The PlayStation Recap — Prelude to a CES Edition

27 12

Here we go again! A new year brings a new batch of gaming and tech events, starting with next week’s Consumer Electronics Show in sultry Las Vegas, NV. Jeff and Rey will be going to check in on PS Vita and few other assorted odds and ends, leaving me behind to run PlayStation.Blog affairs and catch up on a few game previews…including one game I’m very excited to share mid-week. Be sure to check back in before 2012 gets the best of you!

In other news this week: thatgamecompany released a beautiful new orchestral trailer for Journey, the sound designer for Shinobido 2 dropped by to share insights into game audio development, and a new batch of movies, TV shows, and music content hit Video Unlimited and Music Unlimited on PSN.

What was your favorite news this week? And what did you play over the long holiday break?

  • I’m playing: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (Dovakin quest line completed, hurray!), Battlefield 3, Batman: Arkham City
  • I’m watching: Game of Thrones (fantastic), Saw 3D (urp), Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows (meh)
  • I’m reading: Crossed by Garth Ennis, Bad Planet by Thomas Jane
  • I’m listening to: Official PlayStation Blogcast 006: PS Vita Goes Beyond (special thanks to Greg Miller!)

The PlayStation Recap – PlayStation.Blog

Most-Watched Video of the Week: The Tester Season 3 Cast Highlights

The 10 Most-Viewed Posts of the Week

  • PlayStation Store Update — NFL Blitz, TNT Racers, Darksiders full game, new Resistance 3 DLC, Metal Gear Solid PS3 themes, and new PS Plus content highlight this week’s new selections. What did you pick up?
  • PlayStation Plus January Sneak Peek: Free Back to the Future – Full Series, Discounts Galore — One of the biggest PS Plus updates yet! The entire season of Back to the Future, Swords and Soldiers, and three Syphon Filter games are FREE for Plus subscribers. And that’s just the beginning!
  • Silent Hill: Downpour Comes Full Circle on PS3 — Producer Devin Shatsky shares new details on this upcoming PS3 horror game, from its renewed emphasis on psychological tension to its realistic new user interface.
  • Gran Turismo 5 XL Edition Hits This Month for $39.99 — A good deal for GT5 latecomers, including the full Spec 2.0 updates and $20 of DLC content on one Blu-ray disc at an attractive price.
  • MLB 12 The Show Soundtrack Revealed — A star-studded soundtrack including The Black Keys, The Mars Volta, The Futureheads (woo!), Atmosphere and more. Not bad, not bad!
  • Meet the Complete Season 3 Cast of The Tester — PlayStation Network’s original reality series returns February 7th and you can meet the cast right now in a new video spotlight.
  • Red Bull House of Skate Comes to PlayStation Home + Weekly Update — Lots of moving and shaking in the PlayStation Home camp this week with new virtual items, new free movies via Crackle and LOOT, and new personal spaces.
  • Official PlayStation Blogcast Episode 006: PS Vita Goes Beyond — Woo-hoo! Official PlayStation Blogcast cracks the top 10 most-read posts of the week for the first time. Listen in to learn more about PS Vita, next week’s PSN releases, and more.
  • ModNation Racers: Year In Review — Read up on the ModNation team’s favorite user creations of the year and learn more about celebrated community creator Laidbackcat.
  • Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath HD Available Now on PSN — Have you downloaded this remastered, enhanced version of the classic Oddworld first-person shooter? If so, let us know what you think in the comments!
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    12 Author Replies

    • Just when you forgot The Tester even existed it comes creeping in out of no where……

      Anyway, just to throw this out there: The rumor mill is saying PS4 E3 announcement is this year (not like any of us believed this 2015 nonsense with the coming of things like tessellation and what not and real time ray tracing needing to hit the PS5).

