Shinobido 2: Revenge of Zen Trailer: Story, Weapons, Gadgets

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Shinobido 2: Revenge of Zen Trailer: Story, Weapons, Gadgets

We’re back again with more video from our lineup of PS Vita titles hitting on February 22nd in North America and Europe. This time I’m bringing you a sneak peak at a fresh new trailer that shows off the epic story of betrayal, assassination, and intrigue in this action-thriller from the pedigreed team at Aquire Corp.

Shinobido 2: Revenge of Zen Trailer: Story, Weapons, Gadgets

Check the video above for a look at the slice-and-dice action, as well as a glimpse at my favorite new mode of transportation: the glider suit! Sound off in the comments below with your thoughts on the latest trailer, and stay tuned right here to the PlayStation.Blog for more sneak peeks and updates on all of the PS Vita titles from Namco Bandai Games through launch next month. Until then, watch your back for the blades of your enemies — they’re everywhere!

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  • man im loving the vita bombardment! whoever is getting the vita day 1 add me: AguilarX

  • This Looks great!

  • Looks good but not realy into handheld systems.

  • The first Shinobido was one of my top 5 favorite games on PS2, I even imported it from Japan! Thanks for finally giving this series a chance here in the US. Everything I’ve seen so far looks like it stays true and even improves upon the original. However, I am disappointed to hear the there will be no level editor like the first game had. Please consider adding this option as possible DLC in the future! I am also wondering if there will be any Japanese voice option? No offense, but the American voice actors sound pretty bad. Still, despite these few flaws, this game is the main reason I am getting a Vita at launch.

    • "Filthie" Rich Bantegui

      Thanks so much for your feedback – It was great to hear about you importing the original and now excited for the PSVITA version. I’ll definitely share your thoughts with our teams here! -FilthieRich

  • PSVita has such an amazing launch line-up it’s hard not to get one. Once i secure the funds I’ll definitely indulge in Shinobido 2!

  • Game looks awesome, definitely picking this one up!

  • I like it

  • OMG i want every vita game… lol add me guys. I need some more gaming buddies.

  • uummmmm……. Tenchu much?

  • @inFAMOUS-787 This game is actually from a developer who’s made many Tenchu games, lol.

  • This looks really nice, but it would be great to get another Tenchu. Maybe an exlusive PS3 Tenchu with Transfarring on the Vita. ^___^

    Sony: please make the PSOne Classics work for the US Vita launch, as this is what I’m waiting for to make it a day 1 purchase.

  • i remember tenchu! i never got a chance to play those games. would be nice to see these vita games as full blown psn titles too. i don’t know if i’ll ever be getting into handheld gaming. being purely vita isn’t versatile. i’m still upset patapon is only a psp title.

  • This is one of the vita games I would really love to play.

  • These are the videos we were waiting for..very impressed with this game.

  • Already, have it pre-ordered from Now it’s all about patience. The more you guys show, the harder it is to be patient. Looks like an absolute blast!

  • so far this is the only launch title im getting right away. the others look good, but i know through tenchu experience that this is gonna be great.

  • Wow, this actually looks pretty cool. Might pick it up.

  • @Falaut i read somewere that they are planing on making ps1 games avaible on day one or if they can’t by then they are still gonna add it, i can’t believe you haven’t heard this

  • im gettin mad, why do everyone at sony think everyone looks at the blog, nobody on my ps3 friends list has heard of the vita, why because they don’t look at the blog, they do go on the ps store so why can’t you add these vids to the ps store? you can add them here but you can’t there? an you wonder why the vita isn’t selling as great as you thought it would, more people would have brought it if you put vids on psn, god i sometimes i think sony has a bunch of kids making the markiting, its not rocket sience, its soooo easy if you try but it seems like your not since you only have ps vita news on here an maybe tv im not sure since i hate comercals so i DVR stuff i wanna watch so i can skipped thro comercals

    • "Filthie" Rich Bantegui

      No worries! Lets all write , tweet , Facebook and scream on top of mountains to get everyone tuned in. I’ve personally been having a great time telling people about my personal experience with the VITA.

  • Omg! You can create nigiri! Yummy!

  • im pre ordering my vita on February 11th

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