Play Days: Get Up to 50 Percent Off Select PlayStation 3 Accessories!

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Play Days: Get Up to 50 Percent Off Select PlayStation 3 Accessories!

We hope you had a great time celebrating the holidays with family and friends. We have some great news to keep the holiday cheer coming. What better way to rejoice in the upcoming New Year than to get great deals on some of your favorite PS3 accessories? Starting today through January 21st, you can check out our new “Play Days” promotion at most of the major retailers. Play Days offers you significant savings on selected PS3 accessories at up to 50 percent off.

The PS3 system provides a great entertainment experience on its own, with high-definition gaming and other great features like video streaming and access to a huge library of movies, games, and shows via the PlayStation Network, but PS3 accessories add another great way to enhance your gaming and entertainment experience.

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The following PS3 accessories will be available as part of the Play Days promotion:

PlayStation Move accessories that allow you to be part of the fun though a completely immersive and realistic motion gaming experience.

Regular MSRP Promotional MSRP
Sports Champions and Deadmund’s Quest Bundle $99.99 $79.99
LittleBigPlanet Move Bundle $129.99 $99.99
PlayStation Move Motion Controller $49.99 $39.99
PlayStation Move Navigation Controller $29.99 $19.99
PlayStation Move Sharp Shooter $39.99 $19.99
PlayStation Move Charging Station $29.99 $19.99

Audio accessories that deliver explosive sound and crystal clear voice chat capabilities giving you an advantage in multiplayer games.

Regular MSRP Promotional MSRP
Wireless Stereo Headset $99.99 $89.99
Bluetooth Headset – Black $49.99 $39.99

Accessories to enhance your 3D gaming and Blu-ray movie experience.

Regular MSRP Promotional MSRP
Media/Blu-ray Disc Remote Control $24.99 $19.99
PlayStation 3D Glasses $69.99 $49.99
HDMI Cable – 6.5ft $29.99 $19.99

DualShock 3 accessories that keep your controllers ready for action and simplify text input.

Regular MSRP Promotional MSRP
DualShock 3 Charging Station $24.99 $19.99
Wireless Keypad $49.99 $29.99


Below you will find a list of participating retailers:

We’re very excited to deliver even more savings to you this holiday season. Which accessory are you looking forward to playing with?

For exact promotional prices, please check at the participating retail stores.

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  • I have been looking for a good reason to buy the PS move looks like this payday!

  • Will there ever be an option to purchase accessories and other non digital download merchandise through the PSN store? If i have the funds in my wallet for a new controller, it’d be cool to just buy it through there.

  • Ugh, when I read “Up to 50% off” I got excited… then looked at all the prices… not much savings there I’m afraid… especially with the headset of which I was interested.

  • I might get Move but I wish everything-Move hardware was bundled together cause i want the controller+nav. controller+ sharpshooter

  • This is a great opportunity for gamers to pick up the latest gear so don’t miss out!

  • Seems like a good time to pick up a sharpshooter.

  • Playstation 3D Display – Reg $499.99, boxing day sale $299.99 @ Toys R Us, Futureshop, Bestbuy and Walmart. There’s your 50% off deal and a steal too.

  • The wireless key pad was $49.99 on release, so I’m a bit confused about that (I bought one on release). Otherwise, awesome deals!

  • really tempted to get the wireless stereo headset but i think i will wait till it goes down a little bit more , maybe i’ll get it at $79.99 , oh and theres a lot of new people playing Resistance 3 online

  • Best Buy is still selling the Move Mayhem Bundle for $100. You know, this bundle:

    • Killzone 3 ($40)
    • Resistance 3 ($40)
    • Sharpshooter ($40)
    • Playstation Eye Camera ($40)
    • Move Motion Controller ($50)
    • Move Navigation Controller ($30)

    $240 worth of stuff for just $100? If that’s not something to be screaming for, I’m not sure what is…

  • At first I was going to say “LOL the wireless keypad was always $50. You’re not fooling us with one of those Groupon fake regular price Save 93%!!!!!” scams that’s so popular today.

    But then I went to bestbuy’s website and noticed it’s just a typo. It should read “Regular price: $49.99, Sale Price: $29.99.”

    You might want to fix that:p

  • @dehumanizer_666 you might want to check your math. $200 off $500 is 40% not 50% :p

    The Sharpshooter dropping from $40 to $20 is the only item that’s 50% off.

  • Not much for me to grab except for that remote that’s on $19.99.

  • Any word on Canada for accessory sales?

    Could use me a second pair of 3d glasses whenever I get my PS 3d Display replaced……

  • now i would buy the 3D display for my pc monitor now, that is a good price for it. 1080p 1080p 3D, subwoofer installed and pc ports. #PERFECT

  • I got the wireless headset a couple of months ago and think they are awesome. I got a pair of expensive Sennheiser and I prefer to use the playstation wireless headset when I can. You can only use it on the Playstation 3 and the PC (maybe mac too?) though as it works through a bluetooth dongle.

