Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath HD Available Now on PSN

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Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath HD Available Now on PSN

In case you missed it over the long holiday break, we released Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath HD on PSN on December 27th! Additionally, I wanted to thank PlayStation players for their endless support over the past year or so since we announced it. We hope you enjoy it!

If you haven’t played Stranger’s Wrath yet, the launch trailer does a good job showing off the game’s key features: 60 frames-per-second action in both first-person and third-person perspectives, all set within the unique universe of Oddworld. For those that don’t know what Stranger’s Wrath HD is all about, let me tell you a story…

Tall, dark, and passive-aggressive, a Stranger is lured out of routine bounty hunting by the prospect of a one time, bounty-to-end-all bounties moolah maker. He’s got a short but pricey personal shopping list and he’s finally found a way to check it off.

With moolah on his mind, our Stranger travels from town to town facing off with mentally challenged Outlaws, violently ignorant Clakkerz, and paranoid, relic-hiding native Grubbs.

Welcome to the Mongo River Valley, the iron mining capital of the continent. Upstream is Sekto Springs, the bottled water company suckling the life out of the valley. Mr Sekto has damned the river and the habitat it sustains. A collector of rare Steef heads, Sekto has put word out that he’s in the market for a Steef. These majestic beasts once roamed the Mongo River Valley in great herds, but now their scarcity makes each one an extravagant prize. High atop the springs at Sekto Springs Dam, the slimy prima donna waits impatiently for the Steef bounty to be delivered.

Armed with his trusty double-barrel crossbow and a pack full of Live Ammo, Stranger is ready to deliver said bounty when a humbling incident with the local outlaws serves as a severe reminder of what it means not only to hunt, but also to be hunted. The prospect of being filleted brings many changes to an inhabitant.

Changes that even modern Vykker science cannot duplicate! Not one to pose as garnish, he makes it up to Sekto Springs all right, but Sekto and his Wolvarks get their Steef served up with a frothy can of whoop ass, prepared by our beloved hombre-sin-nombre. Yes folks, Oddworld just got Stranger.

As we announced previously, we will be releasing an update to the game in February that will add stereoscopic 3D support and a bunch of other features. Additionally, we thought we’d take this chance to ask if there’s anything you’d like to see addressed in the update, or if you had any comments you wanted to share.

In the meantime, I hope you all have a great 2012! We hope to see you down the road.

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  • i was never into the oddworld series when i was a kid, but i just found out what ive been missing since i bought all the oddworld games on psn including this gem. keep the hd re-releases coming!!!!

  • I hope it gets free for ps plus soon :D

  • i bought and love this game….looking forward to the next oddworld release….!!

  • i love the original oddworlds, but never played this one. the whole first person style throws me, so i am not sure i will like this game. What can you say to the fans of the oddworld series that haven’t played this one to convince us to get this?

  • Any update on the Vita version?

  • Fantastic game–definitely in my top 10. Please fix the death/loading thing though–when you die, it’s a slow fade to black then 2 separate loading screens—this really should be a lot faster.

    Other than that? FREAKING LOVING IT! Will gladly buy again for Vita!

    • Hey,
      This is strange, no pun intended, 2 loading screens?

      The flashing “Loading” is loading the save file, the big loading screen is re-loading the game data. Is that what you mean?

  • wow i thoughtthis was going t be alot better than it was, feels like a port of turok. why cnat game designers come up with something new? a fps based odd world. sorry but it failed on me, there are enough fps’s out there already. i wish you had to keep it 3rd ppov and kept some of the elements from the original game. i was really interested in getting it but im glad i played at a friends hoouse before i decided. sorry, guess my expectations on a game that is a sequal to one two consoles ago were too high.

  • Can we get The South Park the games from 1990’s such as. South Park, South Park Chefs Luv Shack,and South Park Rally Game pleasee…I want those games really bad and I want to waste my money on those badly. Thank you PlayStation.

  • socom combined assault hd remix would be nice for 2012. put socom 1 2 and 3 and ca all in one game, update only the graphics and i promise you it would be the best game of 2012. highest grossing for a remake as well.
    man do i wish i was a sony ceo so that wuld become a reality…..

  • Are they gonna add the move controls later or did they abandon that plan completely? There was something else missing from this release but I forgot what that is.

  • “Additionally, we thought we’d take this chance to ask if there’s anything you’d like to see addressed in the update”

    A bunch of the townsfolk talk gets cut off frequently without you not even doing anything. For example when you talk to townsfolk for directions or whatever and you just stand there and listen the will stop what they’re saying and just walk off (“Yeah, to get there all you hav- *walks off*” is an example of how it might play out).

    I finished it last night and it was overall a pretty fun and unique game. Been wanting to play this since it first came out on the XBOX, so thanks for bringing it over to the PS3!
    I liked the first half of the game more for various reasons, though. Can’t really go too much into it since that’s spoiler territory.

    But I give the game a thumbs up.

  • I need a demo, can I have it? today? Great! Thank you!

  • When will we see a demo? I never had an xbox, so I’ve never played it before…

  • what about a PSN+ discount 30% to thx all user who purchase PS+ and support you SONY and all other compagny

    that be a good way to show you care for who really spend money into sony


  • when does the Starhawk beta start because i have the code to redeem

  • Hey Stewart. Hope you enjoyed the Holidays.

    Tried to buy this last week, but the stupid gift card I got for Christmas didn’t work. The $20 PSN card I ordered should be arriving today and Stranger’s Wrath will be mine!

    • Hey sir,
      Well that’s a pain…

      I’m sure you’ll enjoy it, as I’m sure you’ve seen the reviews, all but one, is at least an 8 out of 10

  • Never played or heard of this before but i like a good adventure game so next time i get a psn card ill get this for sure,off topic are we getting a PSN update today?

