ModNation Racers: Road Trip – Brand New Career Mode!

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ModNation Racers: Road Trip – Brand New Career Mode!

UPDATE: Be sure to join us on our developer livechat on Jan 11th @ 2pm Pacific Time, where you can ask us anything. Chat directly with a few of us from the ModNation Racers: Road Trip production team and ask anything “Play,” “Create,” and/or “Share.” See you then!

ModNation Racers: Road Trip features a brand spankin’ new set of 25+ tracks in an all-new career mode. No resting on your laurels from ModNation Racers for PS3. This is a completely new experience with a new set of challenges to enjoy.

1. New Career Tours

The 25+ ALL NEW tracks in ModNation Racers: Road Trip are divided in five tours of five races each in an effort to claim victory in the Mod Championship! Initial tours introduce the basics of racing like drifting and boosting (see here), track layouts, the exciting new weapons (see here) and how to use (or avoid) props or attacks on tracks. The challenge increases through a combination of intensifying track layouts and strategic use of item and prop placements. For newcomers, the learning curve is simple and short. For the veterans, the progression will help introduce new elements that add a fun twist of strategy to your racing different than you’ve had before.


2. Career Mode: Progression
Progressing through the tours in ModNation Racers for the PS3 may have been a little daunting for some since moving on to more tracks required an advanced set of racing skills. Now players are still challenged to do their best, yet are rewarded with experience Tour Points which enable them more flexibility to progress. You’ll be able to retry races to acquire Tour Points to complete your career.


3. Career Mode: Bonus Tracks
In addition to the five new tours in the Mod Championship there is an additional Bonus Tour. The Bonus Tour is accessible by winning Tour Five and passing each of the Cumulative Stats requirements (see below).

4. Career Mode Stats

Stats are tracked as you play through career and the are keys to success in ModNation Racers: Road Trip:

  1. Drift Distance: Total distance you have drifted while playing through the career tracks.
  2. Shortcut Uses: Shortcut paths, alternate routes or other breadcrumb paths you’ve found and used on the tracks.
  3. Target Time Differential: The cumulative time you’ve finished the career tracks faster than the target times.
  4. Weapons Expert: Total number of opponents you’ve attacked with weapons and the weapon attacks you’ve shielded.
  5. Item Use: Total number of weapon pods collected and boost pads used.

ModNation Racers Road Trip: Features Previews

Track Studio I – ModNation Racers: Road Trip Track Studio – Your Wish is Our Command!
Track Studio II – ModNation Racers: Road Trip Track Studio – Part Two
Mod Studio – ModNation Racers: Road Trip – Mod Studio Preview
Kart Studio – ModNation Racers: Road Trip – Kart Studio Preview
Racing – ModNation Racers: Road Trip – New Racing Features
Weapons – ModNation Racers: Road Trip – Recipe For Fun… Big, Bad, Weapons!

ModNation Racers For PS3

The Moddys 1.5: More of Our Favorites

Our fun (and mildly silly) way to recognize you, the ModNation community for all the effort, creativity and skill you have poured into this game.

The Mods 1.5

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  2. “He’s Only Mostly Dead” (Favorite Zombie Mods)
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  5. “So Hip To Be Square” (Favorite Box Head Mods)
  6. “It Tastes Like, Well… Chicken” (Favorite Poultry Mods)
  7. “Mod Is My Middle Name” (Favorite Spy Mods)
  8. “You Take My Breath Away” (Mod Most In Need of Oxygen)
  9. “Think You’re Bright Don’t Ya’” (Favorite Neon Mods)

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The Karts 1.5

  1. “The ModNation Hat-Trick” (Favorite Zamboni Karts)
  2. “Dude, Where’s My Kart” (Favorite Far-Out Karts)
  3. “That’s Quite The Booty!” (Favorite Pirate Karts)
  4. “I’ll Take That Bet” (Favorite Casino Karts)
  5. “Accents, Flourishes, Fleur-de-lis, oh My!” (Favorite Ornate Karts)
  6. “Don’t Eat That. Eat This.” (Favorite Food Themed Karts)
  7. “Especially Love The Yellow Ones” (Favorite Submarine Karts)
  8. “Mix In A Breath Mint” (Favorite Dragon Karts)
  9. “I’m Giving It All She’s Got” (Favorite Upper-Atmosphere Karts)

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ModNation Thursday Fun Races

Join ModNationSD for an evening of fun racing Thursdays from 4:30-5:30 PST. This is a great opportunity to meet some fun people in a casual racing environment. Bring your favorite Mods and Karts and strut your stuff out on the track. Check our ModNation Facebook page on the day of the races on how to join.