      Well those of us in the Backward Compatibility group have been behaving ourselves and biding our time. I would like to say PS1-3 BC for PS4 Please. I want a disk based implementation. I will gladly purchase a PS4 on release day if it has this built in. I will stand in the cold with my Vita, I will skip the Xbox 720, I will not pass go or collect 200 dollars. I’m pretty sure the rest of us with Dieing or Dead 60 gig PS3’s our willing to jump on that.

    • I’m playing: DiRT 3, Skyrim, Resistance 3, Uncharted 3 and a lil’ bit of Global Resistance in between.

      I’m watching: Nothing special, beside the hockey game tonight (Go Habs Go!)

      I’m reading: Nothing in particular

      I never played GT5, might get the XL edition. How come great PlayStation classics like Gran Turismo 1 and 2 are not on the store yet? Same thing with GT3 and GT4. Oh well have fun at CES guys!

    • All I got to say is 2/22/12! OMG.. February why you got to hurt my wallet!

    • playing: batman arkham city, just got rayman origins (awesome!)
      watching: lie to me on netflix

    • i’ve been playing mw3 black ops skyrim batman arkham city and need for speed the run limited edition so yea sony thts all i’ve been doing these last few weeks keep up the good work sony

    • Hi, I really wish to have an official answer from Sony on this. It’s about the Twisted Metal pre order bonus announced early 2011. As it seems, Axel will be a pre order exclusive in certain retailers and locked (but unlockable) for one month. The thing is, the offer now seems to be U.S. only so everyone outside the U.S. will miss this promo and have either to unlock the character or wait 1 month? I think this is unfair, and no confirmation as been given. It really seems the marketing departement isn’t doing its job. for exemple, no retailers in Canada announces the free twisted metal black voucher, and the Axel early access has been removed from all retailers in late 2011. The game is to be release in about a month, I want to pre order but really want to have the most of my purchase depending on the retailer. Thanks for your time.

      • Hmm, not sure on regions outside the U.S. – the deals are often quite different. Not sure what to tell you, but maybe hit up @PlayStationEU on Twitter?

    • Will the first edition ps vita’s little deviants be a full retail game or a downloadable?

      • Believe it’s the full retail game, but stand by for final confirmation once we get our hands on the box itself.

    • hey sid !!

      any news on when the next uncharted 3 DLC is coming , and how much it will be?

      thanks !

    • Hi Sid
      I have a question about the PS Vita i have all 3 resident evil PS1 classics on the PS3 is it still capable to download them to the PS VIta? from the PS Store

    • Will there be any new PS3 News at the Consumer Electronics Show? ;)
      (Maybe a new PS3 with PS2 B/C? I can only dream) :D

      • Don’t hold your breath for megatons, it’s more of a series of updates around PS Vita games and the like. Should be fun, though!

    • Playing: Disgaea 4
      Watching: Football (Go Giants!)
      Reading: Swamp Thing

    • I’m Playing: Uncharted 3 (still!), Gran Turismo 5
      I’m Watching: Random stuff on Netflix
      I’m Reading: Don Quixote
      I’m Listening to: The Beatles

    • Hey Sid!

      Might I inquire what this game you’re excited to share about is? Have we heard of it before? =D

    • Hi, Sid, happy new year.

      I just saw Sherlock Holmes 2 today. Kind of complicated following the plot, the action & the scenarios apparently just in Holmes’ head, but it was really good. I enjoyed it every bit as much as MI4.

      Of course I’m still only playing Skyrim. 326 hours, but after listening to this week’s blogcast, I tested whether the game hours includes pauses, so yeah, it’s not 326 hours of play time.

      Really enjoying the podcasts. A couple of you speak so quickly, but you all have nice voices so it’s OK.

