Happy Holiday Wishes from thatgamecompany

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Happy Holiday Wishes from thatgamecompany

Happy Holidays, PlayStation Bloggers! (Or are readers considered to be “bloggies”?)

We just hit a major milestone on Journey, and are super excited to take a brief break – when we return it will be pedal to the medal to finish it up and get it out to you! Thanks to everyone who has been so supportive over the last THREE YEARS (our longest project yet!). Your support really does make all the difference, and I can’t say “thank you” enough on behalf of everyone at thatgamecompany.

Because 2011 was such a long and intense year for us, we had a bit of a mellow party to just relax, hang out, and eat some good food.

TGCers gathering around Robin's dining room table
TGCers gathering around Robin’s dining room table

We gathered with friends at TGC member Robin Hunicke’s house in Venice. A few family members happened to be in town and joined the festivities…..

Jenova Chen and his mother
Jenova Chen and… his mother! Who is visiting from Shanghai.

Although the event was meant to be low-key, I really wanted to give the team something great this year as a gift, in honor of the incredible work they do everyday, which completely humbles me. However, I am terrible at gifts, and have useless hobbies, like playing board games. Thankfully, Robin came to the rescue with an awesome idea, and the mad skills to make it happen. (Side note – when the apocalypse happens I’m making a bee-line for Robin. She’s the kind of person who knows how to PH soil properly to grow crops, how to build her own house, make a battery… I don’t know what I will provide but somehow this all works out great in my mind.)

Robin and our lead artist, Matt Nava, snuck out after work one day to begin the project. They chose the fabrics and paints that would be required to set things in motion. Then, over the course of a few weekends and Robin’s stint with the flu a couple of weeks ago, it all came together…..

photo (7)

You can probably guess where we’re headed now?

Robin sewed together the fabrics and Matt made the stencils for the symbols… which is unique for each person, and all directly from Journey.

photo (6)

They even made matching boxes!

And here are the final results…. of the real-life Journey scarves!


Happy Holidays from thatgamecompany! See you in 2012!

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