Happy Holidays from Sucker Punch Productions

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Happy Holidays from Sucker Punch Productions

We are continuing the takeover of the PlayStation Blog, this time with concept art from inFAMOUS: Festival of Blood and the Sucker Punch Holiday Card.

First up we have concept art from inFamous: Festival of Blood. Emilio Gandin, our Lead Environment Artist, wanted to point out some of these pieces of concept art. We wanted to add a new area to the title and explored the idea of doing catacombs below the Cathedral. The dark gothic, claustrophobic catacombs fit perfectly with the vampire lore. Once levels featuring catacombs were playable, we started to explore how Cole would navigate through them. We wanted a way for Cole to quickly move through the space and we came up with the backstory of the catacombs being used to smuggle arms thus giving us a reason to include the rails that Cole can grind on.



In the spirit of the season we also wanted to share our Holiday Cards. This year Senior Artist Edward Pun, Artist Mike Haney, and Lighting Artist Jason Connell teamed together to create this Santa inspired Cole, delivering gifts to the kids of New Marais.


From all of us here at Sucker Punch Productions, we hope you had a Happy Holidays and are looking forward to the New Year. We look forward to talking with you in 2012.

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