Qore in January: Twisted Metal, PS Vita preview, SSX, Kingdoms of Amalur

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Qore in January: Twisted Metal, PS Vita preview, SSX, Kingdoms of Amalur

We’re still recovering from a massive 2011 year in games. And, now, only 10 days into the new year, Qore‘s looking into 2012 and things are already looking very strong…again.

Qore in January: Twisted Metal, PS Vita preview, SSX, Kingdoms of Amalur

Jesse Blaze Snider gears up for an extensive ride (and preview) through Twisted Metal. Sweet Tooth and company have lots of new tricks (and weapons) ready to bust out on PS3 and Jesse gets his hands all over them. He also gets his hands on the PS Vita for a sweet preview on how upcoming games are taking advantage of the front and rear touch screens, dual cameras, motion sensors, and cross-platform play.

With so little snow here in California and a warm winter over much of the US, the only way to make some tracks this year might be with SSX. With insane new tricks and environments crafted from actual NASA data, the Qore preview travels to the highest summits of this extreme sports world to experience this thrilling new version.

Last month, Qore dove into Final Fantasy 13-2. Now another RPG is on the horizon from baseball legend Curt Schilling’s 38 Studios with Kingdoms of Amalur. Qore takes a look into the rich world and leveling system of this upcoming debut title.

To commemorate Twisted Metal’s debut on PS3 next month, check out the Twisted Metal theme in the DL center of this episode. Did you miss December’s Episode 43? You can still download it for FREE from the PlayStation Store, or visit Qore’s new episode pages to view individual feature stories right here.

We hope you enjoy the January episode of Qore.

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  • woo look 4word to it!

  • Awesome

  • Twisted Metal! I can’t wait!

  • “The uploader has not made this video available.” Huh? Well it’s okay, just the preview. Definitely will be watching it later tonight. Excited to check out Kingdoms of Amalur!

  • Ha, I stop downloading Qore after Veronica left…I’m so mean.

    But it does save me a gig or two of my limited bandwidth per month.

  • KEVIN………………………………. VID ……………………….DOES NOT ……………………………WORK………………… THANKS :)

  • LATE LATE LATE The first tuesday of the month was when? Exactly.

  • Will the first edition ps vita’s little deviants be a full retail game or a downloadable?

  • This is the first time that I’m actually EXCITED for the new episode of Qore.

    I can’t wait for Twisted Metal to hit!

    <– already paid my pre-order in full.

    Why can't Valentine's Day just happen already D:

  • i will watch it just for the Vita preview , i hope it turns out to be good , anyways any idea if theres gonna be a youtube app on the ps vita? is Motorstorm RC part of the launch line up ?

  • can’t watch the video!!!

  • Is Veronica Belmont gone for good?!!! Sad day.

  • It says… “The uploader has not made this video available”

  • I really like QORE! I wish the picture taking XMB feature that QORE activates would be a standard on the PS3 XMB.

  • Sweet! Please some Twisted Metal avatars!!!!!!

  • I really don’t like this new guy.

  • Yeah where is Veronica? Think you guys/gals would at least mention something considering she was a part of Qore since its beginnings..

  • I miss Veronica, but Jesse’s not bad. He seems like a cool guy.


  • Oh yes, going to love this episode. Featuring two games I’m getting and I’m really hyped up for. Twister Metal and SSX!!!!!!!!!! Also Jesse is a great host! Only problem was in the last episode I couldn’t really hear him in some parts.

  • @15

    What Zacky-V-A7X Said! Twister Metal Avatars! Also SSX Avatars would be awesome too!

  • When is Jesse’s dad going to appear on Qore?

  • when is the ps vita gona come out?

  • Well, I’m not sure yet about the new guy either, but at least he showed an enthusiasm & energy & knowledge of gaming that I never sensed from Veronica. He was way better at interviewing the devs, too. I don’t like the new girl, though. I’ve seen her before, on Attack of the Show & well, no. Sorry.

  • Yay Batty and SSX. That’s just what the ps3 and the blog needs more of. Keep it coming.

    How about getting the SSX trailers in the PSN store in HD? That would rock.

  • Oh, & I’ll say it again, the ratio of Plusers seems to be much higher than a few months ago so Sony must be doing something right

  • @JLP_M Yeah both would be Awesome!!!

  • Twisted metal is a must get for ps3 owners ! Had some classic battles from twisgted metal 1 !!!

  • Wait, wait, wait 1 second? Jessie said in the video that twisted metal would release this month. But David jaffe said it would be released on february 14th which is valentines day. So can anybody HELP ME OUT? Pretty please :) oh and thanks

  • Video working good now :)

  • @17: Yeah! You would think that they would at least mention something about Veronica leaving…

    Apart from the post on this blog back in November–
    “And, finally, as many of you already know, after 42 episodes, hundreds of feature stories, and thousands of miles traveled as the host of Qore, Veronica Belmont is leaving the show after this episode. Veronica’s been with the show since the beginning and we’ll miss her dedication, professionalism, and crazy sense of humor. We wish her all the best in her new endeavors.”

    — and a good-bye video from Veronica herself, there was absolutely no mention of this news…


  • I couldn’t care about Veronica Belmont but please bring a chick in again. That girl from the Tester is doing a really good job I think.

  • Weird, whatever happen to Jessica and the other correspondent? Did they finish their contracts or something? Should I know who this new guy is already?

  • Omg sweet SSX deadly Descent looks amazing in HD! And finally there listening to what the fans want Custom sound tracks thank you EA! Also HOME has been improved but why no custom sound tracks? now please add custom sound tracks to all your PSN games along with Platinum’s Sony then I’ll shut up! I’m hoping 2012 will have some shocking announcements to come in 2012 and beyond!! But I’ll tell you this much I’m not paying over $599.99 again on a new PS4 console that’s out of the question! Also Sony you need to add a coolant fan for your next Gen PS4 along with other new innovative idea’s!!

  • Anyone know if this episode of core is up on PSN as of now?

  • I just watched the “Hands On (All Over It)” video clip and it stated that you can hook up your Vita to a Mac. Now I’ve been reading that Content Manager will only work on Windows PCs. Is there any official work on that?

  • Sweet Sevchenko Mohawk there, Jesse.

  • Kingdoms of Amalur… I cannot wait!

  • SSX, cant wait, ive never played an SSX game besides 3 for collectiveley 10 minutes , but I owned 1080. AVALANCH. SEE YOU GUYS ON THE SLOPES!

  • Hi, I’m a Qore subscriber. I have been since the start.
    How come I can’t get this episode? It’s still not available to me, but it is to PS Plus subscribers.

    Now I’ve been doing a search on the internet, and alot of people are saying Qore is free, and PS Plus subscribers get it earlier.

    What happens to my ongoing subscription? In my opinion, this is ridiculous. I’m paying for a service that everyone will get for free at the same time as me? Huh?

    Well, hopefully you fine people at Sony will reimburse me my funds, or turn my Qore subscription into a PS Plus subscription.

    Please respond, I’m a little confused about the status of my Qore subscription.

  • Why isn’t the January episode available to Qore Annual Subscribers?

  • Just saw the post above mine and I agree with Whahoppen. Annual subscribers should be converted into Plus if you’re really giving Qore away for free now. At the very least, we should get the episode at the same time as Plus! Terrible communication on the part of Sony as people who have paid good money are being left in the dark.

  • Still no response to my comment/question.
    I’ve tweeted Qore and got no response there either.

    So, as a current Qore subscriber, why can’t I get this episode?

    What’s going on? All I ask for is a status update about current subscribers. Hello?

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