New Gran Turismo 5 DLC This Tuesday: Car Pack 3, Speed Test Course

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New Gran Turismo 5 DLC This Tuesday: Car Pack 3, Speed Test Course

Hey, GT fans! I’m happy to announce our third batch of premium downloadable content coming to Gran Turismo 5 next Tuesday, January 17, along with some updates to the game itself.

The first piece of content is Car Pack 3 for $5.99, featuring six new cars from both past and present. Download Car Pack 3 to get your hands on Lamborghini’s latest flagship model, the Aventador, along with the Jaguar XJR-9 LM racecar, Aston Martin V12 Vantage, the 66′ Volkswagen 1200, Mini Cooper S Countryman, and the new Nissan Leaf.

Gran Turismo 5 DLC, Round 3

Gran Turismo 5 DLC, Round 3 Gran Turismo 5 DLC, Round 3

The second piece of new DLC is the Speed Test Course Pack featuring the Route X test course, which will be available for $3.99. If you caught the PDI-made promotional trailer for the new Acura NSX Concept vehicle (that’s right, the NSX is back!!), you’ve already seen a sneak peek of this new track. Route X is a massive oval with giant banking corners, allowing you to test your vehicles’ maximum speed and performance, plus some beautiful vistas to rush by at 200mph. You’ll be able to use this track online, and in Arcade and Practice modes.

Gran Turismo 5 DLC, Round 3 Gran Turismo 5 DLC, Round 3

And since the Speed Test Course Route X is the perfect proving ground to test the performance of your vehicles and all of the custom tuning and modification you’ve done, we’ve gone one step further and made that even easier for you. You’ll be able to track things like your mile and quarter-mile time, acceleration and g-force.

Gran Turismo 5 DLC, Round 3

Also coming next week is the XL Edition of GT5 for $39.99, along with a minor update to Gran Turismo 5 via free downloadable patch. Check here for more details on the new improvements coming in next week’s patch.

If you’ve missed the first two DLC drops in October and December, check here for more information about all the great new content available for Gran Turismo 5, including the new car and track packs.

Finally, GT Academy USA winner Bryan Heitkotter is gearing up to take on the 24H Dubai endurance race this weekend, taking turns with fellow GT Academy Europe winners. Follow GT Academy on Facebook to find out how they do in this grueling 24-hour race.

Gran Turismo 5 DLC, Round 3 Gran Turismo 5 DLC, Round 3

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  • The link to the patch details does not work.

  • Nice. Now I doubt this but well, will GT 5 XL include this DLC?

  • Is there a package to buy both purchases at a discounted price?

    Route X looks like a sweet venue for NASCAR racing!

    • Nice idea. The track is made in such a way that you shouldn’t have to let off the throttle pretty much anywhere. The Red Bull X2010 and X2011 should be pretty amazing to drive at full speed on Route X as well.

  • Awsome!!

  • What happen to the GT5 complete pack for the dlc 1, it’s not available in the store, just individually

  • yeah right !

  • i brought the GT5 game for 19.99$ during boxing day week including 1000 cars and now you selling 6 cars for 6$ each pack…
    what a great steal Polyphony Digital!
    thank you.

  • Few questions:

    Will this track be usable online just the same?

    Does it have its own menu in the lounge as former GT’s?

    Will the new NSX be given to us through the patch similar to the 86? If not any info on when we can get the new NSX?


    • Per the blog post, the track can be used online, and in Arcade and Practice modes. There will be more info on the GT website soon. Regarding the NSX, I have no news on if/when that might be coming to GT.

  • i know this is the 3rd DLC but is anymore expected later this year ?

  • One more question sorry.

    Does the speed track have day/night transition or are they separated as different tracks? Is there weather for the track?

  • ohh man that track looks AMAZING!!! deff better than the straight high way track.

  • That tracks looks like it should make the 400 km/h trophy (111 Meters a Second) a BREEZE for anyone who has yet to get it.
    Looks like a solid pack of DLC and a day one purchase for me :)

  • So is that a typo? 1966 VW had a 1300cc engine, not 1200.

  • Unfortunately, the link to the patch notes doesn’t seem to be working.

    Also, any chance we can get an update to the remote races? They haven’t changed in a long time.

