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It’s a whole new year, and around here that means: It’s time for CES.

The 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show will be held this coming week, with the Sony press conference taking place tomorrow evening (5pm Pacific time). As we did last year, we’ll be streaming the press event live into the PlayStation Blog. While some game publishers are always in attendance, CES isn’t nearly as game-centric as E3 or Gamescom, and so you’re more likely to see updated impressions of Q1 games than you are to hear earth-shattering announcements. That said, we’ll be featuring PS Vita at CES, so look for new coverage on the PS Blog later this week.

The PS.Blog weekly reading list (Week of January 2, 2012)


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  • I’ve been meaning to get Rayman Origins. That’s a good deal!

  • bah and i was expecting Heavenly Sword 2 to be announced at the show , anyways i hope to hear more about playstation suite , how about Killzone vita?

  • @iBOCK_ It’s a great game. I picked it up at TRU a couple of days ago, and am having a blast.

  • I’m guessing the answer is yes, but will “The Drop” officially come back tonight?

  • Also for those of u that don’t have Move controllers and want to play House of the Dead, I heard from an administrator on the forums that those games will make use of the Dualshock 3 controller as an option.

  • Mass Effect 3 for Vita! lol

  • Hi jeff Will the first edition ps vita’s little deviants be a full retail game or a downloadable?

  • what up playstation? happy sunday + 2012!

  • Hey Jeff,

    IGN mentioned there would be two unannounced Vita games at CES.

    Confirm or Deny? :P

  • Rayman Origins is awesome. Graphics, music, gameplay… Its fun/challenging enough for me (40 yr old) and fun enough for the 7 and 5 year olds I have. Support the 2d platforming games.

  • that noby noby title is really suspicious XD

  • IGN mentioned it on their Tech Fetish podcast two episodes ago.

  • Jeff can you guys add Heavenly Sword and Folklore to psn with trophies and ps move support ? and why isnt a first party section on psn ? i mean games created only by sony computer entertainment

    • Chances of those titles getting trophy support is pretty low, I’d imagine. I’d like to see it too, but it’s just not likely.

  • Oh, okay. I guess I won’t expect too much Vita news out of CES.


  • i know you wont answer but heck i’ll try anyways , any of those 2 games getting a sequel ?

  • Littlebigplanet 1 is still doing very well in sales. Even used copies are. I would love to see Media Molecule make a new IP (game) next. Play, Create, Share goes on for more than a year from what I’ve learned. They could totally make a new game, surprising us all. Also I agree about Heavenly Sword. Needs a jolt of life back into it. So does Metal Gear Solid 4. I would take that over anything PS Plus has to offer….for a year!

  • Heavenly Sword , Folklore are great games that didnt get the sales they deserved , if sony add those 2 games with trophies and ps move support to psn they could get the sales they expected to release the sequels , just saying you know , i mean God of War is freaking EPIC , no doubt about it but i think Heavenly Sword could be great too

  • Any chance that Team Ninja puts Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 on PSN? Been trying to find it at retailer, but it is extremely hard and Ninja Gaiden 3 is around the corner.

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