ModNation Racers: Year In Review

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ModNation Racers: Year In Review

Truly, 2011 was a great year for ModNation Racers. Community represents the core ModNation Racers, and with ModNation Racers: Road Trip coming very soon, our creative and energetic community is getting geared up to expand. During the development of ModNation Racers: Road Trip, we made each decision with our community in mind — whether it was the improved racing engine or the dazzling PS Vita visuals. Our goal was to deliver the best, most addictive kart racing game out there.

With that in mind let’s take a look back at some of our favorites over the past six months in an event we are calling “The Moddys 1.5.” Creative huh?

The Moddys 1.5: Favorite Year-End 2011 Creations
We recognize the ModNation community for all the effort, creativity and skill you have poured into this game over the past six months.


Our Favorite Tracks:
1. “Have Fun Storming The Castle” (Favorite Gladiator Tracks)
2. “Best Raced Under A Blacklight” (Favorite Colorful Tracks)
3. “We’re In Some Deep Powder Here” (Favorite Winter Tracks)
4. “Redonkulous. Absoluley Redonkulous” (Favorite “You Did What?” Tracks)
5. “Smells Like A Gym In Here” (Favorite Sports Themed Tracks)
6. “Woohoo!” (Favorite Track With The Word “Wu” In It)
7. “Sandals, Sweat, and Swords” (Favorite Gladiator Tracks)
8. “Bleep Blop Bloop” (Favorite Outer-Space Tracks)
9. “Fire. Good.“(Favorite Prehistoric Tracks)

Click HERE to view the recipients.

Important Recognitions:
1. Overall Favorite Mods of the Year
2. Overall Favorite Karts of the Year
3. Overall Favorite Tracks of the Year
4. ModNation 2011 “Hall of Fame” Inductees
Click HERE to view the recipients.

This Week’s Top Tracks: Best of Laidbackcat


Laidbackcat is a favorite track creator both among his esteemed peers. He doesn’t build tracks as much as he creates worlds. His creates on his terms and is never in a rush to finish a track. This shows itself in the amazing design, detail and stories his tracks exhibit.

ModNation Racers Grand Prix


Sign up this week for the ModNation Racers Gran Prix Racing Championship. The first set of qualifying races will be held on the weekend of January 7-8th. Racers will have the chance to qualify on a pre-determined United Front Games track to be hosted in Hot Lap all weekend. The top five fastest lap times (of those signed up) will automatically be entered into the finals. The remaining five spots for the finals will be decided the following week.

More details and signs up HERE.

Creations of the Week:


Hot Lap Track of the Week: Pearl Blue Soul by marusarusa
Let me start off the new year a little differently with my track reviews. I am often accused of being too enamored with pretty colors, flowers, rainbows, unicorns, puppies and other soft, squishy things. So for the first Track of the Week of 2012, let me start off a little mean and nasty by listing this track’s negatives:


There were none! (I tried!)


We are kicking of the new year with a few adjustments to the Hot Lap lines ups. Starting NEXT week our spotlight “Track of the Week” will be placed in a Saturday slot (instead of Monday) to bring more well-deserved attention to the “best of the best.”

Monday: Pearl Blue Soul by marusarusa
Tuesday: Nature by apricot-jam-IS
Wednesday: 14 Days In May by jefferzone
Thursday: Sensei Xu’s River Rally by flathletics102
Friday: Azuzzi Peninsula by atheistsw
Saturday: Grand Prix Qualifiers (see above)
Sunday: Grand Prix Qualifiers (see above)

Bring on the pretty colors!
Mark (PSN ID: ModNationSD)

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  • I’m ready for more articles today!!!!!!!
    Been jonesing for something to read since 2011!!!
    Vita news?! Please! :]

    Also, any news for Modnation Racers Road Trip?

  • First comment of 2012 on the first post of 2012!

  • NO i was robbed out of my glory by fellow playstation plus member lol

  • I wish I had more time to put into this game. Wtih all the heavy releases I keep getting pulled away. I’m really looking forward to the Vita release so I can put wasted seconds of my day into building tracks and racing.

