Novus Prime: Vindication Comes to PlayStation Home Wednesday

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Novus Prime: Vindication Comes to PlayStation Home Wednesday

Hellfire Games is proud to announce that Novus Prime: Vindication, the newest expansion for our multiplayer space shooter Novus Prime, is coming to PlayStation Home this Wednesday, January 11th. We’ve been hard at work on Vindication for several months, and we’re looking forward to hearing what you all think! Here’s a preview of what to expect with the newest expansion:

Leveling Up the Core Experience

Since the launch of Novus Prime in December 2010, we’ve learned a lot about what our players enjoy most about the Novus Prime experience. With Vindication, we knew we had to deliver more missions, ships, weapons, avatar items, outfits, and more – but we’re also excited to give our community their #1 request: raising the level cap from 20 to 30 and adding tons of new rewards!

With the new expansion, players will now unlock rewards at every other level. This means players who’ve already reached the rank of Captain at level 20 will instantly earn several rewards when they log in to Novus Prime: Vindication. Newcomers will earn more rewards than ever before as they rise up the ranks to Commander.

Novus Prime Escalation for PlayStation Home

Players will find several new items in the shop to improve their game experience in Novus Prime, including the Tech Goggles & Enemy Scanner bundle, the super-fast Obsidian Blade fighter ship, and our new Memory Conditioning Conduit bundle, which comes with three virtual items and permanently triples your XP point gains so you can rank up even faster.

Novus Prime Escalation for PlayStation Home

Meet the Obsidian Race

We’re also expanding Novus Prime’s lore as the new playable Obsidian race joins Earth Fleet against the Bot armada. Aside from some concept art we’ve cleverly hidden away in Novus Prime’s VIP area, not much has been made public about the Obsidian race until now. With Vindication, everyone can join the fight as an Obsidian fighter with the Obsidian Pilot Suit bundle, which comes with some seriously unique custom animations as well as the Obsidian Blade, the fastest player ship in the game.

Here’s your first glimpse at the new Obsidian technology before Vindication goes live:

Novus Prime Escalation for PlayStation Home

Finally, we know our veteran players have been clamoring for more missions (that’s our second most requested update), so we’ve truly expanded Novus Prime’s core content this time around. Novus Prime: Vindication delivers two challenging new missions (“Claustrophobia” and “Wrecker’s Waltz”) as well as Master versions of every current mission, so there’s no shortage of adventures to be had with your friends in the cold confines of space. Keep an eye out for the new Executioner mini-boss!

Novus Prime Escalation for PlayStation Home

More Ways to Join the Fight

We’re big fans of the recently-redesigned PlayStation Home core experience, and one of its coolest features is the opportunity to find great new games in each of the Districts. Starting January 11th, players can warp straight to the Novus Prime space station from our new Action District location – just look for the colossal hovering spaceship.

Novus Prime Escalation for PlayStation Home

Last but not least, we’re celebrating the launch of Novus Prime: Vindication and our recent 1-year anniversary in PlayStation Home by giving away this free Personal Lightning Shield virtual item as a token of appreciation for our fans!

Click here to get your free code

Novus Prime Escalation for PlayStation Home

It’s been just over a year since we made PlayStation Home our own home for quality game development, and we’ve got big plans for 2012! We’d like to say thanks to everyone in the PlayStation Home community for your support, and we look to hearing what you think about Novus Prime: Vindication.

If you love free stuff, don’t forget to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to get the latest Novus Prime updates and code giveaways straight to your new feed, and remember to Join the Fight on Wednesday, January 11th!

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