally don’t like hard games, but I didn’t find this one too bad. The key is to use your healers to keep everyone alive. You don’t want to lose any guys from one level to the next or it just gets progressively harder. I’m always a fan of developers making an easier mode available though so I’m glad they are doing that.

  • I also bought this on discount ps plus but found the beginning an controls hard glad this update came I don’t care for those multiplayer modes.

  • Finally! I’d rate this a 6 if I could. I’ll admit – I didn’t do too well at this game, even on the casual setting. Aside from those adjustments, I look forward to all the other changes. This is a good game, and a fun use with the Move!

  • Happy to hear the difficulty has been tweaked. It’s what made me put it down in the first place.

  • I bought this game day one, got frustrated trying to learn it with the initial difficulty so high, and gave up. I’ve been waiting for a reason to pick it up again.
    You gave it to me. Thanks so much for being the sort of developer to do this sort of quality update.

  • Also I hope you guys redid the menus because the original ones were just plain ugly (especially that awful font). They looked like something you put up as a temporary replacement while the design team worked on the real thing…

  • Sigh, When will sony get back to getting some good exclusive RPG’s? RPG’s are huge (Skyrim sold 10 million already). PS3 has way too many shooters and action games, Sony this gen dissappoints, no RPG’s. Remember games like dark cloud? PS2 was huge because it had so many great RPG’s, what happened to them all with the PS3?

  • I still want this game but still haven’t got the opportunity to buy it.

  • I missed my chance to buy this game during their last discount.. from what I have read on neogaf.com………… this game is worth every dollar, even without a discount.. and it has move support.. which adds replay value outside of standard play..

    There are big name developers that do not support games after their release (i’m looking at you zipper).

    Seed studios deserves our money..

    I implore aeed studios to either stay with psn for you next game or to at least consider making games specifically for each platform individually and based on each platform strength.. do not try to make a game equal on each platform, exploit each possible strength


    you don’t know what your talking about, comparing skyrim to under siege is just.. dumb.. i hate that blizzard doesn’t offer warcraft 1 and 2 as a download (not talking WoW). I’m talking about warcraft the rts… anyone needing a current gen rts needs to pick up under siege

    Take it from gamers..


    under siege is a game worth the money

  • same here it looks like a good game

  • Was looking forward to this game but the lack of a demo stopped me from buying it. Not sure why developers expect to sell their game without a demo.

  • nothing about kingdoms of amalar that has a demo coming soon?

  • I thought the game was fine as it was…wasnt to difficult to Platinum…hoping for part 2 or dlc anyways.

  • I love this game! I just hope this brings more players to play online this time around… Glad the difficulty has been tweaked too

  • Definitely agree about more players online!
    I played it online after this patch and it went great. And the new MP maps are really cool!
    Hopefully now more people will play MP. And if Seed manages to get a demo on, maybe more ppl will buy it, and … more online players :D

  • >_<"
    bought the game but never got around to starting it(let alone playing it) happy to see it hasnt been dropped(support) time for me to start it up! lol

  • Thanks everyone for such nice comments, we truly believe this is the only to “patch” a game.

    @Enigma777 – menus could be better I agree, but time is better spent working on the game itself
    @LordRaoh – yes, exclusives give you the possibility to really explore the console :)

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