  • Questions:

    1. Discount for PS+???

    2. My original fat PS3 died a couple weeks age :( and I lost the Red Bull X2010 Prototype that was awarded a few months back :( is there any way I can get it back??? Please say yes.

    • I take it you have PS Plus? Did you take advantage of the cloud storage for your save files? I would think you could download your save file from there to get your GT5 progress back.

  • if i bought the game from Turkey will the american DLC work with it?

    • No, but the DLC will be released in Europe as well (check the EU blog). You will need to get the version of the DLC that matches the game disc you bought.

  • Have played every other GT games since PS1, but never played GT5 so i will be getting the XL edition, i love cars man!

    I got a little question – Do you guys plan on making more DLC’s for 2012 or is this the last DLC?

  • Hey! really good idea put the Bonneville salt flats as a course that would be awesome! OuO Speed tests are held there every year and it would be a very nice fit for GT not to mention it’s just really cool!

  • Is there a package deal price for both items together?
    Please keep the tracks & cars coming! Loving the DLC

  • + Brian Dunn on January 12th, 2012 at 9:36 am said:
    “I take it you have PS Plus? Did you take advantage of the cloud storage for your save files? I would think you could download your save file from there to get your GT5 progress back.”

    Answer/Question: Yes, I do have PS+, but the Red Bull Sebastian Vettel X2010 Prototype awarded to players who logged in back in October is gone. I have a black one, but I miss the Red Bull blue one… I loved that f’n car.

  • awesome news
    I would LOVE too see a Track pack with some Australian GT tracks or other GT tracks…
    or even some WRC Tracks from UK and surrounding Rally Events…

  • none of this oval rally BS I want check point rally

  • Where is the Classic Track pack Kaz !!!!!!!!!?

    I want el Capitan track so much :(

    I’m not a fan of oval tracks, but a race with The Red Bull X should be fun.

    This track has weather and day/night changes ?

  • Can you please make this request to PD by letting them know to make more cars THAT ARE FROM AMERICA AND EUROPE? Enough of Japanese cars literally everywhere in Gran Turismo 5. :-p Pretty please? Thank you very much!

  • mielda mujere encuera!

  • POINTLESS. PD releases DLC with NOTHING to use it on. I mean come on, the DLC looks great but there is no new events championships to use new cars/tracks on. Seasonals are a joke.

    I mean even shift had a bunch of new sp content with their DLC packs, PD you’re making strides but still are behind the times. A-Spec needs to be enhanced greatly, and make use of those 1000 + cars and DLC. Most cars in game now have nothing to use them on.

    Also, why in gods name did they add better AI in Arcade mode but not the mode that needs it most a-Spec? Makes no sense PD.

    This DLC is a waste until PD give us real events/championships to use them in……

  • This is amazing!
    Any chance on some Gran Turismo 5 Avatars?

  • I’ll never understand overpriced DLC. $1 per car is insane, especially since you can’t buy them individually (how many buyers REALLY want a Leaf?). $4 for one track is even worse. Had PD priced the cars for $3, the track for $2, and a bundle for $4 they would easily sell 3x as many as they will at this price, thus increasing overall revenue.

    GT5 had about 200 premium cars and about 30 tracks (not counting reversed tracks). At their DLC price that’s $320.

    I share my gratitude for the opportunity to have more content, but charging 10% of Gran Turismo 5’s retail price for 6 cars or ~7% for one track is not only outrageous, it’s disrespectful. Especially when there are a lot of small studios trying to make it in the industry charging $10 for their full game in the PS Store.

    I’ll end on a positive note though: GT5 is an amazingly fun and highly accurate simulator that I’ve put a lot of hours into. I’m at Level 37 in both A-Spec and B-Spec and at 95% completed. You rock PD.

  • Yes! Please release some Gran Turismo 5 avatars and maybe some dynamic themes!

    Also, any chance of more Playstation Home support? I’d love to get my hands on a Gran Turismo 5 themed personal space or clubhouse.

  • The Leaf?? Really?? I never drive the econo-cars at all. They just sit there unused. There are so many cool cars they could add on. How about a Pantera? Maybe a Keith Black Hemi car? Yenko Camaro? Tim Taylors GT Ford? A blown cobra? Jay Leno’s pro stock drag car? Heck, a VW conversion sports car would be more fun than the Leaf.

