CES 2012: PS Vita’s Augmented Reality Transforms Your Table Into an Arena

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CES 2012: PS Vita’s Augmented Reality Transforms Your Table Into an Arena

A couple of months ago, a video surfaced that showed off some cool-looking augmented reality apps running on PS Vita. Since then, it’s been confirmed that Vita will come with six AR Play Cards and a voucher to download a handful of free augmented reality mini games via the PSN. Today at CES, we were able to see one of these games in action: Table Football (it will be called Table Soccer in the US, because we already have football).

Backstage, Sony Santa Monica Sr. Manager Dave Thach dealt the AR Play Cards on a table, and a soccer pitch sprung to life through the window of the PS Vita’s luscious OLED display. The actual game is kind of like a turn-based soccer match – it reminded me of a 2012 version of paper football. But enough talk, let’s see it in action:

Bonus points if you spotted the Men in Black 3 alien who walked through the frame. Vegas is weird.

Table Soccer is just one of the augmented-reality games you’ll be able to play for free if you pick up a new PS Vita on February 22nd. We’ll highlight more closer to launch right here on the PlayStation.Blog.

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  • If only everyone had expensive glass tables to play on!

    Seriously though AR is cool and I look forward to fooling around with it.

  • wait hold what about those of us who got the ps vita early how do we get to have the experience ????????????

  • noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo not fair ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Hah, was the alien the one near the very end of the video? Looks very cool and from the video it doesn’t seem that you need a large distance between you and the cards which is what I didn’t like about others’ AR tech.

  • @2 You got to play it early.

  • i love it uncharted it sick lol and umvc 3 i thought it would be hard to pull off the moves but its not its more easy to do on the vita d-pad then the ps3 wow

  • Will people be able to get these cards and games if they already have a Japanese Vita? Will we have to pay extra for it? It didn’t come with the Japanese model and with the exchange rate it was already more expensive.

  • can’t wait to get this! i hope theres no problems, i already bought 4 PS3’s -_-

  • WTF?! did i see an alien?! LOL

  • Will you be able to play with the buttons or is it just touch based? because thats really important.

    • It’s touch-based. It’s not FIFA – the way the game works, stick/button controls wouldn’t work. The skill is all in the speed at which you swipe.

  • Please make the SDK available or some sort of developer environment like the Move.me. I’m currently studying AI and Computer Vision and would loooooooooooove to develop for this (or at least attempt).

  • bring back Eye of Judgement (I think that is what is called) or something else re-branded and sell decks of cards and make super awesome attacks and monster old school final fantasy summons style. Use the cards so that positioning matters, attacks have different ranges and angles. Also anyone with a vita can see the 2v2 battle, my sony friends you will run out of vitas because every nerd in the planet will go nuts for this and will finally sell AR as the real future. Once that happens you can finally move to AR glass and LED gloves that allow me to move my hands in a 3D environment.

    Imagine competitions like this!!! pokemon, magic and Yu-Gi-Oh will [DELETED] their pants just saying

  • Nice FREE is my favourite word :)

  • wait hold what about those of us who got the ps vita early how do we get to have the experience ??

  • ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i want my free game i wanna play

  • You already have “football” in the US? you should call that game “tackle ball” or “running ball” , the real sport where the foot meets the ball is called FOOTBALL not “soccer”…

  • Do you know if this will be available in Canada too??


  • So if I’m riding in a car and I want to play Table Soccer I’m S.O.L. since there’s not room to put all these cards?

  • Looking pretty good u.u

  • I like it

  • 16# There will be different types of Augment reality games. Some that will require the cards and some won’t. So this is one of does which you need the cards.

  • Awesome

  • Will the cards be included in the box or will we have to pick them at the same time as we buy the hardware. I want to know because I’ve pre-ordered the Vita and it’ll be delivered right at home and I wanted to know if I would have the cards. If they’re not included in the box, is there any way we can get them if we receive PS Vita right at home?