  • I would really like a complete collection edition of this game! That contains all the DLC, or at least a lot of the DLC! :D

    I would really like that! Game looks great! Also, will PS3 DLC work with MNR road trip for vita?

  • What happened to the Holiday themed blog?! All that work and it doesn’t even show up!

    • JNM-CIM,

      It looks like our team may have had a little too much of the “special” egg-nog at the Christmas party. The holiday blog did not make it in. We will try to incorporate as much as possible into next the issue. The holiday tracks were in rotation as planned!

      My apologies. I will try to put the holiday creations in the forums ASAP.


  • any plans for plus members opn the VITA? it would be great to know! ;) im waiting for my modnation road trip :) :)

  • Hey Mark
    Do you think the DLC track packs for ps3 will go on sale anytime soon?

  • @6

    I also would like to see a complete edition of this game with the main DLC included. That’s all I ask.

  • Wow Sony works on weekends? lol may be special treat First blowing Store update of the year?

  • @MCGUY
    At least you got first fail of a comment on the first post of 2012.
    That means something right?

  • @Phantom & zzamaro
    I fully agree. i already have a copy of ModNation, but i’d gladly pay 30 or 40 dollars for a complete collection.
    or even just an item on the store that is comprised of all the DLC for a discount.

  • I need to hop back into this game, I recently got Mario Kart 7 for Christmas and I’m loving it, got me back into that Kart Racing mood. This is definitely the best Kart Racing game in a long time. Hoping the Vita version will impress me as much as the Ps3 version did.

  • @12 Yeah… But you have the second fail lol it’s MKGUY.

  • great update and happy new year!! i have a countdown on my white board for ps vita. 58 or 57 days untill the official vita launch!! its getting closer for the vita and modnation racers road trip. :) if you have any news for the vita or the road trip PLEASE TELL!!

  • typo @16
    its 52 days untill the vita launch.

  • actually @materclobber its 49days tomorrow well at least here in california in the US

  • Road Trip needs a seporate memory stick for saving right?

  • @18
    well that’s if you get the Vita First Edition Bundle.

  • any chance MNR will get more dlc in the future?i’ve been waiting for the Sackboy mod forever.

  • Find the guys with the info about whats to come on PSN for January.

  • Why was there no Playstation Plus January preview today?

  • i rlly want to see the preview today

  • Me too, MalGanis-DL… me too. I want to know what I’m doing tomorrow. lol

  • @24-@25
    Agreed. hope they have something good for tomorrow night!

  • I am always dumb struck when I see what my fellow gamers can pull off with these simple tools. I have tried my hand at creating but have accepted that I stink at it and I just enjoy what y’all put together. UFG should take a shot at employing some of these peeps in creative positions. Can’t wait until February 15 to get my vita and start the road trip. I’m pumped for 2012s game lineup. Woot!!!

  • apparently tomorrows update won’t include much

  • I would love a double exp event in Modnation soon, but I don’t know when the last one was I just got back into the game after a long hiatus. I should get to creating maybe i’ll get noticed =).

  • @29: There was a double xp event last week, but only half of the people knew about it since there wasn’t a “Modnation Monday” last week to announce it.

  • Oh, well that’s awesome.

    I only really play during double XP since I’ve given up ever scratching to level 30 on original mods, because the racing XP is terrible – especially if you’re not that good, especially if it’s due to lack of practice, especially if the lack of practice is due to the poor XP returns on racing. (Ha!)

    The most successful stuff in this game are rip-offs of other characters. Sip on somebody else’s juice and roll in the points.

  • Happy new year, everyone. welcome to the year 2012! I certainly hope playstation store should update today since today is tuesday and playstation store always updates on every tuesdays.

  • @32 yes the Store will update Today I heard so on The Playsation Blog Podcast. last week!!!! Don’t know how BIG it will be though might be pretty slim. I don’t think any new games came out this week!! I also Agree Monation GOTY:)

  • Where’s the hall of fame post? :P

  • dying to get my hands on MNR: Road trip.

    sadly I’m not getting a PSVita until June :(

  • Will the first edition ps vita’s little deviants be a full retail game or a downloadable?

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