      • Good to know, I was scared I had accumulated 223 hours of play time, which was not implausible with how much I played that game…

    • favorite news: playstation plus updates of free games and discounts, house of the dead 3 & 4, oh and new season of the testers to see who actually knows most about gaming and what testing involves.

      least favorite news: rumors of ps4

      current games:
      battlefield 3
      assassins creed: brotherhood multiplayer (for the last of the trophies)
      assassins creed: revelations
      red dead redemption
      house of the dead overkill
      back to the future
      god of war origin collection

      next games:

      uncharted 3
      killzone 3
      castlevania: lord of shadows
      brutal legend
      heavy rain

      not interested in skyrim due to the issues is has of freezing up

      • House of the Dead 3 + 4 has me mega stoked, too. As for Skyrim, I only had two crashes in 200+ play hours. Turning off auto-save on Travel helped the game’s performance enormously in my experience.

    • I need help I got an e-mail from saying I own a prize but they need a address to ship it to, where do I give them my address or do I just reply with my address? Thanks in advance.

    • I’m playing: NFL Blitz (better then I expected), and Darksiders PSN (okay probably cause its an old game)
      I’m watching: The Guard, Moneyball and Contagion (from best to worst for me anyway)
      I’m reading: news on the internet
      I’m listening to: nothing

    • ok first thing first….

      whats going on with the PSV sid…. U all have been denying me the info over the PSV 3G version… But u know what to hell with it. I reserved the Wi-Fi only. i cannot wait for almost release day to go and reserve the system w/o even having the time to analyze the offers and plans for the system…
      And i was surprised that Uncharted its priced at $50!!!!!!!!!! WAY TOO HIGH! i reserved the game but im not buying first day thanks to the high price of it. and i got the Memory stick 16GB reserved too. I find that the MS16GB its priced correctly :) and the System doesnt even come with a 4gb stick…( it should come with it if u want to boost sales…)

      apart of that… there its too little info on the SYSTEM SID!!!!

      No web browser details, no app store details, no backward compatibilities details, no 3G version details, not anything. and its just like a month away….. wth its wrong here…

    • To: KazeEternal …. lol “Ditto”

    • @qwertyuiop357

      Lol Don Quixote!


      I’m playing: AC revelations, Resistance 3, Battlefield 3.
      I’m watching: Young Frankenstein and Sarah Silverman on Netflix
      I’m reading: The Bean Trees, Scott Pilgrim.
      I’m listening to: Madoka – Ante Up (Youtube)

    • Canada is in the Europe now? :P

    • Oh Sid, you sly devil, you.

    • Game saves are the biggest reason I became a Playstation Plus member. Not being able to save Dead Island onto backup anywhere isn’t very cool. I still want to replay Fallout 3, this time with DLC. Never finished Oblivion but, did manage to put three hundred hours into it. I never backed up my saves and lost it. Thanks for reminding me about turning off auto-save. It does mess up some other games too. Bethesda pretty much lost my support in many ways. Also I don’t think we’ll ever see their DLC free or even discounted on PS Plus. Doesn’t help the “so called game of the year” edition has more reports of freezing. Factor those in together and they lost a customer buying a brand new copy and probably the DLC too.

    • Oh, you’re playing Skyrim, Sid?

      That’s weird, since Skyrim is broken on the PS3.

      Just like late game Fallout3.

      Just like midgame New Vegas.

      Or are you playing it on the PC like I ended up doing? :D

    • And on another note, PS4 backwards compatibility is important to me. I can’t believe you guys abandoned software-based compatability for the PS3-to-PS2 like you did.

      I also need more USB ports than I currently have on my PS3 – guess how many I’m short? :D

      (HINT: The PS3 launched with the appropriate amount of USB ports.)

    • Playing: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Batman: Arkham City, God of War Collection (God of War), Metal Gear Solid HD Collection (Peace Walker).

      Reading: Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire, Uncharted: Drake’s Journal

      Watching: Parks and Rec, the failure that was the Atlanta Falcons yesterday (WHY?!), The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (Good)

      Listening: Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception soundtrack, Tonight’s The Night- Neil Young

    • Also, Please some more Twisted news!!!!! It’s so close!

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