  • Not really interested in this AR thing since you guys aren’t letting the PS Vita able to play PSone Classics…

  • that looks like a promising feature…

  • Hopefully more people will support this.

  • Personally I love this feature of the Vita. In fact it is one of the reasons I am looking so forward to the Vita as I can see the promise of this feature. To see one of the ways that they are going to pull this off with the Vita I am filled with even more excitement for this system. Though one thing I have to ask of those that are complaining about the PS1 compatibility with the Vita, why are you so upset about it. While yes I agree that it sucks that it won’t be able to play them at the launch of the system, they can still add it in later on with an update to the firmware. Plus I don’t understand why you would not want to get the system over this one little thing. I mean come on you can still play them on the PSP and the PS3 as well, so you don’t absolutely need the feature to play those games. If any one can explain this to me please do so as I just don’t get it.

  • just preordered my vita today!!!!!

  • how heavy are the cards?

  • the oly reason i asked is because i’m concerned that they can blow away if their is a sudden gust of wind

  • i’m sure if they are too light for gust situations one could always tape a coin to one side or something like that

  • I’m I the only one who noticed the cards seem to dissapear once the Vita knows where they are? Did you ask about that? This WAAR stuff looks pretty cool! Anymore news on the markerless AR?

  • OMG thats cool

  • looks kewl… i wonder what other WAAR games there R for the non sports person i wonder if theres going to be a stateside football (NFL/NCAA) game or other games like hockey (NHL)…going by the accent the person there it was for the EU ps vita
    going by the video playing on a GLASS top table would be a little harder to play on visually for me id prefer to play on a solid nontranclucent surface…it would be interesting if u taped the cards to a wall & played that way or would real world gravity have any context on in-n game AR play…wed just have to wait & C…

  • theres gonna be PS Vita Demos right?

  • oh my god he said this is free …..wow thanks sony

  • Can’t wait to find out what games like AR Pool or Chess on the Vita are going to be like! Preorder confirmed.

  • While what all you guys are talking about is cool the geek in me is thinking of the AR games that doesn’t use the cards. I mean think about you are playing one of those games and you are walking along and see a world within your world that you can reach out and interact with. Not to mention how cool fights would be, I mean think about it you are walking along and an enemy randomly pops out of no where and you have to fight it like it is in your room. Man all of that would be so cool. Or they could make it were to get into the game world you had to go to a door and open it up. Man my inner geek is coming out.

  • I suppose there’s no chance in h3ll of Sony resurrecting Eye of Judgment for the Vita, but I guy can dream.

    (Hmm… Eye of Judgment: Resurrection _is_ a catchy title though ;-) )

  • I am really looking forward to the AR games i already have my ps vita on preorder and almost paid off i cant wait when i get my ps vita in feb,15

  • When will Sony announce the UK 3G plans so I know which version I’ll Pre-Order?

  • Can we expect an eye of judgment like card game with augmented reality for vita in the future?

  • That looks awesome. I’m also excited about the AR fighting game for PSV. Anywhere you are becomes a battle ground should be the catch phrase. I’m also curious as to what other AR games Sony has in the works.


  • “(it will be called Table Soccer in the US, because we already have football)” Ironically a game played predominantly played with your hands! American Football should really be called American Handball!

  • Will i get these cards a week early with my vita, since i preordered?

  • cool but they did the same thing with the 3ds

  • I have a question, I know there is a “Media go” application to sync music, photos etc to PSPs, and im assuming the vita as well, but its a windows only application. So me having a mac, i cant sync music to my vita when i get it?
    Or is there another way to sync music to a vita from my computer?

  • What if I live in Japan and already got a PS Vita? Will I miss out on these cards and free games? Can anyone answer this? Missing out would really suck…”free” is such an awesome word…

  • Jeff!! Will the 6 AR cards be available with the first edition bundle?? Maybe it’s obvious but I wanna make sure. Got it pre ordered and paid!

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