DC Universe Online Celebrates One Year Online

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DC Universe Online Celebrates One Year Online

Happy birthday, DC Universe Online! Yes, today is the first anniversary of the launch of DCUO, and what a great year it has been. I want to take this chance to thank all of our players for always keeping us on our toes and helping make this game better every day. From our launch as the first action MMO on the PlayStation 3 computer entertainment system to our incredible Free-to-Play transition, so much has happened in the past year that it’s hard to even keep up. I’ll throw some fun facts out there so you can see just how much can be crammed in to 365 days. Since launch…

  • We’ve seen more than 3.5 million hero characters and more than 2 million villain characters created
  • More than 2.3 million registered users on the PS3
  • Players have logged a total of more than 3.6 million days of playtime
  • We’ve added more than 1,200 new NPC characters, 200 new quests, 2,500 new items and 1,800 new encounters

DC Universe Online

And that list doesn’t even include all of the new features we’ve put in the game, such as the new Research & Development system that we released yesterday with Game Update 8.

DC Universe Online

It’s clear we’ve been a little busy this past year, but we’re not slowing down at all for 2012. This year will see even more adventures, new missions, new DC heroes and villains, more chances for you to group with your friends for battle, amazing new gear and some exciting new features. We look forward to you joining us in the coming year and beyond.

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  • Am I missing something? Can we get this cape somehow? The original post doesn’t say.

  • i hope we get something free on playstation home :)

  • Incredible Free-to-Play transition? Nothing incredible about it; it’s pretty much mandatory if you want to stay relevant in the MMO market without throwing the budget of The Old Republic at a project or having 7+ years of content already on the table.

    I guess that move panned out well for you guys. And it is nice to see competition in this industry — since it is what drives innovation. I’m not a huge fan of your game, but you have a decent foundation to build upon. Now be creative and do something to make yourselves stand out; because being a free to play MMO in 2012 isn’t enough anymore.

  • and beyond! I just now joined up and went in on PVE two days ago. Looking forward getting in on the action, albeit the free action. Where is this cape available, PS Store?

  • Drop the price of the subscription fee.

  • To celebrate the game’s one-year anniversary, players will receive a special one-of-a-kind One Year Anniversary Cape that features a number “1”on the back. The cape will be granted to players through their mission journal on January 11. The character must exist on the 11th to be eligible to receive the mission. However, players do not need to log in on the 11th; as long as the character exists on the 11th, players will receive the mission the next time they log in

    Think they forgot this part…

  • Will you guys or vivox be continuing to make further updates to the voice chat had a lot of issues with friends when you go into an instance they loose their chat. Are they able to make further updates to it?

  • i gave up on this game. nearly 8 hours after i began to download the game, it only downloaded to about 50%, so i was over it.

  • We had an issue this morning with the granting of the cape mission in the US (The EU players did get flagged with the mission this morning). We believe we have fixed the issue and are planning on granting the cape mission during tomorrow morning’s maintenance. Sorry about that…No cake for me.

  • In all the posts i read so far @GameOverGerggy is commenting and usually first to comment. Greg you should go back to work!

  • the new trailer of Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City isn’t in the store, it will be uploaded?

  • I started about 3 hours and 40 minutes ago and I’m at 84%! I’ll get this if I create a character by the end of the day right? Yikes! I don’t know If I’ll make it ! Gah This was sitting on my XMB for a few days, I should’ve downloaded this earlier!

  • It’s currently 10:52 pm where I live ( not 7:52 btw ) haha that would explain the rush I’m having. But at 88% I feel a little relieved. I could definitely make this.

  • Looks like I’ll only have time for one character for this cape. But wow, this game looks like a lot of fun!

  • Please tell me you can make another character for free. If it’s locked to one character (you’ll have to buy another one) Then I won’t be coming back to this anytime soon. I’d like to experiment with all of them.

  • You get two.

  • Happy Anniversary DCUO! Thanks for giving me the best game I’ve ever played on a console.


  • This is my first MMO, and I’ve been enjoying it a lot. It was pretty light on missions until I got to Level 8 (as a Villain …. that may not be the case if you’re a hero), but now it’s really picked up the pace. I worked with a group for the first time this morning and BOY, does that make life easier when it comes to taking down the bosses. The Titans felt the sting of my gadgetry this morning! :-)

    There’s still a lot about it I don’t understand (like using my “healer” or “controller” abilities), but I’m enjoying the learning process. Once I get to a high enough level, I plan on picking up the “Lightning Strikes” pack. Thanks for a fun game! It’s well worth the semi-regular updates and the disk space!

  • This is my first MMO, and I’ve been enjoying it a lot. It’s light on missions for villains until you get to Level 8 (I had to grind my way through a lot of cannon fodder to get there), but things have picked up speed a LOT. I worked with a group the first time this morning and had a blast taking down the Titans!

    There’s still a lot about the gameplay I don’t understand, like “healer” and “controller” abilities or how to use them, but I’m enjoying the learning process. When my level gets high enough, I plan on picking up the “Lightning Strikes ” pack. Thanks for a fun game! It’s well worth the updates and the disk space!

  • 1. can i get this cape?
    2. if so ow do i get this cape?
    3. is there different versions for villians and heroes?

  • Well i’ll be, i could’nt quite place what i liked so much about the year1 cape…untill i looked at my fallout3 lunchbox and realized how much alike the design is when compared to the Vault-tec logo designs.

    This will be great for my clan Vault Dwellers!

  • uhh i plan on playing this game but i read in an article somewhere that this can be downloaded from the playstation store but i cant seem to find it. any other way to download it for free?

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