  • if i knew that Bioshock Infinite used a sharpshooter, i would rush out and buy this now…

  • Boo, I was hoping that the Dualshock 3 itself would get a discount, looks like I’m not getting anything on that list.

  • FINALLY! $100 even doesnt sound as good as $89.99 for the Wireless Stereo Headset. Im not even kidding, most people will think this is sarcasm. Between giftcards and returns ill be able to snag that puppy for $20 out of pocket. Thank you Sony for the -$10 offer.

  • Guess what Amazon didn’t get this memo nothing listed here is on sale. Why do I get the feeling these people here in SCEA have absolutely no clue on what they are doing here. They do know how to cheat us…

  • These deals are incredibly weak, you should be ashamed of yourselves Sony

  • Picked up the 3D display today from Future Shop for $299.99! Might wanna add that lol.
    Canada only, but it’s there all week and they have plenty in stock

  • Just wanted to add that it comes with a pair of glasses and Motorstorm

  • @Genexi2: If you check the Canadian equivalent of some of those retailers (e.g. Best Buy or EBGames) they’ll have the same discount. You may find better deals elsewhere though as it’s boxing day/week. Certain retailers may also price match so you could save another 10%.

    If any Canadians are interested in the wireless stereo headset it is being sold for 74.99.

  • I thought “WOW” after reading the title. My excitement died after reading the post however.

    What an underwhelming sale. You could have at least had a Dualshock 3 for half off.

    Ultra Mega Weaksauce this sale is.

  • Ok, so I went to gamestop took back some stuff, and the cashier gave me the Wireless Stereo Headset for $49.99!!! It is BEAST.

  • Yup… People are getting the Wireless stereo headset for 49.99 and also 50% off on 3d Glasses.. at Gamestop, Hope the offer stays till tomorrow..

  • Great Deal I hope they don’t sell out too soon. Great prices and all. Good Job Sony!!!!!

  • I got 3 headsets at Gamestop for $49.99. Best deal this Christmas : ).

  • No love for Walmart? I work there. 10-percent employee discount, plus these deals would make my debit card happy.

  • I saw the title and got a little curious and excited, but then I saw the prices. Months ago Gamestop had a the Move accessories for 50% off and with that I was able to get another move set. Got the move controller, navigational controller, and a 2 unit charging base for if remember correctly $60. That was a much better deal then this. Sad part is that I haven’t really used the 2 move sets that much even though I do have a few move compatible games.

  • I was really hoping the dualshock would be on sale. I need a new one. I still have a six axis that has been abused.

  • DUALSHOCK®3 Charging Station. It seems most of your stores listed didn’t get your memo. They are still showing around $24.99.

  • I picked up a contoller, a blue tooth headset and a keyboard and saved $40 at Best Buy. Ordered online and picked it up at the service desk an hour later.

  • Nothing on this list is 50% off They say its 50% off but then make there own prices down below. I still don’t see 1 item on this list that is 50% off what kind of joke is this?

  • Actually the Playtation Move shooter is normally $39.99 down to $19.99

  • this is SWEET it’s about time Playstation did a sale to this extent, LONG LIVE PLAY INDEED!

  • You might want to let Best Buy know about that regular price you have listed for the 6.5′ HDMI cable. They’ve been selling them for $49.99 since they got them in stock.

  • The new wireless headset is $79 at my store… i’m tempted to get it, even though i don’t talk online much and the build quality is questionable… hmm..

  • can you add dualshock3 controllers it seems i need to buy a new controller every few months because of charging problems it seem the charging plugs in the controllers wear out

  • Been needing a Bluetooth headset, might just pick one up during these specials :)

  • Ooooh! has the headset for $75! Very tempting. I’ve never payed that much for a headphones before and I don’t play online very often, and never competitively, so that’s still kinda steep for me. I’d just like to play without disturbing others. The whole simulated 7.1 almost sells it for me because I don’t think plugging into the RCA out (with dongles and converters and what not) does the system justice… I hope I’ll be able to see it at $50 -$60 one day. Then I’m there!

  • One thing is 50% off… what a farce.

  • does this or will this stretch to the UK? i fancy getting the sharp shooter

  • only the sharp shooter is 50% off and its not even one of the devices shown in the image

  • oops ignore that last I’m not really awake

  • I wish bundels were sold because i need a remote,playstation move,and games.

  • right now im in Florida but i live in canada

  • Why aren’t the Dualshock 3 wireless controllers on sale ?
    They are ridiculously high at $55, should only be $25 or so
    this ‘sale’ is full of lamesauce, what a joke

  • So, got this awesome deal at best Buy, so far I bought the Wireless Headset as seen in my comments above, but I still wanted to take advantage of this deal. I looked at Best Buy and found a PS Move Mayhem Bundle. Two great games and alot of good accessories (PS Eye, Move and Move Navigation, and PS Shooter!) Great deal, all controllers are synced and charging! Cant wait to play some of this stuff.

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