  • Little late on the post eh guys? :P Ehh w/e. I’ve been playing the game… and thus far just the camera getting stuck on objects in the world is the single flaw I have an issue with atm. Its weird to have a game that has a third person view and yet the camera get stuck on stuff.

    • There are some occasions that the camera can get stuck behind objects, but it’s pretty spot on for the most part.

  • Cross-game chat

  • It’s high time to give us release date of PSVita version….

    • We’re still saying Launch Window, but as we have QA to go through yet, we’re not announcing the exact release date until we’re done.

  • I heard about a Vita version of this title. Is that still in the works, and if so, what’s the release window?

  • Respecting the update: is this game going to feature ‘remote play’ compatability with the playstation vita?

  • Help!!!! I don’t know where to turn, hopefully a dev can help. I am in New Yolk City and i have to go to the Port but the Clakker is not there to accept my Mongo River Pass. What can be done? I am 7 hrs in and i don’t want to have to re start the whole game.

    BTW,except for this glitch the game was excellent up to where i am.

    • Wow I’ve NEVER heard of this one at all. You got the pass, and accepted a new bounty right? And the Clakker is not behind the counter in the Port Authority building?

  • Just Add Water, You have done an amazing job!! the ONLY thing that was messed up was one of the trophies.

    The description is to Bounty Packrat Palooka. That description is on 2 trophies…soo there is a mistake there. But that is the only thing that was “wrong” with this game!

    The rest was simply amazing, so J.A.W., you all should give yourselves a pat on the back!
    I can NOT wait until Munches game comes out this year!

  • Been eying this one down – looks like it’s right up my alley. Will Vita version have a separate trophy list?

  • Sure took your sweet time, JAW! lol

    Been lookin’ forward to this since your first release window of Easter 2011, I believe it was. Either way, better be worth the wait. I’ve been wanting to play this game for a while now and can finally do so without the purchase of an XBOX. :D

  • I downloaded this last week. I’ll start playing it this week after I finish up Uncharted 3. I’ll see how it compares to the original.

    Any chance on avatars?
    I would really be interested in an avatar of Stranger’s face from the original box art.

  • @Stewart Gilray
    ok but at least month or quarter of the year (Q1,Q2,Q3,Q4)?

  • Keep it PSN exclusive forever!!! HAHA I’m buying it, wish there was a discount for PS Plus Member though. Can’t wait for the Move support!

  • Yes…I can not leave on my mission, accepted the mission spoke to the chap outside the general store, go to port authority building and no one behind the counter…I did a Google search this week end and the same problem occurred to this person in 2007 http://www.oddworldforums.net/showthread.php?t=14867

  • Too many issues with the release build of this game. As soon as you guys fix it, I would buy it. Hopefully that is soon :)

  • @ Stewart Gilray
    Sony QA team also didn’t find any bugs with Skyrim, Fallout 3, and Fallout New Vegas 0_o.

  • @Stewart yeah that’s what I mean–loading icon then loading screen–anyway to make it faster and maybe all just the cool loading screen? When you see 2 different loading sections it automatically gives the illusion you’re waiting twice as long–other than that I love it a lot!

    • Ah, there’s nothing we can do about that, as the “Loading…” is loading in loading in your last quick save, something we have to display to the user as part of the Sony requirements.

      Then the next loading, which is pretty short really, a few seconds, is loading in the game data.

  • The biggest thing I’ve wanted was stereoscopic 3D and Move support, which is on it’s way. So the most I could ask for now is a Vita version, which is on it’s way as well! Excellent work, guys! I suppose it isn’t possible to have a bundle of the two versions for a discount?

  • Stewart and the JAW team,

    I bought this last week when it launched and am absolutely loving it. Never got to play it when it originally came out – as I’ve always been a Playstation guy.

    Love the story, the ammo, and the voice acting. Oh, and it looks gorgeous.

    Thanks for delivering a great game.

  • I bought it, and loved it! Truly a unique, original and creative gaming experience.

    I wont spoil the ending for anyone but from what happened in the ending, do you think there will be a sequel for Stranger?

  • I’ve never played this so I am hoping for a demo. Any chance one will be released in the near future?

    • We’re undecided on a trial, if we do one, it’ll be a timed trial, and will be a couple of months out.

  • I’m almost half way through the game and I love it you guys did an amazing job with this game, It is way better than words can describe.
    I have a three Questions
    #1 There are two trophies that say in the description Bounty Packrat Palooka. Are you guys going to fix that and how did you guys miss that (Just wondering)

    #2 When will Munch’s Oddysee HD be out if for PS3? If you cant tell me a release date can you tell me what Quarter it will be released?

    #3 In your Abe’s oddysee HD Remake are you going to merge Abe’s Oddysee & Abe’s Exoddus together or just Abe’s Oddysee alone?

    • Hi, thanks for the kind words :)

      #1 Yeah, we are aware of this, and ironically the descriptions are corrected in the translated versions of the trophies, just not in the English, so we will be addressing that.

      #2 It’ll be released in Q2 2012

      #3 I can’t really talk about Abe yet, but I’m sure everyone will be happy :)


  • Man can you please fix the glitches, Im not able to beat the game because the cluckker I need to speak to, to get to the Mongo Valley, Is stuck behind some door, and Im not able to talk to him to get to the valley, and all the other clukkerz are gone

  • Another thing thats happening, is the sound is now becoming fuzzy, and the one sole clakker left in town just runs in circles when I hit him, instead of running in doors….please fix this, I actually want to finish this game, I dont want to start hard mode all over again, just because of this

  • multi language?store U.S.A.?Spanish?

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