This Week’s Top Tracks: Best of OnePoppa
Hot Lap Tracks of the Week: UFO Site: Reclamation by its2l84that

Mark’s Review: I haven’t seen this much devastation and destruction since the holidays with my in-laws! (TMI? Too soon?)

We are kicking off the new year with a few adjustments to the Hot Lap line ups. Starting THIS week our spotlight “Track of the Week” will be placed in a Saturday slot (instead of Monday) to bring more well deserved attention to the “best of the best”.

Monday: Checkerboard Of Realms by John31269
Tuesday: Bay side freeway by ylSK8TLZPqQ
Thursday: Another Earth by big-village_920_
Friday: Brick and Mortar by MagicalHamster
Saturday: UFO Site: Reclamation by its2l84that
Sunday: Umeth Fossil Park Tar Pit by IndustrialSavior

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7 Author Replies

  • Hey Mark
    Any word on a possible price reduction for the PS3 DLC track packs?
    PS3 MNR needs some love too, don’t forget about us.

  • No word. Sorry.

  • i have a huge doubt:
    in 2/22/12 im getting a vita with a 32gb,uncharted vita,_______
    should i get:
    1.rayman origins
    2.dynasty warriors next gaiden sigma plus
    4.marvel vs capcom
    5.modnation racers
    please someone help me which should i get
    and one more thing, how much gb will uncharted be?

  • oh and will the vita include a memory card from the beggining or are they completly sold separatly

  • Will we be able to use the DLC from Modnation on the PS3 on Road Trip?

  • There should be a complete edition of the PS3 version. That includes the main DLC at least.

  • Oh! This is career mode is really Gr8! Oh! i almost forgot, Mark, Road Trip Have a Japanese Version? If yes,is this version already launched?

  • Are there any plans to patch the PS3 campaign? I got stuck part way through the campaign (even on the easiest difficulty) so I never finished it and I traded it in. I would like to pick it up and finish it if a patch like you are describing for Road Trip ever exists. I was on the fence about buying this for Vita but it sounds like you are fixing the problems so the chances are improving.

  • So is there going to be anything new coming to MNR on the PS3? I understand the new support coming for Vita, but please don’t forget about the console version that made this possible.

  • I’d love some more career expansions in MNR.

  • I love ModNation Racers! ModNation Racers Road Trip is gonna be a blast! The new Career Mode looks fantastic!

  • Will there be new commentary from Biff and Gary? I love those guys! Will the new career mode have a story like the PS3 version?

  • Thanks for the Hot Lap spot!

  • < 3 Big Poppa. Modicus Shrine is my favorite of his, and my favorite Gladiator track, too.

    Glad you liked Brick and Mortar. : )

  • Hi. I have been excited to read those new features on MNR:Road Trip for last few weeks. Most of my friends, Japanese, who play MNR on PS3 together are taking care of whether MNR:RT would be localized for Japanese. I hope it would be in the near future because it looks a really nice game.

    Also thank you for giving our community a lot of nice events recently. Please take care.

  • I got a question.. what is the eastern time the live chat starts? because i have a few questions lol.
    but please answer this now! how much track themes are in this game from the start. cuz i notices the far east was apart of the career so that must mean theme DLC isn’t needed? as in you get all 7 themes already i’m guessing?

  • I have a question… What is this? Is it a PS Vita game? Or and add-on to Modnation: Racers? If it’s an add-on, how much does it cost and when does it come out? I used to play Modnation: Racers all the time, but then I got GT5 with a DFGT… Would love to come back and play and lay “a-whoopin'” on the new players!

