Mecho Wars Comes to PSN Tomorrow, Free for PS Plus

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Mecho Wars Comes to PSN Tomorrow, Free for PS Plus

I speak for the whole team when I say that we are incredibly excited about our latest game to hit PSN, the minis title Mecho Wars for $4.99. Based on the characters, world, and distinctive visual style crafted by Luc Bernard, Mecho Wars is a turn-based strategy game where you command your troops to expand into enemy territory, control and collect resources, and conquer your enemy’s structures.

Mecho Wars for PS3 and PSP (PSN)

The story of Mecho Wars details the rise of the Winged Crusade in the distant land of Divination Deserts, in a war between the Winged Crusade and the Landians. This is not your typical desert: there is plenty of water that separates land masses. To sustain your army, you’ll need to capture factories to expand your maximum army support, take over cities to earn gold from the rich economic hubs, and defeat the enemy by capturing their HQ building while simultaneously defending your own. Don’t forget strategic unit composition and troop positioning as each unit type has its own strengths and weaknesses. Mecho Wars features a day/night cycle where the water that normally restricts your movement paths during the day freezes at night, allowing for unexpected skirmishes and ambushes. In addition to the rich, story-driven campaign, the Mecho Wars minis title features a new and extended soundtrack, a special set of individual challenge maps, and local multiplayer support on a single device for both the PS3 and PSP.

Mecho Wars for PS3 and PSP (PSN)Mecho Wars for PS3 and PSP (PSN)

Mecho Wars achieves the perfect balance between the intense competitive strategy of army composition and troop placement and the invitingly casual and leisurely gaming experience lent by its turn-based combat system. The beauty of Mecho Wars is you can spend hours on end formulating the perfect strategy, unit composition, and battle placement tactics to best defeat your foe, or you can take your time and casually complete a turn every once in a while as you eat lunch or watch the news.

Everyone here at Creat absolutely loves playing Mecho Wars and we believe that, if given a chance, it can become one of your favorites as well. Thank you for the continued support you all have given us and we will continue to work our hardest to deliver awesome and ridiculously fun games to you guys. We always value fan feedback so leave us a comment below or get in contact with us on Facebook or through Twitter for all of our latest news and announcements.

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  • Yet another great reason for PS+!

  • It reminds me of Advance Wars

  • damn. this looks like a great game. then the words “minS” where there.. that means NO trophys… and thats a no go for me. just give me mushroom wars 2 :D

    • We’re sorry you feel that way about trophies, but we hope you’ll give the game a chance at some point down the line. You never know, it might end up being one of your favorites just like it is one of ours :)

  • Looks like Advance Wars which is a great positive. Hoping that is plays great since I haven’t been a fun of Creat Studios’ games. Any chance that it will be playable for the PSP or PS Vita? Touch screen support would be great.

    • Upon its release Mecho Wars will be playable on the PSP and PS Vita and hopefully Mecho Wars can be the first of many of our upcoming games that you’ll really enjoy!

  • You know the saying, there’s no such thing as free lunch? Well, there is such a thing.

  • Looks exactly like Advanced Wars which aint a bad thing but it puts shame on the developers for lack of originality.

  • Has there been any mention on whether vita will support minis with downloads or remote play? i know you can use psone games with remoteplay, but if minis are supported it would be an absolute win for me because I have a ton minis but prefer to play them on a handheld

  • I’d like to see more games like this. Hopefully it sells a lot so there can be a full PSN game with trophies. I really like the Advance Wars vibe I’m seeing from this game.

  • I love turn based strategy games. Glad I’m getting this one free. I would love to see more of these type of games in the PS Store that have online matches like Clash Of Heroes.

    • Couldn’t agree with you more :) and while Mecho Wars only supports local multiplayer we would also love to see more online turn-based style games on the PSN.

  • Great genre for a mini game, and glad to see it as a Plus offer!
    Now work on releasing this as a full-fledged Vita game, thanks.
    (Don’t forget Field Commander, too!)

  • I have this game for my iPod. Great game, very much like advance wars or other RTS games.

  • I was intrigued by this enough that I was going to re-up my PS+ for it. We love Mushroom Wars and Swords & Soldiers and I thought turn based would be a nice edition and change of pace. Then I remembered “mini’ = “solo” so all my enthusiasm has gone swoosh out the door. Oh well, will wait for more Mushroom Wars DLC.

    • Hold that door before it shuts completely! While there isn’t any online multiplayer, Mecho Wars does support local multiplayer on the PS3 and also features local multiplayer support on a single PSP! So we hope you might reconsider about giving Mecho Wars a chance :D

  • game looks great an priceing is perfect 5 bucks only problem its a mini which means no trophies an thus noone knows what you have achieved is this game meaning u have no proof of your fun except in your head! i would totally buy this game in heart beat if it wasnt a mini sorry but i will not be considering this title or any creat or tik or any developer games unless they include trophies. i think your sales number should reflect my exact feelings across the board this is not Apple Products apps here cause they are overpriced an no achievements! that is all keep up the good work on psn titles that include trophies

    • I totally understand where you’re coming from about the trophies. But we do think Mecho Wars is an incredibly fun game on its own, so if you do decide to give the game a chance I am almost certain you’ll find it to your liking.

  • I hope someone gives it a 0/10 so Luc can go on a drunken bender and rampage through the comments section like he did after Eternity’s Child released. That’d be worth the $5 price of admission right there.

