MLB 12 The Show Soundtrack Revealed

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MLB 12 The Show Soundtrack Revealed

Hey Everyone,

Every year we try to assemble a diverse and entertaining soundtrack for MLB The Show. We look to create a balance of established bands and some lesser known, up and coming artists, that offer great music. We all know that music is subjective and it can be tough to create a soundtrack with songs that everybody loves – although we always try! This is one reason why we offer the “My MLB Music” in our “Sounds of the Show” suite of features – so without further adieu, here’s a look at our soundtrack for MLB 12, including the artists, tracks, and websites to find more info about the artists.

Welcome to The Show!

MLB 12 The Show Soundtrack Revealed

“Gold on the Ceiling”
Performed by The Black Keys

“Zed and Two Naughts”
Performed by The Mars Volta

“New Lands”
Performed by Justice

“Into the Sun”
Performed by The Parlor Mob

“Devil Is a Lady”
Performed by The Chain Gang of 1974

“No Love”
Performed by Hooray for Earth

“Learn My Lesson”
Performed by The Sheepdogs

“Struck Dumb”
Performed by The Futureheads

“U Got the Look”
Performed by JEFF the Brotherhood

“She’s Enough”
Performed by Atmosphere

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  • As a North Dakotan, it’s good to see Atmosphere make the cut (they’re from MN).

  • What is that Mars Volta Song? I have all their albums and even scoured the internets and can’t find any reference to it at all! Where can I find it?

  • This is why I love that I can play my own music in The Show. \m/ Thanks for the heads up though Jody!

  • That’s nice and all… but I’m really more concerned with this:

    Should I be canceling my Vita Pre-order. I don’t exactly want to get the shaft AGAIN with being an early adopter in less than a years time. I’ll admit a 200 dollar Vita with a 32 dollar 32 gig memory card would be nice.

  • Yeah, more games should let you play your own music like MLB The Show does.

  • Is there going to be any way for people who own both a PS3 and Vita to purchase both versions without having to pay full price for both?

    Just like how a DVD+ Bluray combo or a Bluray + Digital copy combo for movies only have a slight premium.

    Will you be offering such a combo?(PS3 disk version + downloadable Vita version combo) or anything of the sort?

  • @5 come on this is SONY, and the way Vita is selling it may be discontinued in 6 months.

  • @mastorofpuppetz

    True, I know better then to get my hopes up. But I still like to ask.

  • The Black Keys been getting a lot of love in video games lately. They had one of their songs in saints row the third plus one of their blakroc songs on sr3, they had songs in rocksmith. and here. sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!

  • awn, no limp bizkit or 311? :( not like there are a lot of songs neither.. can I include my own soundtrack?

  • Needs more Rihanna.

  • It’d be nice to see a new menu style or something…..

  • @toology1

    The Mars Volta song has been confirmed by the band that it is a new song from their upcoming album. There is speculation that the album will be released on March 27.

  • Outside of the Black Keys I can honestly say I’ve never heard of any of those groups.

  • I want this game for Vita now. Can’t wait for Feb 20th to kick off spring training and then this to come out!

  • We Latin-american players rally like this game and more over here on Venezuela, there’s a lot of Venezuelan players on the MLB! The best of the best! Johan Santana, Miguel Cabrera, Maglio Ordoñez, Bob Abreu, Feliz Hernández, Francisco Rodriguez, Carlos Gonzales (AKA: CAR-GO), and a lot more and more…
    Why don´t subtitle comments and translates menus? I’m not asking dub comments (I don´t like spanish ESPN narrators..)

  • That’s cool. Maybe this year they’ll deliver on the AVATARS, too. After all that garbage that was spewed, maybe I’ll finally get my Orioles Av.

  • Why so many no-name bands? I mean the Black Keys are great, but they are the only band I’ve heard of.

  • Bit OT, but please tell me there’s going to be a Move bundle for this game… I love the Show and having full Move support will probably get me to buy it.

  • esa rola sera del nuevo disco tmv

  • Thank god they have a custom soundtrack feature (I’m a redneck and I like country)>

  • You guys could have put a couple of hip-hop and R&B songs on there

  • @Toology01, That Mars Volta song is off of their album that comes out March 27th. So it’s not even out yet. but they always play their songs in concerts secretly before they come out. They haven’t been so secret with this album though. You can probably find it on YouTube somewhere from one of their more recent shows or a show by the Omar Rodriguez-Lopez group.

  • Will we be able to edit our own music into the game and use said music for out batting/pitching entrances. like we had been prior to this years version.

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