  • You guys thinking about maybe porting some of the dlc to gtportable , not everyone can get their hands on a ps3 even with the price drop and some people really like being able to race wherever and whenever not just porting their garages to the PS3 version.

  • I am loving the constant flow of updates, thanks PD.
    As for the DLC, while I have to say that the first pack was better value for money, I’m really liking the car selection here. Especially the XJR-9. We definitely need more premium Group C / LMP / historic race cars, but I can’t imagine it’s easy for PD to get their hands on these.

    Is Route X just a big oval or are there other sections for testing different things? bringing back Complex String would be awesome.

  • why is the Jaguar XJR-9 LM racecar part of the dlc? i already have that car in my game and its standard. is this what they meant by making standard cars premium? cause that’s not right selling us cars that are already in the game…

  • oh and if that v12 vantage is the same as the one already in it that would mean we are paying $2 for the new cars and getting 2 free cars that are already in the game what the f**k….

  • Will the speed test have a limited length like in GT4, or can we drive as far as we want in one run?

  • Why out of all my games this one is not in my collection baffles me. I will rectify this problem very soon with the xl edition for $40. A test track is a must. Why it wasn’t included in the first place is not right since there has been one in the games before. Either way I’m sure there is plenty of content to justify the price.


  • Wow, that is ridiculously expensive.

  • @nascent-

    You never knew about Street Fighter IV $4 skin packs, did you?

  • I’ll be downloading this the second I get home Tuesday! Can’t wait to try out the Lambo!!

  • These Lambos are a real pain in the butt to drive in this game. And I love it. Can’t wait to get my hands on this new one. I’m sure it will take a couple hours on the track to fine tune the settings to my liking, just like the other Lambos have.

    Great to see the ‘ol Test Course (or at least a variant) is back as well. As much as I love Daytona $ Indy, it really isn’t the same.

    I agree that the price point is ludicrous, but I don’t spend much money on anything else in the PSN Store anyway, so its still a must-buy for me.

  • This is great! Thanks a bunch. Just ordered the TH8rs to compliment my T500. I would be great if some new templates for the course maker got released as well, ie a downtown setting, japanese mountain pass setting for the touge heads.

    A good idea as well would be to release some new cars as DLC but have each vehicle have exterior upgrade options and as well a RM version. This would make the $1/car worth it.


  • Now this is some proper DLC. Definitely gonna buy this.

  • Apologies if this is a silly question but:
    Does buying a DLC car pack mean you actually obtain those cars in game, or is it just that they’re now available for purchase in game?

  • Both. You get one to keep for free in random colour and you can rebuy from the dealer.

    Quite excited about this update and the dlc.

  • I like the facts that theres a route – x , but honestly its getting quite boring , outta all the gran turismo games i dont undertand why they havent moved some of the tracks from gt3,gt4 over to gt5 is they can move the cars “like they have” not much harder to refresh the tracks and move them. from a better stand point i dont know why they havent done it already , the games awsome ,but it lacks tracks . to me i dont care about paints,suits and more jap cars . give us newer cars and a track pack. with a few tracks in it. do a track pack heck ide buy it tired of buying a dlc with a handful of cars,wait 2 months and get a track PD is better than that. i expect better outta a great game like this . they said in a interview with sony personall at the awards awile back they had stuff ready they just had to choose what they wanted to put out.give fans what they want more tracks 2 at a time would be great not 1 . but maby there saving them for GT6 and the ps4 lol

  • wow, prev comment still in mod hell.

  • lol,ide like to see sony and pd put some of the older tracks in there like seattle , el captian, pikes peak, ny, i dont know why we just get 1 measley track after waiting 2 months . youde think they would give us 2 tracks at a time . heck if they did that more people might wanna buy it lol.if i buy the pack i get 1 test track and a few cars ?!?! for 10.00 us.. i mean 3.99 for 1 track ?!?!? really i nought the first track pack paid 11.00 for 15+ cars and 2 tracks . now its 10 for 1 track and a few cars its a great looking track but i need more than that guys .plse do better next time ur sony and pd for god sakes. unless ur planning on putting them on gt6

  • deveria ser gratis por que es unico de la ps3 y psn deve dar cosas para insitar a com prar la ps3

  • At least one car on my wish list made it in this DLC pack (Mini Cooper Countryman S). I wonder if its the AWD model?

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