  • No story in the career? Lame… ):

  • sounds really good i like the screenshots. I think this will be my Vita launch game. its not pricey: just 30 bucks. (as the price of the psp plus a memory card plus maybe a soft case) adds up .. and to me seems to be a nice game to show off the features (and graphics) of the Vita to others :-).

    The launch lineup looks good the only problem is see is theres not honestly a whole lot of “big” games for the Vita in the “future” but i think once the system comes out in the US there will be more releases and annoucements this system really looks like one of the best handheld systems to come along in years. It has the features of modern day “devices” like touch screen but with tactile analog pads and buttons that most modern phones and tablets are much lacking and great processing power and graphics to boot (the vita i see shares the same cpu and graphics as the ipad2 BUT the vita has quad core graphics whearas the ipad2 has just duel cores) :-). meaning more power!

    any chance you guys can convince epic to release the “enhanced” Epic Citidal demo shown at e3 as a freebie would be awesome! i LOVE it on the ipad :-p and would be even better on the vita! :-)

  • I know this is dead and buried, but how the hell could you guys not include online play for the Vita version, but it was included in the PSP version? I mean, Road Trip was going to be a must buy for me at launch, now i dont plan on touching the game at all, and it is so sad.

    I cannot believe how you can actually let a game like Mod Nation NOT have online play in this day and age. DELAY THE GAME! Add online infrastructure play, and then release it. I’d rather see it delayed and release without online play.

    I’m a very staunch supporter of Sony and everything Playstation, but even my support and dedication is being stretched thin by something that is so freaking obvious it shouldnt have even had to be discussed in design meetings.

  • I agree completely with LionFranco (#20). This game really needs online multiplayer. I would prefer if the game was delayed in order to add Wi-Fi infrastructure, rather than to have it be rushed to market without a key feature just so it could be on the shelf in time for system launch. Give it as much time as you need. It’s THAT important.

    There are already plenty of other great Vita games at launch, and MNR can still shine brightly at a later time if it’s given the necessary love from the developers. On the other hand, a hastily slapped together release won’t do any favors for the game, or the future of the franchise in general.

  • Hey AgentX, tell GAF to unban me, LOL!

  • Yeah, I was extremely stoked for this, but the lack of online multiplayer is a huge bonehead decision. I cancelled my preorder at bestbuy tonight.

  • Signed in just to ask: NO ONLINE MULTIPLAYER????!!!

    Why Sony? I’m sorry guys, pre-order cancelled. Wipeout will be my racing game of choice for Vita.

    Idk what’s ginna happen when Greg Miller from IGN finds out….

  • Any Modnation Racers game not supporting online multiplayer game mode makes it only half a game in my opinion (it’s a big, fancy crippled DLC). Either this is a technical failing of the game or of the Vita system, or the game was rushed out in order to make the Vita launch window and *maybe* the multiplayer mode will be added later (or is this just wishful thinking on my part?). $29.99 for Career Mode play only? I will wait for a lower price.

  • First time I logged into PSN on a computer, no online multiplayer?

    That must be a joke? This is the one launch-title I was really looking forward to.
    Im not going to buy a racing-game that lacks multiplayer, this is 2112… come on, are you kiding me?

    This news made me really sad, and to be honest a bit angry as well. Almost wished I bought the 3ds and Mario Cart instead.

    I might cancel my order on this game, and maybe the entire Vita. :´(

  • Wow!, Just cancelled my pre order, online play is what makes modnation racers fun. Horrible Horrible mistake by the developers!

  • Cant get this clear, is this on the PS3 as a sequel or on PSP as a new game?


  • @15 lovelyblueness, It does not look like Modnation Racers Road Trip will be coming out in Japan any time soon. web site does not have it listed for sale (it has other Vita games such as wipeout 2048 which is coming out for both Japan and usa). Also, Road Trip is not listed on the official Japanese Playstation website that lists all the games that are available for purchase on Vita. See this list url below. Use google translate to covert this web page text to English.


  • Are they not concerned about how the lack of online multiplayer will negatively affect the reviews. These reviews scores wont change after the game is patched (if this happens) which will likely have a negative impact on sales. Also if the game cover doesnt mention online multiplayer after the patch then a large percentage of buyers in the stores who havent researched the game online beforehand will likely be unaware of its inclusion which could once again reduce sales.

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