  • Creat! You guys are awesome. I want cuboid 2!

    • Thanks! We think you’re awesome too! Even though it’s not a Cuboid 2 maybe Mecho Wars can keep you company in the meanwhile :]

  • I find it sad that today’s gamers are not even interested in a game if it doesn’t have a virtual representation of their accomplishment. Sure, I love trophies, but not having trophies is not a reason for me to skip the great games without trophies available, such as all the PSOne Classics I never had the time to complete back then (because I was broke back then), many great PSP Titles such as Patapon 2 and Tactics Ogre, or even some great PS3 games likes MGS4 or Valkyria Chronicles.

    Not having a proof of it didn’t stop me from getting all Emblems in MGS4. So what if you don’t believe me? I had fun doing it and that’s all that matters, not that you find me awesome for doing all that.

    • Thanks for hitting on the other side of the trophy coin. I can understand the arguments for both sides: there’s the fun of just playing through the game on one hand and then the fun of collecting trophies for accomplishing usually extra tasks on the other. Different strokes for different folks. But that’s why we do value fan feedback so much because then we can always keep working towards giving you guys the best games we possibly can.

  • This game looks like a complete rip off of Advanced Wars. Which is AWESOME. I just found out about it now and I want it, it looks great.

    • Loving the enthusiasm. If you do pick up Mecho Wars be sure to let us know just how awesome it actually is :D

  • ShadowofEden,

    I agree with you. The allure of trophies has changed the way some people play games, and it seems some miss out on the experience of a great game when simply trying to collect virtual things to show off.

    This game looks like a great addition to the other fun mini’s I have. A turn based game is great as a mini because it allows both for a quick play and something to look forward to later.

    • Thanks so much for your input and I would definitely agree with you. Mecho Wars will always be there for you no matter what it is you want it to be. You can spend hours on end trying to outmaneuver enemy force after enemy force, you can complete a turn every once in a while as you’re multitasking, or you can even only pickup the game once every couple of days to complete a turn and still get sucked into the tense strategic action every time.

  • Rob,

    Is this a PSN Exclusive?

    • Hey ModernYorkster,

      Even though it’s just hitting the PSN today, Mecho Wars was originally released as an iPhone game back in 2009 and then also as a PC game in 2010, so it’s not PSN Exclusive. Thanks for your question!

  • Finally, a new turn-based strategy game! Yippie!

  • Can never get enough of these type of games. I like the idea of the water freezing at night too, should make things interesting. Thanks for providing us with this information.

    • Sure thing Khamakhazee! The day/night cycle definitely provides an added element of strategy, especially on some of the maps.

  • Much respect for making it free on ps plus. I really suck at these games though. Haha. Interpol, Cuboid & Mushroom Wars are more my style. The co-op on Interpol is much appreciated by the way. Local 2 player is not dead.

  • I know what you mean, strategy games aren’t my particular forte either, but I can still get a kick out of playing them. If you do decide to give Mecho Wars a shot let us know what you think of the local multiplayer!

  • this game looks great :) but i’m really anxious for day 17 to look which games they’re putting a discount on. Got the LA noire bundle and mod nation on Christmas and was hopping to see what news year plus was bringing *-*

    • I’m sure Luc would be pumped that you like the look of the game and we think it plays even better than it looks! And remember you can get Mecho Wars right now on PlayStation Plus for free :]

  • More Strategy games. Turn based as well.

    I played the heck out of this game on the other platform. Going to have fun with it again on the PSP.

    Awesome job of comments Rob.

    • Since you enjoyed the original thanks so much for checking out our PSN version. We hope it lives up to your expectations!

      And thanks for the comment compliment :D

      You do an awesome job of posting as well!

  • Nice art style. I personally love supporting Minis. Some of my favorite quick play games have come from there last year. And, as Plus member, what’s to lose in giving it a shot? Pretty much nothing.

  • Never tried Advance Wars but I look forward to playing this. Looks like a lot of fun.

    • Thank you for giving it a chance, everyone here at Creat thinks Mecho Wars is great fun! Let us know what you think of it.

  • i love advance wars, so im sure ill enjoy this. feel kinda bad though since im getting it for free, i would gladly pay money for it.

  • ^ And thank you for putting out for us, especially free. PS Plus is the best!

  • Crap, I meant putting it as in the game out for us, not the “putting out” meaning….nevermind.

  • Grabbed this for my iDevice a few months or so ago. Started it out, but didn’t bring myself to go very far (start games have never really hooked me). Maybe with it sitting on the TV, it’d be enough to play commander.

  • *strat

    Is my /brain/ on auto-correct or something?

  • Thanks for the feedback Rob. I was under the impression that “mini” = cheap $, no multi, no trophy. I guess “no multi” = no online multi. I wonder if I’ve missed this on any other mini’s, we got a lot of them w/ Plus last year that really seemed suited to multiplayer. Going to re-up PS+ now and wait for the DL later, thanks.

    • You’re very welcome rjejr! I believe that, in general, minis are almost exclusively single player in order to accommodate working on a single PSP. Therefore, we do believe because our game features local multiplayer, even on a single PSP, that it is one of the biggest factors that helps Mecho Wars to stand out against other minis releases and hopefully will entice you guys to download it and give it a go :D

  • I’ll give it a shot. Looks interesting. Have to play it on my PSP though my PS3 has almost no space left… still xP

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